PACSystems RXi Controller * GE

PACSystems RXi Controller * GE
Intelligent Platforms
RXi Controller
High Performance Distributed IO Controller Platform
GE Intelligent Platforms has leveraged its
rich experience in embedded computing
and control technology in the design of
the innovative PACSystems RXi controller
platform. The RXi Controller incorporates leading-edge CPU technology, the
market leading industrial Ethernet network
technology,and a unique user interface
for maintaining the controller to deliver a
control system unique in the industry.
The PACSystems RXi controller is PROFINET
enabled, delivering a small footprint solution with highly flexible distributed I/O
capabilities to equipment builders and end
users. Its unique Intelligent Display Module
provides configuration and maintenance
functions at the controller without software.
As a PACSystems controller, the RXi is fully
compatible with applications written for any
other PACsystems platform. The result is a
High performance solution designed for
distributed IO applications.
Higher Performance
Greater Uptime
The RXi Controller is designed for high
performance distributed IO applications.
With a high performance dual core CPU and
Gigabit PROFINET (with built in MRP redundancy) and Ethernet ports, every aspect of
the RXI has been designed for performance.
Systems with distributed architectures
are easier to configure and maintain. In
addition, RXi components are industrial
temperature grade, which combined with
patented thermal monitoring technology
and sophisticated passive cooling techniques delivers reliable control in rugged
For even more power, the RXi controller
can be combined with the RXi Modular IPC
to deliver a unique control and computing
platform for the factory floor. Integrated
high-speed connectors allow instant
data handling. Operator usability can be
enhanced by pairing the RXi Modular IPC
with new RXi panel displays with new multitouch technology.
The unique combination of high performance control, integrated PROFINET,
intelligent display module, and compact
format truly distinguishes the RXi Controller
from other offerings.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
RXi’s compact control and computing
platform allows users to simplify panel
design and reduce the overall size of the
panel while benefiting from the performance, maintainability, and upgradeability
of the PACSystems platform. The optional
Intelligent Display Module provides a maintenance touchscreen display right on the
controller, providing faster interaction with
the controller and simpler start-up.
COMExpress CPU Technology
• Dual core processor for high performance in rugged applications
• Rugged technology with wider temperature ranges, higher shock and vibration designs, suitable for industrial applications
• Carrier and enclosure designs last across multiple CPU lifespans to provide faster performance enhancements
Integrated redundant ProfiNet I/O Interface
• Provides a Gigabit Ethernet I/O network connection with built-in cable redundancy (MRP) delivering IO cabling redundancy with no external switches
High-speed Interconnect Bus
• Enables truly unique combinations of control and Proficy (or other Microsoft® Windows® or Linux applications)
Built-in Data Storage
• Internal industrial grade SSD drive provides local long-term data retention
USB and SD interfaces
• Interfaces enable program loading, serial communications and data storage via standard devices
PACSystems RXi Controller
• 10 MB user memory
Data Retention
• RXi specific Energy Pak provides power during power
failure while data is written to NV RAM
• 2 Port (shared MAC) GB ProfiNet – with MRP
• 1 Ethernet (10, 100, 1000 Mbit) port
• 1 Ethernet (1000 Mbit) – internal
USB Interface
• 2 USB 2.0 Standard Size
• SD Card (on Intelligent Display Module or
Intelligence Faceplate)
3Controller information and diagnostics screens
built into IDM
• Input: 24V DC (±25%) with protection
6Customize your solution by stacking together
RXi Controller, IDM, Panel Displays and IPCs
• Operating: -25°C to +55° C (standard)
• Storage: -40°C to +125° C
• Operating humidity: 10% to 90%
• Panel Mount
• Dinrail Mount with Optional DIN Mount Plate
• UL, CE
• Class 1, Div 2 (pending)
5Connect to the I/O
or your choice in
line, star, or ring
Ordering Information
RXi Controller*
RXi Intelligent Display Module
RXi Intelligent Faceplate
RXi DIN Mounting Plate
* Each RXi Controller must be used with an Intelligent Display Module or Intelligent Faceplate
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