Creating Classes in GradeCam

Creating Classes in GradeCam
Creating Classes in GradeCam
Step 1: Use SIIS to Export Class Lists for
each period
a. Click on your first period of the
day (i.e. 4-SOC ST. 8)
b. Select “Class List”
c. Select “Show Me” button
d. Select “Export Results” button
e. Save this file to your desktop
with the filename indicating
the period (i.e.“4th Period”)
f. Repeat this step for each class
Step 2: Use the Import Wizard in the GradeCam to
import students.
a. Select “Tools””Import Students” from the
GradeCam top menu
b. At the Import Students Wizard click “Next”
c. Choose the file you want to import by
clicking the “Browse” button
Select one of the files from your
desktop that you saved from Step 1
GradeCam will import your list in the
order you choose. If you want your
classes in order by the period, then
you need to import your last class
a. Example: If you start with your
1st period class, it will appear
on the bottom and 5th period
will be on top. To be in
sequential order, you need to
start with your 5th period and
end with your 1st period.
Press “Next”
d. In the next box, keep Comma Separated
Values (CSV) marked
e. In the next box, you want to Skip
1 header line by typing in a 1 into
the box at the bottom or using
the up arrow to make it a 1
Press “Commit”
f. In the next box, you need to
specify what data is in each
column. Choose the following
Column 1: Student School ID
Column 2: Student Last
Column 3: Student First
Ignore all other Columns
Press “Next”
g. In the next box, you need to
check the box in front of YES
and enter 6 for the # of digits
Press “Next”
h. In the next box, you want to
select “Create a new roster” and give your class a name (i.e. 4th Period)
Press “Next”
Press “Finish”
i. Repeat these steps for all your remaining periods
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