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Color quad display
PIP (Picture-in-Picture) screen display,
full screen display
Quadrants and PIP assign function
Screen freeze capability
Video Loss Alarm
Two way VCR input and output
(BNC or Y/C)
Alarm/video loss count enabled
Auto-terminating camera in/output
User-friendly programmable menu
Four-camera sequential switcher display
Programmable camera skip in
tel: 1-800-471-2003
sequential mode
On-screen Display
4 alarm inputs
Loop-through VCR playback
Remote Control
(RS-485, RS-232, dry contact)
Rack mountable (brackets included)
2 alarm outputs
3 Year Warranty
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1 V p - p , 7 5 Oh m
C am e r a i n p ut : 4 E A ( BN C )
V i d e o Out p ut
1 V p - p , 7 5 Oh m
2 w ay ( BN C o r Y / C )
Lo o p i n g o utp ut: 4 E A ( BN C)
QUA D o ut p ut : 1 E A ( BN C )
A l ar m
A l ar m i n p ut : 4 E A
A l ar m o ut p ut : 2 N C / N O c o n t ac t s
A l ar m h o l d t i m e : 2 0 s e c . d e f aul t
I n p ut p o w e r
1 2 V DC, 1 . 5 A
A m b i e n t Te m p e r at ur e
3 2 ° F to 9 5 ° F
0 ° C to 3 5 ° C
R e so l uti o n
720x480 pixe l s
A m b i e n t H um i d i ty
1 0 % to 9 0 % ( n o n - c o n d e n si n g)
Di m e n si o n s
W xH xD
17 x 1.75 x 12.25 (in)
432 x 44 x 310 (mm)
N e t W e i gh t
6.2 l bs
2 . 8 kg
V i d e o I n p ut
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