Underfloor Heating Data Sheet Wired Controls

Underfloor Heating Data Sheet Wired Controls
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February 2012
Underfloor heating & cooling solutions by Wavin
Underfloor Heating
Wired Controls
Data Sheet
Easy to install programmable and non-programmable hard-wired
temperature control system for up to 14 underfloor heating zones
Programmable and non-programmable Thermostats and
Thermostats use the domestic electricity supply instead of
Control Centres for the control of single or multi-zone
underfloor heating systems
Ideal for future-proofing the installation for different
All thermostats are wired into 2 central terminals in the
Control Centre, then synchronised later, eliminating the
Wireless thermostats can be combined with wired
chance of cross-wiring.
thermostats within the same system, if required
Operates thermo-electric actuator heads on the manifold
Can control up to 14 Thermostats (14 zones)
Thermostats are easy to operate via a ‘jog’ dial
Underfloor heating & cooling solutions by Wavin
Underfloor Heating
Wired Controls
Data Sheet
System Features
Installation Principles
Ancillary Components
Easy to install Control Centre – no
Standard, 2 Core and Earth Cable
special tools required
for power supply to Control Centre
1 Ensure power supply isolated /
switched off
Thermostats synchronised after
and switching of boiler/pump
wiring, eliminating cross-wiring
2 core UTP data cable or
– Control Centre
7 Day Programmable Thermostats
equivalent for communication
– Room Thermostats
available to ensure optimum energy
between Control Centre and
Child lock
Frost and fire alarm outputs
Party mode
Installation Tools
Drill, plugs and screws
Screwdrivers (as appropriate)
Wire stripper/earther
Principle Units
Supplied as:
14 Zone Control Centre 52UH714
Non-programmable thermostat
Programmable thermostat
3 Mount Control Centre into position
4 Mount Thermostats into suitable
‘Optimised Start’ feature on
programmable Thermostat
2 Identify suitable locations for:
5 Make cable connections
– From Control Centre to boiler
– From Control Centre to manifold
pump and actuators on return
– From Control Centre to
– From mains power supply to
Control Centre. Safety Note:
Installation work requiring
connection to mains electricity
supply must only be carried out
by a qualified electrician
Key Benefits
Simple, convenient operation
Choice of programmable and nonprogrammable thermostats to suit
individual requirements
Control Centre is easily configured
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