Integrated equIpment management: SILVer SerVICe

Integrated equIpment management: SILVer SerVICe
Integrated equIpment
Better reLIaBILItY WItH
COateS HIre’S Integrated
equIpment management
SYStem - SILVer SerVICe.
At Coates Hire we understand the importance of reliability and risk to your business.
You can’t commit to your customers unless your suppliers commit to you, and we aim to
deliver on our commitment of being a reliable partner.
With more than 1.5 million assets to manage, reliability and safety is paramount for us
and we have invested significantly in ensuring our maintenance programs are second to
none. Our dedicated and expert service teams have developed the program that is now
considered industry best practice: Coates Hire’s Integrated Equipment Management
System - Silver Service.
It has been developed over 30 years and tailored to not only ensure equipment reliability
and safety, but also to meet and exceed all the requirements of federal and state
regulatory authorities and Australian Standards, as well as exceed the maintenance
requirements of our equipment manufacturers.
SILVer SerVICe - ItS aLL
aBOut peaCe OF mInd.
The Silver Service System has grown from simple ‘Preventative Maintenance’ 30 years ago, to a now all
encompassing fully integrated system which we use to manage all aspects of the reliability and safety of our
entire equipment fleet. It provides you with the peace of mind that the equipment you hire has been selected,
prepared, maintained and delivered to site in a way that maximises reliability and operator safety.
Now, more than just a maintenance record, the Silver Service System is a complete system of equipment
maintenance management that ensures every piece of equipment we supply is safely and efficiently
maintained to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and your needs. From the start of a hire, to return of
the gear, you’ll always be better equipped and have peace of mind with Coates Hire Integrated Equipment
Management System - Silver Service.
What is our Silver Service
At its core is a rigorous and thorough management system that considers everything from product design and
manufacture to specifications, training, maintenance and safety - our system helps to manage your risk.
Key features.
30 years of development
OH&S, design, hazard/risk assessment
Specification sheet libraries
Site assessment sheets and safe work method statements provided/available
Safety checks and breakdown reports of full equipment history available
Standardised maintenance process
IS service hubs nationally
How will the Silver Service
System benefit your business?
Better risk management
Peace of Mind - you know it’s safe for your workers and site regulations
You know all the due diligence has been done and can be requested
You know that you will receive reliable, working and productive gear
You have visibility and a reference check via sticker
Provides you a competitive advantage through safety-risk management assurance
How does the Silver Service
System work?
The Silver Service System is a five-stage whole-of-life approach to equipment management that covers
the full service life of our equipment from sourcing and specifying new equipment through to the assets’
1. Pre-purchase
We use our extensive in-market experience to specify and select new
equipment to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, this ensures
you get the right piece of gear for every job.
2. Catalogue
All of our equipment is fully specified and catalogued to ensure we know
everything there is to know about it.
3. Delivery
With detailed product information we develop tailored procedures for reliable
and safe delivery to site.
4. Maintenance
Our individually tailored service and maintenance programs meet and exceed
OEM and regulatory authority requirements to ensure equipment reliability,
and safety.
5. Disposal
Surplus equipment is used and disposed of per regulatory authority
requirements, which includes the provision of information pertaining to the
equipment's service history, and safe use and operation.
At each stage of the equipment lifecycle we use our years of in-market expertise to ensure every piece of
equipment always meets or exceeds the needs of our customers, both from the product usage perspective and
also from a regulatory and operator safety standpoint.
the Silver Service Stickers.
A key to the success of the program is superior
information management, and the stickers that are
placed on each piece of equipment are representative of
The Silver Service stickers summarise the more detailed
list of safety and service checks contained in our Service
Schedules and Safety Check Reports.
It doesn’t matter where the machine is or what time of
day it is: On any project site, at any place, anywhere, you
can see at a glance the current service status of any piece
of equipment you have on hire, and your better equipped
with reliable, working and productive gear.
the Silver Service System Core
Purchase specifications
Operating and safety
instructions and manuals
Equipment specification
sheets and brochures
Risk assessments
Service stickers,
tags and schedules
Service bulletins
Safety bulletins
Our experience allows us to develop detailed purchase specifications
which ensure regulatory and customer compliance. We use our in-market
experience to specify how a product should be configured to safely meet your
Every piece of major plant has its own logbook to enable operators to
conduct pre-start and pre-operational safety checks. These logbooks are
supplied in a plastic wallet that also contains an operator hazard and risk
assessment relating to the site operation of the type of equipment.
All our equipment is provided with operation and safety instructions.
These contain every piece of information you need to know about any
piece of equipment, so you know what it can do, what its dimensions and
capabilities are, its fuel consumption and its green credentials.*
To supplement the manufacturers’ operating instructions we provide hazard
and risk assessments for the safe use and operation of equipment on your
project site, complete with suggested control measures.
On every piece of equipment, the ‘Silver Service sticker’ is your visual record
of its maintenance and service history. At a glance you can see when it was
last serviced, where, what was done and by whom.
Used internally, these alert all our technicians and service staff of any new
or recurring issues that need to be addressed to ensure safe and reliable
When a safety issue arises involving our equipment we quickly update our
procedures and make these documents available to all our personnel to
ensure they are aware of, and address, any potential hazards.
* Information may vary across equipment.
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netWOrK OF OVer 230
BranCHeS natIOnWIde.
get Better equIpped WItH
COateS HIre.
Health & Safety
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
(Environmental accreditation (ISO14001) achieved at head office sites only)
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