MX Solutions: Seamless Integration. Sophisticated Interactions.
MX Solutions
Reliable and secure payment processing is a basic expectation among today’s consumers and retailers. Beyond that, customers
want instant information, immediate access to an array of products, speed of service and the ultimate in convenience. As a
retailer, you need solutions to meet these demands, drive sales and build customer loyalty without putting additional strain on
staff and budget. VeriFone’s MX Solutions is your answer.
VeriFone’s MX 800 Series of payment terminals offers the most proven technology and industry certifications available today.
Since the release of the MX 870 device in mid 2005, more North American retailers have selected an MX 800 Series device for their
business than any other. This innovative Linux based family of products comes with a proven pedigree with nearly 525,000 units
sold to many of today’s top retailers. Sharing the same architecture across this family of MX 800 Series products has allowed
VeriFone to enhance and refine the hardware and software yielding the most advanced, yet reliable products on the market.
Where it all comes together
VeriFone offers complete integrated retail solutions—
from a wide range of front-end payment devices
through back-end payment systems and supporting
services—selected to suit many retail environments
• Supermarkets
• Department Stores
• Multi-lane Retailers
• Specialty Retailers
VeriFone understands that you need reliable, quality
payment solutions that can help optimize your time
and budgets, increase your revenues, lower your cost
of ownership, improve customer experience, and keep
you safe in the knowledge that your payment system:
• Accepts card payments securely and reliably
• Complies with PCI standards
• Is proven and reliable in high-volume environments
• Offers comprehensive reporting and management tools
• Meets PCI PED and PCI DSS requirements
and emerging technologies to bring you only the best
in security, durability and reliability. Our knowledge
of security standards is an unmatched strength you
can count on from our global engineering and
development teams— we make it easy for you to
adapt to a dynamic market and stay protected from
payment fraud.
End-to-end Support
VeriFone has worked closely with industry leaders
during development to ensure our solutions are easy to
Implement in large retail environments. We have
developed the flexible infrastructure necessary to bring
our complete retail solutions to market, and all are
backed by VeriFone’s unparalleled customer support
and commitment to provide you with all you need.
All you need is VeriFone—your single point of contact
for payment solutions!
MX 830
Performance Plus. Designed
for demanding multi-lane
environments, the MX 830 has a
powerful payment processing engine, a convenient
keypad for secure PIN entry, an ultra-crisp color
display, and outstanding durability…making it the
clear choice for retailers.
MX 870
Multimedia Impact. The
MX 870 merges full-motion
video, a vibrant full color
display, high quality digital
sound and highly secure payments capabilities into
a single, easy-to-use system.
Unmatched Expertise
Having been at the forefront of innovation and design
in secure electronic payment technologies for over 25
years, VeriFone has millions of transaction solutions
installed at integrated retail locations around the
world. We develop systems with the retail environment
in mind and stay on top of the changing requirements
MX 860
Peak Performance. The
MX 860 is as versatile as it
is performance-oriented. An
industry leading color display ideal for promotional
and interactive customer applications is combined
with a tactile keypad and large signature capture
area to speed customers through lanes.
MX 880
Twice as Nice. The MX 880
combines VeriFone’s largest
full color display and most
powerful processor in a
device with a tactile keypad ─
delivering high-impact promotions and value-added
applications while securely processing payments.
More Options ─ More Flexibility
A key benefit of the MX 800 Series is the modular design and
flexibility, allowing customers to mix and match hardware and
software functionality across a single platform of Linux-based
devices to quickly and easily bring a diverse set of solutions to
Modules and options include: Display size, virtual touch screen,
tactile keypad, signature capture, EMV certified Smart Card
Reader, contactless reader, RS232 and RS485 Serial, USB and
100BaseT Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Power over Ethernet, barcode
scanner and printer.
One family. Endless possibilities.
The Multi-tasking MX 800 Series
Checkout has never been so fun!
VeriFone’s retail solutions provide
much more than secure payments.
MX 800 Series: An Intelligent Investment
The MX 800 Series is a single family of devices, peripherals and software designed to work together toward a common goal—
empowering customers in multiple locations throughout multi-lane stores. These handsome devices are loaded with the latest
in technology to give you virtually endless ways to improve efficiency and your bottom line. Powerful, reliable, secure, durable,
and globally ready to meet the demands of today’s complex marketplace—the MX 800 Series is destined to become one of your
most valuable assets.
The Need for a Multi-Function Device
Flexible Connectivity Options
Today’s retailer is demanding much more from us than a
“credit card machine”. VeriFone’s MX 800 Series of products
are multi-function devices that can deliver much more. All are
capable of performing credit and debit transactions, signature
capture, and PIN entry. The devices also provide line item
display, branding, customer messaging and advertising
With MX 800 Series Power Over Ethernet module, WiFi
USB, and various interfaces, you never have to be concerned
about staying connected.
Connect with Customers
The MX 800 Series helps you see beyond payments to visualize
a customer interaction strategy that will increase revenue,
leverage technology investments and grow along with your
Mix-and-Match to Maximize Your Investment
The MX 800 Series products and peripherals, upgradeable
modules and connectivity options can be used in a wide
variety of combinations anywhere in the store. Every device is
integrated to be interchangeable and work seamlessly
together, maximizing your ROI and lowering your cost of
ownership. In addition, all MX 800 Series products share
common casing, stands, cables, stands and power supplies.
Price Checker ─ Attach a scanner to any MX 800 Series device to create a versatile, compact, user-friendly price checker.
Pharmacy ─ Cross sell to your pharmacy customers and easily meet HIPAA requirements for disclosures and signature captures.
Interactive Kiosk ─ Make your in-store experience consistent by using MX Solutions for self-service or Web kiosks.
Product Locator ─ Cross sell and quickly guide customers with handy product locators throughout the store.
Instant Credit and Contracts ─ Credit applications and contracts have never been simpler, faster or more secure.
Loyalty Enrollment ─ Create a strong merchandising experience while you enroll customers in your loyalty program.
Secure Payments ─ Keep lines moving with fast, reliable and secure MX Solutions.
Registry ─ Simplify gift registry with displays that are bright, colorful and easy-to-use.
Gift Card Loading ─ Let customers check gift card balances and easily “top-up” cards at self-service stations.
Web Development Environment
The MX 800 Series utilizes Web Development Environment (WDE) to provide a unique combination of web technology and a secure
payment framework for an immensely powerful and flexible application development platform. All applications can be written in
HTML / JavaScript while having full access to VeriFone’s powerful payment engines. With the Web Development Environment applications can be written, debugged, and rolled-out much more quickly ─ for a faster time-to-market and a lower development cost.
Reach Customers Like Never Before
Targeted Promotions Drive Profit
Imagine the power of multimedia messaging to your
customer’s right at the checkout? Whether you are promoting
targeted brands, buy one get the second at half-price or
holiday discounts, your brand and targeted message will be
seen by every customer proceeding through the checkout.
Research clearly indicates targeted messages are the most
effective way to reach your customers. And in the retail
industry, in-store sales drive profits.
Install compact,
user-friendly price
checker units with
secure browser
capabilities anywhere
on the floor.
Credit applications
and contracts
have never been
simpler, faster or
more secure.
Credit &
Create a strong merchandising
experience while you enroll
customers in your loyalty program.
Ultimate Reliability
All MX 800 Series include a chemically hardened glass screen,
four times stronger than competitive product screens
(tempered glass) which inhibit any scratching. All are
designed with durable, proven components like rugged
magnetic stripe readers, keypads, and secure, solid casings
and offer a sleek stylus without moving parts, making it
extremely durable.
Imagine holding a consistent dialogue with customers throughout your store. While ordinary POS devices simply process payment
and payment-related transactions, with MX Solutions payment is only the beginning. You’ll have everything you need to create an
interactive platform of integrated devices featuring a variety of sales and service applications. Virtually endless options include
promotions and brand building, price checkers, instant credit applications, loyalty programs and kiosks. You can customize selfservice sales stations for gift cards, provide secure browser access for product information, offer online store inventory checks
and more. The unique and highly targeted marketing opportunities available through this merchandising powerhouse are truly
Highest Security Standards
MX 800 Series devices are all PCI PED approved, EMV, and
Interac certified—so your solutions can grow and change as
you need them, anywhere in the store or around the world.
Cross sell to your pharmacy
customers and easily meet
requirements for disclosures
and signature captures.
Keep lines moving with
fast, reliable and
secure MX Solutions.
Improved Consumer Card Security
By implementing the MX 800 Series solutions, customer’s
credit/debit card never leaves their hand to complete a
transaction. That not only increases the consumer’s
confidence that their transaction is secure, but it benefits
retailers because their cashiers and employees simply do not
have access to consumer cardholder data, preventing the risk
of compromise.
Build awareness and drive
sales with eye-catching
graphics, audio and video.
Connect in-store and online
shopping experiences with
self-service kiosks.
Cross sell and quickly guide
customers with handy product
locators throughout the store.
Let customers check gift card
balances and easily reload
cards at self-service stations.
Gift Card
Simplify gift registry with
displays that are bright,
colorful and easy-to-use.
The Power of PAYware ─ flexible, scalable, and secure.
Software Solutions
VeriFone’s global knowledge of payment security standards
and certifications is unmatched. Our solutions continually
evolve to incorporate the most stringent security standards
and industry best practices worldwide.
PAYware Vision
PAYware Vision is a sophisticated software solution suite that gives multi-lane retailers incredible point-of-sale marketing,
intelligence gathering, dispute resolution and support capabilities through its VeriFone MX 800 Series payment devices. Within
a single browser-based user interface, users have the power to collect critical business intelligence, deliver targeted
messaging and rich media, deploy security patches and device updates, and easily capture signatures.
The solution consists of three independent modules: Device Manager (streamlines device management remotely), Signature
Manager (captures and retrieves electronic signatures) and Content Manager (manages and controls content delivery). They
are highly scalable and readily customizable to unique organizational structure or requirements.
PAYware Connect ─ Payment Gateway
PAYware Connect is a highly configurable web-based payment gateway service that enables credit and debit payments to be
processed from any computer with an Internet connection and Internet Explorer. There’s no equipment, software, or payment
engine to set up and maintain, and it supports multiple payment processors in a real-time environment.
This hosted service supports a broad range of merchant types, sizes, and retail environments – from traditional retail to
e-commerce. And it is ideal to bundle with software applications, VeriFone payment devices, or a web store front as a part of
a complete payment solution.
Comprehensive Services Offering
VeriFone’s dedicated, world-class service offerings include: deployment, repair, training, helpdesk, and priority exchange
replacement services. We perform key injection and application load services at time of hardware deployment to your
specific requirements. Our service facilities are TG3 audited, and secure handling of customer specific information is a
priority. VeriFone is committed to delivering first class customer service with unsurpassed responsiveness and technical
VeriFone Services adheres to the highest standards of customer service by forming close partnerships with our customers to
understand their needs today and in the future and to deliver a comprehensive service offering to meet those needs. The
organization is staffed with professionals who are trained and compensated to deliver superior customer service. VeriFone can
tailor service programs to meet specific needs and/or requirements in addition to offering cost-effective, packaged programs.
Deployment: key injection, software application load, configuration, asset tracking and more
Project Management: Deployments, rollouts, on-site installations, web portal customization, etc.
Help Desk Services: 24 X 7 Help Desk services operated out of Clearwater Fl
Installation Services: Server configurations, terminal installations, cable runs
Repair and Warranty: Re-injection services, warranty and out of scope repair
Priority Exchange: 24 hour replacement services for pre-configured devices
Secure Terminal Retirement: Disposal of your legacy equipment in a secure manner
Application Development: MX 800 Series application development and training
Strategic Partnerships
Far more than a handshake, VeriFone’s partners play an important role in delivering the right solutions on time and on budget.
VeriFone continues to establish and maintain long-standing partnerships with developers, financial institutions, payment
processors and service providers. Our partnerships are one reason we’re the global leader in providing technology that enables
electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point of sale.
VeriShield Protect Offers Benefits Beyond End to End Encryption
VeriShield Protect is a breakthrough global end-to-end payment card security solution that ensures cardholder data
cannot be compromised, even in the event of a breach. VeriShield Protect shields credit and debit account
information from the moment a card is swiped until the data is received at a secure decryption appliance located in
a retailer’s secure data center, at an off-site service provider, or at an acquirer or processor organization.
Employs a breakthrough technology called VeriShield Hidden Encryption (VHE), a format-preserving encryption that
encrypts the primary account number and discretionary data in a manner that other applications interpret as valid
card data. The encryption is processed within the tamper resistant security modules of VeriFone’s existing PCI PED
approved payment systems protecting it from hackers. Card data is never in an unprotected state while in your
systems until it is decrypted by the decryption appliance. Visit
VeriFone’s Commitment to Payment Security
For more than 25 years, VeriFone has lead the industry in payment security, integration, and flexibility and helped
retailers achieve their goals with safe, innovative and reliable end-to-end payment solutions. VeriFone’s global
knowledge of payment security standards and certifications is unmatched.
The only payment terminal manufacturer elected to the PCI Security Standards Council’s Board of Advisors
VeriFone payment platforms support the most stringent security standards around the world, extending peace
of mind to the point of sale and helping simplify compliance.
VeriFone’s MX 800 Series provides POS B level PCI PED approval, which is more secure and more flexible than
POS A to meet a petroleum retailers needs.
Dominating the payments industry, VeriFone offers more than 30 PCI PED approved solutions
Weekly Payment Security Newsletter helps retailers get the latest information on payment security news,
trends, standards updates, events, and technologies. Email to register today.
Annual Retail Payments Security Conference is dedicated to providing retailers the most up-to-date
information on payment security standards and new payment technologies, trends and applications. website provides a one stop shop for all the accurate and helpful information you
need to better understand what is required to fully protect cardholder data from compromise.
About VeriFone
VeriFone is a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies. We provide solutions, services and expertise
that enable electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point of sale and in self-service
Our devices and systems process a broad spectrum of payment types, incorporate existing and the latest in
emerging technologies, and comply with all major global security standards. We operate with a network of nearly
30 sales and marketing offices throughout the world.
Contact us today to put your retail vision in motion. We’ll discuss your
specific requirements and talk about all that we can deliver to implement a
comprehensive integrated retail solution—from the latest payment systems to
installation and support.
Email us at
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