- SL100 SL100P

- SL100  SL100P
Slimline Axial Fan Range
Installation and maintenance instructions
Begin the installation by making a circular opening of 100 mm (SL100), 150 mm (SL150) diameter in the
ceiling or wall where the extractor is to be installed.
Remove the front cover (A) by removing screw (SL150 only) and pressing the catch (1) with the tip of a
screwdriver until it is freed and then pulling it forward. Place the exhaust conduit (D) in the hole in the ceiling
or wall for exhaust of the air.
Fix the base of the housing (B) in place using the plugs and screws provided. It may also be fixed to the interior
of the ceiling using the 2 quickfit. Loosen the screws (4) until the wedges (5) are fully concealed in the housings
(6) and can be easily introduced inside the pipe. Tighten the screws until the wedges (5) firmly fix the extractor
to the exhaust conduit.
Note: - All installations must be supervised by a qualified electrician. Installations and wiring must conform to
current IEE regulations (UK), local or appropriate regulations (other countries).
— Do not install the exhaust pipe (D) of the extractor unit to a chimney, ventilation pipe or hot air conduit.
Before connecting the unit to pipelines, consult the local municipal regulations regarding exhaust air and ask the
permission of the person in charge of the building.
— Make sure that the ventilation is appropriate, especially when the extractor is used in conjunction with an
appliance with a combustion chamber.
— This extractor is designed for the ventilation of homes or similar premises.
— Do not use in premises where the room temperature is above 40oC.
— This extractor does not cause any interference in radio/television sets (C.E.E. regulation No. 89/336).
The unit must be connected to a single phase mains power supply network at the voltage and frequency
indicated on the rating plate of the extractor unit.
The electrical installation must include a double pole isolating switch with a distance between contacts of at
least 3 mm. Make the electrical connection by loosening the screw (2) until the cover (3) is free and connect the
power supply cables to the connection strip (E), the blue cable to N and the brown cable to L.
Replace the cover (3), fixing it in place with the screw (2) and finally press home the cover (A) until it is firmly
held by the clip (7) and the catch (1) (Fig. T). Refit the screw (SL150 only).
The appliance must be permanently connected to a fixed electrical supply installation using twin conductor
cable of at least 1 mm2 in section and a maximum of 1.5 mm2.
No earth installation is required as the appliance has double insulation. (Class II).
NOTE: TIMER and HUMIDITY connection
Must he carried out by following the wiring diagram for SL100T / SL100HT / SL150HT.
Connect the wires to the connection strip by using a pointed instrument (the tip of a screwdriver for example) to
apply pressure to (x) (xl, x2, x3) and pushing the striped wires (L. N, SL) into the holes (y) (yl, y2, y3).
Adjust the timer by turning the knob (4) in a clockwise direction to increase the operating time (3’ – 15’).
SL100HT and SL150HT
Adjust the operating time by turning the red knob (4) in a clockwise direction.
Adjust the level of humidity by turning the blue knob (5) in a clockwise direction to increase the level.
The Slimline HT series incorporate a LED indicator. The LED is lit when the extractor is functioning either
activated by the switch fitted to the appliance itself or another, exterior switch. When the extractor is activated
by the level of humidity the LED is not lit. When the extractor is not operating the LED does not light.
SL100P and SL150P
This model is fitted with a Start/stop pull-switch (6) (Fig. P).
Wiring Diagrams
Do’s and dont’s
• Do read all the instruction leaflet before commencing installation.
• Do install each fan with a double pole isolating switch.
• Do make sure the mains supply is switched off before attempting to make electrical
connections or carry out any maintenance or cleaning
Customers outside UK – see international below.
• UK: The fan is guaranteed against defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.
• Please keep your purchase receipt.
• If you have any problems, contact Xpelair’s Head Office at the address shown below.
Technical advice and service
Customers outside UK – see international below.
UK: Xpelair have a comprehensive range of services including:
• Free technical advice help-desk from Engineers on all aspects of ventilation
• Free design service, quotations and site surveys
• Service and maintenance contracts to suit all requirements.
Please ask for details:
• By telephone on Techline:+44 (0) 8709 000430
• By fax on Techfax:+44 (0) 8709 000530
• At the address below
• Guarantee: Contact your local distributor or Xpelair direct for details.
• Technical Advice and Service: Contact your local Xpelair distributor
Applied Energy Products Ltd
Morley Way
t 01733 456789
f 01733 310606
Xpelair is a registered trademark of Applied Energy Products Limited.
Applied Energy Products reserve the right to alter product specifications
or appearance without prior notice. All finishes and diagrams in this
booklet are as accurate as printing processes allow.
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