Philips DC310V Home Theater System User Manual

Philips DC310V Home Theater System User Manual
Docking Entertainment
Play and charge your iPod
wOOx technology for powerful bass
Free your portable music at home! Dock your iPod or GoGear player into the compact
DC310V Docking Entertainment System with powerful bass supported by 12W RMS
power. Enjoy great sounds and choose to kick-start each day with music.
Rich and clear sound experience
• Play and charge your iPod
• wOOx loudspeaker technology for deep and powerful bass
• Aux-in connection for your portable MP3 music player
Start the day your way
• Wake up to your favorite iPod music
• Dual alarm time
• Gentle wake with increasing alarm volume
Easy to use
• Digital tuning with presets
• 5 one touch buttons for easy access to favorite radio tunes
Docking Entertainment System
Product highlights
iPod compatibility
• Compatible with: iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod
with color display, iPod 5th Generation
Tuner Bands: FM
Auto digital tuning
Station presets: 5
Antenna: FM Antenna
• Aux in: Line-in, 3.5 mm
wOOx Technology
wOOx Technology is a revolutionary loudspeaker concept
that allows you to hear and feel fantastically deep bass
that's louder than any other audio system. Special speaker
drivers work in harmony with the wOOx bass radiator, and
precise tuning between the main driver and the tweeter
ensures smooth transitions from low-mid to high
frequencies. Dual suspension and a totally symmetrical
sandwich construction deliver low and precise base without
noticeable distortion. wOOx produces exceptionally deep
and dynamic bass by using the speaker box full volume to
truly magnify the impact of the music.
Aux-in connection
• Output power (RMS): 2 x 3W
• Sound System: Stereo
• Volume Control: Volume Control up/down
• Built-in speakers: 3
• Loudspeaker Enhancement: wOOx Bass Radiator
• Neodynium magnet system
Audio Playback
• Cradle playback mode: Charging iPod, Play and
Pause, Next and Previous track, Fast forward and
• Clock/Version: Digital
• Alarms: 24 hour alarm reset, Dual alarm time,
Buzzer Alarm, Radio Alarm, Repeat alarm (snooze),
Sleep timer
• Display Type: LCD
• Backlight
• Backlight color: White
• Mains power
• Adaptor type: 100V 60Hz
• Product dimensions (W x H x D):
161 x 191 x 164 mm
• Weight: 1.34 kg
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
252 x 232 x 216 mm
• Weight incl. Packaging: 1.94 kg
Issue date 2008-08-11
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Wake up to iPod music
5 one-touch radio presets
Access your favorite stations with simple one touch
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