Multi-Protocol, Full-Data, GSM Alarm Events Transmitter, for
PSTN Backup and as a primary communicator
Integrated GSM module (in the same case as the control panel)
Easy and simple installation; Just plug it and it is ready for operation
Does not require phone line and thus requires no special settings and adjustments
Fully programmed via the alarm system keypad, locally or remotely via COMAX
(a windows based download software), or via a fast programmer tool
Full-Data reporting to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS); Supported
formats include: 4X2 Pulse & DTMF, Contact ID, PAF™, NPAF™,
Scantronics, and more
Independent PSTN and GSM lines - PSTN as well as GSM line status,
tests, and faults are reported to the CMS (option to report with two
different subscriber IDs)
Tri-Band engine - Motorola g18, suitable almost anywhere in the world
Operating Systems:
Output Power:
Current Use:
-30°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
TRI-BAND GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
900MHz - 1Watt max;
1800/1900MHz - 400mWatt max
380mA max;
30mA idle
75% (non-condensing)
Backup to a regular PSTN line communicator
In Building & Construction plants where a
PSTN line is unavailable
As main communicator for Boats in Marinas,
Seasonal Homes, etc. where leasing a PSTN
line is unneeded
Requires no special equipment and settings
from the CMS to enable events reporting from
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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