C 565BEE CD Player C 565BEE CD Player

C  565BEE CD Player C 565BEE CD Player
C 565BEE CD Player
Long sought after as the ‘Best Buy’ solution for the music lover on a budget, NAD has proven to be a serious contender in the ultra high end of the
market. Our top performing Masters Series has won an impressive number of industry — awards from the coveted EISA award to Stereophile Class A and
Hi-Fi Choice Reference status and Best Buy accolades. These premium products are at the top of the market.
Yet we all aspire to own the best we can afford. The C 565BEE, at the top of NAD’s Classic Series range, has performance that is very close to our
vaunted Masters Series M5 CD Player, yet costs half as much. You’ll notice right away from the newly refined cosmetics and solid construction that
this is one very serious high end component.
Plays CD, CD-R/RW
IR Input
USB Input allows playback from
solid state memory devices
12V Trigger Input
RS-232 Serial Interface Port
SPDIF Optical Input
Detachable AC Cord
Coax and Optical SPDIF Outputs
<1W Standby Consumption
Decodes MP3 and
WMA music files
IR Input/Output
Displays CD Text and MP3
Meta Data
12 volt trigger out
Detachable IEC Power Cable
Sample Rate Converter upsamples
44.1kHz and 48kHz recordings to
96kHz or 192kHz (selectable)
Selectable Digital Filter Slopes
<1W Standby Power Consumption
Free of lead and other
environmentally dangerous
Wolfson 24/192 DACs in Dual
Differential configuration
Toroidal Power Transformer
Gold Plated Sockets
The C 565BEE applies the very latest in semiconductor
design to make an all new CD Player with performance
that must be heard to be believed. One of the major
shortcomings of CD playback has always been the
relatively low 44.1kHz sampling frequency. The sampling
frequency is how many times the analogue sound wave
is measured or ‘sampled’ creating a staircase like replica
of the original waveform. This is what is stored on
the CD disc.
Later these digitized waveforms are smoothed out by the
circuitry of the CD player. But if the number of steps
could be made much smaller – twice as many or even
four times as many – the waveform would be much
smoother to begin with and the processing in the CD
player could be simplified and improved. This is exactly
what we have done with the C 565BEE by adding a
Sample Rate Conversion circuit that bumps the 44.1kHz
sampling frequency up to 96kHz or even 192kHz.
This higher sampling rate allowed NAD’s engineers to take
full advantage of the latest state-of-the-art DAC (digital
to analogue converter) from Wolfson Microelectronics.
C 565BEE CD Player
Offering 24 bit resolution and up to 192kHz sampling
rate, this DAC is a perfect complement to our Sample
Rate Converter.
Although the Signal to Noise Ratio of this DAC is
specified at a very high 128dB, we use two of them
in a Dual Differential configuration for even better
But just having premium parts is no guarantee of
performance. We use ultra clean multiple regulated
power supplies to feed the different types of circuits
and mechanical parts that make up the C 565BEE.
Careful circuit layouts, short signal paths, and rigorous
attention to every detail insure that performance
is maximized. Because the Sample Rate Converter
pushes the sampling frequency very high, we can use
a better sounding digital filter with less group delay.
This filter also has a user selectable roll off slope to
allow fine tuning by ear.
The analogue circuitry too must be at the cutting
edge of performance. NAD uses the best quality FET
audio OpAmps selected for their very wide bandwidth
and low noise. Able to deliver ample current and
with a very low source impedance, the C 565BEE is
less sensitive to cable capacitance.
The C 565BEE’s superb digital and analogue
performance can also be applied to other types of
media besides CD. The rear panel optical digital
input caters to a wide variety of digital playback
devices and the front panel USB port allows music
files stored on a USB Memory Key or USB Hard
Disc Drive to be played back using the superior
performance capability of the C 565BEE. MP3
and WMA as well as uncompressed WAV files are
fully supported whether they are stored on CD-R,
digital tape or mini-disc or USB storage device. Source
inputs are easily selectable from either the front panel
or via the supplied IR remote.
CD Text and Metadata from MP3 files is displayed on
the front panel two line display, along with time, track,
and other program data simultaneously. Display icons
indicate selected input, filter slope and sampling rate.
We have also designed the front panel controls to
make it faster and easier to browse large collections of
music files by adding a rotary knob that controls both
“skip” and “play/pause” functions. Twist the knob
clockwise and you skip forward; counterclockwise
skips back. Push the knob to initiate play. It is so
intuitive to operate that you’ll soon wonder how you
lived before without it.
Green Features
NAD has responded quickly and responsibly to the new
awareness of environmental damage caused by human
activity. The C 565BEE is manufactured without the
heavy metals that have been identified as harmful to
the environment and manufacturing processes meet
the latest stringent international standards. Standby
power consumption is best in class at <1 watt.
Purchasing the C 565BEE, with its expanded capabilities,
is much more than just buying a new CD Player. Not
only does it make an instant improvement in the
sound of every CD in your collection, but also it allows
the introduction of new media into your stereo system
via the USB input.
The convenience of database storage with audiophile
sound quality is an addictive combination! Quickly
browsing and selecting from the expanded possibilities
of new media makes listening to music on your stereo
more enjoyable than ever before.
We encourage you to compare the performance of the
C 565BEE to CD players costing twice as much and
more. The expertise and experience of NAD’s design
engineers makes the difference. Innovative design and
faultless execution, combined with NAD’s philosophy
of frill-free simplicity, result in superb performance
and value.
C 565BEE CD Player
General Parameters
Linearity (ref. 0 dB 1 kHz)
Output level ± 0.01 dB (at -3 dB)
2.2 ± 0.1 V
± 0.02 dB (at -6 dB)
-22.5 ± 3.5 dBm
± 0.05 dB (at -20dB)
650 ± 150 mV
Frequency response ± 0.3 dB (ref. 0 dB 20 Hz-1 kHz)
± 0.5 dB (ref. 0 dB 1 kHz-20 kHz)
Total harmonic distortion <0.01 % (ref. 1 kHz)
Signal/Noise ratio
110 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 kHz) ± 0.15 dB (at -60dB)
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) Net
17 1/8” x 2 3/4” x 11 1/4”
435 x 86 x 293 mm
Channel balance
± 0.5 dB
435 x 70 x 285 mm
17 1/8” x 3 3/8” x 11 1/2”
(ref. 0 dB 1 kHz)
Net weight 11.46 lbs (5.2 kg)
Dynamic range
>95 dB
Channel separation >90 dB De-emphasis -3.73 to -5.33 dB (ref.0 dB 5 kHz)
* Gross dimensions include volume knob / speaker ternimals / connectors / feet.
-8.04 to -10.04 dB (ref.0 dB 16 kHz)
Note: Installers should allow a minimum clearance of 2- 4 inches for
14.5 lbs (6.6 kg)
wire managment.
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permission of NAD Electronics International. © 10/08 NAD Electronics International.
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