Download Gallagher API Access control software datasheet

Download Gallagher API Access control software datasheet
Interface Tools
Interface mechanisms extend the functionality and flexibility of the Gallagher system.
Integration with other infrastructure and technologies delivers cost and time efficiencies,
improves data integrity and can help meet your occupational safety and health obligations.
Gallagher Server Interfaces
XML Import/Export Interface
The Gallagher system uses features such as ‘Schedule and
Cardholder’ import. These use standard software functionality
known as an XML Interface to import and export data between the
system and external sources.
Why import data from and export data to external sources?
Often there are external sources of data on a customer’s computer
network that may be used as the basis for information in the
Gallagher system, such as access control schedules or cardholder
Gallagher Cardholder Import/Export and the Gallagher Schedule
Import provide a means of transferring the data between existing
systems and Gallagher Command Centre, via a common file format.
These XML Interfaces have been developed to allow third parties to
dynamically update information in existing cardholder databases or
schedules. This data can be synchronized on an on-going basis with
other applications within the organization.
Typical sources of cardholder data include an organization’s human
resources database from a system such as SAP®, payroll, student
enrolment, time and attendance, and health & safety databases.
Typical sources of resource scheduling data include facility resource
booking systems.
The advantages of using XML Interface are:
• The process can be set up to run automatically, reducing manual
data entry.
• Predetermined access criteria based on the source record data
can be set up.
• For cardholder records, a single source of records is used,
minimizing the possibility of data entry errors.
Data Transfer Process
Data transfer allows the external database application to put the
records that are intended to be imported, into a specific file location
in a common data format (such as CSV format) for the cardholder
import/export or schedule import utilities to access. The Gallagher
utility then picks up the data and imports the data records into the
specified Gallagher cardholder records or schedules. This process is
mirrored for exporting cardholder information. An exception report
listing any records that failed the import/export process is produced
for later resolution.
Utilities developed by Gallagher are available; providing maximum
flexibility to allow connection to virtually any system. Software database knowledge is required to successfully implement the cardholder import/export feature. The mapping of third party information to
the database fields requires an understanding of XML programming.
A Developer Guide has been produced to assist software engineers
to carry out this work. The guide can be found on the Gallagher Command Centre Installation DVD.
Enterprise Data Import Interface
OPC Alarms and Events API
The Enterprise Data Import Interface tool allows configuration and
synchronization of cardholder data with external enterprise systems.
Gallagher Command Centre server supports the open process
control alarms and events standard (OPC AE).
• Automatically reflects data maintained in a primary database
(e.g. human resources database) in the Gallagher database on an
ongoing basis.
The OPC Alarm and Events API allows external systems to
• Allows migration of existing cardholder details from the legacy
system over to the Gallagher system for sites migrating from an
obsolete security system.
• Enables mapping of existing employee fields (e.g. personal details,
group memberships, licenses etc.) to their Gallagher Command
Centre equivalent (e.g. Personal Data Fields, Access Groups,
Competencies etc).
• Allows mapping between systems of 1-1 or 1-many relationships.
• Allows abbreviations used in the external system to be translated
to more meaningful descriptions on import to the Gallagher system.
• Provides manual one-off migrations of cardholder data to the
Gallagher database and/or automatically updates in the Gallagher
system any changes made in a primary employee database, via
the mapping of employee data exported to text files from the third
party system.
• Acknowledge alarms and add comments when acknowledging them
• Request extra ‘attributes’ that a server may make available
The connections between an OPC alarms and events client and the
Gallagher server are in the form of ‘subscriptions’ where the client
registers a subscription to the server. This subscription can be for
all, or a filtered subset of the server alarms and events.
Third party systems such as CCTV, time and attendance, pager
systems, building management systems (e.g. lighting and airconditioning systems) which have an OPC alarm and events client
running can subscribe to and receive the relevant data from the
Gallagher OPC server operating on the network.
A CCTV system, for example, can receive specific types of
messages via its OPC client. When an event occurs, the CCTV
system reads the event message and initiates a sequence of actions
such as starting a video recording or zooming into a specific area.
One or more OPC clients can access the data on Gallagher
Command Centre and use it as required.
This system is very efficient; the server will send all subscribed
events and alarms to the client without being continually polled, thus
reducing system load.
Alarms and events can be communicated in a variety of ways to
people monitoring them, for example, via SMS, pagers, popup
windows, email and webpages or enterprise data import interface
Connectivity diagram
OPC Data Access API - Status and Overrides
Gallagher Command Centre allows status and overrides to be shared
with third party systems.
This is ideal when a ‘turnkey’ solution involving multiple systems
controlled via one graphical user interface (GUI) is required.
The Gallagher system allows this to occur by way of an API, based
on the industry standard OPC (OLE for Process Control) data access
OPC data access allows independent systems to share status and
override information by providing a standardized framework for this
Any system conforming to this framework is able to do the following
• Control the state of selected Gallagher items directly from the third
party system by invoking overrides
• Report the state of selected Gallagher items directly in the third
party system.
Access by the third party system to Gallagher status and overrides
is protected by a session logon for all OPC clients before allowing
any operations between client and server.
Once a valid set of logon credentials have been passed to the
Gallagher system a session identifier is exchanged with the
client which then is required to verify read/write/view privileges
for all operations attempted via the OPC interface. Middleware
development is required to link the two systems with the customer’s
required status and override information.
All events and system activity including operator activity are
recorded in the Gallagher system audit trail.
Gallagher Database Access
A ‘read only’ view of the Gallagher database is available. Access to
the Gallagher database is possible; please contact Gallagher for
more information.
Gallagher Controller Interfaces
The Gallagher Controller interfaces allow:
• Controller based events and alarms to be sent to and received from
third party systems such as video, duress, building management,
external alarm, fire alarm, license plate recognition and biometric
recognition systems. High level integrations between the Gallagher
system and third party systems often require events and alarms
to be shared at the Gallagher Controller level. This type of sharing
is useful for any third party system requiring real-time event and
alarm sharing independent of the Gallagher Command Centre
• A standard interface for Gallagher events and alarms, allowing easy
mapping of these items to an equivalent event or alarm in a third
party system. This mapping is achieved via middleware, typically
unique for each integration.
• The middleware to reside on the same physical machine as the
Gallagher Command Centre server.
• External system items to be represented within the Gallagher
system and to interact with the control functions occurring in the
Gallagher Controller.
Third party system events can be used to trigger Gallagher events
such as arming or disarming an alarm zone, triggering an emergency
release, or as an input to a Controller logic block. Information in
string format can also be sent through to third party systems
triggered by a Gallagher event. This information can include
cardholder details, event sources or event types. Potential uses
of this include exporting Gallagher event information to paging
systems, alarm displays or text insertion onto video.
ASCII Text Interface
SNMP Interface
Many external systems are capable of receiving ASCII text
commands to trigger actions in their system, or notify them of
external events. Common systems using this type of interface
are matrix switches, DVR systems, and paging systems etc. The
Gallagher Controller interface mechanism allows the Gallagher
Controller to send out ASCII text strings in response to Gallagher
events to a third party system, such as those above.
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol used in
network management systems to monitor network-attached devices
for conditions that warrant administrative attention. The Gallagher
Controller interface mechanism SNMP allows Gallagher Command
Centre to listen for SNMP traps from any SNMP Agent (for example,
alerts from the Gallagher Command Centre server hardware, or UPS
These SNMP messages are converted into events/alarms at the
Gallagher Controller for alarms management and audit purposes.
SNMP Supported Version - SNMP Version 1
Technical Specifications
Data Transfer - Gallagher Command Centre server and Gallagher Controllers (6000, 3000, 5000GL)
Gallagher Command Centre Server
Gallagher Controller
Supported Versions
OPC Alarms and Events
Version 1.0
OPC Data Access
Version 3.0
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Disclaimer: System configuration, network capacities and the
volume of system activity affect performance. Please contact
Gallagher for advice. In accordance with the Gallagher policy of
continuing development, design and specifications are subject
to change without notice. Gallagher Group Limited is an ISO
9001:2008 Certified Supplier. Copyright © Gallagher Group
Limited 2012. All rights reserved.
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Gallagher application programming Interface - June 2011
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