Providing reliable intruder detection in outdoor environments is a huge... that has been met above all expectations by the award...

Providing reliable intruder detection in outdoor environments is a huge... that has been met above all expectations by the award...
Providing reliable intruder detection in outdoor environments is a huge challenge,
that has been met above all expectations by the award winning WatchOUT™. Based on
market demand, the improved WatchOUT™ eXtreme provides better 24-hour protection
against vandalism, with both Active IR Anti-mask and Proximity alerts. This together
with RISCO Group's unique outdoor detection technologies, Sway Recognition™ and
Digital Correlation™, take WatchOUT's performance to the extreme.
…. Because being No. 1 is a commitment. To Care.
• 4 detection channels: 2 Microwave and
• Coverage: Wide angle: 15m (50’) 90°,
Long-range: 23m (75’) 5°,
Barrier: 15m (50’) 5°
• Pet friendly up to 70cm (2’4’’)
animal height
• Microwave anti-collision allows
back-to-back installation
• Protective hood and IP65
environment rating
• Unique Remote Control and Diagnostics
• Opto relays for defeating large magnets
• New! Analytic Anti-mask with both Active
IR and Proximity alerts
WatchOUT™ eXtreme incorporates cutting edge technologies for reliable
performance in harsh outdoor environments
Unique Detection Technologies
WatchOUT eXtreme’s selective event recognition is enabled by 4 detection channels
Sway Recognition™ Technology
Powered by two Microwave channels
Trend-setting technology that recognizes and excludes objects that sway but do not
travel such as bushes, swaying signs, etc.
The two microwave channels distinguish between microwave pulses of approaching and
receding targets, thus measuring the target’s net travel distance. Objects that sway but don’t
travel are cancelled out, and only real intrusion threats are detected.
Digital Correlation™ Technology
Powered by two PIR Channels
Digital Correlation™ Technology ensures that only targets that cause similar and
correlated signals in both PIR channels are potential threats.
Two independent PIR channels with separate lenses create a vertically interlacing detection
pattern, achieving high false alarm immunity even in unstable outdoor environments.
Rapid temperature changes, reflections and pets - which due to their size cannot be in both
PIR detection patterns at the same time - are cancelled out.
For more information view the WatchOUT movie at
24-Hour Protection against Vandalism
The new WatchOUT™ eXtreme version now provides better 24 hour protection against
sabotage and masking
Analytic Anti-mask with both Active IR and Proximity alerts
Active IR Anti-Mask now detects both masking of the lens itself and bags or rags
hung over the hood.
Proximity Anti-Sabotage issues an alert before the detector is damaged or
masked. Unique use of both microwave channels identifies approaching individuals – with directional and proximity analysis.
Remote Control and Diagnostics
Installing WatchOUT™ on the Bus of ProSYS™ Integrated Security System
enables remote parameter setting and advanced diagnostics, from the ProSYS™
keypads or via the upload/ download software.
Parameters such as Detection Sensitivity, MW range, LEDs on/off, etc. can be set
remotely. Remote interrogation of WatchOUT™ includes power supply voltage input
level, PIR and microwave signal and noise levels.
Up to 128 WatchOUT™ detectors can be installed on the Bus of ProSYS™ Version 7 and
above. This advantage simplifies installation and saves on wiring costs, as only 4 wires
enable full functionality and serial connection.
Whatever the application,
WatchOUT™ provides the optimal solution
WatchOUT™ with Camera
WatchOUT™ detectors enable inclusion of a highdefinition camera for viewing the cause of the alarm.
Outdoor detector cameras are ideal in applications
where budget is limited. It is more cost-effective to install
a WatchOUT with camera than a separate weatherproof
WatchOUT™ is ideal for protecting remote antenna sites
WatchOUT™ is only outdoor that is reliable enough for
protecting remote sites in harsh outdoor environments.
From WatchOUT™ connected on the ProSYS™ Bus
through IP or GSM/GPRS to SynopSYS™ in the Control Room, RISCO Group has the perfect solution.
Wireless WatchOUT™
The Wireless WatchOUT has been redesigned to provide better than ever false
alarm immunity using 2 PIR channels with 2 separate detection areas. Only when an
intruder is detected inside both areas is the alarm triggered, eliminating false alarms
from pets and reflections. The 2-Way Wireless models support remote parameter
setting and diagnostics.
Installing 2-Way Wireless WatchOUT™ with RISCO Group’s Agility™ provides the
ultimate wireless security solution.
Installation Flexibility ensures precise coverage
WatchOUT™ detectors offer exceptional installation flexibility, enabling precise coverage of the protected terrain.
WatchOUT™ eXtreme is now also much easier to install with the hood attached to the cover for easier access to terminal
block wiring, snap on swivel and more.
With the Anti-Collision feature that helps
achieve optimal and cost-effective coverage,
WatchOUT™ can be installed face-to-face or
back-to-back. WatchOUT’s eXtreme’s flexible
installation is also due to the detector’s
variable mounting height - from 1.0m to 2.7m
(3’ to 8’) - and to the wide range of available
swivels: wall swivel, barrier swivel, conduit
bracket and pole adaptor bracket.
WatchOUT™ Specifications
WatchOUT DT Extreme
Wireless WatchOUT
Wide angle coverage
15m (50ft) 90°
12m (40ft) 90°
Long-range coverage
23m (75ft) 5°
Coming soon
Barrier coverage
15m (50ft) 5°
RISCO Group System Addressable Bus
Two microwave and Two PIR channels
Two PIR channels
2 PIR channel detection method
Digital Correlation™ Technology
2 separate detection areas with adjustable PIR
2 Microwave channels detection method
Sway Recognition™ Technology
Detects beyond hood
Directional proximity alert using
2 microwave channels
Detection Channels
Active IR Anti-mask
Pet immunity
0.8-1.2m (2'7"-3'11")
Animals up to 70cm (2’4”) head
height with no weight limitation
45kg (100lb)
Dirty lens alert
9-16 VDC
Operating voltage
NC, 100mA, 24 VDC
NC, 100mA, 24 VDC
Dirty lens output
70mA open collector
IP 65
Environment rating
-30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Operating temperature
3V Lithium Batteries
Alarm contact
NC, 100mA, 24 VDC
Tamper contact
Mask/Fault contact
1m to 2.7m (3’3” to 8’10”)
2.2m (7'2'') for Barrier
and Long Range lenses
Mounting height
WatchOUT DT Extreme
Coverage Patterms
-25°C to 60°C
(-13°F to 140°F)
230 x 121 x 123mm (9” x 4.76” x 4.85”)
Dimensions (LxWxD)
Specifications subject to change without prior notice
Ordering Information
WatchOUT DT Extreme
WatchOUT DT Extreme for US
Wireless WatchOUT, 868MHz
Wireless WatchOUT, 433MHz
2-Way Wireless WatchOUT, 868MHz
2-Way Wireless WatchOUT, 433MHz
Standard Swivel for Wireless & PIR models (supplied with DT model)
Barrier swivel for installation 90° to the mounting surface
Pole adaptor for professional installation on poles
Conduit adaptor for installation with wiring external to the wall, when not using the
standard swivel
Swivel Metal Conduit for installation with wiring external to the wall, when using the
standard swivel
WatchOUT without electronics for “scarecrow” installation
WatchOUT cover with adaptor for WATEC CCD camera (camera not included)
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