AC2000 Standard Edition Access Control and Security Management System

AC2000 Standard Edition Access Control and Security Management System
AC2000 Standard Edition
Access Control and Security Management System
When security is of paramount importance...
AC2000 Standard Edition (AC2000 SE) is a powerful and fully integrated access control, alarm
processing and photo badging system with a set of software and hardware features that
make it one of the most comprehensive security management systems available.
Successfully installed at some of the largest facilities around the world, AC2000 SE has been continuously
developed to meet the most difficult security needs, providing a flexible and highly stable solution for
installations where security is of paramount importance.
The AC2000 SE central server provides a high level of power and system resilience
while Windows® based operator workstations provide the user with a familiar, easy
to use environment. AC2000 SE utilises CEM’s advanced range of hardware products
including intelligent card readers and Ethernet-ready controllers.
System Resilience
The use of distributed intelligence at all levels of the system including the use of
card readers with their own database adds to the overall resilience of AC2000 SE.
In the unlikely event of communications being lost, each sub system continues to
operate without loss of security or transaction information.
• Distributed intelligence for central and remote
• Virtually unlimited expansion
• Intelligent card readers with on-board database
• Supports Ethernet-ready controllers and readers
• Windows® based operator workstations
• Automatic Server backup and archive
• Supports all current read head technology and
multiple technology per system
• Supports Portable card readers
• ODBC compliant
• Alarms Filtering capability
• Advanced Transaction/Alarm Reporting
• Native Language Support
• ‘Card Swipe’ option for system log on
• Web browser remote diagnostics of controllers
• Broadcast facility for central control of readers
& equipment
• Multiple and Temporary Extra Access Levels
• Advanced controls for operator-access to
system data
• Failover/High Availability
• Seamless Integration with External Systems; CCTV,
Intercom, Fire/burglar alarm, building, lighting,
HVAC Control interface
All your security needs covered…
Information Processing
Alarm events, equipment usage and cardholder movements are registered on the central server in real time. This information can
be used for reporting purposes or can be sent to graphical alarm displays or to CCTV systems for camera activation.
Virtually Unlimited Expansion
A key feature of AC2000 SE is the ability for unlimited expansion. With the simple addition of CEM Ethernet-based controllers or card
readers to the network, the system can be expanded to meet the most demanding applications.
Central/Remote Configuration
AC2000 SE can broadcast messages to card readers to open and close doors in emergency situations or to switch lighting, heating
or similar systems at pre-defined times. Built-in intelligence also allows the readers to be programmed remotely to change
functional parameters.
Portable Card Readers
The unique S3010 portable reader enhances the security capabilities of the
AC2000 SE system. The reader can be used for cardholder validation at remote
sites or temporary entrances that have no power, or can be used as a mobile
device for random checks within pre-defined zones.
Extended Business Applications include…
• Central Monitoring
(Alarm & Event Display)
• Integrated Photo Badging
(CEM VIPPS system)
• Guard Tours
• Biometrics support
Rolling Transaction Display
Vehicles Management
Visitor Management
Elevator Control
Time & Attendance Module
More than access control…
CEM Systems understands that the security needs of all sites are different. By manufacturing both the software and
system hardware CEM can offer a customised, integrated solution that allows customers to manage their unique security
situation. AC2000 SE comes with a suite of optional applications creating a powerful business solution.
Alarm and Event Display (AED)
Rolling Transaction Display
AED provides a complete system management console for graphical
The Rolling Transaction Display feature provides a split screen view of
and textual representation of the status of the entire system ensuring
real-time transaction outcomes so that when a card is swiped at a
that status changes or alarms are easily monitored. AED responds to
reader, the cardholders image & associated personnel details are
all alarm situations in real time providing a dynamic on-screen
displayed on an operator PC. This allows guards to perform a visual
interface to CCTV systems with facilities for CCTV switching, remote
security check on the person using the card.
door broadcasting and audio output in response to alarm events.
Biometrics Support
Integrated Photo Badging (VIPPS)
AC2000 SE seamlessly integrates with biometric technology to provide
The CEM Visual Imaging Pass Production System (VIPPS) is fully
the ultimate in accurate and effective security. AC2000 SE interfaces to
integrated with AC2000 SE allowing users to produce permanent and
the biometric device, such as an Iris scan biometric reader, and in
temporary ID badges. VIPPS can be used to enrol biometric templates
addition to all of the standard access control checks, matches the live
onto the AC2000 SE system.
biometric presented to the device to confirm that the authorised
person is using the card.
Guard Tours
The Guard Tour option allows the user to specify a sequence of
readers that the guard must visit within prescribed time periods.
Failure to do so will result in the creation of an alarm. The software
also gives the option to temporarily suspend and resume a tour.
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Advanced reporting is also provided.
Vehicles Management
The Vehicles application provides a method for monitoring and
controlling the use of vehicles within an area. Information identifying
the vehicle (make, model, registration etc.) is recorded in the AC2000
SE database with ID passes produced for display on vehicles. The
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Vehicle Pass may then be controlled in the same manner as a normal
personnel card.
CEM/B/006 Rev B
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