Manual 21233924

Manual 21233924
SPED 346 - Introduction to Exceptional Children
Instructor: Lauren Maloney, Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]
Course Description:
This course will provide a survey of populations with exceptionalities. Attention will be given to the
causes of these deviations and their effect upon the individual’s development. Professional roles of the
special education team member as well as policies and regulations applicable to special education
programs in general will be covered.
Hallahan, D. P., Kauffman, J. M., & Pullen, P.C. (2014). Exceptional learners: An introduction to
special education (13th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall.
If you choose to purchase an earlier edition of the text, YOU are responsible for any inconsistencies
between the edition you purchase and the edition that is required.
3Course Competencies/Objectives:
Competency 001
Competency 004
Competency 010
Competency 012
The educator understands and applies knowledge of the characteristics and needs
of students with disabilities,
The educator understands and applies knowledge of procedures for managing the
teaching and learning environment, including procedures related to the use of
assistive technology,
The educator understands the philosophical, historical, and legal foundations of
special education, and
The educator knows how to communicate and collaborate effectively in a variety
of professional settings.
Class Assignments:
Weekly Discussion Forum Participation: Students are expected to participate actively in weekly
discussion fora (plural for forum). Each week, there will be a discussion forum. For each discussion
forum, you are to contribute at least one original thought (of at least 3 sentences) regarding a topic related
to the chapter readings for the week. The topic will be provided under the “discussion” tab each week.
You must submit your own unique contribution. You may respond or add-on to others’ posts for your
contribution, but this is not required. Discussion contributions for each week are due by Sunday evening
at 11:59pm. Discussions do not have right or wrong answers, but are meant to serve as a “participation
grade.” As long as you meet minimum requirements (answer all parts of the question, minimum of 3
sentences, and contribute original ideas) you will receive credit. Weekly discussion participation is worth
30% of your final grade (each discussion = 2%); each discussion will be graded on a 10 point scale.
Weekly Quizzes: Each week you will have a quiz on the 1-2 chapters that are covered that week. The
weekly quiz will be open for the entire week, but is due on Sunday evening at 11:59 PM of that week.
You will only be allowed to take the quiz once. These quizzes are open book, but are timed, so you will
need to have a good general understanding of all the material in the chapter(s) to be able to complete it in
time. You will have 20 minutes to answer 10 multiple-choice questions. Weekly quizzes are worth 30% of
your final grade (each quiz = 2%); each quiz will be graded on a 10 point scale.
Occasional Drop-Box Assignments: Some weeks you will have an assignment to submit to the drop-box.
This is in addition to the discussion for the week!!! These assignments are due by Sunday evening at
11:59pm. Instructions for the drop-box assignment can be found under the “assignments” tab. It is YOUR
responsibility to check each week for an assignment. Occasional drop-box assignments are worth 25% of
your final grade; each assignment will be graded on a 10 point scale. There are seven total assignments
throughout the semester, so each one is worth approximately 3.6% of your final grade.
End of Semester Final Exam: There will be a final exam at the end of the semester, which will cover the
entire course material (chapters 1-15). You will only be allowed to take the final once. As with the
quizzes, the final is open book and it is timed (45 multiple-choice questions in 1 hour and 40 minutes).
Some (but not all) of the questions on the final will be taken from the weekly quizzes. The final exam is
worth 15% of your final grade and will be graded on a 45 point scale.
Discussion Forum Participation
Drop-box Assignments
Weekly Quizzes
Final Exam
30% of final grade
25% of final grade
30% of final grade
15% of final grade
Point Distribution:
90 – 100%
80 - 89%
70 - 79%
60 - 69%
0 - 59%
Late assignment policy:
Late assignments, discussion posts, and quizzes may be completed at any point during the semester, but
will be penalized at the following rate:
1 day late = max of 9 points; 2 days late = max of 8 points; 3 days late = max of 7 points; 4 days late =
max of 6 points; 5 or more days late = max of 5 points.
The final exam may not be completed late.
There is no penalty for working ahead, although there is no guarantee that assignments will be made
available more than 7 days before they are due.
Communication and Support:
If you have a question that others in the class may also have, please post those questions to my Virtual
Office on eCollege. Please consult virtual office to see if a question has already been answered before
sending me an email. Please note that I will not respond to posts or emails during the weekends or
holidays. If you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of the course, post to the virtual
office or email me early in the week. I will try my best to answer all questions in a timely manner, and
will do so within 48 hours of your post/email.
Technology Requirements:
This course will be conducted within eCollege, which works best within a Microsoft Windows
environment, and requires a high speed internet connection (not dial-up). This means you should use a
Windows operating system (XP or newer) and a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0, 7.0, or
8.0). The course will also work with Macintosh OS X along with a recent version of Safari (2.0 or better).
eCollege also supports the Firefox/Mozilla (3.0 or better) on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It
is strongly recommended that you perform a “Browser Test” prior to the start of your course. To launch a
browser test, login to eCollege, click on the “myCourses” tab, and then select the “Browser Test” link
under Support Services. To get started with the course, go to: https://leo.tamu-
You will need your CWID and password to log in to the course. If you do not know your CWID or have
forgotten your password, contact Technology Services at 903.468.6000 or [email protected]
Contacting eCollege for Technical Support:
The following support options are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
• Help: Click on the 'Help' button on the toolbar for information regarding working with eCollege
(i.e. How to submit to dropbox, How to post to discussions etc.)
• Chat Support: Click on 'Live Support' on the tool bar within your course to chat with an eCollege
• Phone: 1-866-656-5511 (Toll Free) to speak with eCollege Technical Support Representative.
• Email: [email protected] to initiate a support request with eCollege Technical Support
Other Important Notes:
Students with Disabilities: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal antidiscrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with
disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be
guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their
disabilities. If you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact:
Office of Student Disability Resources and Services
Gee Library, Room 132
Phone (903) 886-5150 or (903) 886-5835
Fax (903) 468-8148
[email protected]
All students enrolled at the University shall follow the tenets of common decency and acceptable
behavior conducive to a positive learning environment. (See Code of Student Conduct from
Student Guide Handbook)
Ensure that the assignment scoring guidelines presented in the syllabus and classes are followed.
It is important that all assignments are organized according to the guidelines. Failure to do so
will result in an ungraded assignment or a lower evaluation.
Please note that the following schedule is tentative and may change at any time and as many
times as necessary during the semester. In case of any changes, you will be informed in a timely
manner. It is your responsibility to regularly check your email and eCollege for announcements
regarding the course.
As a student enrolled at Texas A&M University-Commerce, you have access to an email account
via MyLeo - all class emails from your instructors will be sent from eCollege (and all other
university emails) will go to this account, so please be sure to check it regularly.
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