Biometric Access Control Products Quick Reference HandKey II

Biometric Access Control Products Quick Reference HandKey II
Quick Reference
HandKey® II
Part Number: HK-2-F3
Field-proven hand geometry technology
Stand-alone, Wiegand or network capability
Each reader capable of up to 32,512 individual users
Integrated proximity and smart card reader options
Indoor and outdoor versions available
Optional Windows-based, networkable access control
• BioCote® antimicrobial agent is applied to the platen of
each unit
• A blue hand outline printed on the platen makes the HandKey
easier to use
HandKey ID3D-R
Part Number: ID3D-R
Field-proven hand geometry technology
Integrates easily into new or existing systems
Metal housing for extra security
Recessed wall mount available
Available in left hand configuration
Available with integrated heater and enclosure –
see outdoor options section
FingerKey® DX Series
Part Number: DX-2000, DX-2100, DX-2200, DX-2400
High quality fingerprint reader with keypad and LCD
Ideal for small user populations
Durable optical sensor design
Integrated proximity and smart card reader options
Easy integration into new and existing electronic access
control systems
• Configurable Wiegand output
Part Number: ID3D-RW
Ideally suited for the coldest climates and industrial environments, the Blizzard enclosure is constructed of heavy-gauge
zinc-coated steel and features a weather sealed keypad, lowtemperature display and heated interior. The Blizzard enclosure
is a fully integrated unit and comes complete with HandReader
ID3D and internal heater.
Part Number: HURCNE
Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, with a generous
lid, the Hurricane enclosure offers protection from rain, and
the contoured design facilitates water run-off. This enclosure
has been designed so it can be added to an existing installation. When used with an integrated heater option (INT-HTR), it
provides the ultimate solution for cold weather and exposure
to the elements.
Part Number: TSNAMI
For the harshest environments, the Tsunami enclosure is water
sealed and built to NEMA type 4 standards. The HandKey is
protected from both splashing rain and hose-direct water, making it an ideal solution for industrial and food processing areas
where hose-directed water is used for cleaning. In addition,
when used with a heater-equipped HandKey (INT-HTR option),
the Tsunami enclosure can withstand the bleakest of environments.
HandKey ® & FingerKey ® are registered trademarks of Schlage. Specifications subject
to change. Please check with your system vendor for details.
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