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Editor’s Note
Since Steve Jobs passed in October of 2011, I’ve been reminded again and
again of his love affair with everything Japanese, and wondered if I ever might
experience the intriguing island nation myself, first hand. While I’ve always relished
international travel and sure, I saw Lost in Translation and loved it, there was still
something that seemed a little too foreign for me—enough so that I'd probably
never actually book a ticket considering I didn't know the language, not even a
character! I was resigned to the fact that it would always be just a fantasy. But then
suddenly everything changed: With an invitation to visit a ski resort town in the
northern Japan Alps to film and document a mind-blowing Control4® installation,
hosted by real Control4 customers, it was easy to answer with an unambiguous
and very enthusiastic YES!
After a direct flight from San Francisco to Narita, my bleary-eyed self somehow
managed to meet the driver that would take me on one last five-hour leg to
Nagano, where I was warmly received by the chalet owners, Bernie Schiemer and
Eloise Sutton-Kirkby. And yes, as their surnames allude, despite the international
address, they turned out to be perfect English speakers—a native of Australia and
England respectively. Turns out, Jobs hasn't the only gaijin, or “alien,” to fall under
the beguile of Japan! Bernie grabbed my bag and ushered me into my room and
wouldn’t you know it… even more than 5,000 miles from California, with a Control4
touch screen just inside the bedroom door and an iPad® running the Control4 app
at my bedside, I really did feel perfectly at home.
In this issue, we take you inside this incredible abode, a cool Slovakian bachelor
pad and a US property affectionately coined “Fort Knox.” We also unveil the genius
behind today’s smart kitchen.
After reading, I think you’ll agree that the pursuit for control and automation—no
matter where you might be on this amazing planet—is always an exciting adventure!
Golf reinvented
When you blend tee-time with
technology you get what many are
calling a highly addictive experience
for golfers in the Dallas, TX area. And
a great place to drink and drive.
Mix one part home automation
company with equal parts leading
brand in luxury kitchen appliances
and enjoy an entirely new way to
exercise (and enjoy) the culinary arts.
Today's secure home can be wired
to watch itself. You can even answer
your front door from your smart
phone from anywhere in the world.
Read on...
5 ways to save
Shanan M. Carney
[email protected]
Control4 Creative Director
Editor, Home Smart Home
People look to automation for
many different reasons—comfort,
convenience, peace of mind. But
Smart Home
nearly everyone shares the same
unexpected benefit of savings.
It's a ski chalet built for the James
Bond-wanna be. And really now,
who wouldn't want to BE? Take a
thrilling ride through the automated
lifestyle on a Nagano mountain in
Hakuba, Japan.
Life under control
Shanan Carney
Jenny Duff
Lauren Hemingway
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Special Thanks To: Melissa Lane; Byron Baird and
John Dorsey of Diem Digital; George Velazquez of
Integrisys; Joe Allen of Beyond Hi-Fi; our friends at
Yale Locks; the marketing team at Sub-Zero and Wolf;
Martin Husár of dibon s.r.o.; The Automated Lifestyle
Pte Ltd., Singapore, Bernie Schiemer and Eloise
Sutton-Kirkby of One Chalets in Hakuba, Japan.
What's new?
All for One
and One
for All
New year. New control.
For when even
families can't agree,
there's the Control4
app, which transforms
your favorite Android™
or Apple® device—
from smart phones
to tablets and yes,
laptops, too—into your
favorite whole-home
control system. See it
in action at control4.
From blazing fast controllers to full-motion video intercom products, Control4
kicked off 2012 by ushering in a bevy of new control solutions designed to bring
the whole family more pleasure—and peace of mind. Contact your local authorized
dealer and ask for a demo. To find a dealer near you, visit
Come On In...
Remember the 50's pop icon, Bobby Darin? The mid-century home he
shared with Sandra Dee in Hollywood recently got a modern makeover that
included a multi-room music system that the Rock-n-Roll Hall-of-Famer
would have loved. (Thankfully they kept the sunken living room intact!)
Look for the "Home Smart Home" video playlist on the Control4 YouTube
Channel and take your own personal tour at
Stay in Control | |
Paul Williams, VP of
Support Services,
answers your questions
Can home automation help
make my home more safe
and secure?
Absolutely! While a standard
monitored security system
offers protection and is a wise
addition to any home, combining
it with a home automation system
is even smarter. Consider a few
It’s nighttime. Rather than return
home to a pitch-black house, as
soon as the garage door opens,
your pathway lights illuminate on
cue, ensuring a safe entry. Now no
one in the family has to enter the
house with trepidation.
Enjoy the peace of mind that
comes from knowing that your
child got home from school. A
smart home can alert you via email
or text—as soon as your child’s
pin code is entered to unlock the
door. If the door opens while you’re
away, you’ll know that, too. In these
instances, knowledge is power!
Ever wonder if you really closed
the garage door when you left the
house? You can double-check right
from your phone or computer.
Not sure you locked
the whole house
before bed? Remedy
that with a press
of a button. Every
lock can be secured
without having to
leave the comfort of
your covers.
say that the
two biggest
deterrents to
home robbery
are light and
sound. When
you're on vacation, you can set the
home to “Mockupancy” mode so
that lights, and even your TV, can go
on and off automatically, as if you
were home, to keep intruders away.
For extra assurance, you can check
your IP cameras from a mobile
device or computer, no matter
where you might be on the planet
(provided it has internet access,
of course).
Hear a thump in the night? Hit a
pre-programmed button and lights
inside and out will flash on and off
so that you can make sure all is well.
Finally, a touch screen with
intercom makes it easy to check
on the whole family and broadcast
messages throughout the house
in a flash. When IP cameras are
connected, you can identify who
is at the front door from virtually
every screen in the house, before
you get up to open it.
In short, a home automation
system is an amazing tool to help
keep your home safe
and secure. And the
added convenience
and peace of mind
that come from
protecting your
family treasures are
truly priceless.
t is remarkable and not insignificant that so
much creative language has been used to
describe TopGolf. As a revolutionary take on
the traditional driving range, it has drawn an
estimated half-million newbies to the game, stirred
up considerable buzz among investors, and is
showing no sign of slowing down. Thanks in part to
Diem Digital Interiors and Control4, TopGolf CEO
Joe Vrankin ranks their latest location as the most
advanced one yet.
In his New York Times blog, Bill Pennington
described TopGolf as “a cross between the
ambiance of a 1950s bowling alley and an episode
of The Jetsons.” Bob Carney mused in his Golf
Digest column that it was, “a sports bar where
golf happens to break out.” Much like one Yelper’s
description of “Wii meets golf,” Robb Sidebottom,
TopGolf’s national director of sales, calls it “a video
game come to life.”
Perhaps the most straightforward handle is the
one offered by Vrankin, former CFO of the Arena
Football League. He calls it ‘golf entertainment.’
Still wondering exactly what it is? And what’s
with all the elusive descriptors? To answer the
latter, it is—simply put—the first of its kind. Not just
for golf, but sports in general.
Photos: TopGolf
A little birdie told us about this
unbelievable new hotspot in Texas
Located about 20
minutes north of Dallas
in Allen, Texas, this
facility blends tee time
and technology into
what many are calling
a highly addictive
experience for golfers
and non-golfers alike.
In fact, 45 percent of
TopGolf’s customers
would be classified
as non-golfers, i.e.,
they’ve never played on
a traditional course or
usually play fewer than
two rounds a year.
At the entrance, three TVs display TV programming or TopGolf leaderboards, and sometimes both. You can also view real-time scores of TopGolf patrons.
TopGolf stands for Target
Oriented Practice Golf. It is
essentially a driving range with
microchip-embedded golf balls.
Each chip registers the ball to its
user, enabling it to track their score.
Players play in individual hitting
bays that are not unlike what you
find in a bowling alley, in this case,
six at a time. Different games are
simulated, including things like
your basic nine holes.
But what has really made it such
a success is its ability to bring
in droves of non-golfers. While
TopGolf attracts a core of avid and
even professional golfers seeking
to improve on their skills, the casual
atmosphere, an indoor restaurant
and three full-service bars also
draw a broader demographic of
As a result, more than 45 percent
of its customers are categorized as
non-golfers, meaning they play real
golf less than three times a year if
at all. This is a significant number
when you consider that the first
six sites alone average over 1.2
million players.
Allen, Texas: The
Latest, Largest & Most
Advanced TopGolf Yet
The latest facility to go up is
the Allen, Texas location: a threestory, 65,000-square-foot complex
that is the fourth nationwide for
TopGolf. The other three include
Alexandria, Virginia; Chicago,
Illinois; and Dallas, Texas. The three
Photos: TopGolf
A great place to
drink and drive
A Wall of Screens,
A Desk of iPads
A video wall in the manager’s
room controls everything. Six
Control4 screens are run by a
single iPad. Sidebottom cites this is
his favorite feature, “To wirelessly
control the whole system from an
iPad is pretty cool.”
From the iPad, the staff can
control the entire facility, including
remotely switching which DIRECTV
channel is playing on each of the
240 televisions, individually or all
at once. “We don’t have to spend
a lot of time turning on all our A/V
equipment. That allows our staff
to focus on running a facility, not
turning on TVs.”
Additionally, Diem Digital Interiors
can train TopGolf staff and do
programming changes remotely.
Even this is remarkably easy: Staff
can be trained to run the entire
facility in under 30 minutes. “We are
very proud of that,” says Dorsey.
Sidebottom agrees: “Control4
takes the complicated steps of A/V
away so that all we have to do is hit
buttons that accomplish what we
need them to.”
Events at TopGolf
original locations in the United
Kingdom make it a grand total
of seven.
Control4 dealer Diem Digital
Interiors designed and installed
the Allen project, which wrapped
this June 2011. “The entire facility
is controlled by Control4,” says
John Dorsey, Diem Digital Interiors
president. “I am proud of our
team’s Control4 design and we’re
elated to have played a part in
creating TopGolf’s premier facility.”
The project began two years
ago, when one of TopGolf’s main
investors approached Diem Digital
Interiors to design a Control4
system for the new Allen facility.
The original vision was video
distribution: to have everything
from the marketing to the drink
specials integrated into the
facility’s many screens.
What resulted was even more
impressive. Along with the original
scope of work, Diem Digital
Interiors set up every hitting bay
with two televisions. The bottom
TV displays players’ scores and
the top TV functions as a regular
TV, featuring local and national
sports games.
As simple as that seems, the
difference has been spectacular.
A major sporting event would
normally affect business, with
people opting to be where they
could watch the game. Now, a
scheduled game drives business
to the Allen location. In fact, when
the Dallas Mavericks were in the
NBA playoffs last year, Diem
Digital Interiors sales rep Derek
Wilson said, “The Allen location
was packed.”
Photos: TopGolf
Thanks to the programming smarts of Diem Digital, controlling 10 televisions throughout an expansive venue is an easy task.
“This technology has given us the
ability to wow potential corporate
clients by demonstrating that our
A/V solutions are as technologically
advanced as our state-of-the-art
gaming system,” states Sidebottom.
Corporate events at TopGolf are
no small potatoes. Hosting Fortune
500 companies such as AT&T, a
venue of this size can bill out at tens
of thousands of dollars. A $60,000
price tag is not unique.
Some of the features include:
a video wall in the VIP area,
four leader boards distributed
throughout the facility, and
Everything from the marketing to the drink specials are integrated into the facility’s many screens.
individual control over every TV. If
there’s an event—a concert, game
or presentation—video can be
pushed to any or all of the TVs, with
the same applying to audio.
“Having the Control4 system
and demonstrating its ease of use
and features makes our clientele
comfortable that they will be able
to accomplish everything they need
during their time at our facility,”
says Sidebottom.
Control4: The Only
Way to Go
Sidebottom recalls the decision
to go with Diem Digital Interiors.
After reviewing a slew of proposals
from automation vendors, the
decision was made to trust the
experts at Diem Digital to design
the TopGolf system. “They felt
Control4 was the only way to go,”
he recounts. “They were right.”
He adds, “It’s pretty impressive
to be walking through a very large
facility and to see the televisions
turning on one right after the
other… with the music suddenly
filling the air during that process.
It brings a level of energy to
the place before anybody ever
walks in.”
Wilson and Dorsey agree, joking
that, “The facility is alive. It turns
itself on.”
Whether it’s the energy it brings
or the efficiency of operations, it’s
working for TopGolf. TopGolf now
generates 200,000 visitors per site
and Vrankin recently announced he
hopes to have 50 sites in five years.
Likewise, Bill Pennington, in
his “On Par” column for Golf
Digest, heralds TopGolf as “the
future of driving ranges.” At the
grand opening for the Allen site,
Mayor Steve Terrell told the Allen
American, “It’s a concept I firmly
believe will start sweeping the
nation pretty rapidly.”
“I am comfortable saying we have
an aggressive expansion plan,” says
Sidebottom. “If you watch TV, you’ll
probably continue to hear about
us. If you aren’t watching TV, get a
Control4 system and tune in!” ■
Environmental issues are a major concern in the running of
Buckingham Palace. A Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP)
helps to cut energy consumption; LED lights reduce electricity
use; and double-glazed skylights reduce energy loss.
makes up
more than
3/4 of all
crime in
the United
the use
of a door,
34% of
to be the
front door.
In 1998, one of the first examples of selling media content through the mobile phone was the sale of ringtones by
Radiolinja in Finland. Soon after came other content, like news, video games, jokes, horoscopes, TV and advertising.
For Black
Friday sales,
the iPhone®
continued to
lead all mobile
device traffic
at 6.58 %,
followed by
Android devices
at 5.20% and
iPad at 4.71%
Au revoir,
Monsieur Jobs
Steve Jobs told
former Apple
CEO, John Scully
that if he hadn’t
started Apple, he
might have been
a poet in Paris.
Clockwise from top left: library.;;;; http://panasonic.
com; Photos: John schneider; Century of Progress Records, 1927-1952, University of Illinois at Chicago Library; Panansonic
Lighting accounts for 20% of
all electricity consumed
in the U.S. 50% of
that is wasted
with inefficient
light sources
or lights on in
unoccupied rooms.
Clockwise from top left: The Energy Conservation Enhancement Project; FBI, 2008 National Crime Report;
corporate/history; The Huffington Post;; Photos:; matt yohe
Bits & pieces
For big laughs &
Chicago’s 1933-1934
world fair depicted
an automated home
in the “Homes of
Tomorrow” exhibition. It
demonstrated modern
home convenience and
creative practical new
building materials and
techniques with twelve
model homes sponsored
by several corporations
affiliated with home decor
and construction.
dominated the
1920s, with
roughly 3 million
owning radios
by 1923. Most
listeners still
used crystal sets
with earphones
to receive news
and bulletins,
and music.
As of Oct. 4, 2011, the
Apple® iTunes® store
served its 16 billionth
song download.
103 inches
That’s the size of the largest
plasma television in the world,
made by Panasonic. Price
tag, you ask? Reach into your
pocket for about $70,000.
The first remote control was invented by
Nikola Tesla in 1898. He used a radio controller
to operate a small boat at Madison Square
Garden. Tesla called his boat a “teleautomaton.”
Developed in 1955, the first
wireless remote control, called the
“Flashmatic,” worked by shining a
beam of light onto a photoelectric cell.
Now you'll know the
instant the kids leave the
refrigerator door open.
A perfect recipe of
culinary arts and control
Photos : Sub-zero and wolf
Introducing the
smart kitchen
that delights
gadget geeks
and foodies alike
t’s where we go to get our day
started, sometimes to snack and
often to prepare a celebration.
Many feel it is the heart of the
home. No matter how you slice
it, one thing is clear: The kitchen
brings people together more so
than any other room in the house.
But the latest generation of
kitchens is about much more than
sleek and austere design or a
splash of color in the cabinets. The
new smart kitchen has taken into
account the relationship between
the room and its residents.
From being notified as guests
pull into the driveway to cueing the
dinner party music and lighting with
a simple touch of a button, Control4
has long made setting the perfect
entertaining ambiance a cinch.
But what happens when you mix a
home-wide automation system with
the world-class kitchen appliances
of Sub-Zero and Wolf, the food
preservation and preparation
specialists? You get a perfect blend
of technology and art that delights
gadget geeks and foodies alike.
Smart Products for
a Smart Kitchen
“Basically, you can take your
kitchen with you anywhere in the
house,” laughs Sub-Zero engineer
Steve Nackers. And vice-versa,
points out his wife Kirstin: “We can
control just about every aspect of
the house from the kitchen through
the Control4 remote control.”
Notably, the smart appliances
are as easy to navigate as they
are innovative. “At first, Kirstin
was worried that the house would
take control—that it would be a
situation like The Terminator,” says
Steve. “She was afraid it would be
complicated. It’s a testament to
Control4 that it’s not at all. Now
she absolutely loves it. The kitchen
is the first thing she shows people
when they come over.”
The Control4 smart kitchen is
designed around the Sub-Zero
Built-In Series refrigerators and the
Wolf E-Series ovens. Both integrate
seamlessly with a Control4
automation system, effectively
S H I N Y, N E W H A R D W A R E
making the kitchen a command
center for anyone who spends even
a little bit of time there.
The Sub-Zero Built-In
Series Refrigerator
Sub-Zero is all about keeping food fresher longer, and this takes it to another level.
refrigerator can provide error code
information prior to a service visit
to ensure that the service tech is
informed before they even enter
the home.
The Wolf E-Series Oven
The Wolf E-Series Oven is also
designed around the idea of
cooking confidence and perfect
results every time, and now taking
the kitchen wherever you go. It
enables the user to monitor cooking
from anywhere in the home, so
they can entertain or multitask
“My wife is a pediatrician and
sometimes works night shifts,” says
Steve. “So, I’ll just make a pizza,
right? And I swear, this happens
every time. While the oven is
preheating, I’ll take the dog out.
Then, when I get back from the
walk, I completely forget about the
oven.” With the smart oven in place,
Steve now gets a text to his phone
that the oven is done preheating.
The smart oven also has alerts
for when it shouldn’t be on—an
Photos : Sub-zero and wolf
The smart kitchen will not only
alert you that the fridge door is
open—it will report how long it’s
been open. You can choose to be
alerted either with a text message or
by having the house lights pulse on
and off.
“That's something I do myself
all the time,” says Steve. “I’ll shut
the fridge with my leg and I won’t
realize that it jammed and is still
open a couple inches. Of course,
you never notice. And before you
know it, the ice cream’s melted,
the chicken gets frostbitten from
thawing and refreezing and you’ve
leaked all this energy.”
Additionally, the fridge can be
programmed for party mode
to increase ice production and
adjust cooling to accommodate
the traffic increase. Conversely,
it can be programmed for a long
weekend away. In this mode, food
preservation settings ensure that
food stays as fresh as possible. For
longer stays, vacation mode will
reduce energy consumption and
cooling to a minimum to make sure
the fridge is food-ready upon return.
For Orthodox Jews, a Sabbath
mode can be pre-scheduled. On
this setting, neither the fridge nor
the freezer will respond directly to
user actions, per the standards of
the kosher authorities at Star-K.
The lights, compressors, and fans
that normally are affected by door
openings will now function in
compliance with Sabbath rules.
Other conveniences include the
option to connect with a system
that can communicate with external
parties, in which case, the smart
“Sub-Zero ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Refrigerators.”
“Wolf ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens, Two Years in a Row, Tied in 2011.”
Wolf received the highest numerical score for ranges, cooktops, and ovens in a tie, and Sub-Zero received the highest numerical score for refrigerators in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates
2011 Kitchen Appliance Study.SM Study based on 13,492 total responses, and measures opinions of consumers who purchased their appliance from a retail store or their new-home builder
during the previous 24 months. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in March-April 2011. Your experiences may vary. Visit
The smart
oven includes
a temperature
probe—it will
show you the
in the turkey
on the TV!
The Control4 Smart
Kitchen—There’s an
App for That
Keep tabs on your turkey even as you are
watching the big game; get a text alert on your
phone or your TV when the bird is done.
baked a cheesecake the day before
a friend’s party, but had to go out
of town that night. I accidentally
The Control4 smart kitchen is
not only a forerunner in connecting
to smart appliances, it is also the
first to provide homeowners a way
to enhance their overall system
through touch screen applications
for the home. The same way
you do with your mobile phone,
homeowners can now add more
Kirstin recalls another time
Control4 once saved the day: “I’d
left the cheesecake cooling on
the counter and never put it in
the refrigerator. We were able to
open the garage door remotely,
so my sister could get in and get
the cheesecake into the fridge.
After she left, we were even able to
double check that she’d closed the
garage door!”
Photos : Sub-zero and wolf
More Smarts Please
especially handy feature for families
with small children. Other alerts
include options for when the timer
is almost finished and when a
piece of meat has reached optimal
cooking temperature. “I have a
large family that is spread out and
Madison, Wisconsin where I live,
is the most central, so I typically
host Thanksgiving,” describes
Steve. “As we all know, turkeys
take three or four hours to cook.
Well, the smart oven includes a
temperature probe—it will show you
the temperature in the turkey on
the TV! So I can watch the Packers
game and know that I’m not
overcooking the turkey.”
functionality and fun to their
Control4 system by downloading
different apps.
Want to pull up a recipe for
apple pie? With a touch of your
finger, source America's best on
the Control4 touch screen on
the countertop. Then liven things
up with Brazilian pop music or
NPR while you dice the apples.
Meanwhile, a simple button click
will let you check who’s at the door
when you’re elbow-deep in dough.
From a babysitter app that
lists emergency numbers on a
touch screen in the kitchen, to a
reservation app that will square off
your dinner plans, to a weather app
that tips you off as to how warmly
to dress, Control4 adds smarts to
virtually every aspect of your home
and kitchen.
For the green-minded foodie,
there are also apps that focus
on energy efficiency and
management. Now, you can better
understand where to save. For
example, some apps can help your
smart appliances work with your
thermostat to heat the house less
as soon as the oven starts heating
up. In areas where electricity prices
vary throughout the day, the smart
refrigerator can also save money.
With a single touch, it can target
the cheapest times of days for
using energy.
“Our appliances are designed to
be very energy efficient,” remarks
Steve. “Any advantage we can
give to the green consumer, we
put in there. Whether it’s features,
software or intelligence, we make
it as environmentally friendly
as possible.”
So, there you have it: In addition
to all the other firsts, the Control4
smart kitchen may very well be the
first kitchen to earn the approval
of both the Barefoot Contessa and
Al Gore. ■
Kitchen of Tomorrow
So what did the “Kitchen of
Tomorrow” look like more than
50 years ago? General Motors'
“Frigidaire Division” gave viewers
an elaborate sneak-peek in
“Design for Dreaming,” a short
film produced for GM’s annual
auto show, Motorama.
A masked prince takes our
heroine on a journey of what’s
to come. The fanciful, futuristic
assembly of prototype appliances
and culinary conveniences
include the Electro recipe file
(“Put a card in the slot and
onto the screen pops a picture
of just how your dish will look,
plus all the ingredients you need
to cook,” our heroine sings.);
battery-controlled serving
carts; an ultrasonic dishwasher
(“No need for the bride to feel
tragic, the rest is pushbutton
magic,” she belts.); a range that
cooks with induction coils and
never gets hot; a free-standing
rotisserie-style oven with a
plexiglass dome for a cover
(“Don't have to be chained to the
stove all day, just set the timer
and you're on your way.”); and
glass-walled rotating refrigerator/
freezer (Pictured below.) dubbed
the 'Roto-Storage Center.’
The exhibit turned out to be
one of Motorama's most popular
ever, and no wonder: “So whether
you bake or broil or stew, the
Frigidaire kitchen does it all
for you.” Bon apetit!
What’s cooking in a smart kitchen
depends entirely on what kind of
intelligence you’d like to serve.
Here are just a few examples:
Access your favorite recipes from a touch screen
in the kitchen. Or make dinner reservations at
your favorite restaurant.
Automate your shades to close as the sun
sets. Open as the sun rises.
Program one-touch buttons for optimal lighting:
one for “Cooking Prep,” another for “Entertaining.”
Send appliance maintenance and service
requests through the Control4 system.
Set oven lights to flash in other rooms when
the preheat is complete.
Send a notification to the living room TV when
the roast has reached optimal temperature.
Program the ice-maker to increase ice production
just in time for the party to commence.
Request alerts that report your energy usage.
From a touch screen, queue up the perfect playlist
as your guests sit down in the dining room.
The newest Ritz-Carlton Residence is
on the corner of luxury and innovation
Photos : John Faier
hen the Prism Development Company
decided to take a landmarked building and
integrate it into a new residential high-rise on
Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile, they didn’t
just bring the building up to date. They brought it a few
steps into the future.
The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago, Magnificent Mile
is the latest addition to the Ritz-Carlton suite of luxury
residential homes. What sets this one apart? Each of the
units comes with a Control4 touch screen equipped with
the Integrisys InteliPlex™ Portal, a cutting edge innovation
that gives residents one-touch access to the building’s
services and amenities through an easy-to-use graphical
user interface.
From the sleek, in-wall Control4 touch screen residents
can retrieve messages, connect to the concierge, valet or
make a service request with building management—all
with the touch of a finger.
Freedom is placed
at your fingertips with
Catch the last few minutes of the game in the
Media Room. The concierge will send an alert to
your TV when your car is ready, above. Custom
designed kitchens by Mick deGiulio, left, set the
stage for private dinners prepared by the Club
chef, who is as close as one tap via the Control4
touch screen.
This is technology
that enhances
quality of life.
bulletins and notes about package
deliveries or maintenance
requests to international news.
As George describes it, it will be
like “combining the features of
an iPhone with the amenities of a
Ritz-Carlton hotel.”
“This exceeds typical residential
design,” says Margo Dahmani,
Director of Marketing for The
Prism Group, the developers of
the building. “We are at the high
end of the residential market in
Chicago, and the brand of our
building meant that the technology
packages had to be at the top of
the spectrum. We are excited that
we can offer it to our residents
Offer your customers the next generation of home security locks
from Yale,® a trusted name in security since 1840.
Photos : John Faier
“For example, residents can
request valet services on the
touch screen,” describes Integrisys
Principal and Control4 dealer
George Velazquez. “While they
catch a few more minutes of the
game, they can be notified on their
TV screen when their car is ready.”
The idea was simple: to extend
front door services to every room
in every residence. “In a hotel, you
pick up the phone to call the front
desk with your needs,” points out
Velazquez. “With InteliPlex, you’re
basically getting the luxury hotel
experience in your own home
through a simple touch screen.”
Even away from home, he adds,
residents can still access many of
the innovative features through
an easy-to-use web-based portal,
from a computer or a smart phone.
Residents will also be able
to use it to check weather and
news headlines, much the same
way as with a smart phone or
computer—except these messages
will span everything from building
and uphold what The Ritz-Carlton
is known for—always going above
and beyond.”
The Control4-powered InteliPlex
system will connect residents
with as many as 12 full-time staff
members as well as the private
12,000-square-foot Landmark Club
on the 10th floor, which features a
grand salon, a club dining room,
a boardroom, a wine/billiard
room, a screening room, a fitness
center and a spa services area.
Additionally, with full integration of
Control4 technology, residents will
be able to personalize their own
home with control over everything
from audio, video, lighting, climate
and even window blinds.
“I strongly believe that everyone
has a need for technology. Our job
is to simplify the process,” says
Velazquez. “It isn’t just technology
for technology’s sake. This is
technology that enhances quality
of life.”
The first move-in is scheduled
for spring 2012. A showcase of the
homes will follow on April 19, 2012,
consisting of an opening night
gala hosted by Traditional Home
Magazine for the benefit of The Art
Institute of Chicago. ■
Lever Locks
Coming soon!
Q2 2012
Features designed
for today’s home
As part of your
Control4 system
Yale Real Living
Custom Lock Manager
• Keyless entry
for convenient access
• Available in two styles:
elegant acrylic touchscreen or
durable push button keypad
• Touchscreen and push button
keypads are illuminated for
convenient night time entry
• Privacy feature locks out
all users for added security
• For use on all standard doors
• Motorized tapered bolt helps
align door during locking
• Remotely lock and unlock
doors from any web-enabled
• Receive text or email
messages to your cell phone
from pre-programmed alerts
• Customize features such
as privacy, language,
and relock time
• Confirm the status
and remaining battery life
of your locks remotely
• View transaction history
in real-time
Everyday locking control is
simple with customized screens.
Yale Locks & Hardware,100 Yale Avenue, Lenoir City, TN 37771
An ASSA ABLOY Group brand
Smart Home,
Photos: Beyond Hi-fi
Smart locks
don't just
secure the
front door,
they've got
control and
down, too
s an industrial automation
engineer, it was hard for
Morgan Leon* to get
excited about his home
security system. It was incompatible
with his other automation systems;
it concentrated control with the
monitoring company, and it offered
little in the way of customization
or innovative intelligence. He
wanted a solution that would be as
simple and personalized as it was
seamlessly integrated. Control4 and
a set of smart locks would give him
all of that—and earn his house the
nickname “Fort Knox.”
Leon is typical of more and more
homeowners who are looking for—
and getting—integration between
their home control and security
*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the customer
systems. Gone is the notion that
a safe home is simply one that
secures the house from wouldbe intruders. Today’s smart home
empowers owners to control
and monitor their premises in
myriad ways thanks to the happy
marriage of smart locks and home
automation. "I wanted it all,"
says Leon.
Morgan wanted a minimal contemporary look
for the front door. Baldwin fit the bill with the
brush nickel finish sans keypad, above.
Since their advent, smart locks
have evolved dramatically. Once
a clunky mechanical device,
they grew into electronic locks
before moving on to their
current form: a truly intelligent
device that incorporates modern
microelectronic controllers with the
lock mechanism.
Consider that the first massmarket lock widely available in
North America was the Weiser
Powerbolt in the mid-1990s, which
remained the go-to lock for a
decade. It wasn’t until the mid2000s that Kwikset adopted its
own version for Black & Decker.
However, it would still take until
about 2007 for the next big
development, when Schlage
launched its own residential
platform that included both lever
and deadbolt versions. The success
of Schlage's lock established a
new standard in the electronic
lock category.
A rapid-fire series of innovations
have followed, including Kwikset’s
2008 launch of its new Smartcode
platform, followed by a host of
others, most notably products
from Schlage, Kwikset and Baldwin
that added radio frequency
(RF) capabilities. Yale recently
released its own version, the Real
Living Locks, which include the
ability to integrate with a home
automation system and to pass
information back and forth to
the controller via low-power RF.
Specifically, once a pincode is
entered into the lock's keypad or
touch screen, that information
can now be transmitted to the
controller. In turn, the controller
Unlocking Possibilities
Photos : Beyond Hi-fi
Getting Smarter
by the Day
uses its intelligence to either log
information and/or trigger events
for the homeowner.
So what does this look like in
real life? Imagine this: You come
home after work, punch in the
code on your lock’s touch screen,
and before you’re even past the
landing, not only is your alarm
disarmed, your Control4 home
automation system has turned
on your favorite TV station,
adjusted the thermostat to the
ideal temperature, and created the
perfect post-work ambiance with
the lights. It’s a little more of what
Leon had in mind when he set out
to replace his security system.
Leon originally contacted Beyond
Hi-Fi co-owners Joe Allen, Matt
Shoemaker, and Rocky Snider to
install a single controller system
for a home entertainment system.
When he became aware of what
else was possible, he proceeded
with lighting control, followed by
a Control4 OS 2.0 upgrade with
an integrated security and camera
system replete with smart locks.
“He is technically minded, like I
am," commented Shoemaker. "He
is inspired to create a home that
feels and acts like a member of
the family. He loved the additional
notifications that smart locks
offered up to him and challenged
us to integrate every feature.”
When all was said and done,
Leon’s two-floor, 4,000-squarefeet home was equipped with a
Control4 system that enabled him
to command everything—from the
security system, cameras and door
locks to the lighting and music—
with the touch of a single button.
Now, when he arms the security
system, the house goes to sleep: All
of the audio, video and lights turn
off; every lock checks itself and
bolts automatically on demand.
When he disarms the system in
the morning, this process happens
in reverse.
“In this day and age, homes
have many complex independent
systems running at any given time,”
says Allen. “These include lighting,
sprinklers, security, cameras, A/V,
pools, fireplaces, and much more.
The strength of Control4 is its
ability to talk, listen, and manage
all of these different systems
while providing an interface that is
intuitive and easy.”
The following are some of the
key security features that got Allen
and Shoemaker jokingly calling the
Leon residence “Fort Knox”:
Key Fob
Much the same way a keyless
entry system works on a car, a key
fob is a keychain-sized gadget with
buttons that, in this case, unlocks a
home—but that’s just the obvious
programming preference. When
the Leons get home from grocery
shopping, their key fob opens the
garage door, disarms the security
panel, unlocks the smart lock in
the garage entry and turns on the
lights, audio and video to their
preset preferences.
If the day gets long or the
Leons are on vacation, the lights
will initiate what Allen calls
“mockupancy.” Essentially, a
sequence of lights will turn on and
off to create the impression that
the house is occupied. These will
occur randomly throughout the
evening, but are carefully designed
to simulate movement from one
area of the house to the next. For
example, the lights will turn on in
the master bedroom followed by
the hallway, kitchen, and den—as if
someone was walking from one end
of the house to the other. “It doesn’t
look like a disco party,” points out
Shoemaker. “It’s very realistic.”
The Always-Home
Leveraging the front door
camera, the system creates
an "always home" perception
for strangers who come to the
house. If the doorbell is rung or
the system senses motion, Leon
gets a notification through his
phone. He can then decide to
interface directly with whomever
is at the door by placing a call
that transmits through a camera
above the door. He can then speak
directly to the visitor, see them
through the camera, and if need
be, unlock the door remotely. "It’s
reassuring to be alerted when my
family comes and goes from home
User Codes &
The smart locks installed at
the Leon house are customprogrammed to work with Control4
lighting and A/V control to provide
each user a personal code that
actives a unique welcome scene.
Notably, these can be configured
to unlock only certain entrances.
For example, when the neighbor
comes over to use the shop and
garden tools, the entry code he’s
been provided works exclusively
for the garage exterior door. For
extra measure, the activation of
his code will also verify the status
of the other locks, automatically
locking them if necessary. The
same goes for others who have
The Yale® app for Control4
systems makes it easy for
homeowners to add, schedule
and delete user codes, setup
access privileges by day/time,
check lock history or current
locked/unlocked status.
even more limited access, such as
the landscaper whose entry code
only grants access to the garage.
The individual user codes also
mean that Leon can keep track of
the comings and goings of anyone
else enters (or attempts to enter)
the home. For example, the system
lets him know when his teenage
daughter comes home from school
or leaves to go out. By combining
Control4 with Baldwin locks Home
Connect Technology, the system
can also automatically time the
locking of all the doors with an exit
delay, followed by a text message
alert to Leon that the house is fully
locked down.
“I take great comfort in always
knowing my family is safe
and secure,” says Leon before
concluding: “Every house should
have at least one smart lock. The
peace of mind is priceless.” ■
Heed these home control
tips and you might notice
a little less cash leaving
the checking account
every month
Sunrise. Sunset. Repeat.
Not to jack Tevye’s line from Fiddler on the Roof, but do the days ever go swiftly!
With pre-programmed events for—you guessed it—sunrise and sunset, a
Control4 system can automatically turn outside lights on and off, and even adjust
for the seasons. In short: Set it, forget it, see savings.
Caught in in-action!
Those kids work hard to leave all the lights on—but throw a
motion sensor into the mix and all that work can easily be
Photo: Yale locks
or when an uninvited solicitor
comes up my driveway,” says Leon.
undone! Installed in places like bathrooms and playrooms,
motion sensors trigger lights only when needed. And
promise to turn them off when not.
“Goodbye! You’ve got savings!”
This one-button wonder saves money and time. Imagine you’re out the door in a
hurry: Just push the “Goodbye” button on your Control4® keypad and it'll turn of
your lights, arm your alarm, reset your thermostat, and shut off other electronic
devices, too! Here’s to never forgetting anything!
Dim & Dimmer.
The; Photos: Istockphoto
Dimming lights by 25% (hardly noticeable to the eye) is
smart because it reduces electricity consumption by 20%
and smarter because it quadruples the life of your bulbs.
Ambient light sensors can automatically adjust lighting
levels so you never use more light than you need, but
always have just enough.
Get with the program(mable T-stat).
Heating and cooling account for about 56% of the energy use in a typical
U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes. With a
Control4 programmable thermostat, makes it easy to pre-program it to set
back 10–15 degrees when you’re not there—and even turn it up from the
office just before you head home.
gainst the majestic backdrop of the Japan Alps,
right on the crest of the Nagano Olympic ski slopes,
you’ll find the unmistakable One Happo residence—a
strikingly gorgeous silhouette of a chalet. But this
exclusive Alpine residence in Asia boasts so much more than
its jaw-dropping good looks. If you’re lucky enough to step
inside, design and architecture aside, it’s clear that One Happo
goes above and beyond your “average” world-class home.
Photos: One Chalets
A ski chalet with
secret-agent style
AND smarts
mood for your guests.
But this James Bond fantasy
was never meant to be just a
fantasy. Today, Bernie's vision is
a very real—and really amazing—
ski chalet, part of One Chalets'
collection of luxury rental lodges.
Undoubtedly Asia’s most exclusive
Alpine address. The zenith of
world-class ski accommodations.
And despite its fantastical features,
it’s powered not by James Bond
gadgetry, but by one very robust
Control4 home automation system.
In each en suite bathroom, you'll find an iPad or touch screen next to the tub. Queue up your favorite
music and stream it through the ceiling speakers as you soak your cares away.
I’m not ashamed to admit that we set
out with utter perfection in mind for all
aspects of building One Happo, but the
home automation aspect is the piece that
has guests consistently enthralled.
Buzz on the mountain about
this property began the minute
construction commenced in the
summer of 2010. The owner, Bernie
Schiemer, had a very clear and
grand master plan for this unique
pocket of the planet: To create a
world-class ski lodge that would
not just put Hakuba firmly on the
map for the discerning luxury
traveler… but also, as some insiders
knew, for the James Bond wanna-
be. (And really now, who wouldn’t
want to BE?)
Bernie envisioned iPad tablets
discreetly positioned throughout
the property, all within easy reach,
as a moment might mandate:
Dim the lights with a finger swipe;
command a 3D plasma TV to
descend from the ceiling at the
touch of a button; call up thousands
of songs or movies, from any corner
of the house, to create just the right
Luxuries aside, one mission that
absolutely had to be accomplished
in the building of this chalet was
what Bernie calls "intelligent
sustainability.” “The goal was
to shrink One Chalet’s carbon
footprint and minimize power
wastage," he explains.
Enter The Automated Lifestyle
Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based
company that provides a full range
of automation and control solutions
for hotels and homeowners alike.
But hang on… from Singapore?
Indeed. Bernie looked all over
Asia Pacific for a suitable installer
before deciding on The Automated
Lifestyle. Much like Bond’s own
Q, a team of specialist engineers
were flown in from Singapore on
six different occasions and spent
more than four weeks wiring the
house to be the next generation
of home automation. “We were
very fortunate to work with them,”
said Schiemer. “Nothing was too
much trouble for them and they
greeted each new challenge with
“We understood his vision,” said
James Chan, Technical Director
of The Automated Lifestyle. “And
environmental sustainability is a
Photos: One Chalets
A “Killer Idea” with
International Intrigue
subject close to our hearts. We
were excited to dive in.”
And a very deep and most
vivid dive it was, as this chalet
found itself featured in an Italian
lifestyle magazine before its
owners had even moved in.
“We are really proud of the
end result,” said Esther Wong,
Marketing Director, Automated
Lifestyle. “How everything works
together seamlessly. And how
our installation did more than just
deliver the ‘wow factor.’”
and music titles—something to
suit even the most discerning
entertainment enthusiast.
On the ground floor is a huge
state-of-the-art gymnasium, a farinfra-red sauna and an 8-person
onsen that faces out onto the
Happo mountain. And why, yes…
it is automated to shut off when
optimally filled—and to clean itself
once you’re suitably soaked.
Up one floor, in all five bedrooms,
you’ll find a 3D plasma screen that
descends from the ceiling at your
command. Tap on the iPad next
to your bed and you'll turn the
same TV into an Apple MacMini-
Ah, the panoramic view from the state-ofthe-art gymnasium alone is bound to get
any blood pumping!
mountain. Cook in the kitchen,
relax at the marble bar and lounge
Q&A with owner Bernie Schiemer
The expansive wine room, including multiple bottles of Dom Perignon, is climate controlled by the
programmed shades, which open and close accordingly—and automatically—all year long.
are often away from home, so while
on one hand we wanted the home
automation to manage a lot for us,
on the other hand, we wanted the
ability to override the system at any
time. It was critical for us to be able
to control just about everything in
the house, from anywhere in the
world,” Bernie continues. “It just
makes sense.”
“And the feeling of arriving
home after a long journey to a
toasty house when it is minus 10
degree Celsius outside is amazing,”
adds Bernie.
The spa that loved me
Undoubtedly, One Happo
showcases the absolute cuttingedge in hi-tech home automation
that makes it easy to “go green,”
but James Bond would never
sacrifice luxury. To that end, you’ll
find plenty of automation touches
designed especially to dazzle
and delight.
“The house is a private residence,
but we do open it up for selected
rentals for about 6 weeks over the
ski season,” explains Bernie. “We
want everyone who stays here—
ourselves, guests, friends or family
—to have an amazing experience.”
The Experience—and yes, we’ll
capitalize that E, thank you—starts
the second you wake up, not to
a shrill alarm, but to the gentle
sunlight let in by the automated
blinds, followed by the music of
your choosing to rouse the senses
before the TV kicks in with the
morning news.
The music, by the by, can
move with you to any part of the
property—to the gym, bedroom,
dining room, the viewing deck…
With one tap on a touch screen,
you can access a media library
including thousands of movie
Photos: One Chalets
Thanks to the programming
power of Control4, the system also
turned up (and down) the heating
and cooling—automatically. Hakuba
is known for its extreme weather
conditions. Not just freezing
winters, but sweltering summers, so
this was a big deal for Bernie.
"The automation of the blinds,
lighting and heaters optimize light
and heat in the house, through
every season," explains Esther. “Of
course, all this would not have been
possible without Control4.”
In fact, the Control4 system is so
user friendly, the owners themselves
programmed all 30 blinds to
operate on their own throughout
the year. “We program our comfort
settings at the beginning of each
season and let One Happo do the
rest,” said Bernie. Each blind lifts or
drops at a designated time every
day, and at different schedules
for each season. On top of that,
air-conditioners and heaters are
programmed to turn off whenever
optimal temperature is achieved,
which translates into savings, no
matter what the season—a major
coup in these parts of the world.
But don’t think for a nanosecond
that the system could ever control
the owners: “We travel a lot and
powered computer where, perhaps
after a long day on the slopes, you
can check your email or browse
the web. That same iPad will let
you control blinds, lighting, under
floor heating and why, look...
there's a one-touch button option
called "Duvet Day," which will
automatically close the blinds and
lower the lights, creating just the
right atmosphere for those times
when all you want to do is enjoy a
good old-fashioned hibernation.
On the third floor, western red
cedar, black granite and glass
frame a perfect version of paradise
looking out over the Happo
Tells us about the
control features you’ve
incorporated into One Happo.
We’ve gone for a
combination of the
‘functional’ with the ‘fun’.
Functionally the roof, driveway
and ground heating are all
managed through an automatic
snow sensor management
system. This has eliminated the
need for any snow clearing,
which was previously a big
expense and headache for us.
We have also automated the
blinds for energy management,
lighting controls (we set all
lights 80% capacity), which
not only lowers electricity
demands but extends bulb
lifetimes by up to 300%. We
implemented a comprehensive
security system, plus the floor
heating and air conditioners
all turn on/off at preset times
and/or temperatures to further
enhance the energy efficiency
of the house.
As for the fun, we have large
LCD screens that retract from
the ceiling of each room, via
iPads or touch-screen. Guests
have jokingly called these the
Playboy televisions, and they
never fail to be impressed. An
eight person hot-tub which fills,
heats and cleans itself; iPad
manipulated lighting and media
(audio and visual) throughout,
and a gymnasium with internet
access on each cardio machine,
great for checking emails on
your morning workout.
What are your favorite
From the point of view of
someone who needs to
travel on business frequently,
I appreciate the world-class
security system we have in
place: a network of cameras,
plus the option to receive an
text to my mobile phone every
time someone enters, which is
great if I’m not there and/or my
family are. The peace of mind
this brings is invaluable to me.
We have hundreds of on-demand
movies and thousands of songs
available at the touch of a screen
so there’s never a dull moment.
Again, this is a feature that
guests love.
The far-infra-red lamps on our
top level deck doubles our living
space during the Winter months,
we can sit out there comfortably
warm, with the direct view of
the Hakuba Olympic ski slopes
directly ahead, controlling music
playlists from our iPads… a pretty
cool experience and something
I don’t think we will ever get
bored with.
Now that you’re moved
in, what’s the final word?
Amazing! We look
forward to going home.
Through all of my research
into home automation there is
simply nothing like this in the
world. We love it!
the fresh mountain air—and sip a
cocktail—wearing only a sweater.
in the living area by the fireplace.
Or, for that matter, outside on
the sprawling deck: Far-infra-red
heat lamps, also connected to the
automation system, will keep you
terrifically toasty as you breathe in
Photo: One Chalets
A heated outdoor deck on the third level keeps you comfortably warm even in the chilliest winter.
And then, there was light. Easy
control of the LED lights gives
you quick and convenient access
to lighting control with one-touch
buttons that turn off groups of
lights with a tap on an iPad or
touch screen. Turn off the entire
house on your way out the door.
Or, if you’ve already found yourself
comfortably tucked into the
600-count Egyptian cotton sheets,
no problem—turn off the lights two
floors down from exactly where
you are.
And just as every hero brandishes
his or her own signature style,
every One Happo visitor can
customize his or her guest
experience by choosing a “mood”
Photo: One Chalets
Make YOUR Scene
from a menu of pre-programmed
environment scenarios. Want to get
the blood pumping for a day on
the slopes? Press "Party." Ready to
unwind after chasing the bad guys?
Opt for "Cocktail" and all you have
to do is pour the martinis. There's
also "Cook-Along" if you're ready
for a culinary adventure in the fully
equipped kitchen, including three
ovens, two refrigerators and why
yes, the wine room, featuring more
than 700 imported global wines,
from iconic to boutique labels.
So whether you truly are an
international jet-setter with a
briefcase full of disguises, or just a
regular person who enjoys nothing
less than the best, the One Happo
home is a must for your do-or-die
list. Between the majesty of the
mountain, the magnificence of the
house, and the cutting-edge hightech system, a stay here is bound
NC Ad Dec 2011.pdf
Entertain with elegance and ease. A one-touch button titled "Time to Dine" will set the perfect scene.
to leave you stirred… never shaken.
For more info on One Happo, visit And for more info
on inspiring automation solutions,
check out www.automatedlifestyle.■
9:06 AM
the 30 lighting circuits, the
fireplace, the intelligent vacuum
cleaner and all the audio and video
devices including the DJ console.
Along with Control4 technology,
Martin used Tecomat, Foxtrot, an
Integra receiver, a Samsung 50”
plasma display and an LG clima.
Juraj can now control everything
from his remote control, touch
panel, iPad or iPhone. With one
command, he can activate several
modes, ranging from “relax” to
“party” to “cinema” to “clean,” all
creating a corresponding ambiance
with preselected lighting, heating,
music, fireplace—or the Roomba
iRobot vacuum cleaner that starts
up in “clean” mode. Another nice
touch is when Juraj gets home:
With a single command, the
hallway lights automatically come
on and the television flips to his
favorite station.
Naturally, music can be had and
controlled just about anywhere
in the house. The DJ console is
integrated into the system, so that
the music booms in every room
Mixing it up in
This amateur DJ has gone
pro with automation—
right down to the iRobot
vacuum cleaner
Because the DJ console is integrated into the
control system, it’s easy to pipe music into
every room during a party.
Surveillance Solutions
IP Cameras
during a party. When Juraj is taking
a shower, the system automatically
runs his favorite radio station. When
he is using the bathroom—same
thing (and the room automatically
ventilates when he is done). When
he turns the music on, the volume
on his 5.1 sound system is at the
perfect level, regardless of how loud
it was left at the night before.
“He uses the full potential of the
smart house,” remarked Martin. “He
likes new technology and like to
show it off, so he was very excited
about this, especially how easy it
was to use everything.” ■
Channel Vision’s IP cameras keep
an eye on what’s important.
At home see cameras on your
Control4® Touch Screen or TV.
Remotely monitor your house from
the internet or 3G phone.
Multi-Room Audio
On-Wall Dock for iPod®
Control your iPod, see album art
and manage your playlist from any
Control4® Touch Screen or TV in the
home. Developed exclusively for
Control4®, Channel Vision’s dock for
iPod easily integrates into existing
distributed audio installations.
his place. So, naturally, when he had a Control4 system
installed, automating and integrating his music was a
top priority.
Control4 dealer Martin Husar, the director of Dibon
S.R.O. in Ulany nad Zitavou, Slovakia, knew exactly
what to do. He installed a multi-room system that
controlled everything from the heating to the blinds,
Photos: Dibon s.r.o.
n Slovakia, home automation is still uncommon,
with a few exceptions among the younger
generation who are friendlier with technology. Case
in point: Juraj Klucka is a 30-year-old who works
as a financier by day and moonlights as a DJ by night.
While he someday may be headlining bigger venues,
right now, he mostly plays at the parties he hosts at
Drivers available from
A “Clean” button kicks on the iRobot vacuum cleaner so that the kitchen floor is left spotless post-party.
For Sales Enquiries in
EMEA and Russia contact:
Aventure Europe Ltd
T: +44 (0) 1347 440101
E: [email protected]
Video Output
Video Output
Video Input
8 x HDMI
Video Input
8 x HDMI
Audio Outputs
8 x S/PDIF digital out
8 x Stereo analog
RCA Line Out (For
localised amplification)
Audio Outputs
Audio Inputs
Audio Inputs
RS232 Control
DB9 Female (Binary
String) RS232 Bank
Select RS232 Loop
out connector
RS232 Control
Power Requirements
12V 120W (Use Leaf
Supply Only)
Power Requirements
8 Zone (Expandable
to 96 Zones)
(418mm+ Rack Ears
(2RU), 102mm with
5A @12VDC (Subject to resolution
and feature use)
Video Output
HDMI 480i/480p/576i
8 x S/PDIF digital out
1080p(60), 3D DVI
8 x Stereo analog
RCA Line Out (For VideoVideo
Input HDMI
from LTHOutput
localised amplificaDMI series
1080p(60), 3D DVI
Audio Outputs
Video Input
HDBaseT from LTHAudio Inputs DMI HDBaseT
Control HDMI
Bidirectional RJ45
DB9 Female (Binary
RS232 port 115200
String) RS232 Bank
Select RS232 LoopAudio Inputs
out connector
IR pass
12V 120W (Use Leaf
port 115200
Supply Only)
Power RequireLocal power supply
IR 12V,
pass 10W
through port
Direct to display
8 Zone (Expandable Distribution
to 96 Zones)
Power RequireLocal power supply
Depth 121mm
to display
(418mm+ Rack Ears
116mmfull Deep
(2RU), 102mm with
100 BaseT
full Deep
Colour support,
5A @12VDC (Subject to resolution
and feature use)
“Very comfortable
and high tech.”
100 BaseT
These were words shared by one impressed traveller on Trip Advisor.
“Very plain and simple,” documented another about the in-room control
system, delighted that even she “could understand [it]!” In each room at
45 Park Lane, Dorchester Collection, a Control4 system gives guests the
ability to control lighting levels, room temperature, music, wake-up calls
and more. “When guests open the door to their rooms, the lights will
gradually come on and the drapes will open to spectacular views of Hyde
Park,” said Mark Campbell, Park Lane’s CIO. “Our intention was to offer a
very personal automation experience for each guest.” Job well done!
To see our product come and visit us at the Control4 Stand
Photos: Dorchester collection
Small app.
Mighty control.
Home control comes in many forms. But now you can enjoy them all from your favorite device with the Control4®
MyHome app. Close your garage door with your iPhone® or Android mobile device. Orchestrate whole-house
music from your tablet. See who’s at the door from your TV screen. Turn off every light in the house, right from
your bed. The possibilities? Endless. What do you want to control?
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