ZTE T60 telstra qwerty touch unlocked gsm phone

ZTE T60 telstra qwerty touch unlocked gsm phone
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without the prior written permission of ZTE Corporation.
The manual is published by ZTE Corporation. We reserve the right to make modifications
on print errors or update specifications without prior notice.
Version 1.0
August 2011
General Statement on RF Energy
The phone is a low-power radio transmitter and receiver. When
switched on it intermittently transmits radio frequency (RF) energy
(radio waves). The transmit power level is optimized for best
performance and automatically reduces when there is good quality
reception. Maximum power is only used at the edge of network
coverage so under most circumstances the power output is very low.
Under poor network conditions the phone transmits at a higher power,
may get hot and have a shorter battery life.
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
The phone is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio
waves recommended by the ICNIRP. The limits include safety margins
designed to assure the protection of all persons, regardless of age and
The guidelines measure the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR
limit for mobile devices is 2W/Kg and the highest SAR value for this
device is 1.15 W/Kg.
Product Safety Information
Please read all instructions
before use
This device may produce
bright or flashing lights
Do not use while driving
Do not dispose of in fire
Do not use while re-fuelling
Avoid contact with
magnetic media
Small parts may be a
choking hazard
Avoid Extreme
This device may produce
loud sounds
Avoid any contact with
liquid, keep it dry
Keep away from
pacemakers and other
personal medical devices
Only use approved
Obey warning signs in
hospitals and medical
Do not attempt to
Switch off when flying
Do not rely on this device
for emergency
Switch off in explosive
This device has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
- microSD™ is a trademark of SD Card Association
Key Definitions
Hold down to power on your phone.
Power Key Press to switch to sleep mode. Press to wake up.
Hold down for phone options:
Silent mode, Flight mode or Power off.
Home Key
Press to return to the Home Screen from any screen.
Hold down to see the recently used applications.
Menu Key
Press to get the options on the current screen.
Press to search in the Browser, Contacts, or
Back Key
Press to go to the previous screen.
Call Key
Press to open the dial pad to make a call.
Press to answer a call.
End Key
Press to End a call. Press to Exit.
Hold for Profile options the same as the Power
Use to control the volume Up and Down
Insert your SIM card
Power off your phone before inserting the SIM, or memory card.
1. Remove the battery cover:
2. Insert your SIM card carefully into the SIM slot as shown
3. The handset supports microSD memory cards up to 32GB. If
you wish to expand the device memory then insert as shown
above (optional).
4. Insert the battery with the gold
contacts located against the gold
5. Replace the battery cover and
press it gently until it clicks into
Charge the Battery
 Only use the AC charger and USB
lead supplied.
 Insert the charger lead carefully.
 Check the plug and socket are aligned correctly.
 Do NOT use excessive force which may damage the USB port.
 Be careful to avoid tripping or pulling on the lead whilst it is
plugged in.
 Physical damage to the USB port is NOT covered by warranty.
 The phone can also be charged by connecting it to a computer
using the USB lead supplied.
 A sound is played when the charger or USB cable is plugged in.
 The phone can be charged in the ON or OFF state: When
switched OFF the charging icon is displayed. When switched
ON the battery icon animates until fully charged.
 If the phone is off after charging press the power key to
switch it on.
 Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. The battery will
not charge when over 45°C
Tips to maximise battery life
 Do not leave the battery in a discharged state. Charge the
battery promptly when flat.
 If the battery is in a deep discharge state it can take 30
minutes to start charging. Leave it on charge to recover the
 Keep your handset and battery cool. High temperatures
degrade the battery more quickly.
 Normal charge time is 3-4 hours. Do not leave on charge for
more than 24hrs.
 After 2-3 charge / discharge cycles the battery life will
improve. From then on use top up charging to recharge
frequently and always charge promptly when flat.
 When not using the phone for long periods charge to approx
40% and remove the battery.
 With poor network conditions (less than 2 bars) battery life is
 Turn off Bluetooth when not in use to extend battery life.
Power On & Off
1. Make sure that your SIM card and battery are inserted.
2. Press the Power Key
on the top to power on your handset.
To power off your handset, press and hold the Power Key
select Power off > OK.
Wake up from sleep mode
1. Press the Power Key
activate the display.
2. Drag the padlock icon down to
If you have set an unlock pattern or PIN for your handset you
need to enter the pattern or PIN to unlock your screen.
(see Menu > Settings > Location & security > Set up screen lock)
We recommend you create or sign in to a Google account to
protect you in case you forget your pattern or PIN.
Create or Log in to a Google Account
We recommend you log in or create a Google account to enable
on line services such as Email, Market and to protect your
handset and data in case of loss or theft.
Follow the on screen wizard to create your Google account or
scroll down to skip.
If you set a lock code on your device and then forget the pattern
or PIN number it can only be reset using your Google Account.
Switch your handset to sleep mode
Press the Power Key
Sleep Mode suspends your handset to a low-power state with
the display off.
Sleep Mode activates automatically when the handset is idle for
a period of time defined by Menu > Settings > Display > Screen
Using the Touch Screen Controls
The touch screen controls change dynamically depending on the
tasks you are performing:
1. Tap buttons or icons to select the function or open
2. Hold an item for options related to that function.
3. Slide up & down to scroll through lists.
4. Drag items to move or perform other operations.
5. Swipe sideways to view the extended desktop.
Menu > Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen
Screen rotation can be set to rotate between portrait or
landscape when changing the orientation of the handset. Some
screens assume a preferred orientation and will not change.
The Home Screen
Slide the Home Screen left or right to view additional pages.
Tap and hold to add Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders etc.
Press the Menu Key
to view the Home Screen Options:
Add – widgets and shortcuts
Search – open Google search
Manage apps – view all installed
Notifications – view
notifications panel
Wallpaper – set background
Add or remove icons
1. Long press any icon in Apps
to save it to the desktop.
Tap and hold the icon to
2. Drag the item to
release to delete it from the
Home Screen.
Example, Add the Power Control Widget
1. From the Home Screen
choose a page that has
sufficient space:
2. Tap Menu
and select Add
or press and hold on the
3. Tap Widgets, scroll down and tap Power Control to add
4. The power control widget is added to chosen page. Tap each
button to control the related functions:
Phone Status and Notification Icons
Status Icons
Data connected
Signal strength
Data in use
Flight mode
Battery is very low
No signal
Battery is low
Battery is full
Speaker is muted
Battery is charging
Microphone is muted
Speaker mode is on
Vibrate mode enabled
Bluetooth is on
USB connected
GPS is on
Connected to a Wi-Fi network
Alarm is set
Headset connected
No SIM card installed
Notification Icons
New Email
Problem with SMS or
MMS delivery
New instant message
Upcoming event
New voicemail
Song is playing
Missed call
Downloading data
Call in progress
Uploading data
Call on hold
More notifications
Call forwarding on
The Notifications Panel
The Notifications Panel at the top of the Home Screen shows
useful device and status information.
Pull down the bar at the top of the display to view the
notifications panel:
You can also open the Notifications Panel from the Home
Screen by tapping Menu
> Notifications.
Run multiple applications simultaneously. Press the Home key
from any application to launch, open or view something else.
The original application will be suspended until you return to it.
Applications and Settings
to access Applications. Scroll down to see more...
Installing Applications
Tap Market from the Home Screen to download and install
applications from the Android Market. Select the item and tap
To install non-Market applications
Applications > Unknown sources.
Uninstall third-party applications
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Applications > Manage
2. Select the application to remove
3. Tap Uninstall, tap OK to confirm.
Docs To Go
Docs To Go is a free document reader compatible with Microsoft
Word, Excel and Adobe PDF. First time use requires registration.
Tap Menu
> Settings from the Home Screen to view
Settings Menu:
Wireless &
Manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile networks,
Virtual Private Networks & Flight mode.
Call settings
Set up fixed dial numbers, voicemail, call
forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID etc.
Sound levels, ringtones, notifications, vibrate.
Brightness, screen timeout, orientation etc.
Location &
Location services. Set screen locks, enable
SIM lock
Manage applications, set Quick Launch
shortcuts, see running services and battery usage.
Accounts & sync
Manage your account and configure sync
Privacy settings for location, back up, personal
data and perform a Factory Default.
Check memory status. Mount or unmount the
SD card.
Language &
Set the language and keyboard options.
Voice input &
Manage voice input and text to speech options.
Download a screen reader application
Date & time
Set the date, time, time zone, and date/time
format. Enable automatic time update.
About phone
View the phone status, battery level, and legal
Open recently used applications
Hold the Home Key
used applications:
from any screen to view the recently
Making Calls
Make a Call from the Dialer
1. Enter numbers directly using the number keys or press the
Call Key
from the home screen to open the dialer.
2. Enter the phone number. Tap
to delete numbers, hold
this key to clear all digits. Your phone automatically lists
matching contacts.
3. Tap
4. Press the End Key
to make the call.
to end the call.
Make a Call from Contacts
1. Tap
from the Home Screen. Contacts are displayed in
alphabetical order.
2. Slide your finger to scroll through your Contacts list.
3. Tap to select the Contact then tap
to call.
to search for a Contact.
Press on the right hand side of the Contacts list to use the
scroller to scan through your Contacts.
Make a Call from Call Log
1. Press the Call Key
2. Tap
from the home screen to open the Dial
to open the Call Log.
3. Scroll and tap the required number. Tap to start the call
You can also open your Call Log by tapping
> Call log from
the Home Screen.
Make a Call from a Text Message
If a text message contains a phone number you can make a call
from the text message:
1. Tap Home
and tap the thread that contains the
phone number to call.
2. Tap the number required then tap
3. Press the End Key
to end the call.
Making a Conference Call
You can make a conference call between yourself and two or
more other parties.
1. Call the first number.
2. While you are connected, tap Menu
> Add call.
3. Call the second number.
4. While you are connected to the second number, tap
> Merge calls.
5. To add the third party, tap Menu
> Add call.
6. Dial the number, and when connected, tap Menu
> Merge
Turn the Speaker On/Off (Handsfree)
Tap Menu
> Speaker during a call. The speakerphone icon
is displayed.
Making an Emergency Call
1. Press the Call Key
from any screen to open the Dial pad.
2. Enter the Emergency Number for your location and tap Call.
It is possible to dial emergency numbers when the SIM card is
not inserted. Tap Emergency call to bring up the dial pad and
enter the emergency number for your current location.
Making an International Call
1. Press the Call Key
to open the Dial pad.
2. Press the “+” key to add the International Dialling Prefix
3. Enter the full phone number.
4. Tap
to make the call.
5. Press the End Key
to end the call.
Mute a Call
During a call tap Menu
> Mute to mute your microphone. The
mute icon
is displayed.
End a Call
During a call tap Menu
> End call or press the End Key .
Receiving Calls
Answer an Incoming Call
When there is an incoming call, the phone will display the
information on the screen:
down to answer the
Reject an Incoming Call
up to reject the call.
Place a Call on Hold
During a call tap Menu
> Hold to place the call on hold.
icon is displayed.
If you are already on a call and accept a new call, the first call
will be put on hold automatically. Tap Swap to switch between
the two calls.
Insert a Pause or Wait symbol into a phone number
Insert a Pause symbol „,‟ to add a 2 second delay.
Insert a Wait symbol „;‟ to wait until the next key press.
 Enter the phone number on the Dial pad.
 Add the required symbol directly from the keyboard.
Call Settings
From the Home Screen press Menu
> Settings > Call
Restrict outgoing calls to a fixed set of numbers.
This requires support from your network provider
Numbers and the SIM PIN2 code.
Select a voicemail service provider.
Specify a voicemail number.
Speed dial
Set Speed Dial keys. Key 1 is reserved for Voicemail.
Press and hold the number on the dial pad to call.
Call Barring
Set Call Barring options, network dependant.
Forward incoming calls to another number.
Additional ID
settings Call
Send or block your number in outgoing
Hear pips to indicate an incoming call
while on Call waiting a call.
Add SIP accounts using internet dialling
Use Internet
Set Internet calling options
Contacts can be stored on the SIM card or phone. Synchronise
your contacts on to your Google account or save a copy on your
microSD™ card. Contacts stored on the phone provide more
fields to enter information such as a photo, home address,
email, etc.
Tap Home
to enter the Contacts Screen:
Importing / Exporting Contacts
You can import or export contacts to and from your SIM card or
microSD™ card.
Tap Home
to enter the Contacts Screen.
Import / export contacts to the SIM card
1. Tap Menu
> Import / Export from the Contacts Screen.
2. Select to import or export contacts from/to your SIM card.
3. Select the contacts you want to import/export.
To import/export all contacts, tap Menu
> Select all.
4. Tap OK.
Import / export contacts to and from the memory card
1. Tap Menu
> Import / Export from the Contacts Screen.
2. Select to import or export contacts from/to microSD™ card.
3. Select the required vCard file, tap OK.
Create a New Contact
1. Tap Menu
> New contact from the Contacts Screen.
2. Select the location to save your contact – If the Contact is
stored on the phone (local) then you can add a photo and extra
fields such as email, home address etc.
3. Tap the Given name field to start entering the Contact details
4. Tap Done to save the contact.
Add a Contact to Favourites
1. Tap the contact from your Contacts Screen.
2. Tap the Star symbol
to add to Favorites
3. You can also Hold the contact to see the pop up menu
4. Tap Add to favorites.
Search Contacts
1. Tap Contacts
2. Input the name to search for. The matching contacts will be
Edit a Contact
1. Select the contact from the Contacts Screen.
2. Tap
to Edit the contact.
3. Edit the contact and tap Done.
Delete a Contact
1. Select the contact from the Contacts Screen.
2. Tap
to Delete the contact > OK
You can also hold the Contact and select Delete contact from
the pop-up menu.
Save a Contact from a Message
1. Tap Home
and tap the thread that contains the
phone number you wish to save.
2. Tap Menu
> more > Add to Contacts
3. Complete the Contact details and tap Done to save
Set a dedicated Ringtone
1. Select the contact from the Contacts Screen.
2. Tap Menu
> Options > Ringtone to add a unique ringtone.
SMS and MMS Messages
Tap Home
to access SMS and MMS messages.
Unread message(s) will display
for SMS or
for MMS in
the status bar.
Open new messages from the Notifications Panel or the
Messaging Screen. Tap the message to read it.
Composing an SMS
1. Tap Home
> New message
2. Tap the To field to enter the recipient‟s number, press Fn > Fn
for Num Lock. You can also enter letters to display matching
Contacts and select a recipient from the list or tap
to see
your Contacts list.
3. Tap Type to compose and enter the content of your SMS.
4. Tap Send to send your SMS.
Composing an MMS
1. Tap Home
> New message
2. Tap the To field to enter the recipient‟s number. You can also
enter the first letters of their name to display matching
Contacts and select a recipient from the list or tap
to see
your Contacts list.
3. Tap Menu
> Attach to add
an attachment to your MMS
4. Choose your attachment type
from the available list:
5. Tap Send to send your MMS.
Adding the Subject or Attachments will convert the message
from SMS to MMS.
Tap Menu
> Add subject to enter the subject if required.
Tap Type to compose to enter text content if required.
Forwarding a Message
Tap and hold the individual message to get further options such
as Forward, Delete, View message details etc.
Managing Messages and Messages Threads
SMS and MMS messages sent and received are grouped into
message threads in the Messaging screen. Message threads
show you the history of messages from a specific contact.
Threads are sorted by received time, with the latest one at the
Reply to a message
1. Tap the message you want to reply to from the Messaging
2. Tap Type to compose and enter the contents of your message.
3. Tap Send.
Access Draft Messages
Tap Messages > Menu
you have any.
> Draft to view your draft messages, if
Delete a message (thread)
1. Tap Menu
> Delete threads from the Messaging Screen.
2. Select the messages or threads you want to delete.
3. Tap OK.
4. To delete an individual message (not a thread) tap and hold
the message and select Delete from the available options.
You can also delete a message by opening it from the Messaging
Screen and tapping Menu
> Delete messages.
Message Settings
Tap Messages > Menu
> Settings to configure message
Storage settings
Notifications settings
SMS Settings
Signature settings
MMS Settings
Multiple SMS Message Charging:
A standard SMS message can contain up to 160 characters. If
you exceed this length the message will be sent as more than 1
SMS. You will be charged for multiple SMS messages depending
on the length.
Using MyEmail
MyEmail is a subscription based Email service provided by
Telstra. Tap Home
, flick to your far left hand desktop >
Alternate Email providers can be accessed via the internet or
you can use the built in Gmail application.
Composing and sending an Email
After creating an Email account, compose and send Emails:
1. Tap Menu > Compose from your chosen Email Screen.
2. Tap the To field and enter the recipient‟s address. Tap Menu >
Add Cc/Bc to add more recipients if required.
When you enter the address, the matching addresses saved in
your Contacts will be displayed. You can tap the recipient from
the list.
3. Enter the subject and the content of your Email.
4. Tap Send.
Reply to or Forward an Email
1. Open the Email to reply to or forward from the Email Screen.
2. Tap Reply, Reply all or Menu > Forward.
3. Enter the contents / recipients of your Email. Tap Send.
Email Settings
Tap the account from the Email Screen and tap Menu > More>
Account settings:
General Settings, Download Settings
Notification settings
 Email notifications: Enable status bar notification for new
 Select ringtone: Select the ringtone for incoming Email
 Vibrate: Enable vibrate with ringtones when Email arrives.
Server settings
 Incoming settings: Set the incoming server settings.
 Outgoing settings: Set the outgoing server settings.
Connecting to the Internet
You can access the Internet through the mobile network or via
Your mobile network settings are pre-configured by your service
provider and there is no need to change any settings.
If you wish to disable your internet access talk to your service
provider. You can also download applications from Market to
control your access.
Wi-Fi provides wireless Internet access over distances of up to
100 meters.
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Select the Wi-Fi check box to turn Wi-Fi on.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks >
Wi-Fi settings. The available Wi-Fi networks are displayed.
2. Tap a network to connect.
 An open network will automatically connect
 If you select a secured network you need to enter a password.
Check the Wi-Fi network status
1. Check the
icon in the status bar.
2. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks >
Wi-Fi settings, tap the current wireless network to view the
network status.
3. Set Wi-Fi always on Home
> Menu
> Settings >
Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings > Menu > Advanced >
Wi-Fi sleep policy.
Using the Browser
You can use your Browser to visit most websites. Some web
pages may not be displayed properly as some web technologies
such as Flash are not supported.
 Tap the Google Quick Search box from the Home Screen and
enter your search request using the keypad. Press the arrow
when done.
 Tap the microphone icon
to use speech recognition.
Speak your search request clearly into the handset
 Tap
from the Home Screen to go to your Home Page
 Tap the address bar to enter web addresses using the keypad
 Tap
> Menu
> Bookmarks to select an item from your
Bookmarks, Most Visited or History tabs.
Browser Menu:
> Menu
to open the
browser menu:
 Tap New window to open a new browser window.
 Tap Exit to close the browser, or multiple tabs and windows
 Tap Bookmarks to access your favourite sites
 Tap Windows to view or open multiple windows
 Tap Refresh, or Stop if the page is still loading
 Tap More for additional options:
 Find on page
 Share page
 Select text
 Downloads
 Page info
 Settings (see later)
Add a new bookmark
1. Open a web page.
2. Tap Menu
> Bookmarks > Add
3. Enter a name of the bookmark and tap OK.
Bookmarks are sorted by time with the latest at the top.
Edit a bookmark
1. Open a Browser window.
2. Tap Menu
> Bookmarks.
3. Select an item to edit and hold it until the menu pops up.
4. Select Edit bookmark.
5. Edit the name or location, and then tap OK to save it.
Delete a bookmark
1. Open a Browser window.
2. Tap Menu
> Bookmarks.
3. Select an item to delete and hold it until the menu pops up.
4. Select Delete bookmark and tap OK to confirm the deletion.
Open links in web pages
1. Open a web page that contains a link.
2. Tap a link to open the page. Hold the link to open the menu:
 Open: Open the web page.
 Open in new window: Open the web page in a new window.
 Bookmark link: Save the link to your Bookmarks.
 Save link: Download the linked web page to your phone.
 Share link: Send the link by Bluetooth, Email, Messaging etc.
 Copy link URL: Copy the link to the clipboard.
Download applications from web pages
1. Open a web page that contains an application link.
2. Tap the link or hold on the link and select Save link to
download the application to your phone.
Browser Settings
Tap Menu
> More > Settings from the browser to adjust the
Browser settings:
Page content settings
 Text size
 Open pages in overview
 Default zoom
 Text encoding
 Block pop-up windows
 Enable JavaScript
 Load images
 Enable plug-ins
 Auto-fit pages
 Open in background
 Landscape-only display
 Set home page
Privacy settings
• Clear cache
• Remember form data
• Clear history:
• Clear form data
• Accept cookies
• Enable location
• Clear all cookie data
• Clear location access
Security settings
• Remember passwords
• Clear passwords
• Show security warnings
Advanced settings
• Set search engine
• Website settings
• Reset to default
Bluetooth enabled devices can exchange information within a
distance of about 10 meters without any physical connection.
The Bluetooth devices must be paired to share information.
Turning Bluetooth on or off
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Tap the Bluetooth check box to turn Bluetooth on.
icon will be displayed in the status bar. If you want to
turn Bluetooth off, clear the Bluetooth check box.
Make your device visible to other devices
1. Tap Home
> Menu
Bluetooth settings.
> Settings > Wireless & networks >
2. Select the Bluetooth check box to turn on.
3. Select the Discoverable check box to make your device visible.
Change your device name
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks >
Bluetooth settings.
2. Select the Bluetooth check box to turn on.
3. Tap Device name.
4. Enter the name and tap OK.
Pair with another Bluetooth device
Both devices must have Bluetooth turned on.
1. Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Wireless & networks >
Bluetooth settings.
2. Tap Scan for devices to display available devices in your
3. Tap the device to pair with and enter your PIN if required. The
same PIN should be used on both devices.
Bluetooth Connect Permissions
Audio devices (HFP/A2DP/AVCRP) will always Connect when in
Phonebook (PBAP) can be set to Always ask or Always accept.
File transfer (OPP) is set to Always ask.
Connect to a Computer
Copy files between the phone and any computer using the USB
lead supplied. Select Turn on USB storage when prompted to
connect your microSD™ memory card to the computer. Browse
your computer to see the connected drive as an external storage
Use computer connectivity to transfer audios, videos, pictures
and to back up your contacts and applications.
Tap Home
> Menu
> Settings > Applications >
Development > USB debugging to enable the Join Me
Connection Suite.
Use the Join Me Connection Suite to Synchronise your
The Join Me installation file (JoinMe_PCclient.exe) can be found
on the SD memory card (in the root folder) on your phone.
1.Connect phone to the PC using the supplied USB data lead.
2.“USB debugging” is required to install and use Join Me on your
A notification will appear in the notification bar on your phone
(very top of screen), when you connect your phone. Press the
notification message to enable USB debugging
(Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging).
Note: It is recommended that USB debugging is disabled when
you are not using Join Me.
3.USB connected screen will be displayed on your handset. The
Join Me client software is preloaded on your SD memory card.
4.Press the “Turn on USB storage” button to access SD memory
from your computer
5.The SD memory from your phone will appear as a removable
drive in your file manager (My Computer) in Windows.
6.Double click “JoinMe_PCclient.exe” to start Join Me
installation, and follow the prompts. Keep your phone
connected during installation.
7.Press the Connect button to start using Join Me. Press “OK”
and allow a few seconds to connect.
8.When Join Me is connected successfully the connect button
status changes to “Disconnect”.
The software is only compatible with Windows 7(SP1), Vista,
XP (SP2 & SP3) and above but cannot be guaranteed to run
on these systems.
MAC operating systems are not supported.
The software may not run in all environments, or in
conjunction with other software.
Multi-boot systems are not supported.
The software should be installed and run with the
Administrator login.
Please install the software before connecting your phone
and follow the installation steps carefully.
Join Me Feature Summary
SMS: Create, send, receive and save SMS messages from
your computer using Join Me.
MMS: Compose a Multimedia message (MMS) with the
ability to add and modify media files directly from your PC.
Media editor tool is available for editing images.
Create, modify, backup and recover phone contacts in
CSV*, Vcard.
Synchronise your phone contacts with Microsoft® Outlook
– (2003, 2007 editions). Contact field mapping between Join
Me and Outlook is configurable.
* Save a CSV file from Join Me to use the correct template.
View Android applications installed on your phone as well
as manage (backup and install) Android applications
between your phone and computer.
Manage your calendar appointments and reminders using
Join Me as well as synchronise with your PC (Outlook, CSV,
Vcard, XML file).
SMS Chat
Send and receive SMS conversation with all messages sent
and received displayed in the one view.
Connect to the Internet using your phone as a modem as
well as the ability to view your internet data usage history.
Manage URL favourites on your phone via Join Me as well
as add, import, export, delete bookmarked web links
between your phone and computer.
View your entire call history and call details (name,
duration, time of call etc), from your phone using your
Configure the behaviour of Join Me (audio and visual alerts,
software language, auto run, internet settings)
Tap Home
> Camera to open the camera or press and
hold the Camera key on the keyboard:
Taking Pictures
Line up your shot and tap
to take the picture.
 Tap the icon in the right corner of your screen to view the
 Tap Menu > Gallery to view all of your pictures.
Camera Settings
Tap the icons on the left of the screen to adjust camera settings:
 Exposure / Picture size
 Store location: Select to record location in picture data.
 White balance: Adjust the white balance to capture colours
more accurately in different conditions.
 Zoom: Set the required zoom
Video Recorder
Tap Home
> Camcorder to open the camcorder.
Switch from the camcorder to camera mode using the selector
switch on the screen
Shooting Videos
1. Tap
2. Tap
to start shooting.
to stop shooting.
 Tap the icon in the right corner to view the last video clip.
 Tap Menu > Gallery to view all of your video clips.
Video Settings
Tap the icons on the left of the screen to adjust video settings.
Scroll up or down to see the full menu list:
 Colour Effect / Video quality / Video Encoder / Video duration
/ Restore defaults.
 White balance: Adjust the white balance to capture colours
more accurately in different conditions.
 Video quality / length: Select the required quality and length
for your video.
FM Radio
Your phone includes an FM radio. The wired headset works as
an antenna, so always connect the headset when using the
radio. If you receive an incoming call while listening to the radio,
the radio will be suspended.
Open the FM Radio
Insert the headset and Tap Home
1. Tap
> FM Radio.
icon is shown on the status bar.
to scan for channels automatically.
2. Tap Menu > Adjust, and then tap
frequency if required.
to fine tune the
3. Hold on a frequency until a red box appears on the screen,
and then drag it to the box to save the frequency.
4. Press Volume Keys to adjust the volume.
5. Tap Menu > Sleep to set the FM radio sleep timer.
6. Tap
to turn off the FM radio.
You need to have audio files stored on your memory card. Use
downloads, Bluetooth or PC Connectivity to save files onto your
memory card.
1. Tap Home
Music to open Music application.
2. Select a file to open from the Artist, Album or Song folders.
Creating Playlists
1. Select a music file to add to a new playlist.
2. Tap and hold on the file until a shortcut menu pops up.
3. Tap Add to playlist.
4. Tap New.
5. Enter the playlist name and tap Save. The playlist is created
and the selected file is added to the playlist.
Music Player Controls
Managing Playlists
1. Tap Playlist from the Music Screen to view all playlists.
2. Hold on the playlist you want to play or edit until a shortcut
menu pops up.
 Tap Play to play the playlist.
 Tap Delete to delete the playlist.
 Tap Rename to edit the playlist name.
Setting a Song as Ringtone
1. Open the folder where the song you want to set as ringtone is.
2. Hold on the song until a shortcut menu pops up.
3. Select Use as ringtone.
You can also set a song as ringtone when you are playing it by
tapping Menu > Use as ringtone.
Tap Home
> Videos to open the video player.
1. Tap the video file you want to play from the Videos Screen.
2. Tap on the screen to show the control bar.
Use Gallery to view pictures and play back videos. You can also
set pictures as wallpaper, contact icons and share them with
your friends.
Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder enables you to record your voice memos that
you can also set as a ringtone.
Tap Home
> Sound Recorder.
Record Your Memo
1. Hold the phone so the microphone is near your mouth.
2. Tap
to start,
to stop and
to play back.
3. Tap OK to save the voice recording, or tap Discard to discard
the recording.
4. Files are stored at: Home
> Music > Playlists > My
5. Hold the recording and select Use as phone ringtone to set as
your Ringtone.
Sign In or Create Your Google Account
Sign in to your Google Account to synchronize Gmail, Calendar,
and Contacts between your phone and the web.
1. Tap a Google application, such as Talk or Market.
2. Follow the instructions in the wizard and tap Next.
3. Tap Sign in if you have a Google account.
Enter your user name and password, and then tap Sign in.
Tap Create if you do not have a Google account.
Using Gmail
> Gmail to open Google‟s web-based email service.
Gmail is configured when you sign in to your Google account.
Depending on your settings, Gmail can automatically
synchronize with your Gmail account on the web.
Create and send an Email
1. In the Inbox, press Menu and then tap Compose.
2. Enter email address in the To field. If you are sending to
several recipients, separate the addresses with a comma. You
can add as many recipients as you want.
3. Enter the email subject, and then compose your email.
4. After composing your email, tap Send.
Using Google Calendar
Tap Home
> Calendar to use Google Calendar. You
can use the calendar to schedule appointments, meetings and
other events. Your appointments are displayed on the screen as
they are scheduled. All appointments are synchronised to your
Google account, which enables you to share your schedule, get
your entire calendar on the go, and receive Email reminders for
your upcoming events.
Using Google Talk
Google Talk is Google‟s instant messaging program, which
enables you to communicate with other people that also use
Google Talk.
Open Google Talk
Tap Home
> Talk.
Add a new friend
You can only add people who have a Google Account.
1. In the Friends list, press Menu > Add friend.
2. Enter the Google Talk instant messaging ID or Google email
address of the friend you want to add.
View and accept an invitation
1. In the Friends list, press Menu > More > Invites.
All chat invitations you have sent or received are listed on the
pending invitations screen.
2. Tap a pending invitation, and then tap Accept or Cancel.
Change your online status
1. Tap the online status icon to update your status.
2. Tap the status message box and enter your status message
using the onscreen keyboard.
Start a chat
1. Tap a friend from your Friends list and enter text on the
on-screen keyboard.
2. After entering your message, tap Send.
Select Flight Mode, turn on Wi-Fi, manage Wi-Fi
Wireless & settings, Bluetooth, Tethering and portable
networks hotspot, VPN settings, mobile networks to
configure data access
Manage Fixed Dialling Numbers, Voicemail, Speed
dial, Call Barring, call forwarding, Additional
settings for caller ID, Call Waiting.
Download tones, Silent mode, Silence ringer,
Vibrate, Volume, Ringtone, Notifications ringtone,
feedback settings.
Brightness, Auto-rotate screen, Animation, Screen
timeout, Keypad lighting
Location & Use wireless networks, Use GPS, Set up screen
lock, Set up SIM card lock, Visible passwords,
select device administrators, Use secure
credentials, Install from SD card, Set password,
clear credentials.
Unknown sources, Quick Launch, Manage
Applications applications, Running services, Storage use,
Battery use, Development
Accounts & Background data, Auto-sync.
Back up my data, Automatic restore, Factory data
Unmount SD card, erase SD card, Internal storage
Language & Select language, Android keyboard, Built-in
keyboard keyboard
Voice input Voice recognizer settings, Text-to-speech settings
& output
Accessibility Download accessibility applications
Date & time
Automatic, Set date, Set time zone, Set time,
12/24hr, Select date format.
System updates, Status, Battery use, Legal
information, model, build & version details.
Screen Unlock Pattern, PIN, or Password
Protect your phone from unauthorized use by creating a
personal screen unlock pattern, PIN or Password. Use a pattern,
PIN or Password you can easily remember.
1. Tap Home
> Menu
Set up screen lock
> Settings > Location & security >
2. Read the instructions and tap
3. Watch the demo and tap Next
4. Draw your pattern and tap
5. Draw the pattern again and tap Confirm.
If you forget your unlock pattern, PIN or Password then after five
incorrect entries press Forgot Pattern to enter your Google
account password. If you do not have a Google account then
contact your service provider.
Lock the screen
Press the Power Key to lock the screen.
Unlock the screen with a pattern
1. Press Power Key.
2. Draw your pattern to unlock the screen. If you make a mistake
you can try again up to five times.
If you forget the unlock pattern then after five attempts you can
enter your Google account details to unlock your device. If you
have not registered a Google account then contact your service
SIM Card Lock
Set a PIN code on your SIM card to prevent others from using
your account. The initial PIN code is provided by your service
1. Tap Home
> Menu
Set up SIM card lock.
> Settings > Location & security >
2. Select Lock SIM card. Enter the PIN and tap OK.
Change SIM PIN
Before changing SIM PIN, you need to enable it.
1. Tap Home
> Menu
Set up SIM card lock.
> Settings > Location & security >
2. Tap Change SIM PIN.
3. Enter the PIN and tap OK.
4. Enter a new PIN and tap OK. Confirm the new PIN and tap OK.
Size and Weight
114 × 65 ×10.9mm. 126g with battery
3G UMTS 850, 2100 MHz. HSDPA 7.2 Data
2G GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
TFT 2.6”, 320 x 240, QVGA.
Back camera
2.0M Pixels
Removable memory card
2GB microSD™ included, supports up to 32GB
1100mAh Li-ion
Charge Time
3-4 hrs with AC Charger
Standby time
Up to 200 hours (+/- 20% subject to network)
Voice talk
Up to 180 mins (+/- 20% subject to network)
WAP browser version
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. Wi-fi 802.11b/g
Supported file types
jpg, gif, png, amr, mid, mp3, mp4, 3gpp, h263.
Please check the manual thoroughly before contacting
your service provider.
No incoming ring
or alarm tone
How do I extend
the incoming
ring time?
How do I change
the Ringtone?
I cannot unlock
my screen
Hold the power key to check the phone is
not in silent mode.
Check the ring tone and ring volume
This is not a device setting. Please contact
your Service Provider or enter the
**61*101*11*30# to set to 30 seconds.
Go to Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone
If you have forgotten your unlock pattern
you need to contact your Service Provider.
A phone number
cannot be
I cannot connect
to the internet
How do I reset
the phone?
My phone is slow
to respond or
I cannot connect
to other
Check for network coverage
Check you have Voice enabled on your plan.
Check you have an active account or credit.
Check for network coverage. Check you
have a valid data SIM with available credit.
Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data
Restart your phone to refresh the
Uninstall applications you are no longer
Turn Bluetooth on. Set visibility to Show.
Make sure the pass-code is correct.
Possible compatibility issues. Not all
functionality is supported.
The battery
I cannot charge
the phone
Check the network signal strength. With
only 1 or 2 bars, the battery has to work
harder to maintain network contact.
Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS if you
are not using them.
Tip: You can add the power management
widget to your home screen to easily
switch off functions. The battery may be
worn out.
Confirm the charger is properly inserted.
Remove the battery, clean the contacts
and check it is inserted correctly. The
battery may be worn out.
Tip: Charge the phone by connecting to a
computer using the USB lead supplied.
Error Messages
No SIM Card
Enter PIN code
Enter PUK code
Enter Unlock
Check a valid SIM card is inserted.
See the Introduction section
You have set a SIM PIN. Please enter your
SIM PIN code.
Contact your Service Provider to get the
PUK code
Contact your Service Provider to obtain
the network unlocking code.
Warranty Information
The warranty does not apply to defects or errors caused by:
(a) Normal wear and tear
(b) Misuse including mishandling, physical damage, improper
installation – including battery, and unauthorised
disassembly of the product.
(c) Water, exposure to solvents or any other liquid damage.
(d) Any unauthorised repair or modification.
(e) Power surges, lightning, fire, flood or other natural events.
(f) Use of the product with unauthorised third party products
such as generic chargers.
(g) Any other cause beyond the range of normal usage for
The end user shall have no right to reject, return, or receive a refund
for any product under the above-mentioned situations, not excluding
your statutory rights under national law.
Note: Consult the warranty card for full information.
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