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Owner's Manual

CE Compliance (for EU only)

This product complies with the requirements of EMC and Low Voltage Directives including their amendments.


This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.


Dies ist ein Klasse A Produkt. In einer örtlichen Umgebung kann dieses Gerät Funkstörungen verursachen.


Ce produit est de classe A. Dans un environnement domestique, il peut causer des interférences radio.

Auquel cas, l’utilisateur sera amené à prendre les mesures adéquates.


Este es un producto de la clase A. En ambientes domésticos éste producto puede causar radio interferencias en cuyo caso el usuario deberá tomar las medldas oportunas.


Dit is een klasse A produkt. Het gebruik hiervan kan radio interferenties veroorzaken die de gebruiker ertoe kunnen dwigen sommige maatregelen te moeten treffen.


Questo è un apparecchio di Classe A. In un ambiente residenziale questo apparecchio quò provocare radiodisturbi. In questo caso può essere richiesto all’utilizzatore di prendere misure adeguate.

Schallemission: unter 70dB (A) nach DIN 45635 (ISO7779)

FCC Notice

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to

Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at this own expense.

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by manufacturer for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

“This Class A digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing

Equipment Regulations.”

“Cet appareil numérique de la classe A respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada.”

Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Celeron is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. iButton is a registered trade mark of Dallas Semiconductor.

< For EU Only >

TOSHIBA TEC Europe Retail Information Systems S.A.

Rue de la Célidée 33 BE-1080 Brussels


All Rights Reserved

570 Ohito, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka-ken, JAPAN

Safety Summary


Safety Summary

Personal safety in handling or maintaining the equipment is extremely important. Warnings and Cautions necessary for safe handling are included in this manual. All warnings and cautions contained in this manual should be read and understood before handling or maintaining the equipment.

Do not attempt to effect repairs or modifications to this equipment. If a fault occurs that cannot be rectified using the procedures described in this manual, turn off the power, unplug the machine, then contact your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance.

Meanings of Each Symbol

This symbol indicates warning items (including cautions).

Specific warning contents are drawn inside the symbol.

(The symbol on the left indicates a general caution.)

This symbol indicates prohibited actions (prohibited items).

Specific prohibited contents are drawn inside or near the symbol.

(The symbol on the left indicates “no disassembling”.)

This symbol indicates actions which must be performed.

Specific instructions are drawn inside or near the symbol.

(The symbol on the left indicates “disconnect the power cord plug from the outlet”.)



This indicates that there is the risk of death or serious injury if the machines are improperly handled contrary to this indication.

Do not plug in or unplug the power cord plug with wet hands as this may cause

electric shock.

Any other than the specified AC voltage is prohibited.

Do not use voltages other than the voltage (AC) specified on the rating plate, as this may cause fire or electric shock.



If the machines share the same outlet with any other electrical appliances that consume large amounts of power, the voltage will fluctuate widely each time these appliances operate. Be sure to provide an exclusive outlet for the machine as this may cause fire or electric


Do not insert or drop metal, flammable or other foreign objects into the machines through the ventilation slits, as this may cause fire or electric




Do not place metal objects or water-filled containers such as flower vases, flower pots or mugs, etc. on top of the machines. If metal objects or spilled liquid enter the machines, this may cause fire or electric shock.

Do not scratch, damage or modify the power cords. Also, do not place heavy objects on, pull on, or excessively bend the cords, as this may cause fire or electric shock.

Disconnect the plug.

If the machines are dropped or their cabinets damaged, first turn off the power switches and disconnect the power cord plugs from the outlet, and then contact your authorized

TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance. Continued use of the machine in that condition may cause fire or electric


Continued use of the machines in an abnormal condition such as when the machines are producing smoke or strange smells may cause

fire or electric shock. In these cases, immediately turn off the power switches and disconnect the power cord plugs from the outlet.

Then, contact your authorized

TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance.


Safety Summary


Connect a grounding wire.

If foreign objects (metal fragments, water, liquids) enter the machines, first turn off the power switches and disconnect the power cord plugs from the outlet, and then contact your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance.

Continued use of the machine in that condition may cause fire or

electric shock.

Ensure that the equipment is properly grounded. Extension cables should also be grounded.

Fire or electric shock could occur on improperly grounded equipment.

Disconnect the plug.

No disassembling.

When unplugging the power cords, be sure to hold and pull on the plug portion. Pulling on the cord portion may cut or expose the internal wires and cause fire or electric shock.

Do not remove covers, repair or modify the machine by yourself.

You may be injured by high voltage, very hot parts or sharp edges inside the machine.

Unauthorized modification is prohibited.


This indicates that there is the risk of personal Injury or damage to objects if the machines are improperly handled contrary to this indication.


The following precautions will help to ensure that this machine will continue to function correctly.

Try to avoid locations that have the following adverse conditions:

* Temperatures out of the specification * Direct sunlight * High humidity

* Shared power source * Excessive vibration

Do not subject the machine to sudden shocks.

* Dust/Gas

Do not press the keys too hard. Keys will operate correctly if they are touched lightly.

Clean the cover and keyboard, etc. by wiping with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked with detergent and wrung out thoroughly. Never use thinner or other volatile solvent for cleaning.

At the end of the day, turn the power OFF, then clean and inspect the exterior of the machine.

Try to avoid using this equipment on the same power supply as high voltage equipment or equipment likely to cause mains interference.


DO NOT STORE the consumables where they might be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, dust, or gas.

When moving the machine, take hold of the drawer and lift the machine.

Do not place heavy objects on top of the machines, as these items may become unbalanced and fall causing injury.

Do not block the ventilation slits of the machines, as this will cause heat to build up inside the machines and may cause fire.

Do not lean against the machine. It may fall on you and could cause injury.

Place the machine on a stable and level surface.

Request Regarding Maintenance

Utilize our maintenance services.

After purchasing the machine, contact your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistanc ii once a year to have the inside of the machine cleaned. Otherwise, dust will build up inside the machines and may cause a fire or a malfunction. Cleaning is particularly effective before humid rainy seasons.

Our preventive maintenance service performs the periodic checks and other work required to maintain the quality and performance of the machines, preventing accidents beforehand.

For details, please consult your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance.

Using insecticides and other chemicals

Do not expose the machines to insecticides or other volatile solvents. This will cause the cabinet or other parts to deteriorate or cause the paint to peel.





1. INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1- 1

2. APPEARANCE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2- 1

2.1 Standard Model --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- 1

2.2 Available Options------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- 3

2.3 Example of POS Terminal with Some Options ----------------------------------------------------- 2- 3

3. CONNECTORS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3- 1

4.1 Environment for Installation------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4- 1

4.2 Connecting the AC Plug ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4- 2

5. ADJUSTMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5- 1

5.1 Tilt Angle Adjustment-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5- 1

5.3 Speaker Volume Adjustment ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5- 2

5.4 Beep Volume Adjustment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5- 2

6. MAGNETIC CARD READER (OPTION) ---------------------------------------------------------6- 1

6.1 How to Read Magnetic Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6- 1



(OPTION)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7- 1

7.1 How to Read iButton -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7- 1

9. TROUBLESHOOTING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------9- 1

10. SPECIFICATIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10- 1

10.1 Basic Specifications ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10- 1


1. This manual may not be copied in whole or in part without prior written permission of


2. The contents of this manual may be changed without notification.

3. Please refer to your local Authorised Service representative with regard to any queries you may have in this manual.



1.1 Accessories


Thank you for choosing the TOSHIBA POS Terminal. This POS terminal contains all the high performance register functions necessary for a specialty store POS terminal and enables the user oriented system configuration.

The operation panel can be chosen from 12-inch TFT display and 15-inch TFT display.

This manual describes the functions and handling of this POS terminal and should be read carefully to help gain maximum performance and life from your POS terminal. For most queries please refer to this manual and keep it safe for future reference.

1.1 Accessories

Confirm that all the following accessories are contained in the carton. If any accessories are missing or damaged, contact your TOSHIBA TEC service representative.

Owner’s Manual (1 copy) Bind Screw M-3x3

1- 1



2.1 Standard Model

12-inch display POS terminal

12” TFT Color Display with Touch Panel

HDD LED (Yellow)

Power LED (Green)

Brightness Control

15-inch display POS terminal

15” TFT Color Display with Touch Panel

HDD LED (Yellow)

Power LED (Green)

Brightness Control


2.1 Standard Model

MIC IN Beep Volume

Reset Switch

Power Switch

Speaker Volume



Beep Volume

Reset Switch

Power Switch

Speaker Volume


2- 1



2.1 Standard Model

1) Power LED (Green)

This is the LED to indicate the power ON/OFF status of the POS terminal. The green LED is illuminated when the power is ON.

2) HDD LED (Yellow)

The yellow LED is illuminated during the access to the hard disk drive.

3) Power Switch

This is the switch to turn the power of the POS terminal ON or OFF.

4) Reset Switch

This switch is used to reset the unit when the POS terminal hangs up.


Do not press the Reset Switch unnecessarily. Doing so may cause an error.

5) Speaker Volume

This is used to adjust the internal speaker volume.


This connector is used to connect a monophonic microphone via the mono mini jack terminal.

7) Beep Volume

This is used to adjust the internal beep speaker volume.

8) Brightness Control

This is used to adjust the brightness of the operator’s display.

2- 2


2.2 Available Options

12" 2nd Display

15" 2nd Display



2.2 Available Options



Relay PC Board

12" or 15" POS Terminal

LIU Stand

Pole Unit iButton Unit

MCR COM 5 or 6

2.3 Examples of POS Terminal with Some Options

Example of ST-71 with an optional MCR,

iButton, and 2nd display

Example of ST-71 with an optional

MCR and 2nd display

MCR Unit


2nd display


2nd Display


MCR Unit


MCR Unit (Option)

(When attached to the left side of the display) iButton (Option)

Example of ST-71 with an optional LIUExample of ST-71 with an optional LIU

(Front display: 12/15-inch TFT, Rear display: LIU + LIU stand)

(Front display: 12/15-inch TFT, Rear display: LIU + Pole unit + LIU stand)

LIU (Option)

LIU (Option)

LIU Stand (Option)

2- 3

Pole Unit (Option)

LIU Stand (Option)



2.3 Examples of POS Terminal with Some Options


Do not strongly push or scratch the edge of the touch screen (the shaded part of the following figure) with a sharp tool, such as a nail and a pen. Doing this may damage the touch panel.

4 mm

4 mm

2- 4





AC Inlet





PS/2 Mouse



24V DC outlet



CF Card*

Display Power and Signal



Line Out








PS/2 Keyboard

*: Option

Connector Description

AC inlet

24V DC outlet

A connector for the AC inlet

A terminal of a DC 24V line to which the power cable of the Receipt/Journal printer is connected.

PS/2 (Mouse, Keyboard) Mini-DIN 6-pin female type connector

Connector for the PS/2 type mouse, Connector for the PS/2 type keyboard

USB3 (USB supplied with power)

USB4,5 (General 5V USB)

Connector for the USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface USB V2.0/1.1 and UHCI

(conforming to Universal Hub Controller Interface V2.0/1.1)

NOTE: USB functions may not be supported depending on the Operating


USB3 is a USB socket supplied with power, which is 1 port of 24V USB. USB4 and USB5 can be used as general 5V USB connectors.



LVDS1, 2


COM1, 2

COM3, 4, 5, 6



CF Card interface slot

PC Card interface slot

Modular type connector for the 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN interface

A 24V type drawer is connectable.

Expandable LCD interface (LVDS2 is a option.)

Expandable VGA interface

15-pin VGA female type connector

D-sub 9-pin male type connector (without power)

A slot scanner, modem, serial interface type scale, EFT, etc. are connectable.

D-sub 9-pin female type connector (with +5V, +12V output)

A line display unit or RS-232C type hand scanner is connectable.


1. COM4 cannot be used when the touch panel TFT is connected to the POS


2. When an optional back indicator unit is installed on the POS terminal, COM3 is not available.

3. COM5 and COM6 are available only when the optional kit is installed.

D-sub 25-pin female connector

Printer, etc. having a Centronics interface or equivalent are connectable.

Used for connecting an external speaker via the stereo mini jack terminal

TYPE II compact flash card conforming to CFA (Compact Flash Association) standard can be used.

This complies with PC Card Standard Release 8.0.

32-bit Card Bus card and 16-bit PC card are supported. One slot is provided and accepts up to TYPE II card.

3- 1



4.1 Environment for Installation


1. Care must be taken not to get your fingers caught between the LCD Frame and the POS terminal when bending the display backward.

2. DO NOT raise the LCD Frame while the Front Cover is not in position. When the LCD Frame is raised at right angle (90


) or more, the LCD may fall under its own weight, and your fingers may be caught.


When removing the protective film from the display surface, please be sure to do it slowly. If it is done quickly, static electricity may generate, and the TFT may be damaged.

4.1 Environment for Installation


When installing the POS terminal, take the following precautions. Failure to do this may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.

1. Avoid locations where it is subject to the following:

Direct sunlight

High temperature, high humidity

Rapid change in temperature

Excessive vibration


2. Keep away from any devices that emit magnetism or electromagnetic wave.

3. Keep away from flame or moisture.

4. Be sure to place the POS terminal on a level and stable surface.

1. Place the POS terminal on a level surface.

2. Provide a minimum space to the left, right, front and rear of the POS terminal for proper cooling. (The unit has air vents and a fan on the front and left. Spaces should be provided to prevent the air vents from being blocked and the air flow from being obstructed.)

80 mm

(See NOTE.)

80 mm

80 mm


NOTE: A fan is provided on these sides. Do not prevent the ventilation of the fan.

80 mm

4- 1



4.2 Connecting the AC Plug

4.2 Connecting the AC Plug

NOTE: Since the power cord set is not supplied with this unit, please purchase an approved one that meets the following standard from your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative.

1. Gently bend the Display backward by the both sides of the LCD Frame.

LCD Frame

2. Remove the two screws that secure the Front Cover. Press the center of the Front Cover’s top to release the hook, and pull out the Front Cover.




Front Cover


4- 2



4.2 Connecting the AC Plug

3. Fully insert the Power Cord Plug into the Inlet of the POS terminal.


Power Cord Plug

4. Fit the Front Cover into the front of the POS terminal, and secure it with the two screws.



Front Cover

4- 3



5.1 Tilt Angle Adjustment


Tilt angle and brightness of the operator’s display can be adjusted.

Adjustment method is common to both of 12-inch display model and 15-inch display model.


1. Do not adjust the display angle by holding the LCD panel. Doing so may damage the unit. Be

sure to hold the LCD frame.

2. Care must be taken not to catch your fingers between POS terminal and the LCD Frame when bending the display backward.

5.1 Tilt Angle Adjustment

The tilt angle of the operator’s display can be adjusted freely in a range of 0° to 90°.

Hold both sides of the LCD frame, and slowly push the display backward to your best angle.

<Single display type (Standard)>

0° to 90°

LCD Frame

<Dual display type (Option)>

0° to 90°

0° to 90°

5- 1


The angle of the optional LIU is also adjustable as follows .


5.2 Brightness Adjustment

0° to 45°

0° to 145°

(in both directions)

<Tilt range>

5.2 Brightness Adjustment

<Swivel range>

The brightness control is provided on the lower right of the operator’s display.

Turning it to the left makes the display darker, and turning it to the right makes the display brighter.


Brightness Control


5.3 Speaker Volume Adjustment

When it is turned counterclockwise, the sound volume turns up.

When it is turned clockwise, the sound volume turns down.

5.4 Beep Volume Adjsutment

When it is turned counterclockwise, the sound volume turns up.

When it is turned clockwise, the sound volume turns down.

Beep Volume

Speaker Volume

5- 2



6.1 How to Read Magnetic Card


The optional magnetic card reader can be installed on either side of the POS terminal.

6.1 How to Read Magnetic Card

Insert the magnetic card into the upper portion of the magnetic card reader slot and slowly move the card downward.

Magnetic Card

MCR Unit (Option)

NOTE: Moving the magnetic card too fast or too slowly may cause a read error.

6- 1





7.1 How to Read iButton




The optional iButton unit can be installed on the bottom of the LCD.

7.1 How to Read iButton


1. Keep storage media, like a floppy disk, away from the touch probe. The stored data may be destroyed by the magnet of the touch probe.

2. Keep a metal object like a paper clip away from the touch probe. If such an object is attached to the touch probe, it may cause a short-circuit.

Data stored in an iButton can be read by attaching the iButton key to the touch probe. The iButton key is held by the magnet of the touch probe. iButton Unit

(Option) iButton Key

Touch Probe

7- 1



8.1 Cleaning

8.1 Cleaning


1. Be sure to disconnect the power cord prior to performing any maintenance.

2. Do not pour water directly on or wipe the operator’s display with a soaked cloth, as this may cause

fire, electric shock, or machine failure.


1. Never use an organic solvent like thinners or benzene for cleaning. Using such solvents may discolor the covers.

2. Do not use any sharp object to clean the operator’s display. Doing so may cause an operator’s display failure.

3. Do not insert the nozzle of an air blower into the magnetic card reader slot. Doing so may damage the scanning head, resulting in the magnetic card reader failure.

To help retain the high quality and performance of your POS Terminal, it should be cleaned regularly. The greater the usage on the POS Terminal, the more frequent the cleaning. (i.e. low usage = weekly: high usage = daily)

• Cleaning the Operator’s Display

Clean the surface of the operator’s display with a soft dry cloth or with an electrostatic free cleaner for automated office equipment.

• Cleaning the Covers

Wipe the covers with a soft dry cloth or soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent. After using detergent for cleaning, be sure to wipe it off with a slightly moistened cloth.

8- 1






If you cannot solve a problem with the following solutions, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Turn the power off, unplug the POS Terminal, then contact the nearest TOSHIBA TEC service representative for assistance.

The power does not turn on.

• Is the power cord plugged in correctly?

• Is the power supplied to the AC outlet?

The operator’s display is hard to see.

• Has the circuit breaker blown?

• Does the operator’s display reflect sunlight or room light?

• Is the tilt angle adjusted properly?

• Is the brightness adjusted properly?

Magnetic card reader does comply-not read the data.

• Does the used card comply with the standard?

• Was the card moved too fast or too slowly?

• Is the card reading direction correct?


• Plug in correctly.

• If it is not a power failure, check for the power supply to the AC outlet with another electric appliance.

When the power is not supplied, contact your nearest power company.

• Check the circuit breaker.

• Refer to Section 5

Adjustment and adjust the display angle.

• Refer to Section 5

Adjustment and adjust the brightness properly.

• Use Track 1, 2 complying with ISO.

• Move the card at the proper speed. (10~150 cm/sec.)

• Insert the card so that the magnetic strip faces the scanning head.

9- 1



10.1 Basic Specifications


10.1 Basic Specifications

Item Description

Input voltage

DC output voltage

Operating temperature

Relative humidity


AC 100V-240V +10%, -10% 50/60Hz 5.0A (115V)-2.5A (230V)

DC24V +5%, -5%


°C to 35°C

10% to 80%RH (no condensation)

15-inch LCD 359.9 mm (W) x 388.1 mm (D) x 371.4 mm (H)

12-inch LCD 295.0 mm (W) x 386.8 mm (D) x 323.5 mm (H)


Power cord

15-inch LCD 12.5 Kg

12-inch LCD 11.5 Kg

A power cord is not included in this product. Please use one complied with each country’s safety standard. For details, please contact the nearest

TOSHIBA TEC service representative.


RAM Capacity



Display interface

LCD Interface

Touch panel method

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

LAN interface

PC card

CF card


Sound generator

Support OS

1MB Flash ROM

Standard 256MB (Max. 2GB)

Max. 1GB/slot can be equipped.

DDR SDRAM PC2100/2700, 2.5V unbuffered type, ECC/non ECC 184-pin

DDR SDRAM DIMM connector, 2 slots installed

RS-232C x 6 (Standard: 4 + Option: 2), Parallel x 1, P-USB x 1, USB x 2,

Drawer x 2 (24V type), PS/2 x 2, 24VDC OUT (DIN 3-pin) x 1

VGA x 1 channel (on-board, standard)

Standard LVDS1 x 1, LVDS1 + LVDS2 (Option)

Analog resistor film

Max. 2 units of 2.5-inch HDD (option) can be connected.

10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX (Wake on LAN support)

PCMCIA TYPE II x 1 (option)

CF card TYPE II x 1 (option)

ISO-1,2-track one-sided type (option)

AC97 interface; LINE OUT x 1, MIC IN x 1, Built-in speaker (Monaural sound)

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Certified Linux

10- 1



10.1 Basic Specifications




Operator’s Display type


Display size

Number of colors

Display area

Dot size

Touch panel

Adjustment mechanism

Number of displayed characters

Display color

Display area/character size

Type font

Display angle

Interface with



12-inch display

12.1-inch color TFT with touch panel

15-inch display

15.0-inch color TFT with touch panel

12.1-inch 800 x 600 dots 15.0-inch 1024 x 768 dots

262K color (262,144 colors) 262K color (262,144 colors)

280 cd/m


280 nit

246 mm (W) x 184.5 mm (H) 304.1 mm (W) x 228.1 mm (H)

0.3075 mm (W) x 0.3075 mm (H) 0.297 mm (W) x 0.297 mm (H)

Analog Resistor Film

(1024 x 1024 dots)

Analog Resistor Film

(1024 x 1024 dots)

Brightness volume (TFT) and Tilt angle (Free adjustment in a range of


° to 90°)

No swivel adjustment

5 x 7 dot fluorescent display 20 digits x 2 lines

20 triangles under the 2nd line


Character size: 5.5 mm (W) x 10.5 mm (H)

Character pitch: 7.4 mm (W) x 15.5 mm (H)

182 types of half width ANK

Tilt: 0

° to 45° (9 step, 5deg, each)

Swivel: 0

° to 145° (in both directions)

RS-232C interface (with power)

10- 2



10.2 Options

10.2 Options

Option name

Drawer unit

2nd display unit




Drawer type





24V-drive standard drawer

(with screw holes on the left and the rear for installing the


Dimensions and Weight:

460(W) x 400(D) x 115(H) mm, 10 Kg

Money Case Type: MC4,8

Bill holder Coin tray Mini coin case CDC

5 5 No


Yes With media slot

4 6 1 Yes With media slot


12.1-inch TFT color display to be installed onto the POS terminal


15.1-inch TFT color display to be installed onto the POS terminal

LVDS board KIT-71-DSP1-QM-R Used to connect a TFTST-71 optional 2nd display unit.

Line indicator unit


Pole unit

LIU stand

Printer unit

PCMCIA/CF interface board







20 characters x 2 lines dot display to be installed onto the

POS terminal

Pole and extension cable for attaching an LIUST-71 optional line indicator unit at the level of 235 mm from the standard position

A stand for installing an LIUST-71 optional line indicator unit onto the POS terminal

Parallel interface single thermal printer for 80 mm wide paper

Cabinet color: Cool Black

Serial interface single thermal printer for 80 mm wide paper

Cabinet color: Cool Black

PC card/CF card interface kit

This kit conforms to the 32-bit CardBus (Card-32) card and the 16-bit PC card (Card-16).

A slot is provided on the board, which supports up to

PCMCIA Type II or CF card TYPE II.

COM5 and COM6 connectors

KIT-71-COM-QM-R COM5 or COM6 connector and cable kit

Magnetic card reader (MCR)

MCRST-71-3-QM-R ISO Track 1 and 2 type magnetic card reader kit iButton unit to be installed onto the POS terminal iButton KIT-71-BTN1-QM-R

(An iButton key is not included.)

Relay PC board KIT-71-RELY-QM-R Used to control an optional MCR unit or iButton unit.


Model names that end with "-R" are RoHS compliant models. If "-R" is not attached, that model is non RoHS compliant.

Never install non RoHS compliant optional equipment or parts on a RoHS compliant machine which is supposed to be used in the countries that enforce the RoHS directive, as doing this is legally prohibited.

10- 3


Waste Recycling information for users:

Following information is only for EU-member states:

The crossed out wheeled bin symbol is used to indicate that the product must not be treated as general household waste.

By ensuring that this product is disposed of correctly you will be helping to prevent potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by incorrect waste handling of this product.

For more detailed information about the take-back and recycling of this equipment, please contact the supplier that provided you with the product in question.


Information aux utilisateurs concernant le recyclage des déchets:

Les informations suivantes sont uniquement destinées aux pays membres de l’Union Européenne:

L’utilisation du symbole de "poubelle à roulettes barrée" indique que ce produit ne doit pas être traité comme un déchet ménager classique.

En vous assurant que ce produit est correctement mis au rebut, vous participerez à la prévention de l’environnement et de la santé publique, contre des conséquences négatives potentielles qui pourraient résulter d’un traitement inapproprié des déchets de ce produit. Pour obtenir des informations complémentaires concernant la récupération et le recyclage de ce produit, veuillez contacter le fournisseur auprès duquel vous avez acheté le produit.


Wiederverwertungsinformationen für Verbraucher:

Die folgenden Informationen gelten nur für EU-Mitgliedsstaaten:

Das durchgestrichene Mülltonnensymbol weist darauf hin, dass dieses Produkt nicht wie allgemeiner Haushaltsmüll behandelt werden darf.

Indem Sie aktiv mitwirken, dieses Produkt ordnungsgemäß zu entsorgen, helfen Sie mit, mögliche negative

Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt sowie die menschliche Gesundheit zu vermeiden, die sonst durch die unsachgemäße

Entsorgung dieses Produktes beeinträchtigt werden könnten.

Für nährere Informationen zur Rücknahme und Wiederverwertung dieses Produktes wenden sie sich bitte an den

Lieferanten, von dem Sie dieses Produkt erworben haben.


Información para usuarios sobre el reciclaje de residuos:

La siguiente información sólo concierne a los Estados Miembros de la UE:

El uso del símbolo de un contenedor con ruedas tachado indica que este producto no puede ser tratado como si fuera un residuo doméstico.

Asegurando que nos deshacemos de este producto de forma correcta, ayudaremos a evitar potenciales consecuencias negativas tanto para el medio ambiente como para la salud pública, que podrían producirse debido a un tratamiento inapropiado de este producto. Para obtener una información más detallada sobre la recogida y reciclaje de su producto, por favor, póngase en contacto con el proveedor donde lo compró.


Gebruikersinformatie over het recycleren van afval:

De volgende informatie geldt enkel in EU-lidstaten:

Het symbool met de doorkruiste afvalbak geeft aan dat dit product niet mag worden behandeld als algemeen huishoudelijk af val.

Door dit product op de juiste manier van de hand te doen beschermt u het milieu en de volksgezondheid tegen mogelijke negatieve gevolgen, die anders zouden kunnen voortvloeien uit het onjuist verwerken van de resten van dit product.

Voor gedetailleerde informatie over het terugnemen en recycleren van dit product, gelieve contact op te nemen met de leverancier van dit product.


Informazioni sul riciclo del prodotto:

Le seguenti informazioni riguardano gli stati membri EU:

Il simbolo con il bidone sbarrato indica il non poter smaltire questo prodotto come rifiuto domestico.

L'accertamento che questo prodotto sia smaltito correttamente contribuirà ad impedire le potenziali conseguenze negative per l'ambiente e la salute umana che potrebbero essere causati, al contrario, dall'errato smaltimento dello stesso. Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle modalita di resa e riciclaggio di questo prodotto mettetevi in contatto con il fornitore da cui l'avete aquistato.


Informação sobre reciclagem:

A informação que se segue é apenas dirigida a países membros da CEE:

A utilização deste símbolo indica que este produto não pode ser tratado como lixo comum.

Ao assegurar-se que este produto é tratado correctamente está a ajudar a prevenir potenciais consequências negativas para o ambiente e para a saúde humana, que poderiam ser causadas pelo inapropriado tratamento deste produto.

Para mais informação sobre a reciclagem e tratamento deste produto, contacte o seu fornecedor.




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