Philips 859 Cell Phone User Manual

Philips 859 Cell Phone User Manual
Mobile Phone
Capture more of your life !
Giant photo album
Philips 859 is an advanced camera clamshell phone designed
to store and share the most precious moments of everyone's life.
Capture & share your life
Giant Photo Album
Integrated VGA digital camera
Digital Zoom x4
Special effects
65K color TFT display
4K color external display
Maximize your Multimedia Experience
Big memory capacity
32 tone polyphonic melodies
Java 2.0
MMS messaging
Mobile Phone E-GSM 900/1800/1900
Product highlights
Technical specifications
Incredible storage capacity
You can store up to 1000 images in your phone
album and use them for slideshows, wallpaper or even
send them via MMS. (Depending on picture format
and memory available).
File manager
to allocate the available memory in the phone
between voice tags, voice memos, names, pictures,
games, melodies, etc.
Demo mode
Animations and sounds to demonstrate the screen and
sound capabilities to your friends.
Philips Color Carousel
The unique Philips color carousel concept, with colored
animated icons, allows intuitive navigation.
Clamshell management
When activated, this feature allows you to answer an
incoming call by simply opening the phone
Ultra fine pitch color displays
With high contrast and high brightness (100Cd/m2),
65,000 colors, 128*160 pixels, 8 lines of text. Ultra
fine pitch: 120 DPI, for clear bright color images.
(4,096 colors and 96*64 pixels on sub-display)
Integrated color camera
Take pictures with the integrated camera, send those
pictures via MMS / e-mail / IrDA or store your pictures
in your photo album for slideshows.
You can take pictures in low light condition, thanks to
the low light mode (low sensitivity: 5 lux).
This camera has the following characteristics: CMOS /
VGA definition / Digital zoom (x2, x4) / Preview frame
rate: up to 15 images / sec.
Picture applications
Color pictures, screen-savers and wallpapers. Thanks
to the embedded photo album or with pictures taken
with the integrated color camera, you’ll always have
the best fitting picture for FotoCall or wallpaper
applications. Exchange those pictures via MMS, e-mail
or using your PC and the Mobile Phone Tool software
Frames selection
Creatively personalise your pictures with a large
selection of frames. These frames can be added in
preview mode as well as in post processing application.
Special effects
To modify pictures you have taken with the integrated
camera using special effects such as sepia, grey scale,
edge, digital, embossed and negative colors.
TV SlideShow
to share with your family and friends pictures
(and emotions) you have captured with the integrated
camera. These pictures can be pre-selected in a slideshow or chosen one-by-one and displayed on a TV
screen (TV Link accessory required).
Using photos taken with the integrated camera
or downloaded, you can associate them with groups
/names in your phonebook. When the phone rings the
color picture of the person calling will be displayed to
show who is calling.
Polyphonic ringtones
32 polyphonic ringtones with 30 melodies.
Downloadable ringtone melodies
(Network dependent) Select the melodies you prefer
on the Internet or WAP and download them into your
With the FotoTalk feature, you can send instantaneously pictures and recorded voice messages via
Hands free
Switch to handsfree to let your friends join in the
conversation or set up your own conference call.
Color games
4 embedded color games. With Infusio V2 (operator
dependent) a wide choice of new down-loadable color
games are at your disposal. When you play a game,
you can publish your score via SMS, challenge other
players and win prizes ! Thanks to new Java applications, a wide choice of new downloadable color games
is also at your disposal.
to receive and send messages composed of text,
sounds and pictures (taken with the camera)
and use received melodies as ringtones and images
as wallpaper.
For direct access to email services from the phone.
You will also be able to attach pictures.
EMS release 4
to receive and send formatted texts, melodies, images
and use received melodies as ringtones.
SMS / Quick SMS
to read and answer SMS very quickly. When quick
SMS mode is selected, SMS received are automatically
displayed and you can answer them with a single key
Concatenated SMS
to write long SMS by connecting 5 pages & attachments when sending (up to 50 pages - SIM dependent
on receipt).
WAP 1.2.1. Wireless Application Protocol
Access a world of services wherever you are. Also,
you are able to download new images or ringtones.
GPRS Class 10 (General Packet Radio Service)
Is a transmission protocol, which allows you to
send/receive data at higher speeds compared
to GSM (up to 54 kbps in download).
T9TM Text Input
Predictive text input to write emails, SMS, EMS
and MMS - Chinese and most European languages
are available.
Java 2.0 2
To enhance your phone by downloading personal
applications such as graphic applications, information
tools, and interactive games.
Voice recognition & Voice recording
Voice dial/command: just say a name or a word
to dial a number from the names list or to activate
a specific function of your phone. Memo and Voice
recording are also available. Use the record you made
as ringtone, SMS alert or even send it via MMS.
Smart Phonebook
Under each name, up to 5 phone numbers
(mobile, fax, data, note, e-mail, pager, home, work)
can be stored. You can synchronise it with your PC.
Personal organiser
to plan all your meetings and events in your calendar
and set your phone to remind you of them. Synchronise it with your PC or your PDA.
Infrared integrated
The mobile can communicate wirelessly
with compatible IrDA devices.
1: Battery life measurements are approximate and depends on
the operator’s network configuration. Specifications Provided
based on BS_PA_MFRMS = 9, 1 Rx (standby mode), PWL=15
and No DTx (talk time).
2 : Java and Java-based marks are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and in
other countries.
Caller ID
Call waiting
Call forwarding
Call on hold
Short Message Service (SMS)
Multi-party call
Conference call
Explicit call transfer
Call time and cost meters
Emergency call (dynamically adapted
depending on countries)
GPRS/Class10, ClassB, SMG 31 bis, CS1,2,3&4
WAP 1.2.1/2.0 TELECA browser
EMS/Release 4
MMS/ WAP MMS v1.1 compliance
3GPP MMS release 4 compliance
• SIM lock keeps consumers on networks
for dedicated operator and service providers.
• SIM TOOLKIT/Release 99
• Western Horoscope: to get your star sign pre-diction
daily, or in advance and be prepared for a very
different day every day.
• Lunar calendar: Input the solar date
(day-month-year) and the corresponding lunar
date will be provided.
• Mode: E-GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz
• EFR/FR/AMR vocoder
Performances Std battery1
• up to 4 hrs Talk Time
• up to 400 hrs Standby Time
• 88 x 46 x 23 mm /77 cc /94 g
Handset Color Options
• Steel blue, Metallic silver
Available Languages
• Native MMI: English, Indonesian*, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian,
Italian, Lithuanian*, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,
Romanian, Russian, Chinese simplified, Chinese
traditional, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai*,
* : not available in WAP MMI.
•T9 available with: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch,
French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional,
Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
Standard Package includes
User manual
CD Rom with Mobile Phone Tool
International guarantee
SAR value
TV Link
Deluxe headset
Batteries: Standard 600 mAh
Chargers: Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Universal Car Kit
Carry Case
USB Jack Cable
© 2004 Philips France. All rights reserved.
The information and specifications included are subject to change
without prior notice. Philips tries to ensure that all information in
this document is correct, but does not accept liability for any error
or omission.
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