User manual | SLIK PRO 400X Camcorder Accessories User Manual

SLIK PRO 400X Camcorder Accessories User Manual
Using the Center Column
Center Column
Locking Collar
Length folded
Operating Instructions
Congratulations on the purchase of a SLIK PRO 400DX Tripod.
The SLIK Corporation has designed your tripod to be a sturdy,
rugged, dependable product that will provide you with many years of
satisfactory use.
Please take a few moments to read this instruction sheet carefully so
you can take full advantage of your Tripod's many fine features.
Retain this instruction sheet in case you might want to refer back to it.
Center Column Stopper
(25 7/12")
Max. operating height 1,550mm
Max. center column ext. 280mm
(5 lbs 9 oz)
Hold onto the Pan Head with one hand, and
loosen the Center Column Locking Collar with
the other hand.
Raise or lower Pan Head to desired height, and
while maintaining a hold of the Pan Head, tighten the Locking Collar.
You may injure your hand by a sudden fall, if
you let go of the Pan Head before locking the
Turn the Locking Collar with your fingers on the
side of the Collar.
This caution icon refers to information pertaining to important safety
procedures in preventing injuries, and damages which may occur as
a result of mishandling this product.
To avoid unnecessary camera vibrations, try to
keep the Center Column height to a minimum.
Also use the larger legs first, when extending
the legs.
Inverting the Center Column
This prohibited icon refers to information pertaining to prohibited contents. Please refer to instructions closely to avoid accidents.
Pan Head
Quick Release Platform
Pan Head
Quick Release
Lock Lever
Vertical Tilt Handle
Pan & Tilt Handle
Center Column
Locking Collar
Center Column Stopper
3-Position Leg Angle
Adjustment Locks
Center Column
Main Body
Remove the Pan Head when inverting &/or
replacing the Center Column.
Remove the center column Base Stopper turning
to the way of arrow.
Loosen the Center Column Stopper and the
Locking Collar, and then pull out the Center
Handle Connecting
Soft Grip
Lower part of
Center Column
Panning Lock Knob
Mounting Wing Nut
Mounting Screw
Equipment that can be
used with this Tripod
Leg Lock Lever
Base Stopper
Make sure to re-attach the Base Stopper, in
order to prevent the Center Column from falling
Insert the Center Column from the lower side of
Main Body, and tighten the Locking Collar and
the Center Column Stopper.
By inverting the Center Column, it is possible to
do copy, and close up work.
Carrying the Tripod
Care of the Tripod
・DO NOT apply any grease or oil to this product.
・Clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth only.
・DO NOT use close to flame. Avoid extreme heat.
Phone 81-429-89-2141
Fax. 81-429-85-0210
Rubber Leg Tip
Setting up
This product has been designed
to handle equipment weighing
under 5 kgs (11 lbs).
Do not overload.
Some equipment weighing under
5 kgs (11 lbs), such as long lenses, may not balance well due to
its weight distribution. In such
case, please use a larger tripod.
Pan Head mounting post
Slik corporation reserves the right to make changes in design and/or improvements on the products without any obligation and advanced notice.
853, Kayama, Hidaka-shi, Saitama 350-1231, Japan
Leg Lock
On this tripod, please buy Thread
Adapter Set when the Pan Head
that there are large screw (U3/8)
tripod installation screws is
Printed in Thailand.
Carrying a tripod with a camera left on can
result in unexpected accidents. We therefore,
recommend you to remove your camera while
carrying the tripod.
Prevent accidental equipment fall, or tripod tipping over, by making sure all levers, knobs,
and handles on the tripod are securely tightened, and that all three legs are opened all the
Do not attach camera directly to the threaded
post of the Center Column.
This may damage both camera and tripod.
Install the Handles
Using the Pan Head (Continued)
Washer Ring
Washer Ring
Attach the two Pan Handles to the Pan Head, by inserting the shorter
handle to the left, and the longer handle to the right. Do not reverse.
Remove the Vertical Tilt Handle from the Pan Head, and screw into the
back of the Pan & Tilt Handle.
Make sure the washer ring on the thread stays on with the handle.
Attaching the camera to the Quick Release Platform
To remove the Quick Release Platform from the Pan Head, turn Quick
Release Lock Lever and lift out Platform from its back.
Loosen the Vertical Tilt Handle, and the level can be adjusted.
When loosening either the Pan & Tilt Handle, or the Vertical Tilt Handle, take
precaution by keeping a firm grip on the handle until the Pan Head is locked
Removing the Head from the Center Column
Align the length of the Platform along the base of the camera body, and
securely tighten the Mounting Wing Nut.
Use the following instructions if you wish to change heads, or attach
First, lock the Panning Lock Knob, then grasp the Pan, or Vertical Tilt
Handle and turn the head, counter-clockwise to loosen.
Set the new head, or accessory on the tripod's threaded post, and turn
clockwise until it comes to a stop.
Tighten the Panning Lock Knob and turn clockwise slightly more.
Three Position Adjustable Legs
When attaching the camera to the Pan Head, check to make sure that the
Quick Release Platform is engaged in the catch of the Pan Head before
locking the lever.
The Quick Release Platform can be attached to the camera body in either
directions (along the length, or along the width).
This feature facilitates your camera set up into the vertical position, simply
by the turn of one of the tilt handles.
After choosing the desired leg angle, securely push in the Adjustment
How to get low level shots
Using the Pan Head
Loosen the Pan & Tilt Handle, and the head will tilt back and forth.
To change the angle of each leg, close the Leg slightly, and then pull the Leg
Angle Adjustment Lock out.
There is a choice of two other angle positions.
Loosen the Panning Lock Knob, and the head will rotate along the horizontal
Remove the center column Base Stopper and
then, remove the lower part of the center column.
Put the center column Base Stopper on the
upper part of the center column.
Extending/Folding of Tripod Legs
Then, you can get lower height.
Open the Leg Lock Lever for extending/folding
of tripod legs.
Lock the lever tightly at your required position.
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