ZE-NC2010 Installation instructions CAN-Bus update V13.1

ZE-NC2010 Installation instructions CAN-Bus update V13.1
ZE-NC2010 Installation instructions CAN-Bus update V13.1
Features CAN Update VW V13.1
This CAN update enables the technical integration of the ZE-NC2010 into the CAN system
of recent Skoda car models. This CAN update adds support for the display of parking radar
data directly on the screen of the ZE-NC2010. Only features which are already present in
the given target vehicle, as well as those provided by the OE radio, are supported. If the
vehicle did not originally feature this function, it cannot neither be displayed nor further
processed as the respective data is not present on the CAN Bus.
Note: Update is only suitable for vehicles mentioned at the compatibility list.
Skoda Oktavia II,since Facelifts since 2008*
Skoda Superb II
since 2008*
Skoda Yeti
since 2009*
* Display of parking sensors onscreen of the ZE-NC2010 is exclusively possible
if the originally equipped radio did already support it. As vehicle and vehicle features may cause varitions of the parking radars CAN protocol we cannot guarantee full optical support.
Important information:
• Read these instructions entirely, before you start the update
• Keep these instructions nearby, until you finish the installation
• Make sure that you do neither operate nor switch off the unit, while performing the update
• The ignition has to stay in position „2“ (ignition „ON“) during the entire update process
• Make sure that neither a mobile phone is or will be paired nor any medium is replayed
during the entire update process
Note: This update replaces all previous CAN-Bus updates
a. Format a USB stick with the FAT32 file system
b. Copy the file „ZENEC_VW_CAN_13.1flsh“ onto the USB stick
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30.06.2010 JL / UM
Installation of the CAN-Bus update
Plug the prepared USB stick into your ZE-NC2010.
Switch on the ZE-NC2010 via the ignition. Note: The ignition has to stay in
position „2“ during the entire update process.
Switch into the „radio“ mode using the FM/AM key.
Open the setup menu and tap „Misc“. Tap the arrow icon on the lower right hand
to get onto page two, where you can find the entry „CAN Update“. Choose it and
acknowledge with „OK“.
The CAN update starts and will approximately take five minutes.The status is
displayed on-screen. Make sure that the unit does neither get operated, nor in any
case, gets powered off during the update.
Do not turn the ignition off during this process!
A message that the process has been finished will be displayed on-screen after the
Subsequently, completely disconnect the car battery for at least five minutes in
order to reset all control circuits. Reconnect it and do a software version check.
Checking the CAN-Bus software version
After the CAN-Bus update, performing a version control is mandatory. (Setup> Version
> page 2> Version). Only the version number of the ADP part is important. This number
is trailing the version designation of the MCU_V. After a succesfully performed update it
should display: ADP: 13.1. Should the displayed version deviate, repeat the update process until success.
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30.06.2010 JL / UM
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