Nokia 7510 Cell Phone User Manual

Nokia 7510 Cell Phone User Manual
NOKIA 7110
Quick Guide to Using the Nokia 7110 with a 16-bit Communication
This Quick Guide assumes that the Nokia 7110 is already installed on your computer and works as a faxmodem via a
1. Installing and setting up
To find out which port the Nokia 7110 is using, open the Win95 Device Manager (Start ->Settings ->Control Panel
->System ->Device Manager) and look at the Modem entries. (You might have to double-click on Modem to see all
the modems.) Double-click on the Nokia 7110 Cable to see its Properties. Specify the Nokia 7110 Cable in your
communication application (Figure 1). In this example the Nokia 7110 is physically connected to COM1.
Figure 1. Serial port setup.
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