Philips 21PV385/01 Flat Panel Television User Manual

Philips 21PV385/01 Flat Panel Television User Manual
21’’/55 cm TV-VCR Combi
• 2 Tuners
• Plug & Play
• Crystal Clear Video
• Turbo Drive
• TOP Text / Fast Text
• One Touch SAT Recording
• SMART Picture
• Auto Volume Leveller
• Front A/V and Headphone Sockets
Green Silver
21’’/55 cm TV-VCR Combi
Product information
• Tuning System: 2 PLL Tuners
• Tuning - pre-sets: 99
• Install Features: AutoTuning (Autoinstall for /07)
Picture - Display / Processing
• Format: 4 : 3
• Size(visual): 21 (20)“ / 55 (51) cm
• Picture Control: Brightness, Colour, Contrast, Sharpness
• Picture Feature: SMART Picture
• Speaker / System: Full Range 4“ / Mono
• Special Feature: Automatic Volume Leveller
• Power: 5W MPO, 2.5W rms
User Interface
• Indicators front: On / Off LED, Record LED, Timer LED
• Multi Colour Menu: Cursor Control & Intelligent Help-line
• Special Features: Auto Stby, Child Lock, Hotel mode
Computer Controlled Tele Text
• TOP Text / Fast Text: 10 pages,WST lev. 1.5
• Tele Text features: Conceal reveal, Transparent mode, Enlarge,
Cancel, Hold, Sub-pages
Tape Deck
• Turbo Drive
• VCR System: VHS-HQ 4 Video Heads
• Head Cleaning Mode: Automatic, Manual
• Stop to Play Time: 0.4 sec.
• Tape Counter: Time used, Non linear NTSC Pb
• Rew. / Winding Time: 100 sec. (for E180 )
Tape Functions
• Play / Still Feature: +1x, -1x, Repeat / Perfect Still
• Fast Speed: +2x / -3x, +5x / -5x, +9x / -9x
• VISS: Next / Prev. index and Record End Search
Product Highlights
• 2 PLL Tuners
Watch one programme while recording another with the freedom of the
2 PLL Tuners.
• Turbo Drive
Enjoy the ease of use and the comfort of one of the fastest VCR decks in the world.
• SMART Picture
Optimise the sharpness and colour to your own reference with this unique feature.
Choose out of different options: Soft, Natural, Rich or your Personal setting.
• Plug & Play
Installing a Combi has never been easier! No need of the user manual. Just let the
Combi guide you through the installation steps.
• One Touch Record (OTR)
Start a recording with the touch of a single button. Each further touch of the record
button adds 30 minutes of recording time. The actual end time will be automatically
calculated by the set and displayed.
• SMART Clock
For automatic download of the current Time & Date. No more hassle with the clock
setting after long power failure or at the daylight savings time switch over.
• Top / Fast Text
The easiest way and fastest access to Teletext.
VCR Picture Quality
• Resolution: HQ+ / >240 lines
• Tracking System: Digital Studio Tracking
• Digital Studio Picture Control
• Edge Noise Canceller
• Crystal Clear Video
• Crystal Clear Video
With Crystal Clear Video, Philips has created the perfect combination of technologies
to guarantee the best possible picture restitution:
• Digital Studio Picture Control: It optimises the picture rendition regardless of the
quality of tape used.
• Laser Cut Video Heads: They have a better profile for a superior head/tape
contact: Lesser wear guarantees longer life and higher performance quality.
• Studio Tracking System: It improves the tracking accuracy and reduces the
cross-talk noise.
• Natural Colour: It cleans the colour from any kind of noise and corrects the spill.
• Number of Events: 6 / month
• Rec. Control: PDC / VPS (also for Transm. Identification)
• Programming System: ShowView, OTR, Automatic Satellite Recording
• Record Speed: Standard Play (SP), Long Play (LP, not for /39)
• One Touch SAT Recording
• One-Touch SAT Recording
All you need to do is connect your Satellite Tuner to the SCART of your Combi and
programme the desired recording on the Satellite Tuner. Press the two Volume keys
on the Combi simultaneously, and it will be prepared for SAT recording.
When time has come, the Satellite Tuner wakes up the Combi and it starts the
Connectors Rear
• EXT1: Euro CVBS, RGB in
• Antenna in: 75 Ohms (IEC type)
Connectors Front
• EXT2: Cinch CVBS in, Mono
• Headphone Out: Mini-Jack 3.5mm, Mono
• Voltage / Frequency: 198-264V / 50Hz
• Power Cons. in W: Operating 59 / Standby <4
• Backup Presets / Clock: >1 yr / > 10 min
• Set Size in mm: 518 x 481 x 506 (h x d x w)
• Packaging in mm: 612 x 570 x 600 (h x d x w)
• Weight in kg: 27 / 23 incl. / excl. Box
• Documents / Manuals: DFU, Guarantee doc.,
Promotion Screen Sticker
• Aux. Equipm. Supplied: Batteries for RC
Remote Control
• Remote Control - type: RT712 / 101 (black)
Full (UHF + VHF) Tuner
TV System off Air
add TV system via Ext 1
Number of Video heads
Record / Playback Std.
NTSC Playback Std.
Video Longplay
OSD Menu Languages
NTSC 3.58
Dutch, English,
German, Italian, Portuguese,
Spanish, Swedish
NTSC 3.58
PAL only
Dutch, English, French,
German, Italian
NTSC 3.58
Czech, English, Hungarian,
Polish, Russian Cyrillic
Subject to modification without notice
Show View and Video+ are registered Trademarks of Gemstar Development Cooperation.
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