Philips SHB6110/97, SHB6110/37, SHB6110/05, SHB6110/10 User manual

Philips SHB6110/97, SHB6110/37, SHB6110/05, SHB6110/10 User manual
Quick Start Guide
Philips Bluetooth stereo headset SHB6! 10
a D
Charging socket
|4< Pp]
Make sure to “pair” your new Philips headset with your mobile phone before you use it for the first time.
|. Make sure the headset is charged, your mobile | Gime on) me on) 10%
phone is turned on and its Bluetooth feature Settings Connectivity Settings Settings Connectivity
enabled Bluetooth Devices Found
E. Enter Password
2. With the headset turned off, press (until the Add Philips SHB61 10
LED starts blinking red and blue alternately.
device 0000
3. Pair the headset with your mobile phone.
(Check your phones user manual for details). (Select Back) (Select Bek) (Select Back)
Step 2 and 3 not required for some mobile phones
Tap | Turn headset on / off Press ( until LED turns on / off
7 Play / Pause music Tap
6 Stop music Tap DPI and 144 simultaneously
Next / Previous track Tap PP ог 144
Hold Disable / Enable FullSound Hold PPI and ( simultaneously for 4 sec
> | sec я Adjust volume Tap VOL = or VOL +
— Pick up / end a call Tap €
Reject a call Hold €
Double tap 3 Redial the last number Double tap (*
Activate voice dialing Hold ("until “beep” sound
- Mute mic Double tap ( (during call)
Enjoy your music and calls!
Please refer to the CD for full user manual
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