Nokia 7600 Cell Phone User Manual

Nokia 7600 Cell Phone User Manual


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Nokia 7600

Nokia 7700

Seadoo Sea Scooter

The ultimate cell phone kit!

Silver Reef


Login with just a glance

Your fingerprint is your password!

...You know they're listening.

Tele mark

Voice Changer

Wireless Color Camera with Audio

Digital Camera Pen

Remote Control Jammer

Conversation Catcher

Spy Cal

Eaves Dropper Listening Device

Lie Detector

Telephone Adaptor Transmitter

NON03 Night Owl Odyssey

Wall Clock Wireless Hidden Camera System

TravelEyes2 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Stuffed Animal Wireless Hidden Camera Sys.

Table Top Air Purifier Wireless Hidden Camera System

Super Searcher

Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)




























Defy convention with the Nokia 7600. Its radical design takes self-expression into a whole new dimension. WCDMA (3G) technology


lets you step into a new age of mobile innovation. An integrated video camera with faster video streaming


and advanced audio capabilities let you record your own unique video clips. Whether you're a tech purist or a design enthusiast, the Nokia 7600 is a must-have. Multimedia messaging capabilities that let you send video, audio and text messages effortlessly and a built-in music


player also make the Nokia 7600 a design icon that's well ahead of its time.

Futuristic Design :

• Radical shape and design layout

• Possesses a distinct sense of style and selfexpression

• New level of material personalization with the interchangeable Xpress-onTM Sleeves

• Inbox matching accessories - stereo headset,

WCDMA1 (3G) Network

• WCDMA1 (3G) and GSM900/1800 air interface

• Multitasking through WCDMA1 (3G) network; simultaneous call and data functions are possible

• Faster and smoother data transmission/ carrying strap and pouch streaming1 in WCDMA1 (3G) networks


• Send/receive pictures, graphics, sounds, install

Imaging Capabilities :

• Integrated video recorder with audio for making your own unique video clips

• Integrated camera lets you share your special

Display and User Interface:

• High-resolution, active matrix color display

• Supports up to 65,536 colors within 128 x 160 pixels3

• 5-way scroll key

• Voice key for voice recording and voice dialing

• Dedicated camera key for camera mode activaapplications using the Nokia PC Suite4

• Fast PC connectivity and data transfer via USB

• Image upload capability for uploading the images moments with friends and family

• Viewfinder function uses the large color screen as camera finder

• Gallery for storing images and video clips taken with the integrated VGA camera or received by

MMS1 to a server or to your own PC

• Enhance image editor for modifying pictures on the phone them further via MMS1 ence

• Wireless solutions with Bluetooth5 wireless technology and Infrared

Other Features:

• JavaTM,6 capability for downloading JavaTM,6 applications and games and storing them into the phone memory

• PC Suite4 for local synchronization of personal data, picture gallery & managing music files

• 24 polyphonic ringing tones

• Play music clips2 on MP3 and AAC formats

• Built-in hands-free speaker for music playback

Messaging Capabilities:

• Multimedia messaging1 with video, audio and text

• Multimedia messages1 can be sent to other

MMS1 enabled phones or to an e-mail1 address

• Voice recording for storing audio clips and send and voice communication

• TCP/IP1 stack enables faster download of files and content such as video and music clips2


• Volume: 103cc

• Weight: 123g

• Length: 87mm

• Width: 78mm

• Thickness: 18.6mm (camera part excluded) tion, video mode activation and image capturing

• cable

• xHTML1 browser for a richer browsing experi-

Power Management7:

• Battery Performance: BL-5C Li-Ion

• Capacity: 850 mAh

• Talk Time7: Up to 2.9hrs (WCDMA1)/Up to 4hrs


• Standby Time7: Up to 300 hrs (WCDMA1 &



The Nokia 7700 is your window to another world. The space age design transports you to an unprecedented media and internet experience. Explore your favorite themes and enjoy new multimedia sensations. Create and share great ideas. The large 65k colour screen with intuitive graphic interface lets you keep in touch literally, with a new kind of freedom. Shoot spectacular videos and stills and set the world alight with your creativity. With MS OfficeTM, your verbal and visual communication takes a giant leap forward. Be a true pioneer with the Nokia 7700.

Next Generation cross-media experience

• xHTML1/HTML1 web browser (Opera 6) over TCP/

IP1 protocol, music and video playback and streaming2, MP33 & FM radio3

• Visual Radio lets you experience synchronized audio feeds from your favorite stations

• Flight mode lets you safely access your phone even while on a flight

Rich user experience

• Intuitive graphical touch screen (series 90 UI design, handwriting recognition, Virtual keyboard and

Stylus input)

• GSM 900/1800/1900 network compatibility

Design innovation

• Integrated VGA photo and video camera on a stunning 65k color screen

• mDRM - forward lock

Rich messaging

• E-mail1 (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4), MMS1

Visual Communication

• VGA camera with 2x zoom for stills and video

Personal Information Management

• Word & sheet processor and presentation viewer,

Personal Organizer, MS OfficeTM, PC Suite4

Vivaldi 6.0, JavaTM, 5 MIDP 2.0 and Symbian6 OS

(7.0S) and Bluetooth7 Wireless Technology

Mobile Enhancements8

• Image Viewer SU-2

• Memory Unit DTS -128

• Retractable Charger AC-1

• Wireless Clip-on Headset HS-3W

• Wireless Boom Headset HS-4W


• Volume: 165cc

• Weight: 183g

• Width: 103mm

• Height: 44mm

• Thickness: 20mm

Power Management

• Battery: BP - 5L

• Talk time9: up to 3 - 4 hours

• Standby time9: up to 10 - 11 days


Seadoo Sea Scooter

Price $ 299.99

The standard battery lasts over an hour in normal use and can carry most people at a minimum speed of around 2 MPH. It comes with it's own carry bag and is supplied with an extremely comprehensive manual which should be read thoroughly before ever taking the unit into water. Currently being featured on the discovery channel.

Extra Info:

• -Weighs approx 5 kg

• -Size 60 x 37 x 32cm.

• -Runs for approx an hour after an overnight charge with the 7Ah(12v) rechargeable battery (included).

• -Maximum depth 35 feet

• -Features ergonomic handlebars, static thrust of

11lbs, power/weight ratio of 1kg

• -Top speed of 2mph.

The ultimate cell phone kit!


Price $ 49.99

Need an easy way to charge your cell phone when traveling? This sweet kit has you covered, allowing you to charge your cell phone via your PC's USB ports, your car's cigarette lighter, or even a standard power outlet. The retractable cord keeps things neat, and makes it easy for you to take this kit wherever you go.

There are 2 kits available which are designed to work with most cell phones. Kit one is designed for use with

Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens phones.

Kit two is designed for use with Samsung, LG Mobile, and Sanyo models.

Zip Linq Cell Phone Charger Kits

1 type A USB to cell phone power connector

Include 6 volt booster for greater compatibility

Durable ABS housing.

Charge time: approximately 1 hour.

Expands from 4" to 30"

AC Adapter Specifications:

Input: 110-240 VAC 50/60HZ

Output: 5 VDC + 5%

Min: 150 mA / Max: 450 mA

DC Adapter Specifications:

Input: 12V-24V DC

Output: 5 VDC + 5%

Min: 150 mA / Max: 400 mA

Silver Reef

If you're looking to get started in all terrain boarding, look no further than the Silver Reef. The latest model from Scrub, the biggest name in all terrain boards, the

Silver Reef is the ideal entry-level board.

Built to uncompromising quality standards, the Silver

Reef has a strong but super-light maple and fiberglass composite deck. Its weight – just 7.5 kilograms – provides ease and speed of movement, while the deck materials give the extra flexibility needed to take hard landings. With smooth tread types for high speed use, stainless steel fittings and alloy trucks, it's impossible to beat for durability with virtually no chance of corrosion, and all terrain really means all terrain - sand, grass and mud are no match for the Silver Reef.

Perfect for blasting down a mountain, speeding along a beach or bombing through the woods; or you could follow the craze that's already sweeping all terrain board lovers in the States, which is to ride along the beach on a Silver Reef whilst holding on to a power kite! It certainly adds the feel of extreme sports to things – just watch you don't get swept away…

The Silver Reef is easy to maneuver, and thanks to the non-slip rubber grip tape, your feet stay firmly where you put them, even in wet conditions, allowing you to enjoy the fun of all terrain boarding without the bruises.

A great start in the world of all terrain boards, yet tough and speedy enough to satisfy more experienced boarders, it's a quality product at a price that's tough to beat.

Comes complete with foot straps, leash, tools and a smart presentation box.

Measures 39”. Weighs 7.5kg.


Free Tool Kit

Presentation box

8” Airliner tiers on color coded 5-spoke rims

Full 4-colour graphics

Strong light composite maple / fiberglass deck

Rubber deck grip

Skate-style trucks to make board super-light ,li Leash

Adjustable soft bindings

Smooth tread types for high speed use


Price $ 65.99

Forget the best thing since sliced bread – this is a damn sight better. The Traximum is an all-terrain, 5point drive radio control stunt vehicle that will amaze you.

Its variable tracks allow the Traximum to switch positions instantly, which is what makes the eye-popping stunts possible.

Make it perform wild vertical walks, fantastic flip-overs, arm track spins and 360 degree rotations. Even make it perform a break dance routine to your favourite garage tune! Okay, we made that last one up, but it can do pretty much anything else.

No wonder The Stuff Review called it ‘The best R/C vehicle!' Use it at home or in the office, or exploit its allterrain potential in the garden or the park, maybe giving it a few obstacles to make things interesting.


Frequency 27mhz

Range : 15- 20 meters

Full function transmitter

Variable tracks for any position

Flexible arm-track spins

Amazing flip over

Perform wild vertical walks

Independent traction control

5 point drive

Full 360 degree rotation

Covers most terrain

Measures : 24 x 20 x 12cm (l x w x h)


Login with just a glance

Price $199.99

This camera, from Panasonic, is enabled with unique

Private ID iris recognition technology, which delivers unrivaled accuracy for authentication. Multiple users can securely access PCs, files, folders, applications and password banks. In addition to providing security for information access applications, the camera can be used for video conferencing and online collaboration.

Iris recognition is based on the most mathematically unique biometric — the iris of the eye. The human iris is absolutely unique, even between twins or an individual's right and left eyes. The camera's visual user interface supports a fast learning curve with enrollment in less than two minutes. Once enrolled, users can logon to their computer or the enterprise with just a glance, and each logon or entry takes less than three seconds to be authenticated.

Some other features of this camera:

Prevent unauthorized PC and network access

Multi-Function camera: Iris Recognition with image capture and videoconferencing

Enabled by Private ID Iris recognition engine

Includes Secure Suite client logon for standalone operation

Simply present your iris 19" to 21" from camera for PC logon and application access

Ergonomically comfortable iris capture distance of 19" to 21" (48cm - 53 cm)

Lightweight and compact

Standard tripod socket

One-year warranty

Weight: .35 lbs (160 grams)

Your fingerprint is your password!

Price $ 99.99

Biometrics - the identification of individuals using biological traits, such as those based on retinal or iris scanning, fingerprints, or face recognition.

This is an emerging technology that is increasingly being used for information and computer security. We also think it just happens to be pretty darn cool.

The Biometric Mouse is an optical corded mouse with

USB connection and a built-in fingerprint authentication system. It conveniently enables secure computer logon, file/folder access and screensaver via biometric authentication. It can support multiple users and fast scan fingerprint imaging sensor. The biometric authentication can help to eliminate the need for multiple passwords that must be written down or memorized, thus improving the overall level of security.

The Biometric Mouse has these features:

Allows authentication through fingerprint identification

Can protect files, folders, applications

USB, optical mouse

Includes onClick Bioscan Verify Pro 5.5 software

Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Image capture time: <0.1 sec

Sensor area: 13 mm x 13 mm


...You know they're listening.

Price $ 99.99

Are you paranoid? Have good reason? The Mini Bug

Detector offers protection against wireless microphones and transmitters. This device is perfect for securing homes, offices and hotel rooms. It has a LED signal strength display and audio tone that help pinpoint the precise location of bugs. The audio alarm can be turned off for discreet sweeps, while the sensitivity adjustment eliminates false alarms.

The Mini Bug Detector features wide range circuitry that enables it to detect concealed transmitters operating on frequencies from 50 MHz to 3 GHz. The power to expose most high frequency transmitters, as well as more common VHF and UHF bugs, is now in the palm your hand. You were never paranoid...until they started coming after you...

Weight: 10.5 oz.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 3" x 7/8"

Requires one 9-Volt battery (not included)

Tele Safe

Tele Safe allows you to use your telephone with confidence. This unit will instantly alert you to the presence of a phone tap or eavesdropper. A great electronic countermeasure device that allows for more secure conversations.

If a tap is detected, or an extension is picked up, muting is automatically engaged to ensure that sensitive information is not revealed. The RF detection mode is designed to alert you to wireless microphones operating at frequencies up to 2 GHz. Adjustable sensitivity allows the Tele Safe to effectively check a range of frequencies making it the ideal telephone security device for home, office or hotel. Don't guess...know when they are listening.

Weight: 5.4 oz.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 3" x 1"

Telephone Connnections: USOC RJ -11C (2)

Requires one 9-Volt battery (not included)

Voice Changer

This voice changer is true Spy Stuff. It's a small, sleek and compact digital wonder that fits onto your keyring.

Housed in a sexy silver finish case, it's easy to use, you simply hold the voice changer on the mouthpiece of any phone, select 1 of the 6 changing options and speak into the microphone - the recipient will not have a clue it's really you! Think of the possibilities that this little gadget offers!

Price $ 89.99


Wireless Color Camera with Audio

Price $ 250.00

Get high quality footage with sound from a tiny wireless camera.

This is true blue Spy Stuff. Maybe you're a secret agent and need to be on the lookout for potential intruders to your top secret headquarters. Or maybe you've got a shop and want to catch thieving little buggers on camera. Whichever it is, the new Wireless Colour Camera with Audio will provide the high quality footage and sound you need.

This smaller than tiny camera works via radio signals. It comes with a receiver that transmits these signals a TV or monitor up to 75 metres away. If you're expecting the grainy images with distorted sound of older, less effective spy cams, the quality of this full colour footage will surprise you.

Measuring a miniscule 2 x 2 x 2cm, this spy cam is an ultradiscreet way of keeping your home or business secure. Install it above cash registers or exits in a shop, or behind the front door peephole in your home. Never answer the door to

Jehovah's witnesses or duster salesmen again! Even install it in a nursery as a hi-tech baby monitor.

This minute marvel is an absolute must buy for the security conscious, secret service agent wannabes and the chronically nosy.

1 x 6V battery.

Package includes:

2 x 2 x 2cm wireless micro camera


2 DC Power adapters

Power jack

6V battery


Image pickup: 1/3, 1/4


Definition: 380 TV lines (ZT-803)

Scan frequency: PAL/CCIR: 50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz

Minimum illumination: 2LUX (ZT-803)

Output power: 50mW, 200mW (ZT-803)

Output frequency: 900MHz, 1200MHz, 2400MHz

Camera power: DC + 5V/8V

Receiver power: DC + 9V/12V

Digital Camera Pen

Price $ 89.99

Take snaps whenever, wherever, thanks to this ingenious gadget.

The Digital Camera Pen looks like a high quality silver pen, but conceals a digital camera so miniscule that even you'll have trouble spotting it!

Just one tiny, discreet button is all it takes to operate your Camera Pen. When you press it, a recording tells you how to take pictures, prepare for download or erase shots. It stores up to 36 pictures, which can then be easily downloaded to your computer via a RS-232 cable (included). For clear pictures, it features a deflicker selection. The vocal also gives your photographs numbers, so you won't end up erasing the wrong ones by mistake. Another feature is the Auto Off function that switches it to power saving mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. The pen's LED also dims when the battery is fading, giving you warning to download your pics before they're lost.

In case you're wondering, the pen isn't a dummy case


designed just to hide the camera – it's actually a very smart, chunky silver pen that really works. So next time you meet a girl, you can take her picture as well as taking her… number down. Prove to your mates that she wasn't a figment of your drunken imagination

(or to yourself, depending just how drunk you were.)

The ultimate in portability, it easily fits into a pocket or bag. Of course, that also means it's easily sneaked into ‘no cameras allowed' venues.

Easy to use, portable, and very reasonably priced, the

Camera Pen is a fantastic buy. After all, you can pay a hundred quid for a fancy pen in a box, and all they do is write! What good is that?

Includes software, RS-232 cable and instructions.

Measures 15cm. Weighs 61g, including batteries.

Features and specifications:

Colour Photos

Video component: CMOS

Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels

Exposure control: Auto

White balance: Auto

Battery life: 500+ pictures

Auto shut-off after 30 seconds

English vocal instructions - The Voice function is required to select the functions.. eg.. to delete, take photoes, download etc.....

Camera stores 36 pictures

Built-in memory: 2MB

Image Format: BMP

Image erase function

LED power indicator (green)

Light distance: over 35mm

Shutter speed: 0.3ms - 18/120 seconds

Computer interface: COM interface (RS-232)

Angle: 40

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: 486

Memory: 8M

Display: VGA

Driver: 1.44M

CD-ROM drive

Display memory: 1M

1OOM hard disk memory

Interface: COM Port (RS232)

Recommended system requirements:

Hard disk memory; 1G or above

Interface: COM Port (RS232)

CPU: 266 Mhz, Pentium CPU or better

CD-ROM drive

Memory: 32M

Display: VGA

Remote Control Jammer

Price $ 9.99

f your partner is always changing channels, don't throw a wobbly, simply reply 'of course you can love' - have we gone mad? No there's method in our madness.

The Remote Control Jammer is a tiny but ingenious gadget that will make sure the channel you want on stays on. It jams any infra red remote control - TV, video or stereo - and noone but you will be able to fix it. And because the jammer is so small, no one will even see you press it, so your secret stays safe. Then, when your favourite show is finished, you can "fix" the remote, leaving everyone so grateful that they don't have to walk all the way over to the set to change channels that they'll probably let you watch what you want for the rest of the night anyway!

You need never again sit through "Changing Rooms" and "Ally McBeal" when you know the football is on the other side. With the Remote Control Jammer, what you say goes.


Conversation Catcher

Price $ 34.99

The Conversation Catcher is an electronic listening dish with a parabolic dish sound collector. Looking like a bizarre cross between a toy gun and a satellite dish, it picks up sounds and amplifies them so you can hear them perfectly. All you have to do is put the headphones on, point the Catcher at the source of the sound you want to hear and pull the trigger ‘on' switch.

The best thing about the Conversation Catcher is its discreet appearance. Who's going to notice a large green plastic gun with a dish stuck on it pointing at them? Okay, so we're being moderately sarcastic. If you want an MI5 style near-invisible listening device, this isn't it. But it is surprisingly effective, and bound to raise a laugh wherever you take it.

Hear everything from distant birdsong to the whispering in the office. You can even hear sounds from as far as

120 feet away! The Conversation Catcher even has a frequency controller, allowing you to reduce unwanted background noise so you can hear what you really want to hear even more clearly.

Package includes:

Conversation Catcher electronic listening dish



Uses 1 x 9V battery, not included

Spy Cal

Price $ 39.99

An excerpt from a US magazine "The Spy" read - "OK, let's set the scene. You're a sales rep and you're on their turf, you've done your greatest presentation ever and you desperately need this order to meet your sales target and get your bonus. The buyers look a little apprehensive though. Is the price an issue? Is it the quantity? At this point you make a trip to the John while leaving your calculator switched on. Seems normal and harmless, right? Well not if you're a hungry salesman and you're using the Spy Calculator with built in microphone. While you're in the John you can listen in on how well (or badly) you're doing and what discount you need to offer to close the sale. Boys Stuff certainly do not condone this use of the Spy calculator but...

...Imagine knowing what people are thinking, what they really think of you, whether they fancy you, whether they're deceiving you. It's dangerous stuff. It's even arguable that knowing too much is negative. While the

Spy Calculator doesn't allow you to read peoples' minds, place it in a room and it will pick up whatever conversation is taking place and transmit it to your very own receiver with earphones at distances up to 100 feet away.

The powerful microphone is housed in a fully working, silver-metallic finish calculator so it's totally discreet.


Eaves Dropper Listening Device

Price $ 21.99

The Eavesdropper is a hearing aid with a difference.

Fitting discreetly onto the ear, it amplifies sounds from up to 80 feet away!

The Eavesdropper is a mini microphone concealed within a hearing aid style device. Attached to the

Eavesdropper is an earphone. All you have to do is hook the main body onto your left ear, turn it on to high or low sensitivity, and wear the earphone in your left ear. Conversations and other sounds are picked up by the mic, amplified and sent to your earphone, so you can hear even quiet sounds loudly and clearly.

If you've ever wondered what friends or colleagues are talking about when they lower their voices, now's your chance to find out. Sex life secrets, who's getting the sack and all manner of other classified information will now be at your disposal. Okay, you might only find out what the typist's having for tea, but it's not our fault if you work in a boring office.

The Eavesdropper is easily disguised as a mini radio, and the choice of high or low sensitivity means you can adjust it to suit you. It's a must buy for wannabe secret agents and plain old nosy sods everywhere.

Guidelines for use: The Eavesdropper should only be worn over the left ear with the earphone in the right ear.

Never wear the earphone in the same ear as the main body of the device as this will cause feedback and possibly damage hearing.

Picks up and amplifies sounds from up to 80 feet away.

Lie Detector

Price $ 49.99

Of course I was working late darling'. Find out if that's the truth with this voice analyzing Lie Detector.

When people feel stress there are subtle frequency changes in their voices. The Lie Detector is specially designed to sense these frequency changes and measure and analyze them. And you don't have to hook your subject up to a load of wires to test it – just turn it on when they start talking.

The Lie Detector instantly recognises patterns in a person's voice and displays the analysis results on an LED band as the person speaks. The band moves through green, amber and red in a traffic light style. If the green

LEDs light up, the speaker is fairly stress-free and more than likely telling the truth. If the reds light up, stress levels are high, and the speech is a lie…

Maybe you think your other half is playing away from home. Or maybe you suspect the office fatty of pinching your chocolate fingers. Either way, the Lie Detector is the key to the truth. Okay, so some people are better at hiding stress than others, but it's great fun.

Voice Stress Analyzer technology is recognized as one of the most effective ways of assessing levels of truth in statements, and has even been used within the military. The Truth Machine can also be used to test tape recordings, television or radio.


Telephone Adaptor Transmitter

Price $ 39.99

Is this what they used for ‘Squidgygate'? This tiny device fits between the phone socket and line, and it looks perfectly innocent – but it actually transmits telephone conversations to an FM receiver up to 600 feet away.

It is simply inserted into a telephone socket and the phone plugged into the adaptor. It will then transmit all incoming and outgoing calls to an airband receiver

(available from Boys Stuff).

Is your missus getting rather a lot of ‘wrong numbers'?

Check if someone else is ringing her bell with this.

Transmits on FM - 110-125mhz

Range: 100-200 Metres

Power: Self Powering

NON03 Night Owl Odyssey

Price $ 599.99

Now you can have night vision in all conditions, with the 100% waterproof Night Owl Odyssey. It even floats!

The Night Owl NONO3 Odyssey utilises revolutionary infrared illumination night vision technology to give you sight through complete darkness. This full-featured monocular boasts 3.1 x image magnification (30% better than most night vision optics), plus a five-piece glass ocular for ‘Clear to the edge viewing'. And best of all, others can't see you, or hear you thanks to the

NONO3's quiet, ultra-discreet operation.

But what really makes the NONO3 Odyssey stand out from other night vision optics is the fact that it's 100% waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions. And even if you drop it in the water, there's no problem, as the NONO3 floats! So whether you're out at sea on a top secret navy mission, or just walking past the duck pond pis**d, you don't need to worry about it meeting a watery end.

Now you can check out all kinds of nocturnal activities in all weather conditions, on land or at sea. And thanks to the striking yellow color of the new Odyssey model, you can see it floating in the dark. After all, you can't get night vision if you can't see your night vision optic, can you?

The Night Owl NONO3 Odyssey features an accentuated palm grip, with ergonomically placed soft-touch operational buttons for one-hand operation, plus power and IR (infrared) indicator lights.


Magnification – 3.1x [email protected] (1000m) – 575ft


Power – 1 x 3v lithium battery, not included

Weight – 14oz (397g) Dimensions – 7 x 2.2 x 3 (in) 178 x 56 x 76 (mm)

Compact and lightweight for easy operation (14oz)

Unit comes with:

Carrying Case

Hand strap

Owners manual


Wall Clock Wireless Hidden Camera System

Price $ 295.00

Hidden camera sends crystal clear wireless video up to 700 ft away

2.4GHz transmitter ensures clear and stable video

Record with your current VCR or upgrade to a time-lapse recorder and record for over 40 days on one tape

Monitor your home or office remotely with our digital interface devices

2 Year Warranty

FCC Part 15 approved

TravelEyes2 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Price $ 599.99

TravelEyes2™ is a powerful vehicle-tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology developed by the Department of Defense. With amazing accuracy, it gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains time for billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all travel activities. It's ideal for the busy executive who'd rather spend time growing his or her business or spending time with the family than completing paperwork. Whether you're an independent sales representative, or a concerned parent with a watchful eye on your teenager's late night activity, TravelEyes2™ can work for you. It's a real time and money-saver -- and in some cases, a lifesaver!

Stuffed Animal Wireless Hidden Camera Sys.

Price $ 349.99

Hidden camera sends crystal clear wireless video up to 700 ft away

2.4GHz transmitter ensures clear and stable video

Record with your current VCR or upgrade to a time-lapse recorder and record for over 40 days on one tape

Monitor your home or office remotely with our digital interface devices

2 Year Warranty

FCC Part 15 approved

Table Top Air Purifier Wireless Hidden Camera System

Price $ 199.99


Super Searcher

Price $ 99.99

Looking for a scanner that will give you access to all the frequencies used by emergency personnel such as the police and fire department? This wide-range, allmodes receiver covers frequencies ranging 530 KHz to

2040 MHz. Full search and scan facilities; LCD display;

WFM, NFM, SFM (Wide, Narrow, and Super Narrow

FM radio frequencies); WAM, AM, NAM (Wide, standard, Narrow AM radio frequencies); USB, SSB, LSB

(Upper, Single, and Lower Side Band radio frequencies); and CW (Continuous Wave radio frequencies).

This unit has more facilities than we can cover in this limited space. You've got to try its snooping capabilities to appreciate it.

Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)

Price $ 399.99


Battery and motor enclosed in the base of the unit.

Two forward speeds.

Descent and ascent control.

Rechargeable battery allows over an hour of use at full speed.

Tight turning circle.

Built-in instrument console.

Dive computer.

Light fittings for night and cave diving.

The diver sits comfortably astride a seat under which ballast weights are secured. BOB is powered by a 35pound-thrust electric motor that's housed under the seat (along with a rechargeable 12-volt battery). BOB has a top speed of 2.5 knots.


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