Taylor 805 Charcoal Grill User Manual

Taylor 805 Charcoal Grill User Manual
801 Instant Read Thermometer
• Temp range from 0°F to220°F
• Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
• Safe-T-Guard™ antimicrobial calibration wrench doubles
as protective case
• Stainless steel 5” stem and 1 3/4” dial
• Shatterproof plastic lens
802 Meat Thermometer
• Temp range from 120°F to 210°F
• Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
• Stainless steel 4” stem and 2 7/8” dial
• Preparation scale for various meats with adjustable
temperature minder
• Dishwasher safe
804 Deep Fry Thermometer
• Temp range from 50° to 550°F
• Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
• Durable, extra long 11 1/2” stainless steel stem
and 1 3/4” dial
• Adjustable pan/kettle clip and temperature indicator
• Preparation scales for various deep fried items
• Dishwasher safe
805 Grill Thermometer
• Temp range from 100°F-500°F
• Accurately measures the surface temperature of your grill
• Large 2” dial won’t fall through standard grill grates
• Durable all stainless steel construction
• Easy to set and remove from any grill surface
• Magnet attaches directly to grill surface
806 Waterproof Digital Thermometer
• Temp range from -40°F to 450°F or -40°C to 232°C
• Pen-style LCD readout with backlight for easy reading at night
• On/Off switch, hold button, min/max memory, recalibration
and auto off features
• Durable stainless steel stem
• Antimicrobial pocket sleeve included
• Waterproof
• One button cell battery and lanyard included
807 Digital Fork Thermometer
• Ideal for barbequing
• Monitors exact temperatures throughout cooking process
• Range from 0°F to 220°F
• Durable stainless steel tines
• Backlight makes it easy to read in the dark
• Auto shut-off
808 Remote Probe Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer
• Temp range from 32°F to 212°F or 0°C to 100°C
• Dual display with both current and target temperatures and
backlight for easy reading at night
• Program specific temperature or use presets from rare
to well done
• Durable stainless steel probe with silicone cord
• On/off switch for long battery life with auto off feature
• Timer and alarm functions
• Magnetic back and stand
814 Grill/Smoker Thermometer
• Temp range from 100°F to 500°F
• Smoker and BBQ range indicators
• Glow in the dark 2 3/4” dial makes it easy to read at night
• Stainless steel construction
• 1 7/8” stem with mountable 3/4” threading for
smoker/grill lid or wall
815 Meat Grilling Thermometers (4 pack)
• Accurate roasting and grilling for beef, poultry and pork
• Leave-in thermometers cook food to taste without guessing
• Set of 4 includes: 2 beef, 1 poultry and 1 pork
• Calibrated for accuracy
818 Two Event Big Digit Timer/Clock
• Displays two cooking events at once
• 1.2” LCD readout with clock and backlight
for easy reading at night
• Hour/minute/second timing
• Counts up or down
• Clip/magnet/stand for easy positioning
• AAA battery included
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