Hypertec HYNEU010001 Network Card User Manual

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USB 10base-T Ethernet Adapter



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European Community (EC) Electromagnetic Compatibility


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the protections requirements of

European Emission Standard EN55022 and the Generic European Immunity Standard

EN50082-1. This equipment is designed to operate in a domestic environment and as such is tested to the EN55022 ITE domestic emissions limit. The domestic immunity standard

EN50082-1 calls for the following basic standards:

(a) IEC 801-2 Electrostatic Discharge

(b) IEC 801-3 RF Immunity

(c) IEC 801-4 Transient Burst


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small office/home office (SOHO) environments.

The Hypertec USB Ethernet plugs directly into the USB port located on the back of most modern computers, and eliminates the need to open the

PC when adding an Ethernet connection.

About the Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a peripheral bus standard developed by

PC and telecom leaders such as Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft,

NEC and Northern Telecom. PCs equipped with USB allow computer peripherals once installed on a system to be automatically configured as soon as they are physically attached without the need to reboot or run setup. Thus, USB brings true "out of the box" plug-and-play to computer peripherals. USB features fast I/O transfer rate of 12 Mbits/s and allows up to 127 devices to run simultaneously on one computer.

Typically, there are several connectors on the back of a computer, each of which accepts a specific kind of device connector and cable. As a result, a maze of confusing cables can be found at the back of a computer when a full range of peripherals are attached, USB eliminates the need for variety of connectors and cables because a single, standard type of connector and cable is used for every peripheral device, connected in a "daisy chain' fashion.


Full Windows 98 support

Supports the energy-saving and suspend-and-resume functions

No external power supply is required

RJ-45 female connector for Ethernet 10Base-T connection

Dual LED status indicators for Link and Activity

Ideal for home PC users

Self diagnostics at initialisation

HyperNet USB 10baseT Ethernet Adapter




Remove the entire contents of the HyperNet USB Ethernet adapter package and verify that the following items have been included and none have been damaged during shipment:

HyperNet USB Ethernet Adapter

3.5" USB Ethernet Software driver diskette

Installation Guide

Connecting the USB Ethernet Adapter

The USB Ethernet adapter hardware installation is a simple two-step process:


Connect the USB Type A plug into the USB port on the computer.

2. Attach a UTP or STP network cable (Category 3 or 5) to the RJ-45 connector located on the other side of the adapter.

The UTP or STP network cable also needs to be connected to a suitable

10base-T compatible HUB device.

Disconnecting the USB Ethernet Adapter

When you have finished working with the USB Ethernet adapter, you can disconnect it from the computer by pulling the Type A plug from your computer.

Note: Upon reconnecting the USB Ethernet adapter to the computer, allow approximately up to one minute for the system to recognise the reconnected adapter.

Figure 1.

3. Choose Search for the best drivers for your device (see figure 2) and click Next .

Figure 2.

Figure 3.


Click Next to confirm driver selection (see figure 4)

Figure 4.

Figure 5.

8. Click finish to complete network installation, remove the driver disk and click Yes to restart the computer (see figure 6)

Figure 6.

If at any time during installation you experience difficulties, please contact Hypertec Technical Support on +44 1488 686844

(01488 686844 in the UK).

Data Transfer Rate:

10 Mbits/sec

Ethernet Connector:

Unshielded RJ-45 female connector

Ethernet LED's:

Green - Activity

Yellow - Link


1.85 oz, 51gr. (Including the USB cable)

Physical Dimensions:

Length - 2.28" (58 mm)

Width - 1.69" (43 mm)

Thickness - 0.98" (25 mm)

Operating Voltage:

5 V (powered via the USB connection)

Power Consumption:

80mA (Active)

120mA (max)

Operating Temperature:


Operating Humidity:

0% - 90% non-condensing


FCC Part 15, Subpart B class B

p p become the property of Hypertec.

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The liability of Hypertec is limited to the repair or replacement of the product with a functionally equivalent or better product. Hypertec is not liable for any accidental, general, special, exemplary or consequential damages resulting from any product failure, even if Hypertec has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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