Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge

Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge
Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge
CAUTION: Disconnect product from mains power source in accordance with
product-specific safety information located on the “Safety Information” section of
this website.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) events can harm electronic components inside your
computer. Under certain conditions, ESD may build up on your body or an object,
such as a peripheral, and then discharge into another object, such as your computer.
To prevent ESD damage, you should discharge static electricity from your body
before you interact with any of your computer’s internal electronic components, such
as a memory module.
You can protect against ESD and discharge static electricity from your body by
touching a metal grounded object (such as an unpainted metal surface on your
computer’s I/O panel) before you interact with anything electronic. When connecting
a peripheral (including handheld digital assistants) to your computer, you should
always ground both yourself and the peripheral before connecting it to the computer.
In addition, as you work inside the computer, periodically touch a metal-grounded
object to remove any static charge your body may have accumulated.
You can also take the following steps to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge:
When unpacking a static-sensitive component from its shipping carton, do not
remove the component from the antistatic packing material until you are ready to
install the component. Just before unwrapping the antistatic package, be sure to
discharge static electricity from your body.
When transporting a sensitive component, first place it in an antistatic container
or packaging.
Handle all electrostatic sensitive components in a static-safe area. If possible, use
antistatic floor pads and work bench pads.
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