Staple System Technical Data Sheet

Staple System  Technical Data Sheet
Staple System
Technical Data Sheet
Floor Finish
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Sand/Cement or
Liquid Screed
(by others)
Heating & Cooling Pipe
Pipe Staples
Rigid Insulation
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Level sub floor
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System Features
Pipe can be installed at any spacing, allowing the
specifier/designer/installer to tailor the system heat output to
suit project requirements room by room and even across a
single room if necessary.
Irregularly shaped rooms are easily accommodated with the
ability to install pipe at any angle, allowing oblique walls to be
followed and obstacles such as sanitary ware or pillars to be
easily avoided.
Allows independent choice of rigid insulation panels to suit
both cost and thermal performance requirements.
Lowest possible UFH product cost, although installation will
typically take longer increasing installation costs.
Nylon staples and polybutylene pipe are 100% recyclable.
Flow and return pipework can be insulated to prevent
localised overheating, and spaced at as little as 25mm
centres to minimise the proportion of the active floor area it
Can alternatively be supplied with screw clips or cable ties,
allowing pipe to be fixed to softer insulation or a reinforcing
mesh as required.
Can be installed as part of an acoustic floor construction.
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Staple System
Technical Data Sheet
What you need to know
Because there are no physical
constraints on the spacing and
orientation of the pipe within the floor, the
Staple System is equally well suited to
following the path of a long curved or
irregularly shaped room, as it is a
standard rectangular room.
Whenever it is required to create a UFH
system within a screeded floor
construction, at the lowest possible
material cost, the Staple System is the
ideal solution.
Staples provide an easy method to
secure the heating and cooling pipe to
rigid insulation panels. When installed
with a Staple Gun, installation becomes
faster and easier with significantly more
of the installation possible from a
standing position.
This craft approach allows the designer
greater freedom to create the system
with the heat distributed exactly as
However, because of this freedom, the
Staple System relies heavily on the
installer to locate the pipe correctly. It is
essential that the installer allocates
sufficient time to install the system as
If a faster installation is required, while
maintaining consistent performance, the
use of System Plates or Pocketed
Polystyrene is recommended.
Typical Floor Cross Section
Screw Clips are also available for use
with softer insulation and for structural
concrete floors which contain a
reinforcing mesh; pipe can simply be
attached to the mesh with cable ties.
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Perimeter Expansion Foam
Ridged Thermal Insulation
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Floor Finish
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Wavin UFH
Heating And Cooling Pipe
Sand/Cement Or Liquid Screed
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Wavin UFH
Pipe Staples
Level Sub Floor
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Technical Specification
Injection moulded pipe staples for use with 12-16mm heating
and cooling pipe, manufactured from Nylon 6,6 (Polyamide).
Panels of rigid insulation, minimum 25mm thick, to be laid
over the whole floor area butted closely together. Joints
taped to form a continuous insulation layer or vapour barrier
to be laid over if required by insulation manufacturer.
Perimeter insulation to be installed to accommodate screed
expansion and prevent cold bridging.
Continuous lengths of 16mm polybutylene underfloor heating
and cooling pipe with EVOH layer, are stapled to the panels
ensuring pipe deviation conforms to EN1264-4.
Flow and return pipe between the floor area to be heated and
the distribution manifold are insulated by 16mm conduit to
prevent localised overheating.
Pipe is to be tested for continuity in accordance with EN
1264-4 before the screed is laid.
A 65mm thick sand/cement screed or thinner proprietary
liquid screed is laid in accordance with manufactures
Floor finish as specified by designer.
Technical Information
Base Material:
Penetration Depth:
Staple Frequency:
Nylon 6,6 (Polyamide)
≈ 3 Per Metre Of Pipe
500mm Intervals
3 (Start-Middle-End)
Supported Pipe Sizes:
Pipe Spacing:
Permissible Pipe Deviation:
Underfloor Heating
Staple System
Free Form (Standard 200mm)
Specified By EN1264-4
±10mm (Off Specified Spacing)
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