GE Zoneline AZ25E12D3B Air Conditioner

GE Zoneline AZ25E12D3B Air Conditioner
GE Appliances
AZ22E12D—Zoneline Value Series Cooling and Electric Heat Unit
Maximum Cord Extension
(in inches)
Wall Case Dimensions
RAB71A = 20-7/8
RAB77A = 21
RAB71A = 16
RAB77A = 16-1/4
RAB71 Insulated Wall Case
Heavy-gauge galvanized steel, with insulation.
A-42", B-13-3/4", C-16"
RAB77 Wall Case
Molded SMC fiberglass-reinforced polyester compound.
A-42-1/8", B-13-7/8", C-16-1/4"
Wall Opening Dimensions
Add 1/4" to A and C dimensions for all cut-out size.
Zoneline Installation
Simple Three-Step Installation
Zoneline heat pumps and heat/cool units are designed for easy installation, off or flush with the floor.
When the SMC fiberglass-reinforced polyester sleeve is installed, the chassis simply slides into place.
Compatibility with existing Zoneline wall cases and rear grilles simplifies retrofit installations. A new
chassis simply slides into the already installed wall case; the existing rear grille may be used as is, or
with a minor modification for greater operating efficiency.
Created 5/98
Electrical Wiring
All wiring, including installation of receptacle, must be made in accordance with local electrical
codes and regulations.
Note: Aluminum wiring may pose special problems—consult a qualified electrician.
Cooling Sizes
All units come in four nominal cooling sizes: 7,000, 9,000, 12,000 and 15,000 BTUH.
Resistance Heat
Resistance heat or back-up heat determined by Quick Connect power cord on the Premium Series
and selected heater size for the Value Series (15 amp. 8,600 BTU, 20 amp. 11,700 BTU and 30
amp. 17,000 BTU @ 230 volt).
Grille Options
Stamped Aluminum Grille—RAG60
Molded Exterior Architectural Louvers (Cycoloy)
RAG61 or RAG64 (Beige)
RAG63 or RAG66 (Bittersweet)
RAG62 or RAG65 (Maple)
RAG67 (Extruded Aluminum)
Ducted Applications
2100 and 3100 series can be used with ductwork to heat or cool more than one room. RAK605 Duct
Adaptor is applied to top of case over air discharge/RAK601 Duct Extension is applied to right or left
of adaptor. Locally fabricated ductwork may be added to extend to maximum recommended distance
of 15 feet.
Electrical Connection
230/208 volt units may be plugged into a receptacle. 265 volt units and special application 230/208
volt units require direct connection. See Architects and Engineers Design Data Manual for electrical
connection information including use of sub-base for direct connected units. Installation must
comply with local electrical codes and regulations.
1. Frame the Opening. The RAB77A SMC wall case requires an opening of 16-1/2" high x 42-3/8"
wide. Position the sleeve, secure it to the studs and then caulk. Complete instructions are furnished
with each unit.
2. Connect the Electrical Supply. Each Zoneline unit requires a 230/208V power supply. It is
strongly recommended that electrical connections be made by a qualified electrician. All wiring,
including installation of the receptacle, must be in accordance with local codes.
3. Slide In Chassis. With the wall sleeve, electrical receptacle, and exterior grille in place, the
separate chassis simply slides into position. Install the roomside cabinet, and plug into the electrical
receptacle. You are now ready for many years of quiet comfort.
For answers to your Monogram,®GE Profile Performance Series,™ GE Profile,™ and
GE appliance questions, call GE Answer Center® service, 800.626.2000.
GE Appliances
AZ22E12D—Zoneline Value Series Cooling and Electric Heat Unit
Features and Benefits
• Decorative Warm Gray-Beige Front
• Cooling with Electric Heat
• 230/208V Model
• Available in 11,700/11,500 BTUH
• Up to 10.7 EER
• Solid-State Thermostat Control
• Up-Front Filters For Easy Access and Cleaning
• Hidden Manual Vent Control For Fresh Air Introduction
• Hidden Fan Cycle Switch
• Freeze Sentinel™ Protects Unoccupied Rooms Against Freeze-Up
• Mechanical Temperature Limiting For Restriction of Room Temperature
• Remote Control Compatibility For Wall-Mounted Thermostats
• Central Desk Control Compatibility
• Slide Out Chassis
• Attached Power Cord
• AZ22E12D2B - 15 Amps, 2550/2090 Watts; Base Model
• AZ22E12D2C - 15 Amps, 2550/2090 Watts; Corrosion Treated
• AZ22E12D3B - 20 Amps, 3450/2820 Watts; Base Model
• AZ22E12D3C - 20 Amps, 3450/2820 Watts; Corrosion Treated
• AZ22E12D5B - 30 Amps, 5000/4090 Watts; Base Model
Created 5/98
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