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Table of Contents


1. Before You Start

2. How to Install

3. LEDs and Buttons







Version 03.16.2011

1. Before You Start

Package Contents



ŸCD-ROM (Utility and User's Guide)

ŸMulti-Language Quick Installation Guide

ŸNetwork Cable (1.5m/5ft)

System Requirements


CD-ROM drive

ŸA Desktop or Laptop PC with Network Adapter Installed

ŸExisting 10/100/1000Mbps wired network when TPL-402E is used as a bridge device

TRENDnet TPL-303E, TPL-304E, TPL-305E, TPL-310AP, TPL-401E or another

TPL-402E) (Note: This requirement is for the TPL-402E only. The TPL-402E2K already includes two TPL-402E adapters)

Software Utility Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 (32/64-bit)

Windows Vista (32/64-bit)

Windows XP (32/64-bit)


1GHz or above

800MHz or above

300MHz or above


1GB RAM or above

512MB RAM or above

256MB RAM or above


The configuration utility will allow you to add security to your powerline network by providing you with the ability to change the default network name and create your own personal network name for your powerline network. The utility can also help you troubleshoot connectivity between powerline adapters by verifying the network name. Please refer to the User's Guide on the TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K CD-ROM for instructions on installing and using the utility.


2. How to Install

Powerline Networking Solution

500Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit



Gigabit Powerline

The example diagram shows a typical powerline network configuration in a home environment with 3 powerline adapters installed in different rooms. The orange line represents the powerline connectivity established through your home's electrical system and the blue lines represent Cat. 5, 5e, 6 Ethernet connectivity to your network enabled appliances such as a computer, router, or IP set top box connected to your television.


1. DO NOT install the TPL-402E until instructed to do so.

2. DO NOT plug the TPL-402E into a surge protector or power strip.

3. Avoid connecting the TPL-402E into an outlet that has appliances (e.g. refrigerators, washer and dryer) plugged in.

4. In order for the TPL-402E adapters to link to each other, each unit must be on the same electrical system.

5. It is not recommended to use this product on electrical systems that use AFCI circuit breakers or plugged into GFI protected outlets as this may cause performance degradation or loss in connectivity.

6. A maximum of 16 TPL-402E can be networked

7. Assuming that the TPL-402E adapters are configured with the default settings, to create a powerline network, simply connect all TPL-402E adapters to wall outlets that are on the same electrical system. No additional configuration in the utility is necessary.

8. The network name must be the same on all powerline adapters in order to establish connectivity. If the network name is not the same on all powerline adapters, the adapters will NOT establish connectivity. The default network name for the TPL-402E is “HomePlugAV”.


Below is an example showing how to create a Powerline network using the

TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K and your existing router to share Internet.

1. Plug a TPL-402E into an available power outlet.

This TPL-402E should be located within the reach of the router's network cable.


2. Connect a network cable from the TPL-402E to an available LAN network port on your router

(e.g. TEW-673GRU).

3. Plug a second TPL-402E into an available power outlet where your remote computer or network appliances (e.g. Game Console, IP Set box, network enabled TV, etc.) are located.



4. Connect a network cable from the second

TPL-402E's network port into the network port on your remote computer or network appliance

(e.g. Game Console, Blu-ray player, IP set top box, network enabled TV, etc.).


5. Verify that the PWR (Power), PL (Powerline) and ETH (Ethernet Link/Act) LEDs are on for both TPL-402E adapters.

Your installation is now complete

For detailed information regarding the the TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K, configuration and advanced settings, please refer to the Troubleshooting section, User's Guide on the Utility

CD-ROM, or TRENDnet's website at

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3. LEDs and Buttons

PWR (Power)

PL (Powerline)

ETH (Gigabit Ethernet Link/Act)

The Gigabit Ethernet/Network Port and Reset buttton are located at the bottom of the device.

Reset Button

Gigabit + Ethernet / Network Port



1. Please refer to the User's Guide on the TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K's User's Guide CD for detailed explanations of each LED and button.

2. The following factors may affect the powerline network’s connection quality: a. Noise – Generated by appliances that are connected to your electrical system through power outlets that have high power consumption requirements. (e.g. Microwaves, ovens, blow dryer, iron, dishwasher, etc.) The quality of your household electrical wiring may also cause additional noise on your electrical system.

b. Distance – Long lengths of electrical wiring through your electrical system between connected powerline adapters.



1. I have verified that my Powerline device is connected to my workstation, but I cannot detect other Powerline devices. What should I do?

1. Verify that you are using Cat. 5, Cat. 5e or Cat. 6 Ethernet network cables for each

TPL-402E adapter.

2. Verify that the power outlet of the TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K is plugged into is on the same electrical power distribution and/or circuit breaker box.

3. If you are still not able to establish connectivity after performing the above steps, please reset both of the TPL-402E adapters to factory default. The default network name/key is

“HomePlugAV”. The Reset button is located on the bottom of the TPL-402E.

1. With a pin or paperclip, press and hold the reset button for 1 second and release it.

The LEDs will turn off and turn back on.

2. To verify connectivity, the Powerline LED will become solid when the powerline adapters establish connectivity. The TPL-402E powerline adapters must have the same network name/key in order to connect to each other.

Note: If you have problems resetting the device, unplug the powerline adapter(s) from the power outlet, wait 15 seconds and plug the adapter(s) back into the outlet, then repeat the reset procedure.

2. I can detect my Powerline devices on my Powerline network, but I cannot connect to the

Internet. What should I do?

Assuming that the Powerline network is connected to a router:

1. Make sure you are not connecting the device into a surge protector or power strip.

2. Make sure that your Router is connected to the Internet and one of the Router's LAN ports is connected to the TPL-402E's network port. Check both TPL-402E and the router's network port LED for positive connection status.

3. Make sure your computer's TCP/IP settings are set to Obtain an IP address automatically

(see the steps below).

Windows 7

1. Go into the Control Panel, click Network and

Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, click

Change Adapter Settings and then right-click the

Local Area Connection icon and then click


2. Click Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties. Then click on

Obtain an IP address automatically.


Windows Vista

1. Go into the Control Panel, click Network and

Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, click

Manage Network Connections and then right-click the Local Area Connection icon and then click


2. Click Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties. Then click on Obtain

an IP address automatically.

Windows XP/2000

1. Go into the Control Panel, double-click the Network

Connections icon and then right-click the Local

Area Connection icon and then click Properties.

2. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click

Properties. Then click on Obtain an IP address


4. I have a HomePlug 1.0 or HomePlug Turbo network. Can I use this with my network?

The TPL-402E is not backwards compatible with HomePlug 1.0 or HomePlug Turbo.

5. Do I need to reconfigure my TPL-402E after I hit the reset button?

No, the TPL-402E should automatically establish connection once both units are reset to default settings.

If you still encounter problems or have any questions regarding the TPL-402E/TPL-402E2K, please refer to the User's Guide included on the Utility CD-ROM or contact TRENDnet's Technical

Support Department.


Description of Modes

Erp (EuP) Operation: Standby Mode

The EUT has no external mechanical switch and uses an internal program to control active and standby modes.

Disconnect the Ethernet cables from the device Ethernet ports, and after 3 minutes, the device will enter standby mode. The Power (PWR) LED will flash every 15 seconds to indicate that the device is currently in standby mode. To return to active mode, reconnect the Ethernet cables to the device Ethernet ports, and the device will re-enter active mode.

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