Automation D10 24 vdc Industrial operator with battery back up.

Automation D10 24 vdc Industrial operator with battery back up.
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D10 Sliding Gate Operators
24 vdc Industrial operator with battery back up.
The D10 sliding gate operator uses a high torque 24vdc
motor, coupled to a robust gearbox that provides an
automation system that is fast, powerful, easy to set up
and fitted with battery back up.
The D10 can be used on gates weighing up to 1000 kgs
which makes it suitable for most unit complexes and
factory entrances.
The D10 is the fastest low voltage operator available at
26 metres per minute ( 433 mm/sec) it will open a 6
metre gate in 13 seconds. The opening and closing
speeds as well as the ramp up/ramp down are independently adjustable.
This means that you can have your gate opening at full
speed and closing at a slower rate, this will help reduce
accidents and damage to the gate.
The HD heavy duty steel reinforced rack is
supplied in 1m lengths 6 point fixing (legs down)
and is suitable for gates weighing up to 1000Kgs.
The user friendly LCD control panel allows the installer a
quick and easy way to program numerous functions simply
by clicking through the intuitive menu.
The many options available include control of pillar lights,
gate operating modes, a seven day timer to time bar or
activate physical inputs and individual radio transmitters.
This can be used to give people access during the working
day but not at week ends or after hours.
A rolling code high security Nova radio receiver is built into
the control panel.
Individual transmitters can be added or deleted from the
receiver memory which can store 500 transmitter codes.
Battery back up is a standard feature of the D10, this gives
peace of mind during storms or other power failure situations.
Safety sensing and control of the open and closed position is provided through the DOSS
operating system that has been in use for more than 10 years on previous models.
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The control panel is fully sealed to prevent
ingress of dirt and insects.
The diagnostic LCD display aids fault finding while
the control panel monitors safety circuits to ensure
correct and safe operation of the gate
An optional memory module can be used to
record all the settings of the control panel and the
transmitter codes.
Die Cast
Another option is remote status indication which
shows the gate position, battery low, power failure,
multiple collision detection.
24 Months
Input voltage
220V + - 10%, 50Hz
Motor voltage
Current Consumption (Mains)
Operator push force - starting
Operator push force - rated
Gate mass - maximum
Gate length - maximum
Gate speed
26 m/min
Maximum number of operations per day 750
Operating temperature range
-15°C to + 50°C
Mass of unit packed
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