Specifications | Marshall MXL V67i Microphone

Marshall MXL V67i Microphone
The SM7 series has been a staple in broadcasting because it’s smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response is appropriate for music
and speech in all professional audio applications. Today, the SM7B features excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum
generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and other electrical devices so your audience will hear your words loud and clear.
For over 80 years, Shure has been making professional audio equipment that experts have relied on worldwide. Contact your BSW
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BSW RE20 Package!
Electro-Voice RE20 with Shockmount
and BSW RePop Pop Filter
Do the math. When you get the top on-air mic in the biz with two
absolutely-must-have accessories, AND you save more than half
price off retail, you gotta act! The BSW RE20PKG package saves
you big bucks on the Electro-Voice RE20, 309A shockmount
and BSW RePop custom pop filter (described below).
The EV RE20’s wide frequency response,
coupled with excellent transient response,
makes the RE20 dynamic cardioid mic easily
comparable to the finest condenser mics;
however, the RE20 is virtually free of bassboosting proximity effect when close miking.
An integral blast and wind filter covers each
acoustic opening on the RE20. When on air,
DJs can “close talk” the microphone, with no
worry of “P-pops” or excessive sibilance. Part
of the filter also shockmounts the internal
microphone element, reducing the transfer of
vibrations from external sources.
The RE20 is capable of reproducing extremely
high sound pressure levels with little fear of the
overload and distortion often experienced with phantom-powered
condensers. Frequency response is 45 Hz-18 kHz. Steel case and
hum-bucking coil provide exceptional magnetic shielding. Includes
a stand clamp.
The 309A is the yoke shockmount.
List $798.00
package only $498!
Electro-Voice RE27N/D
Dynamic Neodymium Mic
only $449!
The BSW RePop is the ultimate pop filter – made specifically for the
Electro-Voice RE20 or RE27ND microphone. The fine mesh metal
screen diminishes undesirable P-Popping while keeping
the integrity of the hi-end frequency response. The RePop
clamps easily and securely to the microphone. Robust
metal construction, and the color is matched to the mic.
only $3995 each!
Shockmount, Windscreen and Pop Filters
Windtech windscreens are made of an open-cell, hypo-allergenic
foam that won’t color sound, yet provides maximum protection
against wind-noise and P-popping. Black (other colors available).
only $2995!
The Popless VAC-RE20 is designed to attach to the RE20 or
RE27N/D via the 309/A shockmount. Each DJ can own a set
of screens (two 3.5" screens included) and “pop” them in.
VACRE20 Pop filters/mechanism $4495
Replacement filters
• Switch-controllable red “Live”
indicator light
• Gold-sputtered pressure
gradient transducer
• Voice-tailored low-cut filter
• Internally shockmounted capsule; rugged stainless steel body
List $629.00
from $35!
only $419!
Condenser Mic
The AKG C 4500 B-BC was specifically
developed for use in advanced
radio studios and production
suites. It provides all the
features you’ll need in
high-quality announcer’s
mic. The sound entry has been
designed such that it can be
placed in front of the announcer’s mouth without obstructing their
field of vision. The microphone is shielded against electrostatic and
electromagnetic interference.
• 20 dB pad and bass roll-off
• Internal shockmount
• Self-noise 8 dB and max SPL 155 dB
• Dynamic range 137 dB
• Suspension shockmount and windscreen included
List $803.00
only $599!
Beyerdynamic M99
Dynamic Mic
This Beyerdynamic M 99 dynamic cardioid mic takes all the
abuse on-air jocks can dish out including exceptionally loud
SPLs……(see your station’s shock jock). The tailored frequency
response is extremely linear, guaranteeing studio-like audio
quality. A frequency select switch allows three settings
of equalization. And a second switch provides presence
accentuation. This allows further adjustment for close miking.
M99 List $639.00
The Ultimate Pop Filter for Your RE20/RE27
RE20 pop filter/attachment
RE27POP RE27 pop filter/attachment
The Røde Broadcaster (NTB) with “live“ red indicator light is
designed specifically for live broadcast applications. It offers
the warm vocal sound, wide dynamic range and
exceptional frequency response of a high-end
cardioid condenser mic at a very low price.
The shiny big brother to the RE20—the RE27N/D’s premium
neodymium alloy magnet allows for wider frequency response
and higher output. In addition to the Variable-D
design it has three switchable filters: one high
frequency and two low frequencies. The RE27N/D
has an internal blast/wind filter to reduce
P-popping, breath sounds and excessive sibilance.
RE27ND List $840.00
Røde Broadcaster
Dynamic Mic with Tally Light
only $549!
M!ka Desktop
Pleasing to the eye, with
internal wiring and coil
spring construction
hidden from view, the
new M!ka Workstation
Studio Boom boasts single tube construction with articulated joints to hold
mics weighing up to 4.5 lbs. It's internally wired with open cable tails for
user fitting of connectors, and offers several optional mounting options.
Choose the natural aluminum finish or dark gray. The long 31.5" reach suits
any on-air application. Add an optional pole for additional height if desired.
Basic mic arm, aluminum finish List $275.00
Basic mic arm, dark gray finish
List $275.00
Table-side clamp for mic arm List $45.00
Bushing for mounting mic arm directly into surface hole
List $69.00
17" vertical pole
List $92.00
33" vertical pole
List $145.00
Pole desktop mounting kit
List $42.00 Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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World’s Finest
Long-Time Fave
Neumann Broadcast Mics On-Air Mic
Shure SM7B Dynamic Mic
Neumann has come up with some
of the finest mics for on-air and
recording applications you can
buy. Either of these two mics can
do a GREAT job for you. It’s no
wonder Neumann positions
themselves as ”the choice
of those who can hear the
An all-time broadcast best-seller, the
Shure SM7B dynamic cardioid
microphone is known for its
warm sound and minimal
proximity effect. It’s an
excellent choice for any
on-air application.
• Classic cardioid polar pattern
• Maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sound
• Flat, wide-range frequency response
• Bass roll-off and mid-range emphasis controls
• Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum
• Internal “air suspension” shock isolation
Neumann BCM705
Dynamic Mic & BCM104
Condenser Mic
Recognizing the need for both dynamic and
condenser mics in today’s broadcast studio,
Neumann has, for the first time in history,
created a dynamic microphone – the BCM705.
Perfect for vocal miking, both the 705 and 104
can make a huge difference in the sound of your
on-air voice. Both are large diaphragm mics that
feature an integrated pop screen and a quickrelease head grille for easy cleaning. It’s really up
to you—dynamic or condenser?
Dynamic Condenser
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Talk Radio Mic Booms
The OC White Elite 61900
heavy-duty mic boom holds any
microphone quietly in position,
hiding the cable and improving
appearance. The base provides
a wire channel through the riser
which is prewired to a built-in
XLR female jack with 3 feet of
pigtail from the base for the user
to wire as needed. Premium
music wire springs are used, for
silent use. Black, gray or beige.
14250B is the heavy-duty riser
with XLR connector built-in (the
riser comes with the 61900, but
you can also order it separately,
see page 122).
61900BG Black
List $199.00
List $199.00
only $169!
only $349!
sold separately
MD421II Dynamic Mic
List $958.00
List $1,458.00
OC White
Elite 61900
Mic Boom w/ Riser
List $619.51
OC White 51900
Mic Boom w/ Riser
The 51900 is an affordable mic boom
of choice for many podcast facilities.
It features heavy-duty springs and
includes a 12" riser. The boom is 29"
long. Black or gray. Beige also available.
For a version with a longer arm (46"
boom), purchase model 52900B. Gray
and beige also available.
Mic booms re also available without
the riser as model numbers 14194
and 14199. Black, gray or beige.
51900BLK Black, 29" arm/riser
List $149.00 $12900
51900G Gray, 29" arm/riser
List $159.00 $12900
52900B Black, 46" arm/riser
List $179.00 $14900
14194B Black, 29" arm
List $99.00
14194G Gray, 29" arm
List $99.00
14199 Black, 46" arm
List $149.00 $12900
from $129!
The MD421 is the “secret”
microphone used by many radio
stations to sound more powerful –
voices actually LEAP out of the dial
and grab the listeners by the ears. What’s
cool is the 421 has a subtle proximity effect
allowing you to work the mic to gain low end…
and low-end on command is magic to announcers.
Replace your old 421s with the new generation II or just buy
a new one to replace the “ol’ mud mic” in the control room. Your
listeners will thank you. Shockmount sold separately.
List $598.00
only $379!
OC White
Mic Boom
w/ Riser
OC White
Mic Boom
The 519003B triple
boom mic stand is
the talk show
standard. This
combination includes
three 29" Ultraflex
mic booms and one
triple mic riser. It’s the
easy way to place
multiple mics in your studio! Black color
(beige and gray are also available).
The 619003BG (not shown) is the
Elite version with silent, soft gold
music wire springs. Black or beige.
519003B Black List $367.00 $29900
519003G Gray List $397.00 $30538
Beige List $367.00 $28231
619003BG Black List $457.00 $33900
Beige List $457.00 $34275
ProBoom is the best
value in studio
microphone booms.
This 41" arm comes
complete with 12" riser
for table top mounting
and two sets of upper
springs to accommodate
microphones of all weights
and sizes. Additional
mounts for wall mounting
are available as options.
ProBoom requires no maintenance and
has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.
Color is black. Beige also available.
Purchase it in the 2-pack and save
even more!
PROBOOM-b Black List $109.00 $9900
PROBOOM Beige List $109.00 $9900
PROBOOM-B2pK 2-Pack black $17900
from $299!
from $99!
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Unlike any dynamic you’ve ever heard.
“Heil mics have as much
girth as any dynamic that
I’ve encountered, but they
also have a wonderful
sheen typically found in
high-end condensers.”
-Russ Long, Producer
Get That Signature Sound
You Want for Your Broadcast
Heil Dynamic Broadcast Mics
These dynamic microphones boast an innovative design along with top-shelf components to deliver a sound that rivals
condenser microphones, but without that all-too-common background noise and need for external enhancements.
Featuring large aluminum diaphragms, neodymium magnet structures and double-layered screens to protect against
breath blasts, they offer a wide frequency response and clear uncolored sound with virtually no distortion. End-fire
cardioid pattern. The Heil PR-40 offers perfectly flat response from 28 Hz up through 18 kHz with a lush mid-range rise
for crystalline vocal articulation. Ideal for vocals and broadcast voice-overs, it comes with a metal SM-3 stand adaptor.
The affordable PR-30 provides a smooth flat response from 40 Hz to 18 kHz.
PR40 List $375.00
PR30 List $299.00
HEIL-SM2 champagne shockmount List $115.00 $9500
foam windshield
List $25.00
LowestPrice from $250!
Heil Classic-Pro
Dynamic Mic
This dynamic cardioid microphone sports a
stunning design that harkens back to the 1930’s,
but boasts up-to-the-minute technology. Offering
the smooth, wide frequency range and sound of
a classic ribbon mic, yet strong enough to handle
heavy sound pressure levels, this beauty, with its
superb upper mid-range, is ideal for reproducing
the human voice. It features an internal screen
to reduce breath blasts, and comes with a sturdy
base. Mic body is steel and diecast zinc. Frequency
response 40 Hz-18 kHz. A blank nameplate is
included to which you can affix stickers or tape to.
List $289.00
PR30 shown with
optional HEIL-SM2
only $245!
Heil Desktop Mic Boom
The Heil PL-2T moves silently and uses a
system of internal springs to handle mics up
to 3.5 lbs! Removable top and back makes
cable easy to thread without having to
remove connectors. Shipped with desk “C”
clamp. Black color.
List $120.00
only $109!
12" riser, black
Flush mount
Flange/surface mount
Wall mount
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Microphones Joe
Condenser Mic
The Blue Joe is a large
diaphragm cardioid
condenser mic ideal
for the project (or
any) studio. Its
Class A discrete
electronics and hand
tuned and tested
capsules deliver rich
lows and detailed highs.
It captures a wide variety
of sound sources, such as
vocals, acoustic instruments
and drums with excellent
detail and clarity. It sports a
unique swivel mount for easy
List $499.00
only $299!
Heil Heritage
Dynamic Mic
The Heil Heritage dynamic
cardioid microphone
offers smooth, natural
sound over a wide (40 Hz –
18 kHz) frequency range
and handles large amounts
of SPL with ease. Its large
diameter element boats a
special magnet structure
with a 1-1/8" aluminum low
mass voice coil assembly to
deliver an outstanding upper
mid range that makes it ideal for
reproducing the human voice.
A unique foam windscreen fits
inside of the microphone shell,
providing a breath blast filter
that guards against pops or
excessive sibilance. .
List $199.00
only $169!
Low Package Pricing!
Call or Email Us with Quote Today for Discount Pricing!!
Heil The Fin
Dynamic Mic
This dynamic
microphone conjures up
the glory days of sound
with an Art Deco design
lit up by phantompowered internal blue
LEDs. With stunning
good looks and lush
upper midrange to push it to the
top of every vocalist's wish list, it features
Heil's PR 20 large diaphragm element
(see page 107 for PR20) to deliver a wide
frequency range and the ability to handle
extreme sound pressure levels.
Boasting a large, low mass voice coil and
an incredibly strong magnet structure, it
produces a very linear cardioid pattern
that rejects unwanted sound from the
rear, and reduces the proximity effect
while achieving perfect articulation.
• Dynamic cardioid mic with Neodymium
magnet assembly
• Beautiful vintage vibe
• Phantom-powered internal blue LEDs
• Heil PR 20 large diaphragm element
• Wide frequency range of 50Hz-18kHz
• 600 ohms balanced impedance
• Easily handles high SPLs
• Perfect midrange articulation
List $219.00
only $185!
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Neumann U 87 40th
Anniversary Edition
Probably the best known and most widely used Neumann
microphone, the U 87 has been a standard of the industry since
1967. This microphone is famous for its warm sound and wellbalanced characteristics. The current U 87A model is equipped
with an LF roll-off switch to reduce proximity effect, and a
10 dB pad. Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8 patterns.
The limited edition collector’s item 40th Anniversary set
includes the U 87 microphone in a special polished nickel
finish accompanied by the unique PS 87 popscreen and
EA 87 elastic suspension, vintage-style case, and certificate
of authenticity with individual serial number.
Neumann TLM 49 Condenser Mic
The TLM 49 is a largediaphragm studio mic with
a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound
which is especially optimized for vocal performance.
The design is inspired by that of the legendary M 49
microphone of the 1950s. The TLM 49 uses the
famous K 47 capsule, which was also used in the
M 49. The capsule has a linear frequency response up
to the upper mid-range. Above 2 kHz there is a gentle
presence boost up to 3 dB. The capsule is enclosed by
a large microphone headgrille, which is acoustically
very open and is hence neutral with regard to the
sound. With Neumann transformerless circuit, this
microphone ensures low self-noise, permitting the
use of high gain levels. Shockmount included.
List $1,999.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Neumann KM Series Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics
U87ANNIVERSARY Anniversary editionList $5,298.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Neumann U 87A Multiple-Pattern
Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
This versatile mic features a large dual-diaphragm capsule with
three directional patterns that you can select with the flip of a
switch. Its 10 dB attenuation switch helps it easily handle sound
pressure levels up to 127 dB without distorting and it also boasts
a LF roll-off.
• Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8 patterns
• Exceptional warmth and clarity
• 115 dB dynamic range
• 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response
U87AI List $3,998.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
EA87 Spider shockmount List $498.00
SG367 Swivel mount
List $219.00
WS87 Windscreen
List $59.00
The Neumann KM184 cardioid condenser mic is a great choice for overall
studio use. Use it in stereo pairs, as overheads, as an announcer's mic
for broadcasting, for spot miking, and for close miking of strings, wind
instruments, percussion, piano, guitar amps, and much more. The pressure
gradient transducer features very smooth frequency responses not only for
the 0° axis, but also for lateral (off-axis) sound incidence. In typical usage,
there is no coloration of sound over a wide pickup angle. In the
0° frequency response the KM 184 has a gentle rise at about 9 kHz for
a fresh lively tonal balance. The KM184 comes in a folding box with
a windscreen and two stand mounts that permit connection to the
microphone body or to the XLR connector. Also available in black.
This overhead mic series also comes in omnidirectional (KM183) and
hypercardioid (KM185) patterns.
Cardioid, nickel
Cardioid, black
Omnidirectional, nickel
Omnidirectional, black
Hypercardioid, nickel
Hypercardioid, black
List $1,158.00
List $1,158.00
List $1,258.00
List $1,258.00
List $1,258.00
List $1,258.00
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Neumann KM D Digital Mic Systems
Neumann’s miniature condenser microphone 180 series is now
reporting for digital duty with the KM D. Featuring integrated
digital processing and a choice of omnidirectional, cardioid, and
supercardioid capsules for maximum flexibility, the series supports
all standard sampling frequencies from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. The
A/D converter is located immediately next to the capsule for the
truest possible signal, and has a dynamic range much greater
than the capsule itself. The series’ modular construction lets you
combine and interchange capsules, and offers you a choice of
black or nickel finishes. For details on each package below go
online. Individual components are listed online as well.
Starter Kits:
KM184D-48AES-SET KM184 cardioid mic 48 kHz, AES/EBU
connection-blackList $3,798.00
KM184D-48SPD-SET KM184 cardioid mic 48 kHz, S/PDIF
connection-blackList $3,798.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Neumann TLM103 Large
Diaphragm Condenser Mic
The TLM 103 is essentially the element from the U87, utilized in
a cardioid-only pattern. Without the bells and whistles, you end
up with a great mic that costs a lot less. By utilizing the triedand-true transformerless circuit found in numerous Neumann
microphones, the large diaphragm TLM103 offers low self-noise
(7 dBA) and the highest sound pressure level transmission. The
TLM103 includes a swivel mount and a wooden box.
TLM103 Condenser Mic List $1,478.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $378.00
Neumann TLM193
Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
The TLM 193 is a large diaphragm, double membrane cardioid
condenser microphone designed for critical recording, broadcast and
live sound applications. It joins legendary Neumann large diaphragm
design with proven FET 100 circuitry. Features: ultra-low self noise
(10 dB-A), high sound-pressure capability (140 dB before overload),
dynamic range (130 dB), wide frequency response (20 Hz - 20 kHz).
Includes swivel mount and wooden box.
List $1,998.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Tube Microphone
AKG C414B-XL Series
Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
One of the most famous tube
microphones in the history of
recording was the legendary AKG
C 12. In spite of vast changes in
microphone engineering, these
microphones in good condition
are still very much sought after
and extremely expensive. Now,
you can get the irreplaceable sonic
characteristics of the C 12 in a
modern microphone. The C 12 VR is
an exact replica of the original
C 12, from the capsule sound to
the original 6072A vacuum tube.
The only difference is that its selfnoise and some components were
optimized to meet the current
state-of-the-art. No less than nine
remotely selectable polar patterns,
the legendary large-diaphragm
capsule, and original vacuum
tube provide a sound that is
simply beyond words. Includes
carrying case, power supply, cable,
windscreen, and spider suspension
With the introduction of the C414 B-XL microphones, AKG sets new
benchmarks with improved technical specifications and enhanced
pads and bass cut filters—with the basic sonics of the legendary
C414 unaltered. The C414 B-XL II is a classic microphone with a
distinctive timbre especially designed for recording of solo vocals
and solo instruments; the C414 B-XLS model is a reference-quality
microphone excellent for accurate, beautifully-detailed pickup of
any acoustic instrument. Both offer switchable omni, wide-cardioid,
cardioid, hypercardioid, and figure-8 patterns, and switchable 6,
12, 18 dB attenuation. Both come complete with shockmount,
windscreen and metal travel case. Check them out at
Call BSW For Lowest Price:
AKG Perception Series
Condenser Mics
C12VR List $5,329.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
AKG C3000B
Large Diaphragm
Condenser Mic
The sound is pure AKG, but
the price is far below what
you’d expect for a premium
large-diaphragm studio
condenser mic. Two
switches select options
for bass roll-off and
pre-attenuation, allowing
users to custom tailor the
C3000B for virtually any stage
or studio.
• Large diaphragm electret condenser
• Cardioid pickup pattern and true 1" diaphragm
• 6 dB/octave bass roll-off switch
• Switchable 10 dB internal pad
• 3 mm thick internal windscreen
• Shockmount included
C3000B List $586.00
only $349!
The medium diaphragm (1/2")
C2000B features a cardioid pickup
pattern and is an excellent
entry-level model. It offers
almost ruler-flat response
providing a crystal-clear,
“up-front” sound.
• Switchable bass
roll-off filter
• Switchable 10 dB pad
• Built-in pop screen and
shockmount included
The Perception 100’s cardioid pattern ensures
high sensitivity pick-up in front of the mic, with
enough off-access attenuation to give good signal
separation when recording multiple tracks in the
studio or performing live on stage. It features a
gold-sputtered 1" diaphragm to prevent shorting
to the back electrode even at extremely high
sound pressure levels and high headroom with
minimum distortion capable of handling sound
pressure levels up to 135 dB. The all-metal body is
tough enough to take most drops in stride.
The Perception 200 is equipped with two
additional filters: a switchable bass-cut filter to
reduce proximity effect, and a switchable –10 dB
pre-attenuation pad for use in high sound pressure
level environments up to 145 dB. The Perception Perception-100
200 also comes with a suspension shockmount.
The top-of-the-line Perception 400 provides dual 1" diaphragms with switch-selectable cardioid, omnidirectional
and figure-8 patterns for greater flexibility in all recording situations. It otherwise mirrors the capabilities of the
Perception 200 and includes the shockmount/case.
PERCEPTION-100 List $199.00 $9995
PERCEPTION-2PK 2-pack of Perception-100 List $398.00 $18900
PERCEPTION-200 List $319.95 $15995
LowestPrice from $9995!
PERCEPTION-400 List $559.95 $29995
AKG C451B SmallDiaphragm Condenser Mic
The classic C 451 B condenser
microphone from AKG features
a precise cardioid pattern, ultraaccurate signal transfer and an extremely
light diaphragm that makes it almost totally
insensitive to handling noise. Its all-metal
body offers excellent protection from RF
interference. This mic is ideal for capturing
signals rich in transients such as drums,
instruments with a percussive sound and
acoustic guitar. It’s also great for overhead
miking. It boasts a frequency response of
20 Hz – 20 kHz, selectable 10 dB and 20 dB
preattenuation pads, switchable high-pass
filter (75 Hz or 150 Hz, 12 dB/octave) and
transformerless output stage for minimum
distortion at low frequencies. It comes with a
stand adaptor and windscreen.
AKG C2000B
Condenser Mic
C2000B List $373.00
only $249!
C451B List $664.00
only $569!
AKG C1000S Condenser Mic
The AKG C1000S is a robust condenser mic
powered via regular phantom power or 9V
battery, and now includes a low-battery LED
indicator light. It’s excellent for vocals and
works great at a distance (ensemble miking,
background sounds, etc.).
• Cardioid polar pattern
• Frequency range 50 Hz-20 kHz
• Adaptor snaps on to convert mic from
cardioid into hypercardioid
• Presence boost adaptor provides an
additional 5 dB high-frequency peak
in the cardioid mode
Single Mic List $350.00
only $219!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Shure KSM27SL
Affordable Condenser Mic
For Your Studio
The KSM27 delivers Shure reliability and outstanding
sound at a low price. It has a 1-inch, externally-biased
diaphragm; Class A, discrete, transformerless preamp;
and a subsonic filter. In addition, a switchable
15 dB pad; 3-position, low-frequency filter and
shockmount. Dynamic range: 124 dB;
self-noise: 14 dB.
Shure KSM44SL
Multiple-Pattern Condenser Mic
Shure’s KSM44 was specifically developed to meet the
needs of studio recording musicians. The warm, rich sound
of the KSM44 delivers exceptional performance, tailored
to deliver vivid reproduction of voice for the most critical
recordings. Its multi-pattern design offers switchable
cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional patterns.
KSM27SL List $575.00
Shure KSM Series Instrument
Condenser Mics
• Dual, ultra-thin, 1" externally-biased diaphragms
• Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier
• Subsonic filter eliminates rumble below 17 Hz
• 15 dB pad switch for handling high-SPL sources
• 3-position switchable low-frequency filter
• Integrated three-stage pop protection grille
• Shockmount, swivel mount and case included
The Shure KSM condenser instrument mics
feature wide 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response;
low self-noise; ultra-thin diaphragms; high output;
exceptionally wide dynamic ranges; and are able
to handle high-input SPL sources like drums
and guitar.
The KSM141SL is a dual-pattern cardioid/
omnidirectional mic with 3-position 15 dB pad and
LF filter switches.
The KSM137SL is a cardioid-only microphone with
the same switches.
KSM44SL List $1,575.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The KSM109SL is a cardioid mic with a switchable
15 dB pad.
Shure KSM32SL
Single-Pattern Condenser Mic
The Shure KSM32 is essentially the cardioid version of the KSM44,
saving you money if you don’t need the multiple pattern versatility
that the KSM44 affords. Dynamic range: 126 dB; self-noise: 13 dB.
KSM32SL List $1,075.00
The Shure SM81LC is a cardioid condenser
microphone. Its wide frequency response,
low noise and detailed sound make it a
natural for acoustic instruments, guitar,
percussion, sampling, stereo ensemble
recording/overheads (in pairs), and more.
It has 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response,
three-setting low-frequency roll-off,
and comes with windscreen, clip, case
and attenuator-switch lock.
List $591.60
only $349!
While they've carved out a grand canyon for themselves in the live sound world,
Shure's SM57 and SM58 are just as popular in the studio. World-famous for
bullet-proof durability and quality vocal reproduction, you’d be hard-pressed
to find a stage—or a studio—in the world without an SM57 or SM58.
• Rugged, stage & studio-tested classic
• Cardioid pick-up pattern
• Includes stand clamp and pouch
SM58LC List $188.00 $9900
SM57LC List $170.00 $9900
$ 95
Windscreen (SM58LC)
Replacement grill (SM58LC) $795
$ 95
Windscreen (SM57LC)
Shockmount ( Both)
only $99!
EV-Blue Cardinal & Raven Mics
only $159!
Shure SM58 and SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Mics
Great classic look, with modern
acoustics. The 55SH II is ideal for
broadcasting, PA or theater/stage
sound systems, and other sound
applications where a standmounted microphone with a
classic retro look is desirable. It has
a cardioid polar pickup pattern that
allows it to be used in close proximity
to loudspeakers without creating
feedback problems.
Stealthy Studio Stalwarts
BSW Mic Packs!
55SH List $284.84
from $179!
Classic Look.
Modern Sound.
Shure 55SH
Dynamic Mic
List $770.00
List $575.00
List $305.00
only $549!
Shure SM81
Instrument Condenser Mic
only $299!
FREE Desktop Stand and
Cable with Cardinal or Raven
The look is not the only unique thing about these birds. Just
wait ‘til you hear them sing! Co-designed by Blue and EV, the
Cardinal is a high-performance cardioid condenser mic that
features a Class-A discrete low noise amplifier for smooth,
detailed performance. The Raven is a rugged dynamic mic
designed to capture the true character of live and studio
vocals. FREE desktop stand & 25 ft. cable!!
CARDINALPKG List $355.00 $19999
List $285.00 $14999
from $14999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Got A Computer? Grab One Of These
Mics And Bingo! You’re A Podcaster!
Røde Podcaster On-Air USB Dynamic Mic
The Podcaster combines a high-quality broadcast dynamic mic with
unparalleled state-of-the-art 18-bit A/D converters. This end-address mic
provides exceptional clarity, low self-noise and a tailored-for-voice frequency
response. Plus, it’s got a direct headphone amp, an internal pop filter, an "ON"
LED and includes a 10 ft. USB cable.
PODCASTER List $369.00
Shockmount Metal pop filter only $299!
Shockmount sold separately
Marshall MXL USB Series Mics
Samson GM1U
USB Condenser Mic
This MXL USB.006 cardioid condenser mic plugs directly into the USB port of
a Mac or PC for incredible ease-of use. It boasts a large gold diaphragm that
delivers a big rich sound, low-noise electronics, wide frequency response, and
a switchable 3-position gain control. It also features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D
converter that offers a 44.1/48kHz sampling rate, a heavy-duty wireless mesh
grill with integrated pop filter, and a red LED behind the grill to let you know
that the mic is active.
This USB condenser mic boasts a
built-in audio interface and mixer
to give you simultaneous input
of vocals and guitar while also
offering monitoring through a
headphone output. Its versatility
lets you record vocals like a
standard USB mic or two mono
instruments (or a mix of one
mono instrument and vocal). It
ships with a desktop mic stand,
swivel stand mount and USB, 1/4"
and RCA cables. It also comes
with Cakewalk’s Sonar
LE audio production software.
MXLUSB.006 Features:
• Large gold diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser capsule
• 3-position attenuation pad with settings for Hi (0 dB), Medium (-5 dB),
and Lo (-10 dB)
• Includes travel case, a desktop microphone stand, a 10-foot USB cable
and windscreen
The MXL USB.007 is the world's first USB large gold diaphragm stereo
condenser mic! With it’s pristine sound, gives a whole new meaning to the
phrase "plug and play." Check it out at www.bswusa.com. Comes with same
accessories as the MXL USB.006 such as desktop stand, cable and more.
Mono List $169.00 $12900
LowestPrice from $129!
Stereo List $219.95 $18995
Great Value!
Mic and
Alesis USB
Mic Kit
only $129!
Blue Microphones
Snowball MultiplePattern USB Mic
Micport Pro
Digital Recording Interface
Why didn’t we think of this first? Here’s the
smartest audio product to come along in a long
time. The Centrance MicPort Pro is a professional
USB mic preamp and A/D converter that plugs
right into your microphone. It enables instant
(plug-and-play) computer recording with
Windows (XP, and Vista) and Mac OS X—no
driver installation, just plug in and begin
recording! Boasting 24-bit/96 kHz A/D, 48V
phantom power, and a headphone output, its
low-noise circuitry preserves audio quality. 6 ft.
USB cable included.
Get truly professional sounding
podcasting for your Mac or PC with
this easy-to-use USB-Mic Podcasting
Kit. Just plug the high-quality USB
microphone into your computer
(with no complicated
drivers to install) and use
the included Audacity
software to record your
voice, music, and any other
external sounds you wish to
include for your final product.
The USB-Mic provides
16-bit/44.1-48 kHz
audio straight to your
computer. You also
get a mic stand, cable,
and high-quality
headphones for
monitoring your session.
• 24-bit/96kHz performance • Works with dynamic and condenser mics
• 48V phantom power •U
SB bus powered – no batteries needed
• Microphone gain knob
• Headphone volume knob
gm1u List $199.99
only $99!
List $149.95
only $12495!
Incredibly easy to use
with its universal driver and
USB compatibility, the
Snowball makes computer
recording a piece of cake.
Its dual capsule design and
3-position switch hones in the
desired sound for any application.
One capsule is tailored for
vocals and the other is
for instruments. With
stand and cable at BSW!
SNOWBALL List $139.00
Suspension shockmount
only $99!
Blue Microphones Snowflake USB Mic
The Snowflake is a professional quality
portable USB mic boasting stylish looks
and exceptional sonic quality.
Combining a USB-powered
capsule with a class-compliant
design, the Snowflake offers
true plug-and-play operation
on both Mac and PC. It folds
into a single compact case
that also houses a USB cable
for easy transport in a laptop
bag or even a pocket. Unfolded, the
case serves as a desktop stand or a laptop clip.
SNOWFLAKE List $79.95
only $5995!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Audio-Technica AT4060
Multiple-Pattern Tube Mic
Audio-Technica AT4050
Multiple-Pattern Mic
The AT4060 is a cardioid vacuum tube capacitor
microphone designed for use in the most demanding
studio applications. It utilizes dual, gold-plated and aged,
large-diaphragm elements for extended frequency
response and has a wide dynamic range of 131 dB with
the ability to accept up to 150 dB SPL without capsule
or electronic-system distortion above 1% T.H.D. Each
hand-selected tube is individually aged and tested,
then employed in a uniquely-configured circuit
for enhanced tube performance. The AT4060
incorporates a dual-diaphragm configuration
that allows undistorted reproduction of high sound
pressure level signals at all frequencies. For a warm,
true-to-life quality, the dual, large-diaphragm design
provides remarkable low-frequency performance.
The AT4050 is an extremely flexible condenser mic, offering
cardioid, omni and figure-8 polar patterns, a remarkable
combination of warm, transparent sound, and
very high SPL capacity.
• Transformerless circuitry
• Switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter
• 149 dB max SPL and 10 dB pad
• AT8449 shockmount and case
List $895.00
only $599!
Audio-Technica AT4047/SV
Dual Diaphragm Capacitor Mic
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audio-Technica’s AT4047/SV studio mic is the perfect blend of
classic sound and modern engineering. It offers the sonic
characteristics reminiscent of early FET studio mics and
delivers the consistent performance you’ve come to
expect from A-T’s 40 Series. Features: cardioid capacitor
mic; exceptionally low self-noise and wide dynamic
range; gold-plated dual diaphragms; switchable
80 Hz hi-pass filter and 10 dB pad; AT8449/SV
shockmount included.
AT4047SV List $745.00
Audio-Technica AT3060
Phantom-Powered Tube Microphone
Audio-Technica’s AT3060 cardioid phantom-powered tube microphone produces
warm, classic tube sound. Hand-selected tubes are individually tested and aged
to maintain peak performance. The large-diaphragm cardioid
condenser element provides high sensitivity and smooth sound
reproduction with low noise levels. The shockmounted tube
assembly dampens any mechanically-coupled vibrations. A
precision-machined, acoustic element baffle provides enhanced
element stability and optimal sensitivity. Get tube mic sound you
desire without the hassle of a separate power supply – the AT3060
uses regular 48V DC phantom power.
only $549!
Audio-Technica AT4033CL
Condenser Mic with
Transformerless Electronics
• 48V phantom-powered tube mic
• Warm, classic sound
• Nickel-plated acoustic element brass baffle
• 50 Hz-16 kHz frequency response
• 117 dB dynamic range
• 77 dB signal-to-noise ratio
• Shockmount and soft pouch included
The classic AT4033 cardioid condenser microphone’s
symmetrical, transformerless electronics produce clean
output signals and exceptional transient response,
with excellent isolation. It features a switchable
80 Hz high-pass filter, 10 dB pad, frequency response
30 Hz–20 kHz and an AT8449 shockmount and case.
List $595.00
List $1,495.00
only $399!
List $499.00
only $399!
Exclusively at BSW! Audio-Technica Mics with
Three Packages to
Choose from
Starting at $99!
FREE Headphones
Want great performance at a
great price? BSW has you covered
with these money-saving AudioTechnica microphone/headphone
bundles that will meet or exceed
most every studio need.
GOOD: For only $99 get the
AT2020, a cardioid condenser
microphone that handles high
SPLs with ease and boasts a lowAT2020-M20
mass diaphragm for wide frequency response,
packaged with an ATH-M20 closed-back stereo
headphone. The headphone offers a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz while
delivering clarity and long-wearing comfort. The best value anywhere!
BETTER: Step up to the AT3035 large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid condenser
mic with optimized output level, extended low frequency response, a low cut switch
(80 Hz, 12 dB/octave), 10 dB pad and high SPL handling for smooth, rich recording.
It’s bundled with an ATH-M30 dynamic stereo headphone boasting a 20 Hz - 20 kHz
frequency response and a closed-back design for superior isolation. Only $199 at BSW!
BEST: Treat yourself to the recording performance of the AT4040 side-address
externally-polarized true condenser microphone. This professional studio mic features
exceptionally low noise, superb transient response and clean output signals for
transparent sonic reproduction. It’s packaged with the premium ATH-M40FS
closed-ear headphone that provides an incredible extended frequency response of
5 Hz - 28 kHz and an adjustable cushioned headband for the ultimate in professional
studio monitoring. Only at BSW!
AT2020-M20PKG List $238.00 $9900
AT3035-M30PKG List $468.00 $19900
LowestPrice from $99!
AT4040-M40PKG List $645.00 $29900
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
4 0 SERIES :
From the outside, the side-address condensers in Audio -Technica’s
acclaimed 40 Series look pretty much identical: One elegant, acoustically
ideal case design. That’s the way our engineers wanted it — so they could
concentrate all resources under the hood, where the distinct character of
each microphone is born. This left us with the challenge of differentiating
near look- alikes in our ads. Solution: We’ve opened up the hoods to give
you a tour through five unique interior landscapes. Check our web site for
a closer look.
But there’s an even better way to appreciate the warmth, power, clarity and
sensitivity that make each 40 Series model so individual: Listen for yourself.
We’ve posted audio samples on our web site so you can experience the
distinctive sound of each microphone.
Inspired sound. It’s what the 40 Series is all about.
Listen in at www.audio-technica.com.
Technically Advanced Large Diaphragm
A blend of technical precision and artistic
inspiration, the AT4040 offers exceptionally
low noise, wide dynamic range and highSPL capability for greatest versatility.
www.audio -technica.com
A Studio Classic
Multi-pattern Condenser
Back in 1992 when Audio-Technica
introduced the AT4033, it was the
microphone that began the revolution
in price/performance standards for
professional side-address condensers.
With three switchable polar patterns,
the AT4050 exhibits a remarkable
combination of qualities: high-SPL
capability with transparent and airy
uppers/mids complemented by rich
low- end qualities.
Vintage F. E.T. Sound
Modern Tube Technology
The rich, warm sound takes you
back to the classic F. E.T. studio
microphones. But there’s nothing
remotely old-fashioned about the
technology behind that vintage sound.
Audio-Technica’s AT4060 cardioid
vacuum tube condenser offers
exacting detail, superb clarity and
superior dynamic range in a classic
tube design.
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Vintage Tube Warmth.
Classic Analog Sound.
M-Audio Nova
Big performance doesn’t have to
mean big bucks! The Nova cardioid
studio condenser offers smooth,
warm recording with very little
background noise, thanks to its 1.1"
evaporated gold diaphragm and
Class A solid-state electronics. Ideal
for virtually every recording situation,
it boasts a solid brass capsule and
a wide 20 Hz-18 kHz frequency
NOVA List $129.95 M-Audio Sputnik Condenser Tube Mic
This multi-pattern, large diaphragm studio condenser delivers the lush, classic sound
normally associated with rare and expensive vintage microphones. With its military-grade
vacuum tube, ultra sensitive evaporated gold Mylar diaphragm, solid brass construction,
and multiple polar patterns, it’s the perfect mic for a wide variety of voices, instruments,
and applications—not to mention budgets.
• Cardioid, figure-8, and omni polar patterns
• Low-current 6205M dual triode tube
• -10dB (attenuation) pad
• 80 Hz high-pass filter
• Power supply with included 7-pin cable
• Includes shockmount
M-Audio Luna
Condenser Mic
List $699.95
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
M-Audio Solaris
Condenser Mic
M-Audio Pulsar II
Condenser Mic
The M-Audio Solaris is a
large-capsule condenser
microphone that sounds as
good as it looks. Vintage design
principles merge with incredibly
tight manufacturing standards
to yield no more than +/- 1 dB
variation from mic to mic, meaning
any two Solaris mics are a matched
pair. The industry-thinnest
evaporated gold diaphragm also
delivers incredible sensitivity.
Multi-pattern architecture provides
flexibility that makes it ideal for
just about any miking situation—
included capturing vocals, guitar,
piano, drums and live events.
This small-diaphragm cardioid
pencil condenser features class-A
FET electronics, a wide frequency
response of 20 Hz-20 kHz,
a -10 dB pad and 80Hz high-pass
filter to deliver smooth, accurate
sound in the studio or on stage.
Its 3/4"-diameter, 6-micron Mylar
evaporated gold diaphragm is
housed in a solid brass body and it
comes in a wooden storage
box with windscreen and clip.
pulsarII List $199.95
only $179!
SOLARIS List $349.95
• Single-pattern cardioid condenser
• Vintage sound, modern technology
• Large all-brass capsule
• 1.1" evaporated gold diaphragm
• Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• +/- 1dB tolerance across entire frequency range
• Output Impedance: 200 ohms
• Recommended Load Impedance: > 1,000 ohms
• Class A FET electronics
• Includes shock mount and hard case
Mic Pack 2
Audio-Technica gives you the
perfect recipe for recording
success with this 2-pack of
versatile 20 Series condenser
mics. Equally effective
with digital and analog
recording devices, the
two studio condensers
deliver remarkable specs and
superior build. The AT2020 sideaddress condenser is ideal for vocal
applications, while the AT2021 smalldiaphragm condenser is a natural for
AT2041SP List $249.00
only $149!
only $199!
Mic Pack 3
AT2020 & AT2021
This large capsule studio
condenser microphone is not
only eye-catching—it also excels
at capturing vocals, guitar, piano
and just about anything else that
enters its orbit. Boasting a wide
frequency response and an all-brass
capsule for extra warmth, it offers
a true vintage sound with stateof-the-art electronics for efficient
performance in the most modern
studio environments.
luna List $249.00
only $299!
Mic Pack 1
only $99!
Condenser Mic 2-Pack
Audio-Technica AT4041
Condenser Mic 2-Pack
Double your stake in great sound with this two-pack
of AT4041 cardioid condenser mics. The AT4041offers
a smooth, extended frequency response, high output
and extreme SPL capability. It boasts a transformerless
design for low self-noise, a switchable hi-pass filter
and rugged turned-brass microphone housing.
Fully versatile, it has made a name for itself in studio
recording, broadcast and live sound.
AT4041SP List $795.00
only $499!
Maximize your versatility
and get two great cardioid
condenser microphones from
Audio-Technica at
one great price.
The AT4040 has an
externally polarized
design with a large
diaphragm tensioned
specifically to provide
smooth, natural sonic characteristics.
The AT4041offers a wide frequency
response with a switchable hi-pass filter. It excels at
miking instruments. Both mics handle high SPLs and
boast brass housing for long life.
AT4040SP List $895.00
only $499!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Blue Ribbon!
Blue Microphones
Try something new in your
production studio today. This
large-diaphragm cardioid
condenser gently enhances
high end to handle a vast
range of recording applications
from vocals and voice-overs to
electric and acoustic guitars,
close-miking of instruments or
anything else where crystalclear sound quality and detail is
top priority. It comes with
a specially designed
shockmount and metal mesh
pop filter for an all-in-one
recording package.
• S ensitive (but not wimpy)
ribbon transducer
• Superb detail through
entire frequency range
andcrafted quality with
boutique good looks
• Great for capturing
room ambience
Blue Woodpecker
Active-Circuitry Ribbon Microphone
Boasting unique Class-A active circuitry, a handmade aluminum ribbon
pressure-gradient transducer (not to mention a gorgeous exotic wood
finish), the Blue Woodpecker offers precise detail with ultra-low noise over a
wide frequency range. This highly durable mic delivers focused mids, ultrasmooth top end and outstanding bass response to capture the essence of
any recorded sound. Its bidirectional figure-8 polar pattern does the best job
around of rejecting unwanted noise from the sides, and it’s perfect for any
situation where you want some natural space in the recording. It also excels in
ambient applications, reproducing room tone with the most intimate detail. It
comes with a custom shockmount and deluxe cherry wood case.
BLUEBird List $699.00
only $349!
woodpecker List $1,299.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Blue Microphones
The Blue Microphone Baby
Bottle is a solid state, Class
A discrete condenser mic
handcrafted with the utmost
care and with the finest
materials available. Its discrete
transformerless output gives
minimal coloration and lets
nothing get in the way of the
pure sound of whatever you’re
recording. Thanks to this neutral
sonic character the Baby
Bottle is ideal for recording
vocals, percussion, and any
acoustic instruments.
Blue Dragonfly
The eye-catching Dragonfly is a unique pressure-gradient cardioid condenser
employing a single-membrane large diaphragm capsule coated with a
6-micron Mylar film of gold and aluminum to deliver rich sonic reproduction.
Its innovative design, with the capsule enclosed within a rotating spherical
grille, lets you position it in the tightest of spaces. It gives amazing definition
to everything from vocals to percussion, as well as more complex sources
such as stringed instruments. Includes suspension shockmount.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Blue Microphones Blueberry
• Acoustic operating
principle: pressure
gradient; cardioid
pickup pattern
• Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
• Rated impedance: 50 ohms
BABYBOTTLE List $799.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Behringer B-5 Switchable Capsule
Cardioid/Omni Condenser Mic
Perfect for acoustic instruments and overhead use,
this condenser mic features two interchangeable
capsules for different pickup patterns (cardioid and
omnidirectional). Its ultra low-noise transformerless FET
input eliminates low-frequency distortion. It features a
-10 dB pad and comes complete with hard case, stand
adapter and windscreen.
List $109.99
List $1,099.00
only $89 !
This pressure-gradient
cardioid condenser
microphone features
a Class A discrete
amplifier housed in
an eye-catching large
diaphragm capsule.
Designed to provide
the commanding,
intimate presence of
classic vintage vocal
mics, the Blueberry
gives you shimmering,
detailed highs,
smooth midrange,
and minimized
proximity effect
to make sure your
vocals always stand
out in the mix. Ideal
for both home and
professional studios, it
also works great with
acoustic guitar, hand
percussion, drums,
and other critical
high-end sources,
giving them an extra
measure of presence
even at very low levels.
Shockmount included.
blueberry List $1,299.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Blue Cables
Blue makes three distinctive microphone cables, built
to Blue’s rigid specifications. They offer the recordist and
performer a signal path of outstanding sonic quality
and high durability.
The Blueberry Cable (C-BB) is a 20 ft. 22-AWG
high-fidelity XLR cable that highlights the neutral
presence of a mic, with an extended high-end
frequency response.
The Cranberry Cable (C-CB) is a 20 ft. 20-AWG cable that
highlights the rich lows and silky presence of the mic—
extended low and high frequency response.
The Kiwi Cable (C-KB) is a 20 ft. quad conductor cable
(4-22 AWG) for maximum frequency resolution—
extended low and high frequency response
C-BB List $35.00 $2500
C-cB List $45.00 $3000
C-KB List $55.00 $3500 LowestPrice from $25!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Røde Mics:
Great Stuff from
Down Under
Røde Condenser Mic
A condenser mic with legendary
sound and sleek design, the
Australian Røde NT1A is a highquality, large-capsule condenser
(externally-biased) with a cardioid
polar pattern.
• Ultra-low-noise
• Transformerless circuitry
• Surface-mount electronics
• Internal shockmount system
• Heavy-duty satin-nickel finish
• 20 Hz–20 kHz response
• 100 ohms impedance
K-2 List $999.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Røde NT2-A Multiple
Pattern FET Mic
only $229!
Røde NT3 SmallDiaphragm Condenser Mic
Intended for studio, stage and location
work, the versatile NT3 incorporates a true
externally polarized condenser transducer
with an internal capsule shockmounting
system, and an ultra-low noise electronic
circuit. With both 48V phantom and
internal 9V battery operation, the NT3 will
get the job done wherever you need it.
Includes windshield, stand mount, and
thread adaptor.
• Transformerless output
• Cast metal/satin nickel body
• High immunity to RF interference
• Hypercardioid polar response
• Full frequency response
• Battery status LED indicator
List $349.00
Marshall MXL V67i Dual
Diaphragm Condenser Mic
Double your productivity [and double
your pleasure] with the V67i. With two
selectable diaphragms, the V67i is like
having two mics in one. The front side
has a warm, lush sound, and its back
side simulates the brighter, more airy
sounding vintage tube mics of the
60s. With the flip of a switch, you get
a completely different sound from a
single microphone! A bright red LED
shines through the grill indicating
which capsule is energized. It features
a solid-state preamp with balanced
transformer output, gold-plated
grill, selectable pad and roll-off filter,
cardioid polar pattern. A mic clip and
wooden storage case is included.
MXLV67i List $199.00
The Rode NT2-A is an FET studio
mic with the same HF1 dual
diaphragm capsule at the heart of
the acclaimed K2 tube mic (above).
The microphone housing has a
durable satin nickel finish with
internal capsule shock mounting.
The NT2-A features a polar pattern
switch, 3-position high-pass filter
and 3-position pad.
only $149!
List $699.00
Mic Package:
Here’s a great dual
mic package! For
one low price get
the MXL 2003 largediaphragm condenser
mic and the MXL
603S small condenser.
The MXL 2003 has a
switchable bass cut
and -10 dB pad, with
an FET preamp and
transformerless output.
A screw-on stand
adapter is included.
Frequency response
is 20 Hz-23 kHz. The
MXL 603S has a wide
cardioid pattern.
Transformerless design
provides a solid bottom and an extremely open top
end sound. Frequency response is 20 Hz-25 kHz. Both
mics come complete with shockmounts, mic cables,
windscreens and deluxe carrying case.
• Multiple polar patterns:
omni, cardioid, figure-8
• 3 -position high-pass filter
• 3 -position variable pad
• Ultra low noise, transformerless
• Wide 140 dB dynamic range
• Heat-treated steel mesh head
• Durable satin nickel finish
• Internal capsule shock mounting
• Includes soft pouch and clip
only $249!
The Røde K2 is an amazingly quiet and
versatile tube microphone at an even
more amazing price. It features totally
variable polar pattern control with
rich, detailed sound quality. The new
Australian designed and manufactured
TYPE HF1 dual diaphragm capsule
represents Røde’s finest transducer
technology. Coupled with advanced
high output electronic tube circuitry,
advanced design and construction,
it delivers a mic that brings out every
nuance while still handling even the
loudest source material.
• Continuously variable polar pattern
• Dedicated power supply with 30 ft. mic cable
• Dynamic range of 150 dB; max SPL of 162 dB
• Class A tube circuitry
List $369.00
Get Two Mics
for the Price
of One!
Røde K2 VariablePattern Tube Mic
List $329.95
only $24995!
Ideal for the BudgetConscious Engineer
only $399!
Marshall MXL Mogami
-Edition Tube Mic
The MXL V69 is a large-diaphragm
tube condenser microphone,
internally wired and supplied with
Mogami cable. Its classic sound
enhances vocal and instrument
performances in professional and
top home studio environments.
The extremely low noise level, wide
dynamic range and warm sonic
characteristics make the V69 a perfect
complement to all digital recording
devices. Comes with deluxe flight
case, versatile shockmount, dedicated
power supply, Mogami 7-pin
and XLR microphone cables and
MXLV69M List $399.00
only $299!
Marshall MXL 770
Condenser Mic
Ideal for the home studio,
the ultra-affordable Marshall
Electronics MXL 770 is loaded
with professional features. This
phantom-powered condenser
will give you a silky up-front highend and a solid low frequency
sound that rivals microphones
costing much more. Its high
quality FET preamp ensures a
balanced output with a wide
dynamic range.
• 20 mm, gold-sputtered,
6-micron, low distortion
• FET preamp with balanced output
• Switchable bass cut and -10db pad
• Legendary MXL sonic characteristics
• Comes with shockmount and rugged carrying case
List $149.95
only $7995!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
CAD E300
Multi-Pattern Mic
CAD Trion Series Mics
The M179 has a continuouslyvariable pattern which adjusts
from cardioid to omnidirectional,
hypercardioid and bidirectional. It
delivers low noise, low distortion
and fast transient response.
A great series from CAD, Trion
mics feature dual diaphragms
and come in 3 different designs: Trion 8000
condenser, tube or ribbon.
The Trion 6000 is a multiplepattern, dual diaphragm
studio condenser that offers
an articulate, open sound. Its
exceptional sensitivity, low
distortion and extended
frequency response make
it a natural for digital
recording. Discrete Class A
electronics deliver accurate
sound reproduction, while
Trion 7000
its transformer-coupled
output ensures excellent
RF immunity. Selectable
omnidirectional, cardioid,
or figure-8 polar patterns.
Includes suspension
shockmount and case.
Trion 6000
The Trion 7000 is a dual-element, ribbon microphone offering a rich, warm, classic sound.
Its figure-8 polar pattern gives you the highest sensitivity right up front, with a lush sweet spot when you get in
close. It’s great for vocals and complex acoustic instruments like strings. Includes shockmount and case.
The Trion 8000 multiple-pattern tube condenser incorporates a hand-assembled capsule with low mass 1.12"
gold-vapor deposited diaphragms. Ideal for vocals, it boasts exceptional sensitivity, low distortion and an extended
frequency response, its discrete Class A electronics provide utterly transparent sound reproduction. Omnidirectional,
cardioid or figure-8 polar patterns. Includes power supply with cable, shockmount, and case.
TRION-6000 List $499.00 $29900
LowestPrice from $279!
TRION-7000 List $479.00 $27900
TRION-8000 List $599.00 $39900
• Dual sided, externally biased
• 20 dB pad/80 Hz high-pass filter
• 10 Hz-20 kHz Frequency response
• 133 dB dynamic range
Super Value Pack!
CAD Studio &
Instrument Mics
CAD does it again with their
e300. Combining
lightning-fast transient
response and pinpoint
precision with an
enormous up front
presence, it offers
unparalleled performance.
The multiple pattern
switch allows for cardioid,
omni and figure-8 patterns.
• 24K gold sputtered externally biased
dual diaphragms
• Hi-pass filter and 20 dB non-capacitive pad
• Stainless/brass triple stage pop/EMI filter
• Shockmount included
List $599.00
CAD Totally VariablePattern Studio
Condenser Mic
M179 List $399.00
MZM5 Shockmount
only $199!
Behringer B2Pro
Multiple Pattern
Condenser Mic
The B-2 Pro by Behringer is
a dual-diaphragm studio
condenser microphone
with switchable patterns.
It has a slightly-pronounced
12 kHz range, producing
presence that eliminates
the need for high-frequency
• Selectable cardioid,
omni or figure-eight
• Low-cut filter and
built-in shielding
• 10 dB pad and
20 Hz–20 kHz
frequency response
• Hard case,
shockmount and
B2PRO List $189.99
only $14999!
only $39999!
At these prices, it’s like getting an extra mic for free! The
GXL2200 Studio Pack bundles two quality mics and a
pop filter into one extremely affordable package. It’s the
perfect starter pack for your home studio, or makes a great
add-on to any larger recording environment. Contains one
GXL2200 large diaphragm condenser with shockmount,
one GXL1200 cardioid condenser and one EPF15A pop
filter. The GXL2200’s capsule features a sophisticated 1"
gold vapor-deposited diaphragm. Exceptional sensitivity
and low distortion make it an outstanding performer in all
kinds of applications. The GXL1200 condenser delivers open,
transparent sound. Its transformerless design reduces distortion and optimizes low-end
response. Its small size, accuracy, and high SPL capability make it ideal for miking overheads,
high hats, cymbals, and stringed instruments.
For stereo miking, get the GXL2200-STUDIOS Pack with two GXL1200 microphones.
Also available are packs with the cool multiple-pattern GXL3000 studio mic. The GXL3000’s capsule features dual
diaphragm for exceptional accuracy and sonic performance. Switchable polar patterns (cardioid, omni, figure-8)
and shockmount.
GXL2200-STUDIO GLX2200/GLX1200/pop filter List $239.00 $13999 LowestPrice from $139 !
GXL2200-STUDIOS GLX2200/(2) GLX1200/pop filter List $299.00 $19999
GXL3000-STUDIO GLX3000/GLX1200/pop filter List $339.00 $23999
GXL3000-STUDIOS GLX3000/(2) GLX1200/pop filter List $399.00 $29999
Behringer B-1 Affordable Condenser Mic
Delivering high-quality audio at an incredible
price, the Behringer B-1 features a 1" capsule that
captures your sounds with sensitivity and accuracy.
Its frequency response from 20 Hz–20 kHz is
enhanced by a pronounced presence boost, making
equalization unnecessary in many cases. Includes
carrying case, and suspension shockmount.
List $129.99
from $9999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Royer Labs R-Series
Ribbon Microphones
These ribbon microphones from Royer Labs
offer a classic figure-eight polar pattern
and traditional natural sound in a modern,
higher output, extra-tough package.
Hand-built to exacting specifications,
they boast low self-noise while handling
high SPLs with ease. The R-121’s smooth
frequency response, phase linearity and
high sensitivity make it an ideal choice for digital
recording. At distances within three feet, its back
records slightly brighter than its front to give it even
more recording versatility. The phantom powered,
active R-122 is sonically similar to the R-121, but is 13 dB
more sensitive and has a faster transient response. Its
active electronics produce output levels similar to a
studio condenser, and it can work with any preamp
that supplies 48V phantom power. The R-122V has
vacuum tube electronics for highest headroom with
unmatched clarity, detail and airiness. Like the R-122,
it can be used with a wide variety of mic preamps.
List $1,395.00
List $1,895.00
List $2,995.00
An Oasis Of Quality
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
RSM-1 Shockmount for R-122
AT84 Shockmount for R-121
List $235.00
List $77.00
Labs TS-2
Pattern Tube
Mic w/ Power
Warm, retro acoustics without the high price!. The large diaphragm (1"), multi-pattern
TS-2 boasts newly designed vacuum tube electronics for superb warmth and accuracy—
even at high SPLs, and comes with its own voltage-controllable power supply! It
performs exceptionally well as a vocal microphone, delivering rich detail, and is equally
precise when recording guitar and bass cabinets. Its continuously variable pattern
selector lets you alter the polar pattern of the microphone from omni, through cardioid,
to figure eight for full recording flexibility. A specially designed, high-quality output
transformer delivers an isolated, balanced output signal, minimizing the possibility of
unwanted noise entering the preamplifier. A switchable pad at either 10 dB or 20 dB
provides gain control. Output impedance: 160 ohms. It comes with spider shockmount,
25-foot cable, windscreen, AC power supply and aluminum carrying case.
TS-2 List $749.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Chameleon Labs TS-1 Switchable Capsule
Cardioid/Omni Tube Condenser and Power Supply
The versatile, small diaphragm TS-1 features cutting edge vacuum
tube electronics for exceptional warmth and accuracy, and comes NEW!!
with interchangeable cardioid and omni capsules for recording flexibility. It’s
ideal for accurately capturing a wide variety of instruments. The frequency
response of its cardioid capsule is 70 Hz–20 kHz and its omni capsule is
30 Hz–20 kHz. Its plate loaded, triode-strapped, pentode design using
the 5840 tube is ready for years of dependable service. With its capsules
designed to withstand up to 130dB SPL, it can be used in very loud sonic
environments without significant distortion. Its output impedance is
200 ohms. It comes with a shock mount, 25-foot cable, windscreen,
AC power supply and aluminum carrying case.
TS-1 List $499.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Hypercardioid capsule
CK series capsule adaptor
Highest-quality Mogami XLR cable MICROPHONES
Mojave Audio Tube Condenser Mics
These David Royer-designed vacuum tube condenser microphones from
Mojave Audio feature hand-selected 3-micron capsules, high-quality Jensen
audio transformers, military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes for maximum
performance and come with a protective case. The small diaphragm MA-100
offers interchangeable cardioid and omni-directional capsules with a frequency
response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and boasts a cathode-follower design that not only
excels with traditional small diaphragm applications but also gives excellent
results with high SPL instruments such as drums and guitar amps. Its power
supply can be set for either 115v or 230v via an external switch. The large
diaphragm MA-200 features a fixed cardioid pattern and gives warm, full-bodied
reproductions of vocals and instruments with a frequency response of 30 Hz to
18 kHz. Its power supply can be set for 115V and 230V, 50 or 60 Hz, through an
internal switch. A shockmount for the MA-200 is sold separately.
LowestPrice from $795!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Beyerdynamic Ribbon Microphones
Beyerdynamic is one of few manufacturers that still produce
ribbon microphones. One of them is the legendary M 130.
The M 130’s unique double ribbon element has a superb
transient response, creating a highly detailed sound
with unequalled accuracy. The figure-8 polar pattern
effectively suppresses unwanted interference from the
sides, and it allows the recording of background audience
noise and concert hall “ambience” without unwanted
resonances. In conjunction with the double ribbon,
hypercardioid M 160, the M 130 and M 160 are also ideal for
creating an authentic stereo image through the use of the
MS- (Mid-Side) technique.
The economical, single ribbon M 260’s warm sonic profile
and flat frequency response ensures rich recording quality
for both voice and instruments, while its hypercardioid
pattern eliminates unwanted lateral noise. It also features a
built-in high-pass-filter, so it’s great for close miking.
atural warmth that makes
voices sound rich and lends
“character” to piano and strings
• Fast attack and dynamic reproduction
beneficial for percussion instruments
• Wide frequency response for the new
high-sampling digital audio formats
Dual ribbon figure-8 pattern
List $759.00
Dual ribbon hypercardioid pattern List $759.00
Single ribbon hypercardioid/filter List $469.00
Sennheiser MKH 8000 Series Instrument Mics
The new modular Sennheiser MKH 8000 microphone series offers impressive
clarity over wide frequency ranges with a simple yet profound modular design
that cuts self-noise and distortion to the barest minimum. The omni-directional
MKH 8020 is ideal for recording large and small sound sources, and is great for close
miking. Its vast frequency response of 10 Hz-60 kHz makes it a natural for pipe organs,
grand piano and double bass. (Also available as a stereo pair: MKH 8020ST). The
cardioid MKH 8040 boasts a frequency response of 30 Hz-50 kHz and can handle
most any application. It can literally save the day if you’re recording in a room with
poor acoustics. (Stereo pair: MKH 8040ST). The super-cardioid MKH 8050 also has a
30 Hz-50 kHz range, but will give higher attenuation of off-axis sound from the side
than its cardioid sister model. It is an excellent choice for recording soloists. Very
compact design: each mic is roughly 3/4" in diameter and 3.5" long. Along with the
microphone head(s), you get the MZX8000 XLR module, MZQ8000 microphone clip,
MZW8000 windshield and aluminum transport case.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Omni-directional pattern
Omni stereo pair Cardioid pattern
Cardioid stereo pair Super-cardioid pattern
List $1,948.50
List $3,897.00
List $1,948.50
List $3,897.00
List $1,598.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
MKH 8000 Accessories
Sennheiser MKH 8000 Series Stands and Accessories
Crowley And Tripp Hand-Built Ribbon Microphones
Built by hand in the USA, these three ribbon microphones from Crowley and Tripp
feature figure-eight polar patterns and offer all the advantages of traditional ribbon
technology while adding some ultra-modern touches for maximum performance in
today’s audio world.
The versatile Naked Eye offers high output, low noise, and dual voicing (a traditional
dark, warm ribbon sound on the front side of the figure eight, and a brighter rising
ribbon response on the other) to give you maximum recording flexibility. It boasts
a custom wound, full size transformer for a smooth bass and clean signal. It comes
with an innovative low diffraction rotary mount and wood storage case.
The Proscenium delivers traditional response that’s ideal for classical music
applications, with a warm sound reminiscent of vintage ribbon designs, but with a
modern design and increased efficiency. Boasting professional level electrostatic and
magnetic shielding, its transformer and ribbon motor are rigidly joined to provide
lowest noise, highest output and smoothest bass.
The Studio Vocalist boasts a very high output level, virtually no self-noise, and
unsurpassed ruggedness. Its high output allows you to use it with virtually any
preamp, while its pro-level shielding keeps radios and magnetic sources from
getting into the track. It breaks tradition with the traditional dark sound of a ribbon
by offering a smooth rising response more like a large diaphragm condenser, but
without the top end harshness.
List $829.00
List $1,795.00
List $1,695.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Complete your MKH 8000 mics with this complete range of accessories, including
floor stands, extension tubes, shock mounts, remote cables, table stands, ceiling
mounts, clamps and various fixtures. Their signal-transmitting components are
systematically designed with two channels to allow stereo signals or dual mono
signals to be processed. Go online for complete details on each.
Omni Capsule
Cardioid Capsule
Supercardioid Capsule
6-inch Extension Tube
12-inch Extension Tube
24-inch Extension Tube
48-inch Extension Tube
12-inch Vertical Bar
24-inch Vertical Bar
48-inch Vertical Bar
Floor Stand
Knuckle Joint
Bar Connector (1 Tube)
Bar Connector (2 Tubes)
Ceiling Mount
Remote Cable, 3 Meters
Remote Cable, 10 Meters
Mic Clip
Mini Clip
Shock Mount
Classic Table Stand
Designer Table Stand
XLR Module
List $1,598.00
List $1,598.00
List $1,598.00
List $398.88
List $422.10
List $444.32
List $488.74
List $133.30
List $159.96
List $199.94
List $311.02
List $355.44
List $199.94
List $222.16
List $159.96
List $177.72
List $222.16
List $66.64
List $88.86
List $159.96
List $266.58
List $266.58
List $13.32
List $438.00
MZE8060 (x2)
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Instrument Mics
The AE2500 is the ultimate
kick drum mic, a dual-element
dynamic/condenser hybrid
with separate outputs. The
AE3000 is a rugged cardioid
condenser great for high-SPL
applications like guitar cabs
and snare drums. The AE5100
cardioid condenser captures all
the nuance of your sound and
is ideal for overhead micing.
AE2500 List $699.00 $49900
AE3000 List $379.00 $24900
AE5100 List $379.00 $24900
from $249!
Audix I-5 Dynamic Instrument Mic
Sennheiser 900 Series Instrument Mics
Introducing arguably the finest
professional instrument microphones
in the world—Sennheiser’s e900
series. Designed for demanding,
uncompromising professional use.
Musicians love them because they
know they deserve only the best. Sound
engineers rely on them because they
know they’ll never be let down.
The half-cardioid boundary layer e901 is
the optimal microphone for kick drum
and grand piano. It’s highly robust and
completely step-resistant. It benefits
from an integrated pre-amp. Built-in XLR
plug (no need for special cable).
The cardioid e902 is a dynamic
instrument microphone especially
designed for deep bass frequencies such
as kick drums, bass guitar amps, and
tuba. If offers exceptionally clean pick-up
of the lowest bass signals.
The cardioid polar pattern e904 is
a dynamic instrument microphone
designed especially for drums for full,
lively sound. Compact body is ideal for
mounting to toms and snare drum.
The cardioid e905 (not shown) has a
higher maximum SPL and excellent
transient response, suitable for a wide
range of instruments and an ideal choice
for snare drums.
The cardioid e906 instrument
microphone was designed for guitar
amps, and is also excellent for percussion
and horns. It features switchable presence
filters (3 levels) and a reinforced
metal body.
The tiny e908 condenser instrument
microphone was designed especially
for brass instruments, drums and
percussion. It offers optimal position via
its long-necked, flexible boom, and an
integrated shock absorber eliminates
handling noise. In-line preamplifier
included. Available in two different
mountings; also without preamp.
The e914 is a high-grade condenser
microphone for the most demanding
applications. Its outstanding sound
properties qualify the e914 for highly
sophisticated applications like acoustic
guitars, cymbals, percussion, overhead,
orchestras, and grand pianos. It offers a
three-position sensitivity switch,
three-position bass roll-off/cut-off switch
and an exchangeable capsule design.
boundary drum mic drum mic snare drum mic snare drum mic guitar/instrument mic
condenser mic with drum clip condenser mic with instrument clip without preamp, EW connector
small diaphragm condenser mic LowestPrice
List $358.00 List $294.00 List $270.00 List $238.00 List $262.00 List $390.00 List $390.00 List $238.00 List $540.00 23900
from $199!
Audix does it again with the I-5 handheld dynamic mic.
The cardioid pattern is perfectly suited to close miking
instruments on stage and in the studio. With its smooth
and uniform frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz, and
an ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of
140 dB, the I-5 is at home in front of even the loudest
instruments. Plus, it looks great. So, throw one of these
in front of every instrument and amp on the stage, and
grab sound like you’ve never grabbed it before!
List $179.00
only $99!
Audix D6 Dynamic Kick Drum/
Instrument Mic
The Audix D6 is ideal for any source requiring detailed, precise
low-frequency reproduction. The D6 has a frequency response of
30 Hz-15 kHz and has a cardioid pick-up pattern. It's designed to
sound good in any position and it is not dependent on finding
the "sweet spot". The capsule features the same legendary
VLM technology that has made the D-series percussion and
instrument microphones very popular for today's live stages and
recording studios.
List $349.00
only $ 17024!
AKG D112 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic
The D112 large-diaphragm dynamic microphone has a
well-deserved reputation worldwide as the one of the
best kick drum microphones ever made. Heavy-footed
drummers won’t faze it, because the D112 handles up
to 160 dB SPL with no audible distortion. A specially
engineered diaphragm with a very low resonance
frequency maintains solid and powerful response
below 100 Hz, while a narrow band presence rise at
4 kHz punches through dense mixes with little or no
added EQ. The result is a kick drum sound that ideally
balances precise definition and forceful impact.
List $354.00
only $219!
Blue Microphones Phantom-Powered Dynamic Mics
With the Ball you get all the reliable versatility of a dynamic mic with the sound quality of a
phantom powered condenser! Its phantom powered active balancing circuit in its output stage
maintains a constant pure-resistive 50-ohm load across the usable frequency spectrum yielding
an exceptionally open sound. The Ball features a cardioid polar pattern and a wide frequency
response of 35 Hz-16 kHz. The higher-end 8-Ball offers a smooth frequency response that’s perfect
for recording drum overheads, acoustic and electric guitars or vocals, and is especially effective in
close-mike situations. Freq. response 35 Hz-20 kHz. The Kickball is designed for low frequency applications, and
works like a charm for kick drum. The back of the mic features a three-position bass frequency switch allowing three distinct lowfrequency equalization curves. Perfect for both stage and studio use, the Kickball can be used on virtually any instrument: kick
drum, snare drum, tom toms, electric bass, bass cabinets, and more. Frequency Range: 35 Hz-16 kHz; maximum SPL: 162 dB SPL.
List $139.00
List $139.00
List $149.00
only $99 ea!
Suspension shockmount
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
MKH 8000
Sennheiser’s sophisticated new
MKH 8000 Series is designed
to capture sound with an
unprecedented warmth and
transparency. The three
high-end microphones—the
MKH 8020, MKH 8040 and
MKH 8050—feature extremely
low inherent self-noise and an
exceptionally wide frequency
response. The very compact
designs make them an
ideal choice for fixed
installations as well
as stage and film
The new 8000 series
conveys a natural and
subtle warmth. Voices
sound rich and detailed; piano,
strings and wind instruments have
that special “character”; and percussive
instruments benefit from a fast attack and
a dynamic, powerful reproduction.
MKH 8020
MKH 8040
MKH 8050
The Sennheiser e 900 professional series
microphones are engineered for the most
demanding applications. Designed and made
in Germany, e 900 series microphones are a
sound-professional’s most reliable partner on
tour or in the studio.
The e 900 series is backed by an industryleading 10 year warranty, and sets the
standard with gold-plated XLR connectors,
all-metal housings, high output, instrumentspecific designs, and of course the legendary
Sennheiser sound. Choose a legend in audio,
choose the e 900 series.
With a Soul
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Top Studio
On Stage
Røde Studio
Quality in a
Vocal Mic
Røde S1
Condenser Mic
Neumann KMS 105
Condenser Mics
The Røde S1 is designed to be the ultimate vocal mic,
delivering studio-quality sound with solid construction that
lets it follow you on stage or into the field. The S1 features an
externally biased condenser transducer with a gold plated
diaphragm, and ultra-low-noise FET circuitry.
You see these everywhere today. Designed with
superlative vocal reproduction in mind, the KMS 105
brings Neumann quality to the demanding sound
reinforcement environment. With its supercardioid
polar pattern, low self noise and uncolored off-axis
pickup, the KMS 105 complements in-ear monitor
systems. By employing a unique 4-layer acoustic filter,
the KMS 105 minimizes popping and wind noise, and
with special mechanical and electrical filters, handling
noise is virtually eliminated. Because of the superior
resolution and linear frequency response, it is very easy
for the artist using the KMS 105 to identify whether he
or she is “on mic”. Requires 48V phantom power.
• Studio-quality specifications
• Rugged all-metal construction
• Attractive satin nickel finish
• High-strength mesh head
• Custom integral ‘plosives’ screen
• Ergonomically weighted/balanced
• Low noise circuitry and handling
• Comes complete with stand mount
and zip pouch
KMS105MT Black List $938.00
KMS105NI Nickel List $938.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Shure Beta 87
Condenser Mics
The Shure BETA87A is a high-quality
supercardioid handheld condenser mic.
BETA87A Features:
• Supercardioid condenser mic
• Studio quality sound for live vocals
• Excellent gain before feedback
• 3-stage pop filter
• Requires phantom power
The BETA87C has the same warm sound
as the 87A, but with a cardioid pattern.
BETA87A Supercardioid List $462.88
BETA87C Cardioid mic List $462.88
only $249 ea!
A58WSGRA Windscreen
$ 95
Shure SM86
Condenser Mic
The Shure SM86 handheld condenser
mic provides studio-quality sound on
stage or in the field. Its rugged design
handles the abuse of touring and
its built-in three point shockmount
minimizes handling noise.
• Cardioid condenser mic
• Rugged tour-worthy design
• Two-stage integral pop filter
• Tailored frequency response
for vocals
List $300.00
only $170!
List $599.00
only $299!
Shure KSM9SL DualPattern Condenser Mic
Condenser Mic
Engineered to exacting standards,
the Shure KSM9 unites the best
of studio and stage. With its dual
diaphragm design and switchable
polar patterns (cardioid and
supercardioid), the KSM9 reveals
nuance and subtlety in a microphone
optimized for the most demanding live
environments. It captures vocal subtlety
with extraordinary detail to deliver
clear articulation, functional flexibility
and precise vocal reproduction for
live performance. You get exceptional
consistency across all frequencies,
providing more gain before feedback,
and minimized proximity effect. Includes
aluminum carry case.
ual gold layered, lowmass Mylar diaphragm design
dvanced internal suspension
remium electronic components including
Class A transformerless preamp circuitry
• Gold-plated internal and external connectors,
including XLR output
• F ull-range frequency response (50 Hz to 20 kHz)
Make your performances even
more golden with this lustrous
stage mic. This professional
condenser vocal microphone
will make your voice cut through
the loudest mix – on any stage.
Its cardioid polar pattern ensures
maximum gain before feedback
and is optimized for use with in-ear
monitor systems. The gold plated
transducer case not only gives the
microphone a sophisticated look but
also makes the transducer extremely
resistant to corrosion and humidity.
The result is simply elegant superior
audio performance.
List $850.00
only $699!
Audio-Technica AE5400
Condenser Vocal Mic
The fabulous Audio-Technica AE5400
condenser microphone offers the ultimate vocal
performance. Its large-diaphragm element and true
condenser design are state-of-the-art, and this mic even
features an integral 80 Hz HPF switch and 10 dB pad like
many studio mics. Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz.
List $579.00
only $349!
• Condenser vocal microphone for
onstage use
• XLR connector module with
24-carat gold plated pins
• 24-carat gold plated transducer
case for optimum conductivity and
resistance to corrosion and humidity
• Spring steel wire-mesh grill for
durability and reliable control of pops & wind noise
• Shockmount
List $299.00
only $219!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Let Em’
Hear Your
True Voice
Loud and Clear
Røde S2 Condenser Mic
The Røde S2 is a live vocal
microphone with similar levels of
feedback rejection, vocal clarity and
reliability to the S1 (opposite page),
but at a very economical price point.
Røde achieves this through careful
transducer selection, the application
of a new electronic circuit, and a high
level of investment in tooling. This
new mic features a heavy-duty metal
body, internal capsule shockmount,
high level of RF rejection, mute
switch and a high-strength mesh.
Sennheiser e935/e945
Vocal Performance Dynamic Mics
Workhorses with the souls of thoroughbreds, the
e935 cardioid and e945 supercardioid vocal stage
microphones perform under pressure while cutting
through the mix with their high output. Perfect for
the gigging musician, they get the job done in style
day in and day out. Rugged and reliable with metal
construction…no wonder they’re a top choice of rental
companies everywhere.
List $199.00
only $149!
E935 Cardioid
E945 Supercardioid
AKG D-5 Dynamic Mic
The D-5 dynamic vocal microphone
delivers a powerful sound even on
the noisiest stage, while offering a
smooth frequency response as well as
maximum gain before feedback thanks
to its supercardioid polar pattern.
It features AKG's new Laminated
Varimotion diaphragm deep-drawing
process that lets the diaphragm itself be
fine-tuned with no extra tuning resonators,
giving you a much crisper, cleaner sound
than conventional designs. Its dual shock
mount eliminates any kind of mechanical
noise for trouble-free live use.
• Extremely rugged vocal/
speech microphone
• Patented AKG Laminated Varimotion
• Spring steel wire-mesh grill
• Gold-plated XLR output connector
for loss-free signal
• Stand adaptor and mic bag included
List $160.00
M-Audio Aries Condenser Mic
The M-Audio Aries condenser microphone is
specifically designed for live vocals, imparting
lush studio-quality sound no matter how
challenging the room. Internal shock-mounting
technology minimizes handling noise so only
your voice shines through. Boasting a wide
frequency response, its cardioid capsule with
6-micron evaporated gold diaphragm and
integral pop filter rejects background sound for
clarity and minimal feedback while handling the
high SPLs of concert situations.
• Studio quality cardioid condenser mic
for live vocals
• 3/4 in. diameter 6-micron evaporated
gold diaphragm
• Cardioid pattern rejects background sound
• Warm-sounding solid brass capsule
• Internal shockmount minimizes handling noise
• Internal pop filter minimizes wind/breath noise
• Class A FET electronics
only $119!
from $169!
Heil PR-35 & PR-38
Dynamic Mics
The mic that changed everything!
Taking under $100 handheld
performance to the next level,
Sennheiser’s E835 dynamic
cardioid vocal stage mic is a
great general performer. A gentle
presence boost evens tonal
response and enhances clarity and
projection, and minimal proximity
effect provides consistently clear
bass and general performance even
with inconsistent distance. Comes
with bag and clip.
The E835S adds an On/Off switch
for PA or stage use.
Here's proof that the fruit doesn’t fall
far from the tree. These two new largediaphragm dynamic cardioid microphones
feature the same elements as the acclaimed
Heil PR-30 (see it on page 30) in unique
housings. The Heil PR-35 boasts a classic,
handheld design ideal for
vocals and features a 1.5"
diameter element, a roll-off
switch and a wide 40 Hz – 18
kHz frequency range with
natural articulation and low
distortion. The side address
PR-38 features the same
element mounted on an
internal sorbothane shock
mount, the same wide
frequency range, a threeposition roll off switch and
an Off/ On switch. It delivers
natural articulate sound with
a smooth response and is
ideal for recording drum kits
as well as guitar amplifiers.
E835 without on/off switch
List $150.00 E835S with on/off switch
List $156.00 only $119!
Sennheiser e835
Dynamic Mic
M-Audio Condenser
ARIES List $149.00
List $262.00
List $298.00
• Shock-mounted capsule: Low sensitivity to
impact and handling noise
• Cardioid or supercardioid pickup pattern:
Insulation from other on-stage signals
• Hum compensating coil: Reduces
electrical interference
• Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron
keeps microphone stable
• Pick Up Pattern: Cardioid (e935),
Supercardioid (e945)
• Frequency Response: 40Hz – 16 kHz (e935),
40Hz – 18 kHz (e945)
from $99!
ND267A & ND767A
Dynamic Mics
Both the N/D267A
cardioid and N/D767A
supercardioid vocal mics
from Electro-Voice present
optimal performance in
live sound environments.
They utilize EV’s VOB
(vocally optimized bass)
technology to give the
performer reduced low-end
distortion and eliminate
muddiness. Combined with
a neodymium-based magnet
structure, the new N/D267a
offers the power and clarity to
cut through the mix, on stage
or in the studio. The N267A
provides a frequency response
of 45 Hz-15 kHz; while the
N767A is 35 Hz-22 kHz. Both
include black clip and zippered
bag. Both will rock the house!
ND267A List $160.00 $9900
ND767A List $209.00 $12900
from $99!
List $190.00
List $164.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Heil PR-20 Dynamic Mic
This dynamic cardioid microphone’s wide
frequency range and ability to handle
extreme sound pressure levels make it the
ideal choice for a vast range of professional
applications. Its lush upper mid-range will
enhance any live vocal, while its superb
frequency response and broad dynamic
range make it an indispensable partner
for reproducing many sound sources,
particularly the snare drum. Featuring a
large low mass aluminum diaphragm, a
strong magnet structure, and innovative
phase plug assembly, the PR-20 produces
a very linear cardioid pattern that rejects
unwanted sound from the rear, and reduces
the proximity effect while giving you
perfect articulation. Wide frequency range:
50 Hz-18 kHz. Heavy steel construction.
PR20 List $179.00
only $150!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Audix OM2 Series Dynamic Mics
Inexpensive Shure
Dynamic Mic Packs
Shure has created great packages
for two of its most affordable dynamic
cardioid mics. Both include microphone,
mic clip, bag and XLR cable.
PG48-XLR is an excellent mic for spoken
word applications – at a low price. It features a
cardioid pickup pattern, on/off switch and frequency
response 70 Hz-15 kHz.
PG58-XLR is a similar mic tuned to accentuate the
clarity of lead and back-up vocals. Frequency response
is 60 Hz-15 kHz.
PG48XLR List $66.26 $3900
PG58XLR List$104.90 $5900
This popular Shure dynamic mic
is world-famous for bullet-proof
durability and quality reproduction.
You’d be hard-pressed to find a stage
in the world without an SM58.
• Rugged, stage-tested classic
• Cardioid pick-up pattern
• Distinctive vocal presence peak
• Integral windscreen
• Includes stand clamp and pouch
only $99!
Shockmount $2200
A58WSGRA Windscreen $595
RK143G Replacement grill $795
Shure Beta 58A
Dynamic Mic
Five A-T mics for
under a hundred
bucks?! The ST95MKII is a quality
dynamic cardioid mic that’s perfect
for PA use (has integrated on/off
switch), and even for studio recording.
High output with close working
parameters allow for excellent gain
before feedback in sound reinforcement
applications. Complete the package with
five windscreens.
AT2010 List $169.00
5 black windscreens LowestPrice
Five for Only $99!
• Supercardioid dynamic mic
• Extended top end
• Smoother presence rise
• Superior shock isolation
• Includes stand clamp and case
• Excellent pickup as podium mic
• Favorite instrumental mic live
and in the studio
• Frequency response 40 Hz-15 kHz
• Includes stand clamp and pouch
$ 95
List $170.00
only $99!
ACE Microphone
Carry Cases
An upgrade of the SM58, the Shure
BETA58A offers the same warmth
but with an even smoother
presence rise and extended
top end.
only $159!
Treat yourself to studio quality
vocals on even the rowdiest stages
with this high-performance cardioid
condenser mic. With its 16 mm
low-mass diaphragm, extended
frequency response of 40 Hz to 20
kHz, high SPL handling (136 dB)
and the ability to decisively squash
ambient noise, it always delivers
crystal-clear sound no matter where
you use it. Requires 48V phantom
power. Impedance: 100 ohms.
The classic Shure SM57’s carefully
contoured frequency means rich, warm
vocal pickup and clean, well defined
instrumental reproduction. It’s perfect
as a podium mic. No stage or studio
should be without one.
Audio-Technica AT2010
Condenser Mic
Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic
List $300.40
5-Pack Mics!
ST95MKIIPKG 5-pack mics
List $149.75 $9900
WS900PACK 5 colored windscreens
SM58LC List $188.00
from $99!
from $39!
Shure SM58
Cardioid Dynamic Mic
These three handheld hypercardioid dynamic
microphones from Audix offer exceptional vocal
presence, innovative anti-feedback design, reduced
phase shift and superior transient response.
Individually tested and assembled by hand, they
can handle high SPL with ease. The OM-2 provides
warmth in the lower mid-bass and a slight boost in
the mid-range. The OM-5 is great for both lead and
background vocals, delivering very high output
with smooth response and exceptional clarity.
The OM-6 delivers a rich vocal sound with clarity
and detail that rivals condenser microphones with
none of a condenser's drawbacks. Each comes with
a clip and bag.
List $149.00
List $265.00
List $329.00
only $99!
Shockmount $2200
A2WSGRA Windscreen $995
The Ace MB-12 nylon
bag keeps 12 mics
protected in foam and
includes accessory
The MB-6 is a six-mic
carrying bag.
List $109.95 $5995
List $69.95 $3495
from $3495!
SKB 12 HardShell Mic
Carry Case
The SKB 1200
protects 12 mics in a
sturdy hard-shell case
and includes plenty of
room for accessories in
the case and extra
lid compartment.
SKB1200 List $239.99
only $13999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
The Next Generation Of Live-Sound Classics
Audio-Technica Artist Series Vocal and Instrument Mics
Audio-Technica’s renowned Artist Series has been
re-engineered from the ground up—adding some
spectacularly innovative microphones to the line, and
upgrading classic models for a complete selection
of vocal, instrument and drum mics. The sound is
everything you’d expect from Audio-Technica.
Start with the ATM410 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic:
This dynamic workhorse is designed for smooth,
natural vocal reproduction and low noise. Equipped
with a neodymium magnet for high output, and a
multi-stage grille design for excellent protection
against plosives, this super-durable mic is built to stand
up to life on the road.
ATM610 Hypercardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic: Tuned
for clear, detailed, extended-range reproduction of
lead and backup vocals, this premier Artist Series
dynamic mic is equipped with a neodymium magnet, a
hypercardioid polar pattern and multi-stage
grille design.
ATM710 Cardioid Condenser Vocal Mic: The new
Artist Series vocal condenser microphone is tailored
for exacting detail and high-fidelity vocal reproduction.
With a condenser design for studio-quality
performance, the ATM710 delivers remarkable clarity.
Integral 80 Hz hi-pass filter.
ATM250 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Mic:
With high SPLs, the new ATM250 hypercardioid
dynamic is tailored for kick drum, percussion, brass
and other highly dynamic instruments. Rich, warm lowfrequency response. Includes an isolation clamp.
ATM250DE Dual-Element Instrument Mic: The
Artist Series new kick-drum mic, the ATM250DE
dual-element instrument microphone features
cardioid condenser and hypercardioid dynamic
capsules combined in a single housing. AudioTechnica’s innovative use of two polar patterns is ideal
for kick drum: the hypercardioid dynamic element
focuses tightly on the aggressive attack of the beater,
while the condenser captures the round tonalities of
the shell. Includes a professional isolation clamp.
ATM350 Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Mic: Supplied
with Audio-Technica’s versatile UniMount clip and new
violin mount, the low-profile ATM350 is an exceptional
cardioid condenser microphone designed to clip to
brass, reeds, piano, snare, toms, and violin.
ATM450 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Mic: The
new ATM450 cardioid condenser offers an innovative
side-address stick design for endless placement
options. Extended flat frequency response makes it
ideal for live and amplified acoustic instruments.
ATM650 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Mic:
This versatile addition to the Artist Series features a new
multi-stage flat grille design for precise positioning
close to the sound source. A-T’s innovative dual-wall
floating construction banishes handling noise.
Cardioid dynamic vocal mic List $169.00 $9900
Hypercardioid dynamic vocal mic List $249.00 $13900
Cardioid condenser vocal mic List $299.00 $16900
Hypercardioid dynamic instrument mic List $329.00 $17900
ATM250DE Dual-element instrument mic List $549.00 $29900
Clip-on cardioid condenser instrument mic List $449.00 $24900
Cardioid condenser instrument mic List $369.00 $21900
LowestPrice from $99!
Hypercardioid dynamic instrument mic List $169.00 $9900
PZM (Sound Grabber II)
Crown PZM/PCC Boundary Mics
Designed for use on flat surfaces, Crown PZM/PCC mics
prevent phase interference from surface reflections,
allowing a wide, smooth response. Excellent for sound
reinforcement, conference tables, interviews and more.
A best-seller at BSW, the PZM Sound Grabber II is
Crown‘s most affordable omni boundary mic. It’s a
great solution for conference micing, and can be used
anywhere, even with video cameras or handheld. The
cable is attached, with mini plug connector and 1/4"/
microplug adaptors. Runs on AAA battery power.
The PZM185 steps up to an XLR connector and can be
powered either by AAA battery or via phantom power.
The boundary plate can be detached for pocket-ready
portability – use on any flat surface. 8 ft. XLR cable.
The PCC160 is the standard for stage floor micing
and is great for podiums and TV news desks. The PCC
series feature a supercardioid capsule – when surfacemounted the result is a “half-supercardioid” mic which
rejects sounds from the rear and is free of phase
interference. XLR connector; phantom power.
Sound Grabber II
List $116.00 $7900
PZM185 XLR/dual power
List $315.00 $18500
List $506.00 $28900
from $79!
Audio-Technica Boundary Mics
The Audio-Technica U851R boundary mic is designed
for surface-mount applications requiring high-quality
sound pickup. A die-cast case and rubber bottom pad
minimize coupling of surface vibration. The mic size is
minimized by locating the power module in the
25 ft. detachable cable, with screw terminals at power
module. 30 Hz-20 kHz response; low-frequency roll-off.
The U891R boundary mic can be switched to any
of three modes: touch on/off, momentary on, or
momentary off, with red LED “on” indicator. The mic
also features a switchable 80 Hz hi-pass filter; power
module; rubber non-slip bottom pad; and a 25 ft.
detachable XLR cable. The U891R provides 30 Hz10 kHz freq. response.
U851R Boundary Mic
List $250.00 $17900
U891R Switchable Boundary Mic List $300.00 $21500
from $179!
Crown PZM Security Boundary Mics
Crown PZM security/surveillance mics feature lowprofile design coupled with optimized acoustics.
They‘re ideal not just for security but make great
install mics for conference recording and general
room pickup.
The PZM10 is a small mic with a cylindrical design for
ceiling, wall or tabletop installations. Intelligibility is
excellent, with low frequencies rolled off below the
voice range to reduce HVAC pickup. XLR connector,
phantom powered.
The PZM11 is a similar low-cost boundary mic which
mounts on a standard wall plate, resembling a light
switch. Screw terminal connections.
Cylindrical mount List $192.00 $11200
Wall plate mount List $158.00
from $95!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Interview Mics
Stock up Today!
In-the-Field Stereo Mic
Shure VP88 Stereo Condenser Mic
Combining two condenser cartridges in a single housing, the VP88 is a singlepoint stereo condenser mic designed for studio recording, field production and
news coverage. Rugged enough in construction for just about any situation, the
VP88 captures stereo audio images which give enhanced realism and presence to
recordings of any kind. It uses a mid-side (M-S) stereo configuration: one cartridge
(mid) faces forward to capture on-axis sound with a cardioid pickup pattern, and the
other (side) is bi-directional and captures sound from either side. Features: phantom
power or 6V battery operation; 40 Hz-20 kHz frequency response; includes Y-splitter
cable, windscreen and battery.
Microphone A88SM Shockmount
List $1,266.60
List $224.19
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Røde NT4 Stereo Røde NT5 Stereo
Condenser Mic
Mic Set
This studio-grade stereo
Sennheiser Beyerdynamic Electro-Voice
Sennheiser MD46
Electro-Voice RE50B
The MD46 is a quality reporter's mic
made to excel in noisy conditions. With
a cardioid capsule housed in a rugged
metal body, it shrugs off pop and wind
noise while offering wide frequency
response and easy handling.
The Electro-Voice dynamic RE50B is
an excellent location mic. It features a
built-in internal shockmount and blast
filter for lower handling and wind noise.
Omnidirectional pickup pattern.
MD46 List $318.00
only $225!
MZW1 windscreen$2200
MZQ800 mic clip $2000
MCE58 & M58
The Beyerdynamic MCE58
omnidirectional condenser mic has an
internal shockmount to dramatically
reduce handling noise and offers very
accurate voice reproduction. Frequency
response is 40 Hz-20 kHz. It also has an
on/off switch (great for use with portable
Flash recorders).
The M58 (not shown) is a popular
dynamic version without on/off switch.
Handheld condenser mic
List $399.00 Handheld dynamic mic
List $279.00 LowestPrice
Mic clip
from $239!
RE50B List $268.00
only $159!
Electro-Voice 635A
Everyone has a couple of
these. This dynamic mic features an
omnidirectional pickup pattern, voicetailored response and rugged metal
construction. Includes stand clamp.
635A List $178.00 LowestPrice
only $99!
Windscreen $1600
Shure VP64A
from $79!
Audio-Technica AT804
The Audio-Technica omnidirectional AT804 is an
excellent dynamic interview mic, built to withstand
the daily abuse reporters can dish out. It features
rugged metal-body construction and frequency
response is 50 Hz to 15 kHz. Includes stand clamp
and carry bag.
List $115.00
only $69!
Shock mount
$ 00
List $899.00
only $479!
The NT5 stereo mic system
(a matched pair of cardioid
condenser mics) provides
maximum flexibility in
stereo recording, and is
unbelievably affordable!
The NT5 gives you the
power to alter angles
and distances between
microphone capsules,
unlike combination stereo
mics. The NT5 pair features
.5" capsules; frequency
response 20 Hz-20 kHz;
and active electronics JFET
impedance converter with
bipolar output buffer. The
mics come complete with
two mic clips, windsocks
and case.
List $699.00
only $429!
ENG Boom Mic
This professional hypercardioid boom mic extends to 6 feet (and its
extremely lightweight – 2 lbs). It’s also highly directional and offers coverage
from 18 inches to 25 feet. The condenser microphone can be phantom or
battery powered. The unit has a built-in headphone amp with adjustable gain.
This small Shure dynamic omnidirectional
interview mic sounds great and is
extremely rugged. Its neodymium
magnet provides increased output and
improved clarity. Includes windscreen &
stand clamp. 7-7/8" handle.
The VP64AL has a longer (9-5/8") handle.
VP64A List $125.17 $7900
VP64AL List $146.39 $8800
mic is great for creating
rich imaging. Each side
comprises an externally
polarized single
diaphragm condenser
transducer (90 degree,
XY arrangement). The
custom stereo cables
include both XLR and
minijack connectors.
The NT4 requires 48V
phantom power, but
for ultimate flexibility
and ease of use a 9V
battery can also be used.
It comes supplied with
XLR/stereo mini jack
cable in a Røde case
with a stand mount and
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $1,576.00
Audio-Technica AT822 & AT825 Stereo Microphones
The popular Audio-Technica AT822 stereo microphone is great for
recording in the field, capturing live performances or studio work.
It offers dual and stereo mini-plug output cables. The AT825
terminates in a dual XLR output cable. The AT825 is also
phantom power capable.
COMMON Features:
• X/Y stereo pickup pattern;
fully mono compatible
• 220° pickup field
• LF roll-off switch
• AA battery (or phantom powering on AT825)
• Windscreen, mic clip and vinyl pouch
List $419.00
List $549.00
from $239!
AT8415 Shockmount $4900
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Sennheiser K6 Professional
Shotgun Microphone System
K6 Power Supply
ME66 Shotgun Capsule
Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic
You’ll never be disappointed with your Sennheiser ME66. That’s because this
supercardioid condenser shotgun mic features extremely high sensitivity, low selfnoise and high-frequency boost for greater clarity on long range pickup. And it
offers a system of accessories that makes it easy to use and set up in the field.
Short shotgun mic module
Power module for ME66
Powering for semi-pro cameras
ME66-k6combo Mic/power module/case combo List
• Supercardioid/lobar pick-up pattern
• Highly directional
• Low inherent self-noise and high sensitivity
• Wide frequency response
AT8015 Length: 18.11" List $410.00
AT8035 Length: 14.53" List $339.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Sennheiser High-End MKH70 &
MKH60 Shotgun Microphones
The MKH70 is Sennheiser’s high-end long (16-inch)
shotgun with lobar pickup. Professional features include
switchable treble emphasis, switchable roll-off filter,
infrasonic cut-off and ultra-low inherent self-noise.
Many options are available including phantom power
supplies, windscreens, shockmounts, pistol grips and
more. Call us with your needs or go online at www.
bswusa.com. MKH60 is the short (11-inch) shotgun with
both supercardioid and lobar pickup patterns.
MKH70P48 Long shotgun List $3,105.00
MKH60P48 Short shotgun List $2,700.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audio-Technica AT897 Rycote
for Sennheiser
and Audio-Technica
Shotgun Mics
The AT897 short shotgun
condenser is designed so efficiently you’ll barely know
it’s there. Weighing five ounces and not even 11" long,
it can easily mount on a camcorder if so desired. The
AT897’s narrow acceptance angle provides remarkable
long-distance audio pickup. Its line + gradient polar
pattern delivers strong off-axis rejection of sounds
coming from the sides and rear. It also features a low
frequency roll-off switch. Phantom or battery power.
AT897 List $369.00
only $245!
Windtech Shotgun
Short windscreen for ME66, etc. $4195
Long windscreen for MKH70, etc. $5095
Short windscreen for MKH60, etc. $4195
from $4195!
AT8000 Series
Shotguns Mics
Designed for video production and
broadcast (ENG/EFP) audio acquisition,
these long and short Line + Gradient
shotgun condenser microphones from AudioTechnica offer a 40 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
along with a narrow acceptance angle for superior longdistance sound pickup and effective sound rejection
from the sides and rear. Both sport a roll-off switch that
quells low frequency ambient noise, room reverberation
and mechanically coupled vibrations, and operate on
battery or phantom power.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
MZW60-1 Zeppelin windscreen
Shockmount with pistol grip
MZH60-1 Windsock
Grey foam windscreen
MZW66PRO Black velour windscreen
Call your sales rep today and we’ll hook you up with the right package of gear.
The ME66 and a power supply are typically sold separately (K6 or K6RD required).
Make sure you also add the Zeppelin windscreen, windsock, and pistol grip while
you’re at it…
The Rycote Softie is a slip-on
open cell foam windshield, with
an integral fitted fur cover. It greatly reduces wind noise
and protects your microphone, and is the worldwide
standard in TV. The Pistol Grip Mount will allow you
to either hold the mount with the pistol grip handle
or attach it to a boom pole using the 3/8" Whitworth
threaded insert in the base of the handle. Call BSW today.
Pistol Grip Mount
033703 $11900
033703 $11900
033702 $11900
033702 $11900
from $110!
Røde has broadcast shotgun condenser microphones
that are perfect for ENG, TV/video and similar
applications. The NTG-1 short shotgun offers wide
bandwidth and controlled polar response coupled
with low noise SMT electronics. It’s 48V phantom
powered. The NTG-2 is the same microphone, but
adds the ability to also power it via an internal 1.5V “AA”
battery. Each comes complete with stand mount and
The Røde VideoMic shotgun is based on the latest film
industry technology. It provides low noise, unusually
high bandwidth and is ultra-lightweight. It is designed
specifically for use with digital video cameras. It
provides a shockmount design that reduces handling
noise and is 9V-battery powered. In addition, it features
a stereo minijack audio output and standard hot-shoe
fitting. Windscreen and hot-shoe mount included.
List $349.00 $24900
List $369.00 $26900
VIDEOMIC List $249.00 $14900
from $149!
Røde Grips, Booms and More
Complete your Røde shotgun mic with accessories.
Go online for details on each of these.
DEADCAT Wind muff 3900
Shockmount, cold shoe attach $4995
Shockmount, mic stand attach $4995
Shockmount, clamp mount 4995
Desktop tripod stand 2495
Extra shotgun windscreen 1199
from $1199!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Keep it Small: Professional Lavalier Mics
Audio-Technica AT803 Lavalier Mics
These extremely small lapel mics are used throughout the broadcast industry and
terminate in a standard XLR connection. The AT803B condenser omnidirectional
lavalier offers high intelligibility for vocal reproduction at low cost. Designed for clipon lavalier and musical instrument use, it features an integral 80 Hz high-pass filter
that provides easy switching from a flat frequency response to a low-end roll-off. The
microphone operates on battery or phantom power. A 6 ft. cable permanently attaches
to mic, with power module and XLR female connector at the other end. Frequency
response 30 Hz-20 kHz. Dynamic range phantom power: 107 dB, with battery: 93 dB.
The Audio-Technica AT831B is a cardoid condenser for use where feedback or room
noise is a problem. This clip-on lavalier mic provides crisp, full-sounding voice pickup. It
also excels in acoustic guitar applications. It offers excellent gain before feedback and
suppression of background noise. An integral 80 Hz high-pass
filter provides easy switching from a flat frequency response
to a low-end roll-off. It operates on battery or phantom power.
Frequency response 30 Hz-20 kHz. Dynamic range phantom
power: 106 dB, with battery: 96 dB.
Audio-Technica miniature mics are also available for AudioTechnica wireless systems (see the wireless mic section page 116
or call for model numbers).
Omnidirectional List $215.00 $13900
List $229.00 $14900
from $139!
Sennheiser Lavalier Mics
You’ll never be disappointed with a Sennheiser
MKE 2 lav. That’s because this mic puts the best
sound acquisition in the tiniest package. The MKE 2 is tiny (approx. 3/16" in diameter)
and is used into applications where other clip-on microphones prove too obtrusive
because of their larger size. It fulfills the most stringent sound quality requirements
and is extremely robust. It provides reduced sensitivity for use in louder environments
versus the MKE102 series below. The MKE2-60/K6 condenser omnidirectional lavalier
mic comes with a permanently attached steel reinforced cable and XLR connector for
12-48 V phantom power. The Sennheiser K6 power supply is included. Flat frequency
response from 20 Hz-20 kHz. Max SPL 130 dB. 10 ft. cable.
The Sennheiser MKE102-60 (not shown) is an affordable omnidirectional lavalier
mic without power supply (model #K6 required and sold separately). The Sennheiser
MKE104-60 is an affordable cardioid lavalier mic without power supply (model #K6
required and sold separately). For a headworn microphone solution, combine these
mics with the NB2 headworn adaptor (listed adjacent page in headworn section).
List $873.00
List $495.60
List $495.60
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
K6 Power supply
List $422.10
NB2 Headworn adaptor List $98.70
Found on
All the
List $256.00
Sony’s series of high-quality lavalier
mics are designed to hold up to the rigors of location broadcasting and remote
applications. They sound great and come in three models. Each of these models
terminate in a standard 3-pin XLR connector for standard use.
The ECM44B is a miniature electret condenser lavalier microphone with an
omnidirectional pickup. Frequency response 40 Hz-15 kHz. Dynamic range equal
to or greater than 90 dB. Black anodized finish. The microphone features a two-way
powering system, meaning it will work through an AA-size battery or an external
power supply. 10 ft. cable. 11/32 x 19/32", .07 oz microphone head.
With a frequency response tailored for enhanced presence and improved voice
quality, the ECM55B is well suited for a wide range of applications. Frequency
response 30 Hz-18 kHz. Dynamic range equal to or greater than 98 dB.
7/16 x 27/32", .2 oz. microphone head.
Perfect for television applications, Sony’s super tiny ECM77B microphone is designed
to be inconspicuous. It is only a 1/4 x 1/2", .04 oz microphone head. 40 Hz-20 kHz
frequency response. Dynamic range equal to or greater than 90 dB.
List $250.00
List $375.00
LowestPrice from $195!
List $450.00
The Electro-Voice RE90L
is a popular condenser
omnidirectional mic with
50 Hz-18 kHz frequency
range. It terminates in a
standard three-pin XLR
connector for use with
production mixers, PA systems
or right into your voice processor.
The RE90L is intended for sound
reinforcement applications such as broadcast,
houses of worship, schools, or other venues
where full range, natural, well-balanced
sound is required. The omnidirectional polar
characteristics of the RE90L provide clean
and accurate sonic quality and uniform
output regardless of the microphone’s
position relative to the sound source. A complete
assortment of clips is included. Weighs only 1.2 oz.
Sony ECM Series
Lavalier Mics
Electro-Voice RE90L
Lavalier Mic
only $229!
Shure WL180 Series
Lavalier Mics
for Shure Wireless
Shure Microflex WL183, WL184
and WL185 lavalier electret condenser mics designed
for use with a Shure wireless bodypack transmitter (see
page 117). Each mic has a 4 ft. cable terminated with
a miniature 4-pin mini connector. The included tie clip
can be rotated in 90 degree intervals for placement
flexibility. Frequency response is 50 Hz-17 kHz; mic
withstands SPL of 120 dB.
The WL183 omnidirectional mic is recommended for
general purpose sound reinforcement, recording or
remote monitoring applications. Low handling noise.
Pickup angle: 360 degrees.
The WL184 supercardioid mic is recommended for
sound reinforcement applications requiring high
rejection of ambient noise and a narrow pickup angle.
Pickup angle is 115°.
The WL185 cardioid mic is recommended for general
purpose sound reinforcement applications requiring
good rejection of ambient noise. Pickup angle is 130°.
WL183 Omnidirectional mic List $127.30 $11095
WL184 Supercardioid mic List $159.12 $13895
WL185 Cardioid mic
List $148.52 $12895
from $11095!
Shure WL93
Lavalier Mic
for Shure
The WL93 microphone
by Shure is an affordable
subminiature, lavalier
condenser mic designed
for general wireless speech
applications. It is supplied
with a mounting block and
attached tie bar, a sew-on
mounting bracket, and
an acoustic windscreen
to minimize noise during
outdoor use. Its 4 ft. cable
is terminated with a 4-pin
(Switchcraft TA4F) miniature
connector which connects
directly to Shure wireless
bodypack transmitters.
Frequency response is
50 Hz-20 kHz. Black color.
Tan also available.
List $108.20
only $9395!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Exceptionally Clear
and Nearly Invisible Too
DPA Headworn Microphones
The Countryman E6 Isomax
EarSet is the answer when you
A mainstay of network broadcasters, the DPA 4066-F is
need the highest possible sound
a headband-mounted pre-polarized omni-directional
quality without the bulk and
miniature condenser microphone offering clean,
appearance of conventional
transparent sound quality as well as fast and easy
headsets. Light and springy,
adjustment possibilities. Meticulously designed and built
the E6 clips around your
in Denmark, its unique headband construction gives
ear, not around your head,
you the choice between left and/or right mounting.
never interfering with your
It’s also possible to use the microphone boom without
headphones, hair or hat. The E6 is available in versions pre-wired for most
the headband. A double-vent protection system, drop
wireless manufacturers’ systems – some examples below, or just call and
stopper on the tube, and water resistant materials inside
talk to your BSW sales representative. In addition, the E6 is available in
the microphone offer maximum protection from humidity
four colors: Light Beige, Tan, Cocoa, and Black, to blend with the user’s
and moisture. Its sensitivity is 6 mV/Pa to match the level of the human voice to the general input
appearance; a 1 mm diameter cable for minimum visibility or DuraMax
sensitivity of most wireless transmitters. The microphone can handle sound pressure levels up to
2 mm cable for unmatched life; and three mic sensitivity levels for speech,
144 dB SPL before clipping occurs. Frequency range soft boost grid: 20 Hz-20 kHz, 3 dB soft boost at theatre and “loud vocal” applications. The example items below are with
8-20 kHz; high boost grid: 20 Hz-20 kHz ±2 dB, 10 dB boost at 12 kHz. Dynamic Range: 97 dB.
standard XLR, or connector for a specific manufacturer’s wireless system,
beige or tan, and are optimized for speech. Omnidirectional microphone
A wide range of connection adapters makes it possible to use the 4066-F with most any
pickup pattern; 1.9 g. weight. Call for other configurations.
professional wireless system or with a phantom XLR connection (call for your application as the
base 4066-F comes terminated in a Microdot connection). The 4066-F sports a beige finish and
With XLR connector, tan
List $514.60 $31900
comes with 5 foam windscreens. Kevlar-reinforced 4 ft. cable included. Output impedance: 30-40
E6OW6LAT For A-T wireless, beige
List $495.00 $31900
ohms. The 4066-B is the same model in black. The 4088-F and 4088-B are cardioid headworn
E6IOW5LAK For AKG wireless, beige
List $488.50 $31900
E6OW5LSD For Sennheiser wireless, beige List $495.00 $31900
microphones. For specifications, go online to www.bswusa.com. Two adaptors listed. More online.
E6IOW6TAT For Shure wireless, tan
List $495.00 $31900
4066-F Omnidirectional, beige List $612.00 DAD3056 DPA to Lectrosonics adaptorList $93.00
E6OW5tLS For Lectrosonics, tan
List $489.00 $31900
4066-B Omnidirectional, black
4088-F Cardioid, beige
4088-B Cardioid, black
List $612.00 DAD6010 DPA to Shure adapator
List $67.00
List $652.00
List $652.00
only $319 ea!
Convenient Headworn Microphones
Ideal for everything from remote broadcasts to speaking
engagements, headworn mics from BSW’s top audio
manufacturers combine convenience with stellar sound.
The Audio-Technica ATM75CW is a cardioid condenser
mic ideal for reporters or anyone requiring hands-free
operation. It extends to the front of the mouth from
the right or left side and has a 4 ft. 7" cable with 4-pin
connector for wireless systems (add ATW3110, listed
on page 116). The lighter-weight ATM73CW has an
unobtrusive design with side-of-mouth pickup.
The Audio-Technica AT892 is the answer when you
need the highest possible sound quality with minimum
visibility. With a capsule diameter of only 2.5 mm, it
provides the ultimate in low-profile, high-performance
audio. This omnidirectional condenser mic features an
ergonomic under-the-ear design freeing your hands
while keeping the mic close to your speaking voice.
The Shure WBH53B is an adjustable omni-directional
condenser mic. Its adjustable headband and flexible
wireframe provide a comfortable fit while still allowing
it to be positioned close to the left or right corner of the
mouth, assuring maximum pickup. It features extended
frequency response; high SPL handling ability; requires
RPM626 inline preamplifier (sold separately).
The Shure SM10ACN is an affordable, low-impedance,
cardioid dynamic microphone designed for close-talk
headworn applications such as remote-site sports
broadcasting and corporate intercom systems. It is
also ideal for other performers who need a headworn
vocal microphone with superior noise rejection and
a smooth, natural-sounding frequency response. An
adjustable pivot on the headband assembly allows
the microphone boom to be moved 20 degrees in any
direction. The boom also slides out so the microphone
can be positioned up to 3-1/2" from the pivot housing.
A supplied windscreen reduces wind noise and
explosive breath sounds. A belt clip that fits over the XLR
connector and attaches to the user's belt or waistband
provides cable strain relief. Cardioid mic with frequency
response 50 Hz - 15 kHz; impedance 150 ohms.
The Sennheiser MKE2-60/K6PACK is a headworn
MKE2-60/K6 omni condenser lav mic. It includes a K6
power supply. See Sennheiser on adjacent page for more
microphone details.
The lightweight Sennheiser HSP series headworn
microphones offer superior audio quality and sport
an adjustable frame that wraps around the neck for
professional hands-free applications. Featuring a locking
1/8" (3.5mm) mini connection for EW G2 wireless series
transmitters (see page 118), they boast a state-of-the art,
permanently polarized MKE platinum condenser capsule
in either an HSP2-EW omnidirectional or HSP4-EW
cardioid polar pattern for a wide frequency response and
versatile performance. Both come with a modular snapon cable and hard carrying case. The MZA900P in-line
preamp (not shown) connects pre-polarized condenser
microphones with a 3.5mm plug to XLR microphone
inputs with 10 – 52 V phantom powering.
The Electro-Voice RE97TX is an ultra-low profile, headworn omnidirectional microphone, wired for use with
EV bodypack transmitters (see page 119) via a 4-ft. cable
terminated in a TA4F connector. Available in beige, tan
or black, the RE97 is easily reformed for left or right ear
usage. Package includes a foam pop filter, cable/clothing
clip and gig bag. The RE97 has a frequency response of
50 Hz – 15 KHz (+/- 3 dB), a sensitivity rating of 2.2mV,
and a maximum SPL handling of 135 dB.
For a headworn solution using Sennheiser lavalier mics
(shown adjacent page), purchase the NB2 head-worn
mic adapter. It is designed for easy, unobtrusive use of
MKE, MKE102 and MKE104 lavalier mics. The microphone
cable is easily inserted into the flexible construction
of the adapter, and together they result in an almostinvisible headworn microphone. The result is miking with
complete freedom of movement, ideal for any setting
where hands-free, unrestricted usage is a must
List $138.00
List $179.00
(specify connector) List $439.00 $29900
WBH53B List $509.65 $29900
SM10ACN List $209.70 $14374
List $873.00
List $818.00
List $780.00
(specify color)
List $450.00
from $75!
RPM626 Inline preamp for Shure WBH53B
MZA900P Inline preamp for Sennheiser
NB2 Headworn adaptor for Sennheiser
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