Automation G SWITCH 22 GSM mobile phone switching device G Switch

Automation G SWITCH 22 GSM mobile phone switching device G Switch
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GSM mobile phone switching device
The G Switch gives you complete control at
your fingertips. With ability to switch devices
on and off and be sent SMS alerts all via your
It also lets you look after your home or
business from just about anywhere.
The G Switch can be configured to monitor
two separate electrical devices such as your
home alarm or automatic gate.
Up to 300 different users can be programed
making it perfect for either commercial and
industrial applications.
Password protection means that no one else can control your
G Switch.
Passwords can be changed as often as necessary so your security is
never compromised.
The G Switch can be set up via the G Web online user interface or by
SMS on your mobile phone.
Devices that can be monitored via the inputs
House alarm: Activated
Electric fence: Alarm triggered
Mains power: On / Off
Borehole pump status: Running / Off
Entrance gate status: Open pedestrian
Devices that can be switched on/off via the inputs
Automatic gates
Air conditioners
Lighting systems
Alarm systems
Technical Details - Physical
Technical Details - Functional
Supply Voltage
10—30 vdc only
Memory capacity
Standby current
Output pulse time range 1ms (default) to 50 days
Maximum current
Network required
GSM 900 / 1800MHz
Operating temperature - 20 °C - + 85 °C
SIM car required
Yes (activated)
Output relay rating
1A @ 30 vdc (output 1 + 2)
2 (potential free)
3 (switch to common)
Door & Gate Automation
Pedestrian Access
Rotech supply all forms of door + gate automation. Phone us or click
300 individual numbers
Safety & Security
here for more information.
* Swing Gate Operators * Sliding Gate Operators
* Industrial Turnstiles * Industrial Door Operators
* Boom Gates
* Stadium turnstiles
* Supermarket Gates
* Access Control
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