PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave ®

PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave ®
The BradCommunications™ SST Profibus communication
module connects your Rockwell ControlLogix® controller
to PROFIBUS DP network.
30 Oct. 09
• Enhanced design!
For the Rockwell ControlLogix® Controller
100% backward compatible with
previous generation
Up to 2 times faster
Easier to change module’s
configuration with PLC in RUN
Runs without ladder code
Module can “Set Slave” address
Dynamically add/remove
Profibus slaves from scan list
Remote Configuration and
diagnostic through RSLinx ®
Profibus modules can be used in
Local or Remote (through CIP
networks) Racks
Certified PROFIBUS CommDTM
driver for FDT Frame engineering
Provides user-defined data space
up to 1984 Bytes Input and
1968 Bytes Output
Supports all PROFIBUS baud rates
including 45.45 kbps
Manages DP-V1 Services
Simultaneous operation of
PROFIBUS DP Master and Slave
Multiple SST-PB3-CLX-RLL modules
can be used in one CLX rack
• PROFIBUS DP-V0 Master Class 1&2
• PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master Class 1&2
Typical Applications
• Chemical or pharmaceutical
PROFIBUS® DP Master/Slave
The BradCommunications™ SST™ Profibus® module connects your Rockwell
ControlLogix® controller to Profibus as a master or slave to scan or emulate
PROFIBUS DP I/O. With the new user-defined data space of 1984 Bytes Input and
1968 Bytes Output, the BradCommunications™ SST™ Profibus module provides a
cost efficient solution to connect the ControlLogix CPU with large PROFIBUS
Remote Link Library
The Remote Link Library software provides added functionality to the
BradCommunications SST Profibus module by allowing you to remotely monitor or
download changes to your Profibus configuration. This is done by routing data from
the BradCommunications SST Profibus DP Master Configuration software through
Rockwell Automation ’s RSLinx software via Ethernet to the Allen-Bradley
ControlLogix backplane. The Profibus Scanner can be used on a Local Rack or on
a Remote Rack through CIP networks like EtherNet/IP or ControlNet
CommDTM Driver for FDT Tools
By purchasing SST-PB3-CLX-DTM part number, you will get the driver license to
use the certified CommDTM driver conforms to FDT v1.2 specifications. It is the
ideal solution for connecting FDT engineering tools such as PACTware or
FieldCare™ to PROFIBUS. It allows the linking with Device DTMs for the
configuration and diagnostics with DP-V1 devices including Profibus PA field
application running PROFIBUS PA
Machine builder application with
high-speed control requirements
- Fieldcare Screenshot -
- Pactware Screenshot -
Diagnostic & Software Tools
Network Specifications
Configuration Software
Supports downloading and
uploading configuration files
through Serial or Ethernet port
Browse your DP network for slave
devices you want to include in your
DP Master configuration using the
DPView component
Scanner Software
Maintains slave status, diagnostic
status information on all slaves,
network diagnostic counters, and
DP Master diagnostic counters
Maintains network and I/O module
status information including:
• Active Slave Station Bit table
• Configured Slave Station Bit
• Network diagnostic counters
• DP Master diagnostic counters
LAN Controller
Slaves Supported
I/O per Slave
I/O Mapping
(for ControlLogix)
Data Rate
Hardware Specifications
Bus Interface
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5000
Freescale MCF5272
PROFIBUS DP-V0 Master, class 1&2
PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master, class 1&2
PROFIBUS DP-V0 Slave (up to 122 words of input
data and 122 words of output data as slave)
Siemens ASPC2
Maximum of 125
Maximum of 244 bytes in/out
Maximum 1984 bytes input data
Maximum 1968 bytes output data
250 words status
All Profibus data rates up to 12 Mbps
Belden 3079A
Brad Harrison 85-0001
PVR2 conductor with shield, UL-listed
DB9 female connector
8MB of local MCF5272 RAM
512 KB of onboard shared memory
512 KB of sectored flash memory for storage of
program and configuration data
Built-in 4 character display
3 LEDs indicate:
1. Health of the Profibus network (COMM)
2. Communication status with Profibus slaves (SYS)
3. that initialization is complete and the module is ok (OK)
Built-in 4 character display
COMM, SYS and OK LEDs provide
immediate notification of network
and system errors
Current Consumption
850 mA @ 5V or 1.75 mA @ 24V
Operating Temperature
0ºC (32ºF) up to +60ºC (140ºF)
Other PROFIBUS Products
Storage Temperature
-40ºC (-40F) up to +85ºC (185F)
PROFIBUS modules for
Allen-Bradley® SLC™ 500
RoHS Compliant
81.2 years
PROFIBUS USB Adapter supporting
CommDTM / FDT Version 1.2
PROFIBUS network interface cards
(PCIe, PCI, C-PCI, PC/104, ISA,
VME) inclusive DLL, OPC, ActiveX…
Full metal PROFIBUS connector
IDC-technique provides quick
and error-free connection
Optional diagnostic LED
reduces downtime
Ordering Information
Part Number
BradCommunications™ SST™ PROFIBUS Scanner
1120160018 for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, includes Remote Link
BradCommunications™ SST™ PROFIBUS Scanner
SST-PB3-CLX-DTM 1120160019 for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, includes Remote Link
Library and CommDTM driver license
BradCommunications™ SST™ CommDTM update
driver license for PROFIBUS Scanner
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