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Consolidate your System p storage devices

IBM System Storage 7214 Storage

Device Enclosure

Compact Design

Server designs are increasingly focused on higher performance in the most compact and affordable packaging possible. At the same time, these designs must provide save and restore compatibility with storage options offered on systems with larger footprints.

7214 Storage Device Enclosure

Features a 1U rack mountable easy-to-install design that can be configured with up to three storage devices

Offers storage device options for both tape and DVD optical drives


Provides performance enhance­ ments with the new Serial SCSI interface and a control card sensor to track hardware function

Connects to high performance

IBM System p™ servers

The IBM System Storage™

7214 Storage Device Enclosure fea­ tures the latest technology options in tape drives and DVD optical drives. The

7214 Storage Enclosure is a low-profile design that is an excellent choice for mounting in your System p 19" rack.

Storage Enclosure

The 7214 storage enclosure is a one

EIA (1U) design that features two drive bays that can hold one tape drive, a slim design DVD-RAM drive and a

DVD-ROM optical drive for a total of up to three drives. The 7214 storage device enclosure may also feature two tape drives. No more than two DVD drives may be featured in a single enclosure.

Connection of the 7214 enclosure to

System p requires the PCI-X DDR Dual­ x4 SAS Adapter (Feature # 5900). Up to two 7214 enclosures may be attached to this adapter.

The new Serial SCSI electronic bus fea­ tured in the 7214 helps potentially pro­ vide higher through-put of drive data exchange on your System p server.

The 7214 also includes a control card sensor that can track hardware func­ tions, and alerts the user regarding temperature and other operating condi­ tions to help provide an available and reliable save and restore operation.

Warranty for the 7214 is one year.

Service offerings include on-site service as well as a lower cost option for you to service the unit yourself during idle time of a save or restore operation. asynchronous data transfers. The DVD drive is compatible with 2.6 GB,

4.7 GB, 5.2 GB, and 9.4 GB media.

Choice of Features

Drive options on the 7214 Storage

Enclosure the DAT72 tape drive, and either a slim design DVD-RAM or DVD­

ROM optical drive feature

RAM drive—Native capacity of up to

9.4 GB with a data transfer rate of

2.77 MB per second. With a typical

3:1 compression, a single disc can read and write up to 28 GB of data. The

DVD-RAM drive is mounted in the DVD sled feature, which has space for a second DVD-RAM or DVD-ROM drive.

The DVD-RAM drive can read CDrecordable, CD-RW and CD-ROM media.

- Tape Drive

DAT72 4mm tape drive—Storage capacity of up to 72 GB with a data transfer rate of up to 6 MB per second

(assumes 2:1 compression). The DAT72 tape drive has a Serial SCSI bus for improved through-put of data. Media used in the DAT72 drive is read/write compatible with DDS-4, DDS-3 and

DDS-2 media formats.

- DVD Optical Drive

DVD drive offered on the 7214 Storage

Device Enclosure use bare media and support both synchronous and

ROM drive—Native capacity of up to

9.4 GB with a data transfer rate of

5.1 MB per second. With a typical

3:1 compression, a single disc can store up to 28 GB of data. The DVD­

ROM drive is mounted in the DVD sled feature, which has space for a second

DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM drive. A DVD­

ROM drive can read DVD-RAM, CD­

RW and CD-ROM media.

IBM System Storage 7214 Storage Device Enclosure at a glance


Number of storage devices


Typical compression


Warranty Options

Service Offerings

3 maximum (assumes one tape drive and two DVD drives)

Serial SCSI (SAS) bus for enhanced data through-put

Control card sensor to track hardware function

2:1 for tape drives; 3:1 for DVD optical drives


One year

1. 24x7 IBM on-site repair

2. Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

Physical characteristics



Operating environment


Relative humidity

Wet bulb (max)

Wet bulb (max)

Power requirement

Acoustics (max)

Software requirements

AIX® 6.1

4.4 cm H x 44.6 cm W x 73.6 cm D (1.7 in x 17.5 in x 29.0 in)

11.0 kg (24.2 lbs)

16 to 32 degrees C (0 to 80 degrees F)

20% to 80%

23 degrees C (73 degrees F)

0.047 kVA

90 watt power supply

5.6 bels

- level 5L for POWER™ V5.3 with the 5300-07 Technology Level

- level 5L for POWER V5.3 with the 5300-06 Technology Level and Service Pack 4

Linux® - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 for POWER Systems, or later

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER V4.6, or later

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER V5.1, or later

IBM System p6 hardware adapter requirements

Feature #5900 - PCI-X DDR Dual-x4 External SAS Controller Adapter

Drive options

Drive type



4mm tape

Native capacity 36 GB



72 GB

Compatibility DDS-4




Bare discs

2.6GB-9.4 GB

Up to 28 GB


CD Recordable


Bare discs

2.6GB-9.4 GB

Up to 28 GB


For more information

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Key Features

  • Compact 1U rack-mountable design for easy integration
  • Supports up to three storage devices for versatile storage options
  • Serial SCSI interface for enhanced performance
  • Control card sensor for hardware function monitoring and reliability
  • Supports tape drives for high-capacity data storage
  • Supports DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM optical drives for optical media storage

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How many storage devices can the IBM el:Computer Drive 7214 accommodate?
It can accommodate up to three storage devices.
What is the maximum native capacity of the DVD-RAM drive supported by the device?
The DVD-RAM drive supports a maximum native capacity of up to 9.4 GB.
Does the IBM el:Computer Drive 7214 support both synchronous and asynchronous data transfers?
Yes, the DVD drive supports both synchronous and asynchronous data transfers.