PYLE Audio PWMA-830 Cassette Player User Manual

PYLE Audio PWMA-830 Cassette Player User Manual
* To prevent tire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or
* To avoid electrical shock caused by the risk components and radium laser
set, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
* Tlus 1s a professional high-end home appliance that contains a large scale of
integrated circuit and laser set
To extend the usage time, keep the interval between the open and the close of
the unit no less than 10 seconds.
* Please keep the DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD player power off during the con-
necting or the unit will be not wed for a long time.
Do not use the system where it may be subjected to:
--- direct sunlight or near the heat radiators
--- on the heat sources
--- excessive dust or bad ventilation property
--- excessive humidity or rain
—- mechanical or other vibrations
* When excessive dusts cling to the DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD player, please
have 1t cleaned by laser-cleaning disc as well as the cleaning tape that used to
wipe out the dust from the tape deck
* Just clean the unit by the cotton with little scour instead of sand paper, alc-
ohol and gas etc.
* To avoid the damage of the unit, do not use the anamorphic or worn disc.
Do not use the bad tape.
Be sure to the correct power supply.
Should catch hold of the plug of the cable when connect or disconnect the
power socket:
* Be sure to the correct connection of all the power cable before power on.
* Remove the volume control of the amplifier to the minimum before power on,
and then adjust to the suitable level as per your request to avoid the damage of
the amplifier or speaker,
Make sure to pull out the plug from the power socket while not use the unit for
a long time.
* Do not open the DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD player. Refer to repair matter,
please contact local dealer.
* Be sure to power off before opening the cabinet of the unit.
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Last Dj
27. Audio input jack
28. Audio L/R output jacks on the front panel
29. Video output jack
30. Main volume control for amplifier
31. Metal shield for sound box
32. Woofer
33. Exhaust pipe
34. Stand for sound box
35. Tweeter
36, Open/close button far tape
37. Pause button for tape
38. Forward button for tape
39. Rew button for tape
40. Play button for tape
41. Record button for tape
47. Cassette holder
43. Sound box
44. Cloth for sound box
45, Handle for sound box
46. Trailer handle
47. Heating Pane
48. Voltage Selector Switch
49. Ac Fuse
50. Rechargeable Battery Cover
51. Truckle Of Trailer
52. Parameter label
53. 2PIN Power Socket
54. External DC Input Jack
55. Trailer pole
56. Mic Head
57. RF Indicator Of Handheld Mic
58. Power Switch Of Handheld Mic
59. Battery Housing Of Handheld Mic
|. Multi-functional portable wireless amplifier and wireless karaoke system,
which enjoys pure & pertect sound and everlasting quality, 1s charactered by
the simple and convenient operation.
The system 1s equipped with VHF wireless microphone transmitter & receiver
3. Toa built-in 3 " tweeter & a 8 " woofer and DVD/MP3/VCD/
owes the excellent power output and will be your best choice.
4. The system 1s perfect for Karaoke, conference, trammg, auditornun, hotel, church
& teaching etc that engages inside or outside.
6. The system 1s equipped with headset mic & bodypack transmitter, and the hand-
held mic 1s optional to you. Normally the etfective distance 1s 50 meters.
/. Can connect three wired mic at the same time and volume of the mic can be
adjusted according to your request.
8. Treble and bass control 1s supplied.
9. Echo control 1s supplied.
10. Including two lmes of guitar input, volume can be adjusted by main volume
11. CD/TAPE IN volume control 1s supplied.
[2. Audio/Video mput and output jacks are installed on the front panel for your
choice, while Audio/Video output jacks are installed on the rear panel.
|3. Main volume control for amplifier 18 supplied.
14. Can record the voice and music that come from the amplifier by recorder.
15, Additional trailer 1s equipped for your convemence.
Power supply: LIAC220V/50Hz ET ACT OV/GOHZ
including a built-in 12V/7AH rechargeable battery
Frequency response: 35Hz-20K Hz
SPL: 94dB(1 W/M)
T.H.D: <1%
в a x mis Ah 5 M
Input wired mic: -58dBV 600
Speaker: 8 " wooter,3 " tweeter
RMS power: 185W
Input jack: 2X 1/4" wired mic jack, 1 X 1/4 " GUITAR IN jack
1 X Audio/Video input jack
Output jack: 3 XRCA X (VIDEO+L/R AUDIO) jack
Carrier frequency range: 177-193MHz
RF sensitivity: =-101dB
Image rejection: =60dB
S/N ration: =65dB
Operation range: 100 ft
Carter frequency range: 177-193 MHz
RF power output: =10mW
Modulation level: 15K
Operation temperature: -18C—60€
Power supply: OV
Unit Battery Lite: Approx. 5 Hours
Mic Battery Life: Approx. 45 Hours
1. Make sure the power supply
À For AC power
(1) Connect the power socket of the unit and AC power socket with the supplied
@) Power on DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD player & the amplifier and both of red
indicators come that indicates the system 1s under the situation.
(3) 110/220V voltage switchable
B. For built-in rechargeable battery
(1) Should exist enough energy for rechargeable battery, do not connect AC power
(2) Power on the DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD player € the amplifier and both of
red indicators come that means the system can be operated now.
(3) If the low voltage indicator on the back of the unit is red, it indicates insuffici-
ent voltage and need to charge 1t right now.
C. Charge by built-in rechargeable battery
(1) Connect the power socket of the unit and AC power socket with the supplied
(2) The charge indicator will tum from red to green that means it has got the suffi-
cient voltage.
3) The charge time should be 8-10 hours.
(1) Turn on the amplifier and the red indicator will be light.
2) Power on DVD/MP3/VED/CD-G/CD PLAYER and the red indicator comes.
(3) Open the compartment of DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD by pressing OPEN/
CLOSE button and insert the disc, D VD/MP3/VCD/ CD-G/CD PLAYER 1s
under the situation once press OPEN/CLOSE button agai.
4) Connect the VIDEO output jack on either side of the unit and TV, the picture
will be transferred from DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD PLAYER to TV screen.
©) Adjust main volume controls of the amplifier and CD/TAPE to the suitable level.
©) Adjust treble control and bass control as per your request.
Press the previous button for previous song.
(39 =
= Ми”
) Press the next button for next song.
Press pause button for pause.
Press stop button for stopping.
(D Press track button if accompany with Karaoke.
Insert the tape into cassette holder after press STOP/EJECT button, and then
press PLAY button to enjoy the tape.
=) >
Just adjust volume controls of the amplifier and CD/TAPE to the suitable level.
Treble and bass control adjustment depends on your request.
For wire mic
Two wire mic jacks just used for two at the same tune.
Insert the wire mic to MIC input jack separately.
Adjust echo control as per your request.
Remove the volume control of each mic to the proper position.
) & ©
For wireless mic
The receiver can feedback the signals from wireless mic immediately once
switch on it.
Insert a 9V battery into the transmitter and power on: the power
mdicator as well as RF indicator of the system will light. This means that you
can operate 1t now
Just adjust echo control to the suitable level.
Treble and bass control can be adjusted according to your request.
Remove the volume control of Mic to the proper position.
Adjust the main volume control, wire/wireless volume control & CD/TAPE
volume control, in order to get the perfect Karaoke effect.
6. Play and record by DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD PLAYER and TAPE RECORDER
Insert the plain tape after open the cassette holder,
Power on the amplifier.
Adjust the wired mic
Power on DVD/MP3/VCD/CD-G/CD or wireless microphone to the suitable
level PL AYER
Now you can sing while enjoy the music.
Should record, just press REC & PLAY button simultaneously
Connect outside music
If you want to play guitar, just plug the cable into GUITAR IN, volume can be
adjusted by maim volume control.
Connect external AUDIO/VIDEO devices
AUDIO/VIDEO input and output jacks that are AUDIO/VIDEO L/R installed
on the front panel for your choice. Connect external AUDIO/VIDEO devices
with AUDIO/VIDEO input Jacks by proper cables, the signed will be transmi-
tted to other AUDIO/VIDEO devices by AUDIO/VIDEO output jacks.
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