Samsung GH68-17668A Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Samsung GH68-17668A Bluetooth Headset User Manual
Your headset overview
REW button/
FF button
Indicator light
Adapter jack
Volume control
Play/Pause/Stop button
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Guide No.: GH68-17668A
03/2008. Rev. 1.0
Charging the headset
This headset has a rechargeable internal battery
which is non-removable. Ensure that you fully charge
the battery before using the headset for the first time.
1 P
ut the travel adapter into the adapter jack and
into a power outlet.
• Make sure you have the following items with your
headset : Travel Adapter, User's Guide. The items
supplied with your headset may vary depending on
your region.
• If your headset responds slowly, stops responding, or
freezes, press the reset with a pointed tool.
• Use only a Samsung-approved travel adapter.
Unauthorized adapters may cause an explosion or
damage to the headset.
• The battery will gradually wear out while charging or
discharging because it is a consumable part.
• When a call comes in while charging, disconnect your
headset from the travel adapter and answer the call.
The indicator light on the headset changes to red.
I f the battery gets very low, the indicator light
turns on purple when the travel adapter is
Wearing the headset
Place the headset on your ear. Ensure to put the
correct (Left, Right) earpiece on each ear.
Turning the headset on or off
2 D
isconnect the travel adapter from the power
outlet and the headset when the indicator light
changes to blue.
• T
o turn the headset on, press and hold [ ] until
the indicator light flashes blue 4 times.
• To turn the headset off, press and hold [ ] until
the indicator light sequentially flashes blue and red.
Pairing with your Bluetooth phone
Using call functions
1 Enter Pairing mode.
Some features may not be supported by your phone.
• I f you turn the headset on for the first time, it
proceeds into Pairing mode immediately.
ake sure that the headset is off, and press and
• M
hold [ ] until the indicator light turns on blue
and stays lit after flashing blue 4 times.
2 S
earch for and connect with your phone according
to your phone user's guide. (Bluetooth PIN: 0000,
4 zeros).
When the headset and the phone are paired, press [
to reconnect via the previously connected Headset Profile
or Hands-Free Profile, or press [
] to reconnect via the
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.
Press and hold [ ] to:
• Place a call on hold
• Place the first call on hold and answer a second call
• Retrieve a call on hold
When the headset is waiting for a call,
Press [ ] to:
• Answer an incoming call
• Redial the last number called
Press and hold [ ] to:
• Make a voice-activated call
• Reject an incoming call
When the headset has a call in progress,
Press [ ] to:
• End a call
• Transfer a call from the phone to the headset
• End the first call and answer a second call
Specifications and description
Bluetooth version
Support profile
Headset Profile, Hands-Free Profile,
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile,
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
Operating range
Up to 30 feet (10 meters)
Standby time
Up to 140 hours*
Talk time
Up to 8 hours*
Play time
Up to 8 hours*
Charging time
Approximately 3 hours*
Press [+] or [-] to adjust the volume.
Press and hold [+] or [-] to turn the microphone off
or on.
Using music control functions
Press [ ] to:
• Listen to music
• Pause and resume playback
Press and hold [
Press [
] to stop playback.
] to skip backward or [
] to skip forward.
] to scan backward or [
Press and hold [
scan forward in a file.
Press [+] or [-] to adjust the volume.
] to
epending on the phone type and usage, the actual time may
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