Hypertec Ergo-T 340 Laptop User Manual

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Hypertec Ergo-T 340 Laptop User Manual | Manualzz
Yo u r u l t i m a t e n o t e b o o k w o r k s t a t i o n
Er g o -T 3 4 0
Positions notebook screen at an ergonomic
level for reduced neck torque and more
Money saver: no need for an external
monitor, and saves desk space
Unique, universal facility to integrate any
advanced port replicator (docking station)
or USB hub to preconnect all your
Built-in (patented) document holder,
pivotable for easy laptop set-up
Cable management for clean workplace
Cooling sleeves and ribs ensure
ventilation, prevent heat built-up
Unique device that secures the Ergo-T 340
and all connected accessories with just one
cable lock
Sturdy, secure fit for all laptops up to
17 inch widescreen
The use of laptop computers certainly makes our lives easier. This convenience
however comes with a drawback. Due to the low positioning of the laptop
screen and the fixated keyboard, most laptop users maintain a hunched-over
body posture while working. From an ergonomic point of view, the laptop is not
desirable to use for extended periods of time.
The Ergo-T 340 provides the perfect solution for this problem and provides with
a separate keyboard and mouse a true ergonomic workstation. By placing your
laptop on the Ergo-T 340, you can adjust its height so that the monitor level is
both comfortable and safe. The Ergo-T 340 also includes a document holder,
which conveniently positions documents just below the laptop screen to minimize
undue head and neck motion.
Other features are: integration of any advanced port replicator/ docking station
or USB hub, cable management and security.
Yo u r u l t i m a t e n o t e b o o k w o r k s t a t i o n
Er g o -T 3 4 0
Cooling sleeves
document holder*
Five possible height settings for optimal
viewing angle
Easily adjustable in
(range 8-26 cm)
Cable management
Pivotable document holder for easy laptop
Security device*
USB hub/ port
replicator facility
For all notebooks
up to 17 inch ws
Swivel base
Additional, universal module that facilitates
-laptop specific- dockings / advanced port
Ergo-T 340 Art.#: BNET340
Optional universal Docking/Port Replicator module*
for one-time connecting of periferals
Integral document holder
Facility underneath cover for a mobile port
replicator or USB hub
Port Replicator Module Art.#: BNEPRM340
(port replictor excluded)
Security device and cable management
* Patented and patent pending
Dimensions Ergo-T 340
folded (wxdxh): 325 x 310 x 85 mm
in use (wxdxh): 325 x 310 x (85-263) mm
angle document holder: 3° - 52° (5 angles)
Weight Ergo-T 340
2800 g
BakkerElkhuizen International BV
tel: +31 36 546 7265
Work Station
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