AC2000 Biometric Enrolment Via S610f Fingerprint Reader FEATURES OVERVIEW

AC2000 Biometric Enrolment Via S610f Fingerprint Reader FEATURES OVERVIEW
AC2000 Biometric Enrolment
Via S610f Fingerprint Reader
•Fully integrated Biometric
Enrolment software process
The AC2000 SE system contains fully integrated Biometric Enrolment using the CEM
S610f Fingerprint Reader. This allows the user to enrol a cardholder’s fingerprint
template onto the AC2000 SE server at the same time as capturing other details such
as personal information and photographic image. This integrated process removes the
need for any 3rd party enrolment software or hardware to be installed in addition to
the AC2000 access control system.
Fingerprint validation takes place using an S610f validation reader directly connected
to your Ethernet network. Any issues with the quality of the fingerprint scan are
handled by the validation reader and the user is prompted to retry until an acceptable
scan has been obtained. After a successful fingerprint scan, the user is presented
with a fast, clear image of the enrolled fingerprints within the AC2000 SE software,
providing for ease of use and quick user enrolment into the access control system.
The software does not store an actual image of the fingerprint anywhere in the system.
Instead a unique ID number is derived from the minutiae of the fingerprint scan and is
stored into both the AC2000 SE central sever database and the S610f fingerprint reader
database at the door.
•Fast fingerprint validation over
10/100 Mbps Ethernet
•Secure communication on the
central AC2000 SE Server and also
in the S610f reader database using
RC4 encryption
•Fingerprint images can be displayed
on the AC2000 workstation screen
during enrolment as a visual aid, or
hidden for privacy data protection
•Non-Enroller feature within the
software allows for full cardholder
enrolment when an acceptable
fingerprint scan cannot be obtained
for whatever reason
•‘Non Biometric Timezone’ feature
offers non biometric validation at
pre-defined parts of the day CEM/B/111
software Highlights
Integrated solution for both access control & biometrics
Speed of Operation
AC2000 Biometric Enrolment provides a single Biometric
and card validation process using the AC2000 SE Personnel
screen. When a new card is added, cardholders present
their finger for scanning which is then stored on the AC2000
central database. This offers cost savings and eradicates
the requirement to have a separate biometric software
process in addition to the access control enrolment process.
Fingerprint validation within the AC2000 SE system
is performed via Ethernet. This removes the need for
traditional RS232 cable connections to an enrolment
workstation and saves costs as no external converters are
required. The integrated Suprema fingerprint module also
offers fast 1:1 matching speed, whereby the access control
card is matched with the fingerprint template locally at
the door.
Data Protection
A visual image of the fingerprint is not stored. A unique ID
number is generated from the minutiae of the fingerprint
and is communicated to the AC2000 SE server and S610f
reader database using RC4 encryption. This number cannot
be reverse engineered back into a fingerprint image.
Non Biometric Timezone
AC2000 allows users to predefine a “Bio NOT Required”
Timezone. This Timezone allows the S610f fingerprint
readers to provide card only access, rather than card plus
fingerprint, during certain times of the day.
Fingerprint template storage
The AC2000 SE fingerprint validation and operational process
was designed to store the fingerprint template in the
AC2000 system and the S610f reader database, rather than
a traditional ID smart card. This means lost cards do not
require biometric re-enrolment and also means existing cards
(such as 125 kHz Proximity) can be used. The solution is
also suitable for installations with a large number of users,
as the S610f fingerprint reader can hold up to 123,000
templates in its database.
AC2000 Biometric Enrolment Requirements
• AC2000 SE software v5.7 upwards
• S610f Fingerprint Reader
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