Body Solder Diffuser Tip

Body Solder Diffuser Tip
Body Solder Diffuser Tip
Part #50553
Installation - Push this torch tip onto the end
of any tapered oxy/acetylene torch tip. Actual
I.D. of rubber hose is 1/4".
Caution - Use Acetylene Only! Do Not Use
Oxygen! A flame containing oxygen will
melt the rubber in the tip!
Flame Adjustment - Unlike ordinary torch
tips, turn the acetylene gas on all the way
before lighting, then adjust the flame down
to the desired setting. If the torch is lit while
the gas flow is too low, it will not produce
the proper blue cone flame and will blacken
the area on which you are working. Incorrect
lighting of the torch (low gas flow) with this
tip installed will also burn the inside of the tip
and melt the rubber.
The Eastwood Company
263 Shoemaker Rd. Pottstown, PA 19464
USA/Canada: 1-800-345-1178
Part #50553Q Rev. 6/08
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