Cware Open Management Platform Network Video Solution

Cware Open Management Platform Network Video Solution
Cware Open Management Platform
Video Wall
Advanced Virtual Matrix solution
Improves scalability and reliability
High resolution digital quality images,
independent of concurrent users
View unlimited numbers of camera images on
multiple displays
Control and command of all video channels from
one client
Dedicated video wall PC for view of highresolution video
Cware‘s Video Wall is a Virtual Matrix solution that is available
as a software add-on module for Cware Prime.
Video Wall efficiently manages the administration, viewing,
distribution and control of practically unlimited numbers of live
cameras and recorded video from multiple servers at multiple
sites. Since video data is switched virtually users benefit from
increased system resilience without any limitations to future
growth. Video Wall provides increased flexibility allowing
operartors rapid access to the network for real time situational
awareness and monitoring of high quality video from single or
multiple locations.
Multiple Video Walls can connect to Cware’s Multi System
Control Center over the network, enabling centralised
management, formatting of the displayed layouts and channel
selection across multiple independent systems. With Video
Wall, CCTV installations are able to easily scale to an almost
limitless level while reducing costs in comparison to analogue
based systems.
Alarm triggered layouts and video channels.
Video Walls systems can be connected together
in one system
Cware Open Management Platform
Technical Specifications
Simultaneous remote viewing of unlimited number of Cware managed sites
User selectable individual connection speed setting per remote site
Up to [email protected] and up to 15 Mbps per channel
Remote site transcoding engine control for low bandwidth connection
AVI – To be played with any Windows Media Player, with no software installation as
a prerequisite
Native – Original recorded stream to be played with a standalone player application
with authenticity verification
Full / Half Duplex
Recording and Playback
Instant playback from remote site of up to 10 minutes
Synchronized / unsynchronized playback of all deployed channels
Normal, x2, x4, x8, x16, frame by frame forward and reverse playback
Search by channel, time, date, motion and events
User selectable system predefined split screen modes:
- 4:3 - 1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1+7, 2+8
- 16:9 - 1, 3x2, 4x3, 5x4, 1+11, 3+18
Custom layouts - players, graphics, text, controls etc
Display presets for system and custom split screens with assigned channels
Auto-hide overlay of capture and recording control
Time & date overlay with on/off and position control
Multi monitor support
- Control Center – Unlimited number of detached layouts, typically up to 4 monitors
per workstation
- Video Wall Support - Up to 4 monitors per Video Wall
PC, unlimited number of Video Wall PCs
User Management
User database with login, password and contact details
User profiles with configurable permissions and access settings
Dual login option for selected features
Navigation Tools
Logical grouping channel tree with filtered views
2.5D Live Video Zoom Maps
Image Content Navigation
All specifications are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to supply complete
and accurate information herein. © 2008 by Controlware GmbH. All rights reserved.
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