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Finding control
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How can a toy train
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FALL 2011
What does control mean to you? More organization? More power? More
discipline? Whatever your answer, it’s no secret that we could ALL use
more control in our lives. Now what does HOME control mean to you?
Better lighting? The right music? Efficient use of energy? Well-behaved
children? We’ve recently entered the era where all of this is possible. Well,
almost all of it.
That’s exactly what drew me to Control4 Corporation—a company that
believes in the power of possibility. Its philosophy is simple and compelling:
Life’s better when everything works together. With my previous company,
I helped introduce the idea of “TV your way” to the world—a brand-new
concept at the time. Nowadays, nobody watches live TV; they decide when
and how they watch it. Control4 takes this idea and multiplies it by infinity.
you can watch what you want, when you want, but also tap a button that
dims the lights, closes the shades, stops the music, raises or lowers the
temperature, locks the doors—basically creates your unique, individual and
absolutely perfect viewing environment. But that’s just in the living room.
Wait’ll you see what’s possible in the kitchen, upstairs in the kids’ room, in
the backyard, at the front door, even in your downtown office, but I digress.
The intention of this inaugural issue of Home Smart Home is to bring this
21st century concept of control to life by illustrating how it’s making things
a little easier in today’s increasingly complex world. We’ll show you how
home control is transforming both people and places all over the world.
In short, we’re telling the truth about “control” in a vibrant and visual way.
The result, we hope, will surprise, delight, inform and inspire you to think
about what control means to yOu.
I’ll look forward to hearing your stories.
Meet Mark Buzzard, his wife Robin,
and Brody, their three-and-a halfyear-old son with autism. A not-soordinary family doing extraordinary
things with control.
yes, we dig! Internet entrepreneur
Kevin Rose is building a new home in
San Francisco and owning it with his
unique brand of control.
A playful push into a pool left
Rachelle Friedman paralyzed at her
very own bachelorette party. But it
didn’t dent her spirit. See how she’s
in control of her life.
Shanan M. Carney
[email protected]
Control4 Creative Director
Editor, Home Smart Home
Interested in home automation but
don’t know where to begin? Fear
not! These five need-to-knows
Smart Home
will welcome you to your dream
smart home.
A Control4® dealer receives his most
challenging—and most rewarding—
project when a client calls him to the
outskirts of yorkshire, England to
outfit AND retrofit a uniquely vintage
historical home.
life under control
Shanan Carney
Jenny Duff
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Paul Williams, VP of
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answers your questions.
What is home control and
why the buzz?
Why Do
i Need a
Everything is bigger in Texas! Go inside this 3,000+ sq. feet townhouse to see home automation in action.
smart Home Video tours
Wish you knew someone with a smart home so you could take a tour?
No worries—we do, and we were welcomed in with a video camera so
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solutions for everyone. In
order to maintain the highest
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In a nutshell, home control
is taking technology that
already exists in the home and
making it all work together so it’s
simple and easy to use. Today,
more than ever, we bring all kinds
of electronic gadgetry into our
homes with the hope of enhancing
our lifestyle, but oftentimes, it
leads to frustration. Take for
example, watching TV at the end of
a long day.
you’ve got
five remotes
in front of
you and
now need
to figure
out which
to press
in what
sequence all in order to do what?
Home control transforms that
experience by giving you one easyto-use remote that makes it simple
to control not just your home
theater setup, but also manage
other devices at home, too, like
turning off lights or locking doors,
from anywhere in your home. you
can even automate many events
to happen in one button push: all
lights go off, doors lock, alarm
is armed, and the thermostat
dials back to an energy-efficient
setting as you exit the house. The
possibilites are endless.
So why all the buzz? The idea of
home control has been around for
ages, but now it’s more affordable
and accessible than ever. And with
the ability to use all your favorite tablets and smart phones to
control your home, we’ve officially
reached the tipping point. But the
MOST exciting part? This is all just
the beginning!
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Stay in Control
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Freedom is placed
at your fingertips with
BroDy VS. AutisM
move over, meltdowns. And
good morning, sacramento!
the Buzzard family has it all
under perfect control.
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Q4 2011
Features designed
for today’s home
he precipitous increase in
autism continues to baffle
experts. Despite millions
of dollars in research—the
National Institute of Health alone
will spend $99 million on autism
research this year—we have yet to
determine how it can be prevented
or what catalyzed its sudden and
dramatic rise. In the meantime,
technology is playing a powerful
role in enabling those who have
the disorder, particularly young
This was not lost on Control4®
dealer Mark Buzzard, whose son
Brody has autism. “My home is like
a mad scientist experiment,” he
laughs about his country home in
Sacramento, California.
With personal experience with
both a child who has autism and
what home automation is capable
of, Mark engineered his house to
make everyday life with three-
Yale Locks & Hardware,100 Yale Avenue, Lenoir City, TN 37771
An ASSA ABLOY Group brand
and-a-half-year-old Brody a little
easier. One-touch buttons and preprogrammed scenes do everything
from help him start his day with a
smile, engage harmoniously with
his therapist and one creative
application has even helped curb a
new development of Brody leaving
the house unannounced.
“I’ve seen many implementations
of our products,” says Control4
sales manager Mike Woods. “But
the way Mark uses the system for
his son is the most inspiring and
thoughtful use case I’ve ever seen.”
Brody Buzzard
Brody was born with autism
as well as apraxia, a speech
disorder that makes it difficult for
him to articulate what he wants.
Consistency and established
cues are vital to his routine; any
disruption or change to that
routine come at him like an
emotional curveball.
When Brody started pre-school
this year, the earlier wake-up time
proved to cause what the Buzzard
family calls “meltdowns.” “It was a
nightmare,” recalls his father. “He
would throw a fit. He would throw
his binky on the floor. His face
would turn red; tears would stream
down his face. He would slam his
head against the floor and almost
injure himself. As a parent you learn
patience, but this almost brought
us to a breaking point.”
Three months later, the scene is
totally different. Mark activated the
Control4 feature Wakeup Agent,
which programs things such as
lighting and music to turn on at
certain times. Now, at exactly
the same time every day, Brody
is gently roused by his favorite
cartoon, Thomas the Train.
“He loves it,” says Mark. “When
he wakes up in the morning, he
Work never limits time with this family. Mark, Brody and Robin Buzzard love everything outdoors and
take advantage Northern California’s many local adventures along the Sierra region.
wants to stay cozy. Thomas the
Train gradually wakes him up and
lets him do that. It helps him feel
ready for the day at his own pace.”
Likewise, Brody can fall asleep
to his favorite TV shows. Mark has
it set up so that he can remotely
turn off the television and the
lights in his son’s room so it’s not
necessary to enter and exit his
room. Additionally, Mark set up the
Control4 system to run playlists in
the therapy room so his therapist
can interact with Brody through his
favorite music and songs.
Speaking Visually
Susan Stokes, a researcher and
autism consultant working for the
Wisconsin Department of Public
Instruction, believes strongly that
“Various types of technology, from
‘low’ tech to ‘high’ tech, should be
incorporated into every aspect of
daily living in order to improve the
functional capabilities of children
with autism.”
Along with a TV, Mark made an
iPad available in a dock at Brody’s
height, so he can take it anywhere
with him in the house. Mark’s vision
is to have a visual cue of each of
Brody’s routines—bath time, play
time, outside time, haircut time,
etc—to run on either the TV or
the iPad possibly accompanied
with text. This would help Brody
both prepare for that activity and
transition into it.
Typically, children with autism
have an easier time processing
visual information than auditory
information. This makes cartoons
on a television or visual prompts
on an iPad a powerful tool, as
it informs them through their
strongest processing area.
“Communicating with speech is
hard for Brody and he can’t read
emotion,” explains Mark. “He sees
the world visually and literally.”
Recently, the home security
system alerted Mark that the
front door to the house had been
opened. What he discovered would
keep him up at night. Brody, for
the first time, had managed to
unlock both his bedroom door and
the front door, letting himself out
of the house—something many
toddlers eventually learn to do, but
Brody is more stealthy than others.
“That really scared me,” recalls
Mark. “He’s smart; he knows how
to unlock doors, and his room is on
the other side of the house.”
In short order, Mark set the
Control4 system up with time
parameters, motion sensors
and speakers in every room. He
integrated an IP camera in Brody’s
room, so that he and his wife could
monitor Brody’s playtime and
therapy sessions. Now, if Brody
tries to sneak out of his room or
the house, Control4 sends email
and text alerts to his parents, and
activates a whole-house audio
announcement: “Brody has left the
“I have total peace of mind now,”
says Mark.
It’s commonly believed that
some of our greatest minds and
contributors to society were people
with autism, including Einstein, Van
chairman of Quest Inc., who is
also father of a son with autism.
“Parents are always looking for new
strategies to engage their children
with the people and world around
them and technology has so much
potential to do that.”
Autism is a complex
neurobiological disorder
that affects communication
skills and the ability to
develop social relationships.
Additionally, children who
have autism often struggle
with behavioral challenges.
While fairly uncommon
before the late eighties, the
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention have now
declared autism a national
public health crisis. Autism
spectrum disorders are
currently being diagnosed in
one in every 110 children in the
united States. As staggering
as that number is, it’s even
higher in boys: One in 70 boys
is diagnosed with autism.
Overall, autism has increased
600 percent in the past two
decades. Both its cause and
cure remain a mystery. For
more info, search “uC Davis
MIND Institute” online.
This toddler can take on any touch screen!
Brody especially loves the iPad, which he
can easily take with him room to room.
Mark’s latest vision for his
company, Liberty Bell Alarm &
Home Theater, is to create an app
for Control4 systems that emulates
the iPod/iPad version of iPrompts
from HandHold Adaptive, which
use visual prompting templates
to help the user transition from
one activity to the next, make
decisions, be ready for the next
task and focus on the current one.
To that end, Mark sent Liberty’s
top programmer to a Control4
developers’ conference to
coordinate efforts with the
latest software release and Flash
architecture. He’s currently
working on getting the coding
to work. He admits it’s hard, but
he’s determined.
“For so long I thought, ‘I have
to fix him,’” says Mark of his son.
“And I didn’t accept that he was
different and not typical. Now, I
recognize that he is unique and has
unique gifts. He just has different
needs for developing them and
expressing them.”
Mark pauses for a moment before
adding, “Children with autism have
such a narrow focus. I know Brody
is going to grow up to just be so
smart,” says Mark. “Whether he’s an
artist or a Google programmer, he’s
going to be an amazing adult. And
as our child, he’s already a perfectly
amazing gift just the way he is.” ■
Gogh and Mozart.
While their predecessors
may have used the piano, the
paintbrush and physics, for children
with autism growing up today,
technologies such as the iPad are
significant game-changers.
“So many individuals with
autism who struggle with verbal
communication are able to open
up new doors to social interaction
when they are able to use tools
such as touch applications,”
explained David Canora, principal
technology specialist at Walt
Disney Parks and Resorts, and
For big laughs &
household has four
remotes, according to
the Consumer Electronics
Association. (Control4®
dealers usually count 7.)
or larger. that’s the
screen size that’s seen in
us living rooms as of late.
HDtV sets have increased
26.9% and lCD flat
screens are up 48.2% from
Q3 2008 to Q2 2010.
That was the timeframe
of Hanna Barbera’s
animated series,
The Jetsons. The
show rocketed into
primetime TV in
1962 and
was set
“100 years
$241 billion
The average American
> 41 iNCHes
That’s how much consumers
spend each year on energy
for home use. Energy
efficiency improvements
could cut this number by well
over half.
souRCe: NielseN, 2010
into the future.”
According to the Alliance to Save Energy, 10 strands of holiday lights left on for 13
hours a day adds $50 to your monthly energy bill.
$1,380. that’s the amount the average u.s. household
spent on consumer electronics (Ce) in 2010. the average
household reported owning 25 Ce products.
We will make
electricity so
cheap that only
the rich will burn
candles, and that
only for show.
The introduction
of electricity into
homes could be
considered the
—thomas edison, when asked
what his light bulb would
mean for the the future of the
candle industry.
beginning of
modern home
Revenues from
shipments of home
automation systems
will grow from $2.3
billion in 2010 to
$9.5 billion in 2015
Penetration of
smart phones
is more than
40% in Western
europe and
38% in the u.s.
Pike Research
says the smart
appliance market
will hit $26.1
billion by 2019.
In 1962, the “Automatic Dialer”
was introduced as 21st century
technology that would “dial
more quickly and easily than you
can do for yourself.” Numbers
were pre-punched into a card to
insert into the phone, and voila!
New digs for
Barely in his thirties, Rose has
been featured on the cover
of Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and RedHerring. Kevin
was named a “Top 25 Angel
Investors (#14)” by Bloomberg, “Top 25 Web Celebrities” by Forbes, “Top 25 Most
Influential People on the Web”
by Time and BusinessWeek
magazines, and one of MITs
“Top 35 Innovators under 35.”
Kevin Rose
He’s smart, successful and
building his dream home. He
can push our buttons any time.
What are you up to
these days?
I’m still actively doing
technology angel investing.
That’s an ongoing thing. I
have a small incubator here in
San Francisco called Milk. It’s
essentially a mobile application
company, so we build iPhone
apps, and eventually will do them
for Android, too. We haven’t
announced any of our apps yet,
but we plan on doing about two to
Photos courtesy kevin Rose
says this about Control4: “I knew
that a lot of these things were
possible, but I didn’t know that it
was available in a single system. I
assumed it was coming, but I had
no idea it was already here.”
We caught up with Kevin at Café
Gratitude in San Francisco to hear
more about his current projects
and—even though his new home is
still in the design and construction
phases—his thoughts on what life
in a “one button does all” world
might be like.
hen self-proclaimed
geek and industryproven Internet guru
Kevin Rose bought
a new home in San Francisco’s
Mission District, he knew he
wanted home automation to play
its part. With Control4® already
on his radar, he announced his
intent to talk to someone at the
company on Twitter, where his
followers well surpass the millionmark. The level of response and
passion that came back caught
him off guard. “I didn’t realize how
many people out there already
had home automation,” recounts
Kevin. “It’s been a whole other
world diving into this stuff.”
Control4 was quick to respond
and Kevin was quick to connect
with local Control4 dealer Sean
Toland of Engineered Lifestyles to
get into all of the geeky details.
After discussing everything from
mutli-room music and security to
having heated bathroom floors to
warm his feet as he wakes, Kevin
I assumed it was
coming, but I
had no idea it
was already here.
@Control4 Would love to chat w/someone
at your company re: home automation!
—Kevin Rose
three apps a year right now. Mostly
social things.
Why the name Milk?
We are big fans of minimal
design—the idea that less
is more. There’s something about
milk being clean and silky. It’s one
of those things where we were
brainstorming ideas and we landed
on that. Just something fun. We
have little milk cartons and bottles
around the office. It makes for
cool cocktail parties—milk-themed
parties and what not.
When you tweeted about
Control4, what was the
response like?
It was a mixture of people
who are absolutely
passionate about Control4 and
then there were people who had
seen the even lower-end stuff and
didn’t know that this existed and
were curious about the next level.
Some of the stuff out there you’ll
look at and think, “Wow, you can
do that for $99?” and then you
realize, yeah, that’s cool for what it
is, but it’s not really “next level.”
Why did you ultimately
select Control4?
I’m heavily dependent on
Apple products in my house.
So when I saw that there was a
solution out there that would let
me control things from an iPad and
iPhone, I was in.
Also, the reviews on the iTunes
store mean a lot to me. I saw that
Control4 had hundreds of reviews
and they were all very highly rated.
Which means that a lot of people
had installed the product, played
with it and thought that it was
Then I started researching how
much a system like this would cost.
There are a lot of very expensive
high-end systems out there and this
was something that was reasonably
priced and had all the features that
wanted—so it just made sense.
People turn to home
automation for different
reasons—security, comfort, to
entertain in a certain way. What
was the draw for you?
It’s all of the above. I’m a
geek and I like to do anything
and everything that is geeky. Part of
that includes having custom music
play when I enter my house and
having a certain station play in my
bathroom when I wake up in the
morning. Really stupid things, but I
think they’re fun and cool.
When I found out I could control
every part of the house from these
different touchpads—and they’re
all programmable—for a geek,
that’s paradise.
Did anything surprise you
about home automation?
yeah, there are definitely a
few things that I was pretty
impressed were even possible. Like
the idea that it can understand
when the sun is rising and hitting
certain windows at certain times,
and automatically bring the shades
down instead of triggering the air
conditioning. Knowing the right
times of day to lower and raise
the shades? That’s pretty amazing
to me.
you always hear about different
pieces of technology that people
have, like different apps that can
open your front door or monitor
your baby room—but to have it all
tied together into one system is
pretty fascinating.
I was pleasantly surprised to find
out that it’s all available today.
As you were putting your
automation plan together,
did your girlfriend have separate
concerns or requests?
Not really, she’s a geek,
too. When I told her what
was possible, she thought it
was awesome. We have Sonos
throughout our house right now,
a great music playback system for
streaming music, which she uses all
the time, she loves it. So, when she
found out that this was like Sonos,
but with all these extra things you
can do, she was like, “Wow, we can
do that from an iPad?” She was
totally in.
Any advice for someone
considering home
automation? Features they
should start with?
That’s a good question.
What got me hooked initially
was the multi-room music thing.
Being able to play your music in
every room, even different music,
Describe walking through
the front door once
everything’s installed.
In an ideal world, it’ll know
the time of day, and change
the mood according to what’s
going on. For example, if I’m
coming home late at night, it won’t
blast the lights at me, but have
them dimmed instead. I also plan
on programming buttons for things
like dinner mode, where it drops
the lights down in the dining room
and plays something chill like jazz.
is your
Time of day:
Room in house:
The food at bar Jules
All types, really
Movie or TV show:
Love the new TRON
One-touch button:
Party mode
Do you have an
entrance song?
I’m thinking about
doing a Darth Vader
theme-type thing.
Actually, I thought it would be
really cool to program it so that
when family members or different
people come over, you have their
favorite channel or favorite song
play when they enter.
Photo courtesy Bar Jules
Digitally store your entire DVD & Blu-ray collection
Stream with Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and more
Watch any movie instantly, anywhere in the home
Access music & photos from other computers
Find out why Fusion is the #1 specified movie server
in Control4 projects at
tracks just by pushing the buttons.
The speakers run throughout the
entire home. So, no matter where
you are, you’ll never have to fumble
around wondering how you can
change the track or wonder where
the remote is. You can just walk
up to any wall outlet, where it will
be illuminated in a certain color:
Hit it and it takes you to the next
track or the previous one. You can
control the volume from there, too.
It’s pretty neat that what was
once used to control a light just a
moment before can now control
the music.
During a party at your
house, what would most
impress a guest?
For sure, the music. Along
with a dinner mode, we’re
going to set up a party mode. It
will turn each of the wall units—
these light switches we have on all
the walls—into forward and back
buttons, so you can change the
Kevin’s favorite meal is the food at bar Jules in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, Calif.
What would most impress
an industry peer?
Beyond the party mode,
I’d say the monitoring of
the wine cellar. We can control
the temperature of the wine
bottles. That’s pretty sweet.
That’s not specifically Control4,
but it is connected to the Control4
system so I can manage and
control it.
Your father?
Probably the piece that has
to do with granting access to
people remotely. The idea that you
can give a guest or a house cleaner
The ONLY Movie Server with a Certified Two-way Control4 Driver!
the morning wakeup routine.
When I have to wake up, the
Control4 system knows to
automatically bring the
temperature up a
few degrees,
turn on the
your grandmother?
The oven we’re having
installed. It has an internal
thermometer that will monitor
the turkey you’re cooking and
make sure it stays at a certain
temperature. It’s awesome!
heaters and start my music
playlist in the master bathroom.
And things like turning on CNBC
and other details I want to track,
so that when I walk downstairs in
the morning, I can see my stocks
or any reviews on the television.
Little things that aren’t essential
to life, but are pretty cool.
Also, my house is solarpowered. I love the idea of being
to able to have as much
automation of the power
controls as possible.
So, for example,
if one of the
windows is
open, the
What about you?
The feature I’m most
excited about has to be
system will know that and will
automatically shut off the heater
if we’re not there. It knows
whether or not we’re in the house,
so if I forgot to turn off the air
conditioning, and I’m away in
L.A., I know that I can pull up my
phone and instantly make that
That kind of stuff is amazing
and there’s something fun about
the game of figuring out how to
save as much money on power
consumption as possible. I always
thought it would be fun to have
an app that would allow you to
track your power usage versus
your friends’. Then make it like
a game, so that you get more
points throughout the week and
it encourages you to shut down
certain things in your house at
certain times, use less, etc.
once you start
what you can
do, they’re like,
oh my gosh, i
need to have
this system.
a disposable code to get into the
house for a certain amount of
time or only access the facility
during certain hours or days
of the week. The notifications
are also pretty cool. you can be
alerted if there are any weird
doors opening. That kind of stuff
is pretty sweet.
Any parting thoughts?
Just that I’m excited to get
it all installed and working.
I’m telling a lot of my friends
about it. I have a handful of
friends who are building out their
places now.
you know Tom from MySpace
—he started MySpace, and was
everyone’s first MySpace friend?
He is building out his home
in Vegas right now and he’s
installing a bunch of Control4
in there. I was just talking to
him about it. It’s interesting to
see how many geeks really get
excited about this stuff. Once you
start explaining what you can do,
they’re like, “oh my gosh, I need
to have this system.”
A lot of people just don’t know
about it. It’s one of those things
that hasn’t quite tipped yet—and
that people just assume is going
to cost so much money. And when
they find out that it’s a lot more
affordable than they thought,
suddenly it’s really attractive. ■
Painting Your Life with Color
Now controlling the color of your theater is a simple one touch on your touch screen!
nuLEDs LED lighting systems are
beautiful, energy efficient and flexible.
more vivid yellows, golds and blues
70” Class (69.5” Diagonal) » 62% more
viewing area than a 55” Class TV
Built-In Wi-Fi
Over a 100 apps
Full HD 1080p AQUOS Quattron LED
HDTV with 120Hz
Numinus, LLC | NuLEDS, Inc.
1497 Poinsettia Ave Suite 153 | Vista, CA 92081 | (760) 931-2550
Our digital controls are easily
networked by lighting designers
and installers for tailoring specific
colors and brightness levels.
We offer complete systems
including networked dimming
controls, original aesthetic
luminaire designs, and smooth,
full-range dimming with serial
communication. Our dimming
and multi-channel intensity
controls communicate with a
simple serial interface using low
data volumes and baud rates
allowing for an easily networked
and scaleable control system.
Your smart home tour starts here and now...
Your kids work hard all day
to turn on all the lights.
With one “Goodnight”
button, turn off all 25 just
before you go to bed.
73 ºF
Smart homes deliver
smart energy control.
Set your thermostats
to power on when
you're home, power
down when you're not.
This is a controller—it’s the brain of your smart home. It
makes it possible for you to control virtually any
electronic device or appliance or system in your home.
With touch
the house,
you can
You can control things in your smart
always keep
home with a remote, touch screen, tablet,
an ear on the
smart phone or computer. You decide.
You can monitor and control your
smart home even when you're not
there. Get text alerts if your garage
door was left open or be notified
the minute your kids get home.
Cameras and smart locks give you
With just one single remote,
peace of mind that your treasures
enjoy control over your TV,
receiver, DVR, media player, CD
inside are safe and sound.
changer or virtually any system
in your home theater setup.
Welcome to your smart kitchen. Appliances
tell you how to be more energy efficient.
Start with one area of control. It's
easy to add more features or rooms
over time, or as your budget allows.
Music and lighting match your cooking
One-touch party button automatically dims
style. Recipes, accessible on any screen.
the lights and starts the jazz for your dinner
guests. Plus, enjoy your entire music
collection from any room in the house.
A ResCue
Introducing… The
Chapmans! Rachelle and
Chris finally tied the knot on
July 22, 2011, in Raleigh, NC.
A playful-turned-tragic push into a pool kept
this bride from walking down the aisle. But
nothing will break Rachelle’s spirit as she finds
new ways to take more control every day.
year ago, Rachelle Friedman worked as a
dance and aerobics instructor at a nonprofit.
She was engaged to the man she loved,
Chris Chapman, who worked as a middle
school teacher. “We were a young couple. We were
healthy. We were in love,” recounts Rachelle. “Even on
our small salaries, we bought a home that we loved.
We were living the American dream.” A freak accident
at her bachelorette party would change everything.
Rachelle would be paralyzed from the chest down;
her two-story home would suddenly be inaccessible to
her; she would no longer be able to perform her job;
she wouldn’t be able to marry Chris without losing her
Medicaid benefit. And while her fiancé would never
Someone donated a TV. It was
just amazing.”
They worked around the clock
to transform the two-story home.
In exactly twelve days, the allvolunteer cast turned Rachelle and
Chris’s home into a completely
automated, wheelchair-accessible
living space.
The project was revealed during a
live episode of NBC’s Today show
on February 22, 2011. The behindthe-scenes transformation was
featured during the April 2 episode
of NBC’s George to the Rescue.
“We knew they were updating
the house,” says Rachelle. “But we
figured it would just be helping us
get to our bedroom upstairs. We
had our bedroom downstairs in
the living room, essentially behind
a curtain, so we had very little
privacy. We had no idea it would be
everything it turned out to be!”
“We had no idea—at all,” agrees
Chris. “We are so appreciative of
everything. Insurance doesn’t pay
for things like this. It’s just been
waver in his devotion to her, she
would lose something else that
was as close to her heart—her
While the couple was facing
the prospect of exhausting their
entire savings just to make their
bathroom handicap-friendly, an
unexpected gift transformed their
home and restored an invaluable
degree of Rachelle’s independence.
And it happened on live television.
You never think it’s
going to be you
The Remodelers Council worked around the
clock from Feb. 10-22, 2011 to remodel the
couple’s two story home and transform it into
a wheelchair accessible living space. The reveal
was during a live episode of the Today show.
HBA asked Mark what he could
recommend or contribute to help
make the couple’s Knightdale
home accessible and functional for
Rachelle. “I reached out to Control4
to see what we could do from a
charitable donation standpoint,”
says Mark. “They were already
thinking about it. We [Neuwave
Systems] were prepared to step in,
but Control4 totally stepped up to
the plate. It was pretty neat.”
12 Days, 112 companies,
200 volunteers
The pressure was on. A fully
functional system needed to be
installed and tested within a week.
Walls were only going to be down
for half a day. They wouldn’t even
be able to demo it before they
handed it over to the young couple.
They had to trust that it was just
going to work.
Mark and his electricians joined
a team of 112 companies and over
200 volunteers who donated their
time, labor, products and services
for the rescue remodel project.
At the project’s onset, it was
only supposed to include an
elevator and a makeover of the
master suite. But the tidal wave of
support and generosity broadened
the project to include, among
other things, a new deck with an
accessible ramp and a full upgrade
to the kitchen and upstairs
second bathroom.
“It was awesome,” says Mark.
“George is usually in and out. But
the outpour of support from the
local council and HBA turned it
into a complete project. We took
out the extra bedroom and turned
it into a walk-in closet. We did 10
dimmers and switches with outlet
dimmers and three keypads. I put
together the master light plan.
Photos courtesyHome Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County
It was just a month before
her wedding day, during her
bachelorette party, that Rachelle’s
best friend playfully pushed her
into the swimming pool. “I heard
my neck crack and my entire body
stiffened,” recalls Rachelle. “I just
went numb.”
She had hit her C6 spinal
vertebrae and was instantly
paralyzed from the chest down.
She would never walk or stand
again, or fully use her fingers.
Says Rachelle, “You see people in
wheelchairs and you don’t ever
think that’s going to be you.”
Upon hearing the bride’s tragic
story, Control4® dealer Mark Masters
of Neuwave Systems in Raleigh,
North Carolina, thought to himself,
“She’s a very independent person
who is suddenly handicapped. Right
off the bat, home automation is an
obvious answer.”
Shortly thereafter, he was
contacted by The Remodelers
Council of the Home Builders
Association of Raleigh-Wake
County (HBA). NBC’s TODAY show
and George to the Rescue, a home
improvement television show,
were coordinating a surprise home
renovation project for Rachelle and
Chris. They tapped HBA to be the
certified experts.
An all-star
all-inclusive system
The all-inclusive Control4 system
setup in Rachelle and Chris’s home
includes a slew of one-touch
features. For example, on a threebutton keypad by the entrance, a
welcome-home button fires up all
the lights, starts a playlist in her
bedroom and turns the TV on to
ESPN, Rachelle’s favorite channel.
By the time she gets up to the
bedroom on the second floor,
Rachelle enters a home tuned to all
her preferences.
“I had only ever seen home
control in the MTV Cribs episodes,”
laughs Rachelle. “I didn’t think
average people could have
these things.”
When asked about his favorite
feature, Chris explains that it
doesn’t boil down to any one
specific aspect for him: “It’s the
whole concept. At the end of the
day, you just want to crawl into
bed, and if you forgot something,
like the lights downstairs or the
thermostat, you can just turn it off
from bed.” Body temperature is
a big issue for Rachelle, so being
able to control the thermostat
remotely is extremely handy.
When asked to list the single
biggest difference home
automation has made for her,
Rachelle replies without hesitating:
Changing someone’s life
Mark believes that the reason
there was such an outpour
of support is that everyone
recognized that they had an
opportunity to change someone’s
life. He says this really hit home
when he got a call from Rachelle
the day prior to the big reveal on
the Today show.
Because the Rhapsody
subscription was in her name,
Rachelle—a huge country music
fan—accidently received a
notification. She called up the
number listed, which was Mark’s
number at Neuwave Systems, and
said, “I don’t know who you are.
But thank you so much. You don’t
know what this means to me.”
“We talk about these things,
but we rarely get a chance to act
on them,” he mused. “Yes, we can
enhance people’s lives. We can
help them turn on music from their
bathtubs. We can install luxury
items. But this was completely
different. What we installed for
that young lady made a profound
difference for her—it changed her
day-to-day life.” ■
► Smart Garage Automation
► Smart Lighting Control
► ZigBee Extender Technology
► And More...
The ConTrol4® sysTem makes your home your favorite place to be. now Baldwin,
who first introduced the world to forging solid brass hardware in 1956, innovator of the
residential mortise lock and PVD lifetime Finish, brings home automation to the front door with
the addition of home Connect™ Technology. This fully automated motorized deadbolt secures your
home with a new level of functionality that provides security and convenience, and is completely integrated
with the Control4® platform.
Visit us at CEDIA
Baldwin Hardware Booth #2640
September 8-10 Indianapolis, IN
Six different people. Six
unique lifestyles. Six
novel ways Control4 has
brought more control to
people everywhere.
e don’t just “like” our social media communities.
We absolutely love them. Our Facebook page
especially is alive with colorful personalities,
overflowing with great intelligence and even
greater passion. By sharing their favorite features on our
wall, our customers don’t just give us a peek into their
everyday lives; they inspire us with their ingenuity. Maybe
they’ll inspire you, too...
Diane Hirsch Music in selected rooms—it’s so easy to listen to
my iPod on the patio :-)
July 24 at 8:24pm • Like • Comment • Share
Victor Gurel Control4 is awesome. Leave the door open for
more than 30 seconds, when the air conditioner is running...
and the Control4 system will ask you to close the door and
save electricity ;-)
April 2 at 11:24am • Like • Comment • Share
mark Duane peterson II I programmed a keypad button for my
customer to activate Vacation Mode in two taps. Lights then
randomize every hour throughout the house so it looks like
they’re home. When my customer gets back, they double-tap the
keypad again and all lighting scenes go back to normal.
March 16 at 3:24pm • Like • Comment • Share
Jerry White When I triple tap my bed light at night, here’s what
happens: The doors lock, thermostat gets set, and all lights in
rest of the house turn off. 1 minute later after the wife and I have
crawled into bed, my bedroom lights go off.
July 27 at 7:27pm • Like • Comment • Share
See uS at 5!
Booth #39
Start a favorite show in the kitchen, then finish
watching it in the living room. Or the bedroom.
Or the deck. Or the home theater room....
• 1080p and 1080i compatible
• Front panel, Ethernet, RS232 and IR control
• Features 8 IR pass-thrus for controlling individual
input sources
• Eight HDMI inputs with eight HDMI outputs
and eight twisted pair balun outputs
• Control4 Drivers available
• HD Shak technology delivers the highest level
of EDID negotiation
Call today for info on our entire
line of hdmi switChers!
phillip Brown My one-touch pool scene, which looks like this:
Pool lights go on, pathway lights come up, playlist kicks in and
the outside TV tunes into NFL network. Paradise :-)
June 21 at 6:42pm • Like • Comment • Share
Travis Jeppson One button for movie-watching heaven. My
lights dim to perfection, TV tunes to the right input, the
surroundsound is pre-set to the right level and the movie fills
the screen. I’m expecting it to pass the popcorn any minute.
August 11 at 3:45pm • Like • Comment • Share
Whether it’s HDMI or Component, AVocation Systems is
the absolute best in audio/video distribution!
More Info: or Call 877-805-6639
Designing your smart home
Video Output
Video Output
Video Input
8 x HDMI
Video Input
8 x HDMI
Audio Outputs
8 x S/PDIF digital out
8 x Stereo analog
RCA Line Out (For
localised amplification)
Audio Outputs
Audio Inputs
Audio Inputs
RS232 Control
DB9 Female (Binary
String) RS232 Bank
Select RS232 Loop
out connector
RS232 Control
Power Requirements
12V 120W (Use Leaf
Supply Only)
Power Requirements
8 Zone (Expandable
to 96 Zones)
(418mm+ Rack Ears
(2RU), 102mm with
5A @12VDC (Subject to resolution
and feature use)
100 BaseT
magine waking up in the
morning, not to the glaring
blare of an alarm clock, but to
your favorite song streaming
through speakers in the ceiling, as
your blinds slowly open to reveal
the morning sun. Touch one button
by your bed and the lights in the
hallway turn on so you can safely
navigate to the kitchen where
the TV is already tuned into your
favorite morning news program.
As you race out the door for work,
Video Output
HDMI 480i/480p/576i
8 x S/PDIF digital out
1080p(60), 3D DVI
8 x Stereo analog
RCA Line Out (For VideoVideo
Input HDMI
from LTHOutput
localised amplificaDMI series
1080p(60), 3D DVI
Audio Outputs
Video Input
HDBaseT from LTHAudio Inputs DMI HDBaseT
Control HDMI
Bidirectional RJ45
DB9 Female (Binary
RS232 port 115200
String) RS232 Bank
Select RS232 LoopAudio Inputs
out connector
IR pass
12V 120W (Use Leaf
port 115200
Supply Only)
Power RequireLocal power supply
IR 12V,
pass 10W
through port
Direct to display
8 Zone (Expandable Distribution
to 96 Zones)
Power RequireLocal power supply
Depth 121mm
to display
(418mm+ Rack Ears
116mmfull Deep
(2RU), 102mm with
100 BaseT
full Deep
Colour support,
5A @12VDC (Subject to resolution
and feature use)
To see our product come and visit us at the Control4 Stand
smile as everything powers down—
the lights, the TVs, the audio—even
the thermostat dials back to more
energy-efficient setting. The alarm
arms, the garage door closes
and every door in the house gets
locked. Automatically.
It might sound like the ultimate
in luxury, but really, having a home
automation system today is a very
affordable reality. Plus, not only
does it make life a little easier, it can
also help you save time and money.
one remote
comes in
many forms:
your iPhone, a
tablet, a touch
screen, even
your laptop.
How’s this possible? Imagine
a sophisticated, but ridiculously
easy-to-use universal remote
that controls all of your home’s
otherwise disconnected electronic
systems and devices. With
this one mighty remote, you
can control everything from
entertainment systems to heating
and air conditioning, lights, shades,
garage doors, security systems,
exterior door locks, and so on.
Better still, this one remote comes
in many different forms: the
traditional wand that you’re used
to wielding in the family room
but also, with Control4®, you can
control everything in the house
from virtually every screen in the
house—your iPhone, a tablet, a
touch screen, even your laptop.
And once you’ve got your house
“under control,” there’s no going
back. But before you take the
plunge, here are a few need-toknows that will come in handy as
you journey to the “other side.”
You’ll want to read,
research, and revel in
the possibilities.
Aside from the articles in this
magazine, which give some great
real-life examples of everyday
automation, the Control4 web site
( is a great
place to more deeply familiarize
yourself with the concept of home
control and the endless possibilities
you have to personalize it
according to your lifestyle. Spend
some time reading over the site
to get ideas around the sort of
automation system you’d like to
see for you and your family.
You’ll need the help of a
professional—and that’s a
good thing.
While Control4 home automation
solutions will be easy for everyone
in your house to use, your system
will be a complex design, linking
multiple devices in your home
to make it possible for them to
communicate over a network.
Naturally, this is the kind of work
that requires a professional. We
call this professional a Control4
dealer. Certified by Control4 after
rigorous training, your dealer is
equipped to work closely with you,
from the planning and installing of
your system to teaching everyone
in the house how to use it to giving
ongoing support and upgrades
after the system is up and running.
It’s possible that you will work
together for years to come.
If you don’t yet have a dealer, at you’ll notice a
“Ready to buy?” link. There, you
can enter your zip code and find
a few local options. Make some
calls or visit the dealer showrooms.
A good dealer will be happy to
show you sample systems at his/
her place of business, or perhaps
even take you on a tour of existing
installations (with the owner’s
permission, of course). Ask
anything and everything about
home control. Take advantage of
your time with an expert.
What if my house is “old”?
It can still learn new tricks. Control4 home automation works equally
well in homes from 1-100+ years old.
You’ll want to get specific
about what you think you
want to control.
“Think” is the operative word,
because once you share some
ideas with your dealer, your wish
list may expand, change or get
increasingly personalized. You’ll
probably be surprised to hear that
your Control4 system can do all the
magnificent little things it can do.
One way to approach this
is to ask yourself what sort of
automated solutions would make
your life easier or help you worry
less in your everyday activities. Do
you want all of the lights in your
house to go off when you leave for
work? No problem. While you’re
at work, do you worry about when
your kids get home from school?
We can eliminate that concern
by making sure you get a text
message the instant they walk
through the door. Want the lights
to turn on and off at certain times,
so it looks like you’re home, even
when you’re not? With a Control4
system, it’s easy to automate
(or randomize) any event, day
or night, and even switch it up
depending on the seasons. And
remember, you can automate your
swimming pool or spa, outside
lights, electronic gate, sprinkling
system, garage door opener, inside
lights, music, movies, TV, heating,
security system, IP cameras,
and whew! You see where we’re
going here...
You can expect some
wonderful unexpected
As soon as your new home
automation system is in place,
you might notice there are
opportunities to reduce your
energy usage and hey—maybe save
You can see who—or what—is at your front door from almost any screen in the house. A Control4 system is compatible with many of your favorite devices.
some money. Here are just a few
possibilities. Your dealer can give
you other suggestions, too.
• Use Control4 dimmers,
switches and keypads to lower the
light levels throughout the home by
20%. Family members won’t even
notice the difference, but this small
adjustment can save a lot of money
on your monthly electricity bill.
• Install and program a Control4
thermostat to automatically adjust
to more energy-efficient settings
when you go to bed or leave for
work. This can quickly add up
to significant money and energy
• Ask your dealer about apps
you can download to your Control4
system to help you monitor your
energy use.
Definitely dream big. And
start small.
Many homeowners probably
never give any serious thought to
automating their homes because
they think it’s cost-prohibitive. But
the truth is that home automation
is far more affordable than most
people think. Control4 makes
it possible to design a home
automation system to match your
budget, big or small, right out of
the gate. You can start with a very
basic system—just automating a
family room, for example—and add
more control down the road as
time or budget allow.
No matter what kind of
money you plan to spend, try
to brainstorm all of your ideas
upfront, and just like you would
approach a building or remodeling
project, develop a priority list.
When you’re ready to share it with
your dealer, he or she can help
you develop a plan, timeline and a
budget to build your dream system
over time.
Even if it turns out that you have
to wait to implement a few of your
favorite ideas, you will have a solid
foundation of a smart home that
can easily get smarter and smarter
over time. ■
estled by the beautiful yang Cheng Lake in the middle
of the yangtze River Delta is China’s leading digital
intelligence company and home automation specialist,
Suzhou JINWO Intelligent Technology. But inside this
impressive building, JINWO employees aren’t just working out of an
office that sells smart home products: They’ve designed the office
to look, feel, and “work” like home, even when they’re not there.
How one cutting-edge company on
the other side of the world makes its
employees feel very much at home.
Even in many different languages, the Control4
interface is always exactly the same.
Samsung TV, which they also enjoy
for a little downtime.
And absolutely everything works
together. With many of the staff
being big Apple fans, they were
especially delighted to learn that
they could use their iPad or iPhone
mobile device to control the office.
When employees leave at the
end of the day, they don’t have to
fumble with keys or access cards.
Instead, they use their own iPhone
or iPad to control everything—
from the lights to the music to the
curtains. The last person leaving
the office powers down everything
in the expansive office with one
easy tap.
“They enjoy the work style
here,” says Henry Ho, director of
international business in KOMSA.
“They are relaxed and feel fantastic
working in this office, just as if they
were at home.”
“We love this system because
it makes our life convenient and
safe,” says yang, general manager,
JINWO Suzhou City office. “We can
check the status of different things
in real time—even when we are far
away—and we love how easy it is
to use. Meanwhile, we don’t need
to worry if we forget to turn off any
of the appliances as we can do that
remotely, too. It’s great!” ■
No striNGs AttACheD
The sleek new offices are home
to a staff of thirty-five and include
eight rooms: a conference room,
theater, design shop, training
facilities, the restroom and three
executive suites. At 17,760 square
feet, this office is one of the largest
in China to incorporate home
using Control4® keypads, wireless
switches and dimmers, and touch
screens, it’s very easy for any
team member to demonstrate the
control of lights, home appliances,
heating, and air conditioning to
their customers, no matter where
they are in the building. They can
also demonstrate multi-room music
and audio with the integration of
many products, including iPod
docks, an iPod, and a Denon
Amplifier. The home theater
incorporates a Pioneer Blu-Ray
DVD player, BenQ Projector and a
Ever since man got his cave,
ideas of automation have
evolved accordingly, with
imagination and technology
driving both wild ideas and
real innovation. Thanks to
both, we’re lucky enough
to have hit the sweet spot.
In the 21st century, home
automation isn’t just a reality
for the ultra-wealthy or the
tech-savvy who know how to
engineer the right strings and
pulleys (or CAT-5 Ethernet
cables as the case may be).
With the affordability and
ease-of-use of products
today, virtually everyone can
automate their home with
wireless technology. So don’t
even think about tearing down
walls or reconstruction. unless
that is, you’re in search of a
whole new cave altogether.
Control4 uses ZigBee technology because it’s
an affordable, retrofittable, no-new-wires system
that connects all devices within the home. It also
makes it possible to start with the control of just a
few products and it’s easily add more over time.
Illustrated in the late 1800s, this comic depicts
a Victorian-era fantasy of automated dining.
Cat5e/6 HD Distribution Solutions
With Accredited Control4 Integration
A full range of installer
products supporting HDMI
available including:
4 x 4 Cat5e Full HD Matrix
Part Number: MX-0404-PRO
8 x 8 Ca5e Full HD Matrix
Please visit us at CEDIA
Booth No: 3036
Wyrestorm Technologies LLC
6755 Buckles Cove,
Memphis, TN, 38133
Tel: + 901 384 3575
Fax: + 901 384 3574
Part Number: MX-0808-PRO
16 x 16 Cat5e HDBaseT
Full HD Matrix
Part Number: MX1616-HDBT
Screening room incognito,
left. Can you spot the TV?
It’s in the shot, but out of
sight. The Old Vicarage,
right, proudly flaunting its
new ultra-modern wing.
What was once shelter for the
faithful and devoted is now
home to the newly converted.
the man of the
house, of course,
wants a tV in
the room.
ave Hicks is a certified
Control4® dealer working
out of MAX AV in the
uK. “The Old Vicarage”
is how he fondly refers to one of
the more challenging projects
that he, alongside his head design
engineer, Daniel White, took on in
recent months.
Picture this: In a remote
location, out in the far reaches of
yorkshire sits a large 3-story brick
house built in 1873. It was once
used to accommodate a small
congregation of devout clergy in its
seven bedrooms. The original plans
were consented to and signed by
none other than the Archbishop
of york. Eventually, it fell into the
realm of private residence, and its
current owners have been making
some most impressive changes by
transitioning it into our most recent
century, while still preserving
its past.
Because an unused portion of
the property had grown decrepit,
the owners decided to raze the
old coach house and stables, and
use the space to build a new wing.
The coach house became a twolevel gymnasium/office, and they
connected it to the main house
with a lengthy barn-shaped garden
room that stands where the stables
once were.
Anyone who has experience
with a redesign understands that
disagreement, at some point in the
process, is inevitable. One of the
more delicate situations in which
MAX AV found themselves was
when the clients diverged with
regards to the garden room. Its
design is long, clean, and serene,
and the décor is minimalist and
modern. One of its walls is all glass,
providing a gorgeous view of the
grassy, tree-lined grounds. And
that’s just the reason the lady of
the house wants to maintain the
room’s peaceful feng shui. To that
end… NO television.
Open a new window.
The Garden Room, left, with painting raised and
hidden TV revealed. Original 1873 Chamber Plan
for the The Old Vicarage, above, signed by the
Archbishop of York (center right).
From Pull-Strings to
Touch Screens
For Dave and Daniel, The Old
Vicarage was an especially fun
project, because not only did it
give them the chance to outfit a
magnificent, historical home with
a full menu of Control4 features,
but it also gave them a full menu
of interesting puzzles to solve and
obstacles to overcome.
Not only did the couple want to
automate the new wing, but they
also wanted to retrofit the older
part of the house with the highest
caliber of music, home theater,
lighting, and security solutions.
Every Control4 dealer knows
that retrofitting a house of any
age is hardly an issue, but The
Old Vicarage is not just any older
house. For instance, the client
wanted to be able to work from
home. A common practice and not
usually a problem, but this house is
located in a far removed area that
has spotty broadband coverage at
best. Add to that the thick walls of
stone that form the bones of the
house, and you’ve got yourself one
tricky Wi-Fi situation.
Dave had to test a good number
of wireless access points before
finding the ideal set-up. He had to
also install fallback routers in case
the primary Internet line ever went
down. Though it took time to figure
If you’re not including motorized
window coverings in your
home-integration installations,
your program is incomplete.
Photos by Andy Oliver Photography
music, curtains—MAX AV installed
something special, something
unexpected. A painting. It depicts
a cluster of trees sitting atop a
mountain under a vast orange sky.
And at the tap of a Control4 touch
screen, that painting raises itself
another three feet up the wall,
revealing the 60” plasma TV that’s
perfectly positioned behind it: art
and technology converge.
Our window-covering systems:
Seamlessly integrate with all
home-automation and
lighting-control systems.
Make it possible for home
owners effectively to control
their environment.
Appreciably reduce energy costs.
Offer an opportunity to increase
your sales.
Division of MechoShade Systems, Inc.
T: +1 (718) 371-1140
F: +1 (718) 729-2941
E: [email protected]
So don’t miss out on a profitable
window of opportunity.
© 2011 MechoShade Systems, Inc. Trademarks and registrations are the exclusive property of MechoShade Systems Inc.
The man of the house, of course,
wants a TV in the room. Sure, it
doesn’t always have to be on, but
they’re good to have around. In
the middle of the room sits an
extended five-segment L-shaped
couch. When not gazing out the
window, the man of the house
figures, one can check on a few
sports scores. He felt pretty
strongly about that.
The lady of the house did not
back down. This room was to be an
escape from blaring screens.
Dave and Daniel looked back and
forth between the two clients and
then at each other. This is kind of
dispute that can stall the process
indefinitely. Then an idea formed
in Dave’s head. He proposed a
creative suggestion to his clients
that delighted them both, and the
project could proceed.
In addition to the Control4
basics—lighting, temperature,
out, this networked infrastructure
shines as one of his proudest
achievements in this project.
The owners had no interest
whatsoever in stripping The Old
Vicarage of its charm. On the
contrary, they requested the period
fixtures and fittings be retained.
This includes a pull-string system,
used by the original owners to
call the servants from any room in
the house—how’s that for an early
example of home automation!
MAX AV succeeded in preserving
the vintage brass light switches.
Daniel hooked them up to inline
dimmers hidden out of sight in
the rafters. Likewise, a tower of
hardware— receivers, players, and a
cutting edge HDMI matrix—does its
thing out of sight, tucked away in a
hidden closet.
What is NOT tucked away
in a hidden closet are the new
Panasonic and LG televisions reliant
on said HDMI matrix. They have
been installed around the house,
including a 50” 3D TV retrofitted
into a very large fireplace.
When asked if there were any
unusual features of automation in
this install, Dave chuckles: Indeed,
the man of the house also had a
particular idiosyncrasy that needed
to be accommodated—he could
not sleep with any light or glow in
the room. As head design engineer,
Daniel was the one to program
the master bedroom to give the
client just what he wanted, pitch
black. At the touch of a screen,
everything goes dark—all screens,
all switches. The client himself had
even constructed a wall in front of
his bedroom window to block the
morning sunlight, and nighttime
Home Office Hideaway
In contrast to the old part of
the house, the new wing required
no retrofitting. Its ultra-modern
look was both receptive and
Photos by Andy Oliver Photography
The office, located directly above the gym. Productivity is easiest when you have all the bells and
whistles of home automation in such a calm and natural setting.
complementary to a full Control4
The gymnasium, with its big
glass wall, looks out at the garden.
The décor is minimal. The gym
equipment rests on a clean
hardwood floor, and the walls are
bare except for a 50” LG television,
the Control4 home screen on
display when it’s not in use. Inceiling speakers blend in perfectly,
and play whatever satellite radio
best helps them sweat.
Above the gymnasium is Dave’s
favorite room in the house—the
office. It too has a glass wall,
offering a view of the garden from
above. The A-shaped rafters in the
peaked ceiling provide organized
clean lines, a repeated motif found
in every room in the new wing.
Everything in the office is
wood—floors, cabinetry, desk,
rafters—yet it’s all sanded fine, not
a splinter in sight. Clear surfaces,
simple decor, natural light, and
the airy spaciousness make this
home office truly ideal. It’s easy
to think straight in here. And if
you get temporarily overwhelmed
by a hectic day of work, simply
step onto the balcony outside
with its commanding view of the
estate for a breath of fresh air.
It’s an environment exceedingly
conducive to peace of mind.
The clients are thoroughly
satisfied with their newly
automated 138-year-old home.
They mentioned that they take
pride in bringing their house to
life during their annual Christmas
parties. Now, in its first year as
a Control4 smart home, with its
programmable lighting and music,
the house is in prime shape to
host its most joyous Noël yet. It
makes Dave Hicks proud to see
the owners of The Old Vicarage
embracing and enjoying their new
installations. ■
Style. View.
Visit our kiosk in
the Control4 Booth
at the Show.
8 0 0 . 4 4 7 . 5 5 3 4 • w w w. i n s o l r o l l . c o m
“Very Batman-esque.”
That’s what one yelp reviewer said of the ability to control
lighting, drapes, audio and more from the small touch
screen on his nightstand at the Aria Resort and Casino at
CityCenter Las Vegas. Turns out a Control4® automation
system gives you control of nearly everything in your
room—from wake-up to room service. “Even some of our
older, less-technology-savvy customers get it. It’s easier
than running a computer at home,” resort President Bill
McBeath says. The Batmobile awaits…let’s head to Sin City!
Small app.
Mighty control.
Home control comes in many forms. But now you can enjoy them all from your favorite device with the Control4®
MyHome app. Close your garage door with your iPhone® mobile device. Orchestrate whole-house music from
your tablet. See who’s at the door from your TV screen. Turn off every light in the house, right from your bed.
The possibilites? Endless. What do you want to control?
Browse cover
art and start
the movie from
your phone.
audio with a slide
of your finger.
Pre-set mood
lighting or turn off
every light in the
house in one touch.
Kick-start your
home thermostat
before you leave
the office.
Arm the security
system or see
who’s at the door
from your laptop.
Control pools,
sprinklers, and much
more. Dream big.
start small.
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