Automation Solar Power Gate Openers

Automation Solar Power Gate Openers
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Solar Power Gate Openers
Customised Solar Kits for all Applications
D2 Sliding Gate Opener and Solar Panel
Due to recent advances in gate opener design and lower cost solar panels it is now possible to
operate your gate without mains power.
This has a number of advantages;
*The solar panel charges a battery that powers your gate so you have a working gate even if the
mains fail in your area.
Sector Solar Boom Gate
*You do not need to run high voltage cables to the gate.
*This means a significant reduction on the cost of installation.
In most cases the battery is fitted inside the solar gate opener
and can work for up to two days without any sunlight.
The solar gate opener kit consists of
*Solar panel
*Stainless steel brackets
*Voltage regulator
The solar panel needs to be mounted in a position where it gets
the most sunlight, away from trees or buildings.
The size of the solar panel depends on the number of operations per day and the amount of accessories (PE beams,
intercom) that will be fitted.
For most domestic applications a 20watt solar panel with a 7 Ah
battery will power the D2 for 10 -20 operations per day with two
days stand by.
Solar gate opener kits are available for the D2, D5 EVO, D10
sliding gate openers, Vector swing gate openers and the Sector boom gates.
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