Nu-Calgon Product Bulletin EasySeal Direct Inject REFRIGERANT LEAK SEALANT Total System Protection

Nu-Calgon Product Bulletin EasySeal Direct Inject REFRIGERANT LEAK SEALANT Total System Protection
Nu-Calgon Product Bulletin
Total System Protection
EasySeal Direct Inject
• Super Concentrate
• Compatible with all refrigerants and oils
• Fast and easy to install
• Permanent seal
• Multiple units can be used on
larger equipment
1.5 - 5 tons
EasySeal Direct Inject is a new generation of sealants. Its patent
pending injection method makes it easier to install than other
sealants. With this new injection system, pumping down the unit
is a thing of the past.
Concentrated formula means less material in system.
Clear tube so you can see the sealant go in.
No need to pump down R-410A units.
Perfect for split systems, heat pumps, microchannel coils,
packaged units, and mini splits.
No injection hose or caulk gun needed.
One time use.
EasySeal Direct Inject
EasySeal-SS Direct Inject
Treats 1.5 - 5 tons
Treats under 1.5 tons
Directions for Use:
1. Make sure system is running and low
side and high side service ports are
properly identified. If unit is a heat
pump, be sure it is in cooling mode.
Connect EasySeal Direct Inject’s
1/4 ˝ SAE female fitting to the suction
service port of system. The one way
check valve will prevent back flow of
refrigerant. Be careful not to allow refrigerant to spray on bare
skin when connecting, as it could cause frostbite.
Small systems
1.5 tons & under
2. Make sure both valves on manifold
gauge set are closed. Connect high
side (red) line of manifold gauge set
to the high side service port. Barely
thread the middle manifold hose
(yellow) to the 1/4 ˝ SAE male fitting
of the EasySeal Direct Inject. Do not
thread to the point of depressing the
Schrader core. Briefly crack open high side manifold valve
to purge air out of the yellow hose, close high side manifold
valve, then quickly tighten yellow hose fitting to the injector.
3. Briefly open then close high side
valve of the manifold gauge set
to allow a little high side liquid
to flow through the yellow hose
and EasySeal Direct Inject tube.
With high side valve of the manifold
gauge set closed, wait one minute
for the yellow hose and EasySeal
Direct Inject to equalize to suction pressure. Disconnect
EasySeal Direct Inject from suction service port and from
manifold gauge set. Discard or recycle empty injector. Run
system for 1 hour to allow product to fully circulate.
NOTE: You may also use a refrigerant cylinder to push sealant
into system while charging if the system is low on refrigerant.
Just connect EasySeal Direct Inject to service port and inject
refrigerant through injector into system while charging.
Do not bend, cut or deform EasySeal Direct Inject tube. Be
careful not to allow refrigerant to spray on bare skin, as it
could cause frostbite.
See reverse side for Frequently Asked Questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to pump down the system in order to get EasySeal Direct Inject into the system?
No, unlike competitive sealants, you do not need to pump down the system regardless of what type of refrigerant is
being used. Just connect EasySeal Direct Inject to the low side with the system running and inject into the system
as instructed.
Can I inject EasySeal Direct Inject while I am charging the system with refrigerant?
Yes, you can use the refrigerant being added to push the sealant into the low side of the system.
Is this product the same formula as pressurized can?
It is the same EasySeal sealant, but at a much higher concentration. The EasySeal Direct Inject is designed to treat
1.5-5 ton systems just like the A/C EasySeal pressurized can (4050-06). The EasySeal-SS Direct Inject is designed to treat
systems under 1.5 tons just like the A/C EasySeal-SS pressurized can (4050-01).
Will EasySeal Direct Inject work on aluminum coils and microchannel coils?
Yes, EasySeal Direct Inject is perfect for microchannel coils, all aluminum coils, mini splits, package units, and all
other coil types.
Does EasySeal Direct Inject travel with the refrigerant or the oil?
EasySeal Direct Inject travels with the system’s refrigerant to find leaks fast.
How small of a system can I use EasySeal-SS Direct Inject in?
We recommend not using it in systems that hold less than 10 oz. of refrigerant.
Can I use EasySeal Direct Inject in a system using a cap tube?
Yes, you can use in a system with a cap tube, TEV, or piston style metering device.
Does the female fitting on the EasySeal Direct Inject have a one-way check valve?
Yes, it is designed to only allow EasySeal to flow into the low side of the system.
Why can I sometimes see a small bubble in the EasySeal Direct Inject tube?
Some EasySeal Direct Injects will have a small bubble. It is the dry dissolved gas in the EasySeal formula that is
injected during the filling process. It helps to insure a consistent fill rate and in some cases settles out after the filling
process to form the bubble.
What is the PSI rating of EasySeal Direct Inject?
1058 PSIG
Is EasySeal Direct Inject safe to use with my manifold?
Yes, we have OEM approvals stating EasySeal is compatible with and will not damage analog and digital manifolds.
Can I mix multiple internal treatments in the same system with EasySeal Direct Inject?
You could mix other Nu-Calgon products like A/C Re~New or Rx-acid Scavenger in the same system, as they have
been tested compatible. However, we have not tested all competitive products and would not recommend adding
others to the system.
Can I refill the EasySeal Direct Inject tube instead of throwing it away after used?
No, they are designed to be a one-time use injector but, the nylon, brass and aluminum can be recycled rather than
thrown away.
Read and understand the product’s label and Safety Data Sheet (“SDS”) for precautionary and first aid information.
The SDS is available on the Nu-Calgon website at
2008 Altom Ct. • St. Louis, MO 63146 • 800-554-5499 •
Calgon is a licensed trade name • (815) 3-64
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