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Publishing Date: FEBRUARY 28, 2013
Vol. 6 No. 1 (lssue 23)
2013 No.1
ZTE Announces World Debut of the Thinnest 5.0 FHD
Quad-core Smartphone Grand S at CES 2013
ZTE announced the world debut of the ZTE Grand S-5.0
FHD LTE on January 9 at the 2013 CES. As the flagship handset
in ZTE’s high-end Grand series line of products, the ZTE Grand
S is the company's first FHD smartphone and the world's thinnest
within 5-inch FHD quad-core smartphones, enabled by the
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. Developed by ZTE,
the ultrathin body and high definition display of the ZTE Grand S
offer consumers the latest in style, quality and functionality.
From the full-website display to the 4G LTE high-speed
network, the ZTE Grand S offers cutting-edge features for even
the most discerning smartphone user. It will be available for
online purchase in China first in Q1 of 2013.
The introduction of the ZTE Grand S completes the new
Grand Series, which also includes the Grand Era and Grand X.
In the series, the ZTE Grand X is for consumers with a passion
for high tech, the ZTE Grand Era is for the most advanced
smartphone user and the ZTE Grand S is the flagship handset
offering the perfect combination of art and technology. The
ZTE Grand S represents the company's latest entry in a new
era of smartphone design, which will continue in 2013 with the
introduction of additional high-end smartphones.
ZTE and Telstra Announce
The ZTE Grand S Wins the
the T82 Phone with “Easy” UI 2013 iF Design Award
ZTE announced on January 9 the global launch of the T82,
an Android mobile handset designed to help mobile phone users
make the transition to their first smartphone.
The phone, and customised UI, was designed together with
Australian carrier, Telstra. Released as EasyTouch 4G in Australia,
the T82 is the first smartphone in a series of “Easy” devices from
ZTE and Telstra. It sits alongside two
feature phones designed for the older
“It’s the easy-to-use interface that
really sets this phone apart. Four big
button ‘Easy’ widgets for Phone, Internet,
Media and Settings, show unread or unactioned email, text and call notifications
on the lock screen and home screens,
while maintaining the flexible and
powerful Android platform,” said David
Powell, Telstra’s GM Device Experience,
Apps and OS.
2013 No.1
From the 2013 CES, ZTE announced on January 10
that the ZTE Grand S-5.0 FHD LTE was honored with
the 2013 iF International Design Award. Representing
a breakthrough in traditional design concept, the ZTE
Grand S was favored by 49 top international designers
and stood out amongst 4,325 entries from 51 countries.
The well-respected design award highlights the caliber of
industrial design and high precision technology behind
the ZTE Grand S and proves that the brand has reached a
distinguished international stature.
The ZTE Grand S
has been described as
“pure” and “simple”
with its white porcelainfinish 5-inch screen and
the appearance of black
water drops on the
upper part of its curved
Nuance, ZTE in Deal on VoiceControlled Phones
Nuance and ZTE announced on January 8 a multiyear collaboration
where Nuance’s voice capabilities will be integrated as part of a new
portfolio of ZTE Android devices worldwide. The result will be a diverse
set of mobile applications and devices that foster a more natural, human
interaction between people and their ZTE phone- in more than 25
languages. Among those applications is ZTE’s new Car Mode application
unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.
Car Mode integrates Nuance’s powerful voice capabilities to let users
speak to stay connected to people
and the content they love, without
bringing additional manual-visual
distractions into the car. ZTE’s Car
Mode application is embedded within
the device to provide people with
reliable, always available handsfree, eyes-free access to the phone
functions that are used the most
while driving, such as making phone
calls, reading text messages and
accessing music-no network or data
connection required and in noisy
automotive environments.
ZTE Launches New Ultra-Speed
4G uFi Mobile Hotspot Device
ZTE announced the launch of the ZTE MF93D ultra-speed 4G (LTE) uFi
(unified Wi-Fi) mobile hotspot device on January 28.
The ZTE MF93D, second generation ultra-speed 4G (LTE) uFi mobile
hotspot device can reach a maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps and can be
accessed by10 users at the same time.
Incorporating second generation Qualcomm LTE chips, the ZTE MF93D
provides significant performance enhancements to ZTE’s first generation
LTE uFi products including decreased power consumption and improved heat
dispersion. It supports dual-band 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi networks and mainstream
4G bands in the Europe and Asian-Pacific regions, and can also use 3G and
2G networks. It has increased battery capacity of 2800mAh.
US Cellular Intros
ZTE Unite 4G LTE
Mobile Hotspot
U.S. Cellular and ZTE announced
on February 1 the arrival of the 4G LTE
mobile hotspot ZTE Unite. The small,
sleek and powerful ZTE Unite 4G LTE
Mobile Hotspot provides a blazingly fast
wireless Internet connection virtually
The new mobile hotspot will meet
the needs of today’s consumers, whether
a businessperson, frequent traveler or
family by bringing both accessibility and
convenience to wherever it is needed
most. The ZTE Unite 4G LTE mobile
hotspot also allows individuals to access
the Internet with the devices they need
regardless of location.
ZTE Unveils New
3G Data Card
ZTE announced on January 30 the
launch of the ultra-thin ZTE MF670 hispeed 3G data card. Due to its size and
shape ZTE has nicknamed the MF670 ‘the
chewing gum data card’.
The MF670 hi-speed 3G data card is
only 6.8 mm thick. It is believed to be the
slimmest data card in the world, and with
maximum download speeds of 21 Mbps
it offers the best available performance.
In addition, its user-friendly WEB UI
user interface enables convenient Plugand-Play operation without the need to
install any software.
2013 No.1
ZTE Mobile Phones for Children Reach
1 Million Sales in Japan
ZTE announced on January 24 that sales of its series of mobile phones for children in Japan
had surpassed the one million units mark by the end of 2012. This is an important milestone for
the company showing that ZTE handsets have won recognition in the Japanese market as a result
of the company’s overseas growth strategy.
The ZTE mobile phones for children are customised for the use of primary school kids. They
operate on the basis of a buzzer where children can enter phone numbers in advance and press
one centre button to dial and send messages showing their location. This simple functionality
makes the handsets suitable for a variety of age groups from children to the elderly.
ZTE Grand X Now Shipping
with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
ZTE Unveils Quad-Core
Phone in Philippines
ZTE officially introduced ZTE Grand X with Jelly Bean, its
smartphone with Android 4.1.1 Operating System, in Indonesia,
on December 19, 2012.
The ZTE Grand X Indonesia launch was the world’s first
ever commercial launch of a ZTE Jelly Bean-based smartphone.
The Grand X’s design was inspired by sport cars. The phone
has a 1GHz dual-core processor and an IPS panel 4.3-inch
qHD screen. Furthermore, users can enjoy songs and movies
in maximum clarity, thanks to the Grand X’s Dolby ProLogic
plus SRS Audio
Grand X has a 5
megapixel camera with
LED Flash and a range
of creative features.
Additionally, Grand
X also supports dual
SIM and dual standby
ZTE announced on December 13, 2012 the debut
of the ZTE Grand Era, the world’s slimmest quad-core
smartphone, and Grand X LTE (T82), a 4.3-inch dual-core
smartphone powered by Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset in
the Philippines.
The Grand Era is ZTE’s latest flagship smartphone.
It contains a PC-class Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU
and operates on the advanced Android 4.0 platform
upgradeable to Android OS Jelly Bean. It also has 3D
acceleration capacity, an 8 megapixel BSI AF HD
camera and a 4.5-inch HD retina screen at a resolution
of 1280×720. The Grand Era also adheres to an expertclass hardware
and software
safety protection
standard called Palm
Manager, which
was independently
developed by ZTE.
ZTE Introduces Grand Era LTE Smartphone in HK
ZTE introduced its first dual-mode LTE smartphone, the Grand Era LTE, in Hong Kong as part of the launch of China
Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (CMHK)’s first commercial converged TD-LTE/LTE FDD network, on December 18, 2012.
The TDD/FDD dual-mode ZTE Grand Era LTE smartphone operates on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform. It
features a 1.5 GHz dual core CPU, 1 GB of memory and a multi-touch 4.5-inch 1280×720 Gorilla Glass display providing a
high quality user experience on high-speed LTE networks. The device also has a 1780mAh battery and
ZTE’s customisable Mifavor User Interface.
In addition, ZTE showcased its FDD/TDD dual-mode MF93E uFi device and the MF825 data card
on the new Hong Kong network. Both devices use Qualcomm’s MDM9215 second-generation LTE chip
2013 No.1
OveR shOw
With Grand S in hand,
she needs no talk;
her grace shines completely.
Her wisdom, efficiency
and intelligence do not need
ZTE Grand S has powerful entertainment
Its 13 megapixel main camera lets you shoot
sharp photos.
Lead a
Life with
oto: Gao Feng Model: Ra
Text: Cheng Yuqiong Ph
Brand: Tadashi Shoji/M
Make up: Wang Yang
2013 No.1
OveR shOw
She is confident and independent
with Grand S.
The phone has a curved profile and
a black and white color scheme.
It is fresh and stunning.
ZTE Grand S boasts a 6.9 mm super slim body.
It’s so graceful with the perfect combination of a
white unibody case and a black ceramic chip on the
back cover.
2013 No.1
She’s amazed at the comprehensive
functionality of Grand S.
With a full HD screen and a
formidable quad-core processor,
it is good from the inside out.
Grand S has a 5-inch 1920×1080 HD screen and
is equipped with a powerful quad-core 1.7 GHz
processor, delivering smooth operations.
2013 No.1
Everyone Can Be
a Photographer:
How to Take Pictures with a Phone
hen camera phones came out, snapping photos became something
you could do on the spur of the moment, and photography became more
“immediate.” People may carry their digital camera on occasions, say, when
travelling. But a mobile phone is always there on hand. With the increasing
popularity of Web 2.0 websites, photos are increasingly being stored, shared,
and manipulated online. Photography has never been more accessible to
more people.
2013 No.1
Photos taken by different phones:
1. ZTE Grand S
2. HTC x920e
3. iPhone 5
4. Sony Xperia Z
5. NOKIA Lumia 920
2013 No.1
Phone Photography Techniques
Mobile phones are used for much more
than just phone calls or texting. More and more
people are using their mobile phones to take
pictures. Modern phone cameras are often even
more powerful than compact digital cameras.
With a few photography skills, it's easy to take
great pictures with a mobile phone.
③ Light is important
Light is very important for a good picture. Plenty
of light guarantees a better picture. Glare and other
backlighting can be avoided by observing the direction of
the light and changing the shooting angle. Some phones
have auxiliary functions, such as brightness control,
night mode and flash, to obtain a qualified light source
mode. Also, you can use objects or hands to avoid the
backlight. You should also avoid shooting in strong light
unless you want the backlighting effect.
Basic Photo Techniques
To shoot a great picture with a mobile phone, you need to
master some basic skills and know something about the phone, for
example, whether it has optical zoom.
① Setting the phone
② Hold the phone firmly
Many phones have scene
modes such as portrait,
landscape, and night. You
can choose the appropriate
mode according to actual
conditions, and you can also
choose the resolution of the
picture. For everyday use,
you should set the resolution
to high for the best quality
It’s essential to hold the
phone firmly to take a clear
picture. A phone is light and
usually has a CMOS image
sensor. After pressing the shutter
button, you should keep the
phone still for half a second.
Many people ignore the shutter
lag and think shooting is finished
when the shutter is triggered.
④ Composition is the key
A good picture depends largely on composition.
Beginners often place the subject at the center, focus
and then trigger the shutter. Often this results in a boring
photograph without any highlights. Good framing often
follows the “rule of a third”. Imagine a grid drawn over
your photo. Place the subject one third up from the bottom
(or one third down from the top) of the frame and one
third in. Photographers should get as close as possible
to the subject to avoid zooming in because zooming in
diminishes picture quality.
The shooting angle also influences image quality. Especially
with still-life photography, you should try to avoid reflection and
halo. If an object is behind glass, you can shoot at 45 degrees to
avoid reflection. For backlit photography, you need to increase the
shooting angle or change positions to avoid halo.
Portrait Photography
The most widely photographed subjects are probably
people. However, it’s not that simple to take great shots
of people.
① Photographing others
When composing a picture with people, it is better
to fill the frame to highlight their characteristics. Good
composition attracts people’s attention to the subjects
rather than the background. To make people look slimmer,
you can shoot them from a lower angle. If you want to
photograph several people, you can take shots when your
subjects are not aware of it.
⑤ Shooting angle counts
2013 No.1
② Photographing yourself
Many people want to take pictures of themselves with their
mobile phones. Shooting down at 45 degrees can make a face look
slimmer. Because phone camera lenses are mostly wide-angle
lenses, you should keep the phone away from yourself as much as
possible to avoid distortion. It’s a good idea to attach a silver mirror
sticker beside the lens to make a reflector if your mobile phone
doesn’t already have one.
Landscape Photography
Unlike portraits, greater emphasis should be placed on
composition, angle and surroundings when shooting landscapes.
Backlighting is not suggested. Taking good photographs with
your phone depends a lot on light. If the light is too strong, the
picture may be overexposed. If the light is too weak, the picture
may be blurry. Light control is very important. Shadow can be used
to add special effects to the picture.
You need to pay attention to the balance of composition and try
to keep it parallel to the horizon. Using the foreground can enhance
the depth of field. It’s helpful to preview the shot on the phone
screen or try other shooting angles to get the effect you want.
Many phones provide continuous shooting mode and automatic
stitching function that may be used when shooting a grand scene.
Still Life Photography
People like to share pictures of food on social
networking sites. Shooting still-life subjects such as
food requires attention to composition and light. You
also need to avoid heat from the food misting up the
When shooting still life, macro mode can be
used to highlight details of the subject.
Different techniques should be used to shoot
different types of objects. For reflective objects
such as metal and glass, pay attention to the light
source and try to light the reflective surface to show
the object’s profile and texture. For food, the light
should be soft to show the colors that can stimulate
the appetite. For flowers, sidelight and backlight are
better to highlight the subject, and the blue sky can
be used as the background to create a transparent
Event Capture
A mobile phone has an advantage over camera when capturing
emergencies, especially if you have no camera or it’s too late to
take it out. However, there are some things you should know.
In an emergency, you don’t have time to think too much about
how to shoot; picture clarity is the first and then the subject matter.
It’s better to set the shooting menu on the camera interface in
advance so that you can shoot the picture quickly.
Using mobile phones to take photos
has become a phenomenon. We may not
produce a masterpiece, but with some
techniques and more practice, we can take
striking shots even with a 2 megapixel
2013 No.1
Effects apps
Mobile Photography Apps
Shooting with a smartphone
can be more fun than using a
compact camera. Picture can be
made more attractive with the help
of apps. It’s very important for
mobile photography enthusiasts to
use apps properly.
Camera360 is a popular camera app around
the world. It overcomes problems such as poor
image quality, low gradient, and low sensitivity
to help produce amazing pictures. It provides
19 kinds of special effects. You can choose
different modes for different shooting situations.
For example, the “back to 1839” mode can be
used to take pictures of an ancient town, and the
“Tilt-shift” mode makes everything look like a
toy. There are also multiple options within each
category; for example, Lomo has the option to
choose cyan or autumn.
Editing apps
Similar apps
PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that provides
a huge selection of templates. Choose your favorite template
first; import a picture to your phone; and edit it. You can
zoom in or out to preview effects before saving them.
With PhotoFunia, you can put your face onto a dollar bill,
newspapers, drawings, and other scenes. You can also become
the Mona Lisa, a pirate of the Caribbean, or a Superman.
The editing effects of PhotoFunia are not inferior to those of
Vignette can add film and
camera effects to your photos.
It’s very easy to use and has
many functions. It provides
dozens of photo effects and
frames, including portra,
velvia, toy camera, tined
monochrome, lens effects,
and cinematic. Vignette is also a full-featured
camera application.
Similar app
Color Splash Photo Pro
With Color Splash Photo Pro, you
can recolor images. You can remove
the original color from sections of your
image and leave features in color to
create an impressive image. Photos can
be saved at high resolution.
2013 No.1
Retro Camera
Retro Camera Plus can help you create funny
old-school snaps. It comes with five unique retro
cameras, and the photo styles in each camera are
different as well. The photo effects vary from film
scratch and black and white to cross processing.
Composing apps
Funny apps
With PhotoShake, you can combine one or more photos on your phone to
easily create new images. PhotoShake provides single photo, multiphoto and
wallpaper editing modes. You can even add bubbles or texts to your photo
collages. Choose photos for your collage and click edit on the top of the phone
screen. A dialogue box "choose layout manually" pops up. Click yes and then
shake the phone to get random collage photos. When you find your favorite
collage, click share to share it with friends.
Similar app
Photo Grid
Photo Grid is also a photo editing app that can be used
to easily create photo collages. You can create a photo grid
with up to nine photos. It supports grid editing and allows
users to share photos with friends via Facebook, Twitter
and email.
Beautification apps
Cymera is a great camera app for portraits. It uses seven kinds
of camera-like lenses and has four different shooting modes. It also
provides various effects and filters, such as big eyes, brightening, slim,
and mosaic, that are supported by face recognition. Shooting modes
such as timer, image stabilization, and touch shot are great for shooting
Similar app
Fotolr photo studio
Fotolr photo studio is a powerful photo processing app.
Apart from the commonly used photo editing functions and
effects, it also has special features for image processing, such as
face trimming, acne removal, face whitening, blusher, lipstick,
wig, and hair coloring.
GifBoom is a hot app for creating and
sharing animated photos. It has two camera
modes: auto and manual. The camera is set to
auto shoot, and you can adjust the speed of your
auto-timer. After the shooting has finished, you
can use the latest digital zoom, rotate, and crop
functions to make your GIFs special. GifBoom
has a large sharing community where you can
see GIF images created and uploaded by other
Similar app
Make It 3D Free
With Make It 3D
Free, you can make
your own anaglyph
stereoscopic 3D
pictures. You only need
to snap the left and
right pictures, and the
apps will automatically
generate an anaglyph
3D photo. You can also
import photos from your
phone’s gallery. However, you need 3D
glasses (red/cyan) to see the anaglyph 3D
Mobile phones can now do much
more than make calls. The imaging
capability of mobile phones is getting
more and more powerful, and many
impressive photos have been taken
using mobile phones. There are so many
apps for enhancing photos. Now, even
people who don't know much about
photography can find their own way to
become a great photographer.
2013 No.1
ZTE Flash:
A Great Camera Phone
By Cheng Yuqiong
Most handsets on the market now have similar shapes and functionality, so it’s hard to make
them stand out. Flagship smartphones may have higher specifications, but they are not affordable
for everyone. The latest phone from ZTE is called Flash. It has been launched by Sprint and has
advanced capabilities for an affordable price. It is ULE Platinum Certified, which means that it
meets the highest environmental standards.
Network LTE B25, EVDO BC0/BC1/BC10
Dimensions 134mm×66mm×10 mm
Weight 147 g
Battery Type 1780 mAh Li-Ion
Processor 1.5 GHz (Qualcomm MSM8960)
Memory 8 GB eMMC + 1GB RAM
Display 4.5 inch HD 1280 ×720 IPS
Camera 12.6 MP AF (rear); 1 MP (front)
2013 No.1
12.6 MP Rear Camera
The HD IPS screen displays vibrant colors and
crystal clear text and images
The rear 12.6 MP camera captures clear images
with accurate colors
By the look of clouds, Flash takes realistic pictures
that are not too garish
ZTE Flash is a well-built phone.
The top of the back cover houses a 12.6
megapixel camera and LED flash. The
best-in-class camera can shoot 4128
× 3096 pixels pictures and 1080p full
HD videos. It provides excellent photo
quality even in low light. When the
light is sufficient, Flash captures crisp
pictures; when the light is dim, shots still
have bright colors.
The camera also allows panorama,
auto focus, WDR, and night scene modes.
Wide dynamic range (WDR) mode is
suitable for backlit photography, for
example, where the sky has large white,
bright areas and objects in the foreground
appear dark. This occurs because when
the light exceeds the dynamic range of
the camera, the bright area gets washed
out or the dark area becomes darker. The
WDR function allows clear images to be
captured when there are both very bright
and very dark areas together in the same
frame. Flash also has no shutter lag. The
camera is fast to activate and capture the
photo. Advanced filters are also available
that allow you to edit the picture before
sharing it on social networks.
Large HD IPS Screen
ZTE Flash comes with a brilliant
4.5-inch HD display with reinforced
scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. The
screen has a 1280 × 720 pixel resolution
and an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is the
standard image aspect ratio for HDTV.
This allows optimized video with vibrant
details and color saturation. Open a video
in full screen mode and the images are
crystal clear. Special effects are no lost
on the phone. Putting on the headphones,
SRS stereo creates breathtaking audio.
Apart from a built-in video player,
Flash has another multifunctional media
player called Media Share. With Media
Share, you can play audio and video files
on a connected TV, and all the great stuff
on your PC can be enjoyed on the phone
over a Wi-Fi network.
CPU Not Inferior to a
Quad-core Processor
Flash has a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm
Snapdragon MSM8960 dual-core CPU
based on the Krait microarchitecture and
uses TSMC’s new 28 nm low power
process. This strong engine ensures
multitasking, smooth gaming, and quick
switching between apps. Flash scored
a high mark of 9239 in an Antutu
Benchmark 3.0 test. The performance
almost reaches quad-core level.
Gaming is a good way to test the
CPU’s efficiency. When playing Fruit
Ninja, Flash runs smoothly, and you
can clearly see the tracks left by your
fingertips. Asphalt can also be run easily
and the phone perfectly shows special
effects of the 12 racing tracks such as
snow and sand.
The dual core processor also
includes a 3G/LTE modem to allow you
to access Internet through Sprint’s 4G
Instead of following trends in exterior
design, Flash focuses more on overall
functionality. It is a versatile, high-end
smartphone with a top-notch screen,
camera, and processor.
2013 No.1
ZTE Grand X Pro:
Fashionable and Versatile
By Chen Li
ZTE Grand X Pro perfectly combines fashion and
functionality. With a host of amazing functions, it makes
you a trendsetter.
Network GSM/UMTS
Size 113mm×66.1mm×9.4 mm
Display 4.5 inch, HD, TFT
Camera 8M AF + 0.3M FF
Battery 2000 mAh
Memory 1 GB DDR + 4 GB ROM
2013 No.1
Stylish Appearance
Minimalism is the mainstream,
but a special design on the minimalist
exterior can make a product individual.
Grand X Pro has added elements on its
exterior. The speaker slot is located at
the top of the screen, and the metallic
frame is slightly higher than the screen
so that the screen is better protected,
even if the phone is put face down.
The back cover is decorated with a
pearlescent sheen, and the bottom is
slightly dimpled to house the other
speaker. This design ensures better
stereo and acoustic effects regardless of
how the phone is positioned. The sides
have a graceful curved line. The metallic
baked varnish on either side contrasts the
pearlescent coating on the back, but they
complement each other and make the
device look more fashionable. The phone
has a thin bezel that allows for a bigger
Fashionable Entertainment
Phones have to become more powerful to accommodate people’s demands to
use their phones for entertainment. Grand X Pro offers a brand-new entertainment
experience, especially in photography and music. An 8 megapixel rear camera
lets you shoot vivid, crystal clear photos in bright conditions. Intelligent scene
recognition, face detection, and panoramic scan can be accessed from an easy-touse pull-down menu. The phone also has a facial beautification feature that can
make the skin of your subject appear smoother. The camera can shoot 3D photos
in a new way. In multiangle view, you press the camera key to focus, and the
camera takes nine pictures as you sweep across the scene slowly. Nine brackets in
the camera interface automatically turn black; then you know you have finished
shooting. You can swipe from left to right on the screen to see the photo from
different angles. Multiangle shots add depth to the photo.
Grand X Pro’s built-in music player has an equalizer and provides 10 preset
sound effects. You can also choose from 60 Hz, 230 Hz, 910 Hz, 4 kHz and 14
kHz frequencies. After setting the sound effect, you can turn on the preloaded SRS
software to enjoy stereo sound.
Grand X Pro allows multiple types of data transmission; it has
comprehensive office software; and it has rich social apps. With a stylish
appearance, versatile and striking functions, Grand X Pro is set to become a
fashion accessory.
High-Performance CPU
A powerful CPU is a prerequisite
for a high-quality mobile phone.
G rand X Pro has an MT K65 77 T
Cortex-A9 dual-core 1.2 GHz processor.
MTK6577 is optimized by MediaTek
for high performance and low energy
consumption. MTK6577T does not play
second fiddle to Qualcomm MSM8225
and NVIDIA Tegra2 dual-core chipsets.
Qualcomm MSM8225 uses the less
advanced Cortex-A5 architecture, which
provides slower general processing and
graphic processing. NVIDIA Tegra2
is a classic dual-core CPU that also
uses Cortex-A9 architecture, but it
was developed long ago. In overall
performance and compatibility, Tegra
2 is not as good as MTK6577T,
even though Tegra2 is slightly faster
in graphic processing. 3D games
such as Fruit Ninja and Temple Run
still run smoothly on Grand X Pro.
Moreover, MTK6577T supports highend multimedia and enhanced mobile
connectivity. If your focus is on general
performance and you don’t have high
gaming requirements, Grand X Pro is
definitely your choice.
A unibody design that incorporates a fixed battery
An 8 megapixel camera with LED flash
Picture quality can be guaranteed even in low light
2013 No.1
Mobile Accessories for
Better Communication
By Fan Xuan
Protective cases are no longer the predominant mobile accessory; expansion accessories are becoming more widely used. Let’s take a
look at some accessories that make your ZTE phones and digital devices easier to use.
Wireless Mate (Mini Router)
The wireless mate is compact and streamlined and incorporates the
functions of wireless AP and PPPoE access point. It can be used at home,
or in hotels, bars, or dorms to create a mobile surfing environment.
The router uses IEEE802.11b/g and MIMO, which together provide
a maximum transmission speed of 54 Mbps. It is also compatible with
IEEE802.3x flow control protocol for high-speed transmission. The router
comes with software so that the network SSID, channel and password can
be changed. A maximum of 10 devices can share the Wi-Fi network, and
it is powered through the USB.
2013 No.1
ZTE Universal Charger
Passive Speaker
ZTE’s egg-shaped universal charger is
ergonomic and fashionable and has a baked
finish. With a compact body, it weighs
only 48g and is just one third as big as a
palm. Its universal battery slot has an antislip buckle, and there is a dual crescentshaped non-slip soft mat on the bottom so
that it can be placed on smooth surface. By
using a low-resistance, flexible full-copper
electrode connector, it can be used with all
types of ZTE batteries. The charger has a
LED indicator to show the charging state.
The charger has two power input ports: a
USB cable integrated into the body and a
Micro USB charging port. The charger also
has short circuit and overcharge protection
and meets safety standards for electronic
products in China, Europe and the US.
The passive speaker is used for
hands-free calls and audio amplification.
Made of 100% food-grade organic silica,
the speaker has no abnormal odor and
can be stretched without deforming.
It does not show up fingerprints and
is shock absorbent, scratch-resistant,
dust proof, and cleanable. Expand your
multimedia so that others listen to your
music and watch your movies. You can
put it on your work desk to write notes
or continue typing while you take calls.
This unique passive speaker can be used
with many ZTE phones.
Bluetooth Keyboard
The Bluetooth keyboard can be used with tablets that allow wireless text
input and media interaction. The microfiber leather case has a stand for tablets
that makes it easy to put the screen at different angles. The keyboard has a
built-in lithium battery, so it is mobile and does not need a power supply.
It can be used with Bluetooth-enabled laptops, tablets and handsets and is
compatible with Symbian, Android 3.0+, IOS4.0/5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0/7.0
and Windows XP/Vista/7.
The keyboard is made of high-quality plastic and rubber and is coated with
frosted varnish. It is comfortable to touch and does not show fingerprints. It
has LEDs to show the state of charging or operation, and it supports multiple
languages. The button response is great. It comes with specific buttons for
audio control and allows you to activate the multimedia function quickly with
just a click.
Mobile Power Supplies
ZTE’s mobile power supplies,
including P40, P60, P80 and PW40, are
stylish, ultra-slim, and compact. By using
top-quality lithium polymer battery cells,
the supplies are stable, efficient, safe,
and reliable. The chargers have built-in
charging cable and support self-adaptive
dual-channel output. They also support
smart control and microcomputer circuit
safety protection. The integrated design
makes the product more attractive,
durable, dust proof and shock proof.
You’ll never have to worry that your
digital products will run out of power.
PW40 has a three-in-one Wi-Fi function.
It can be used either as a 3G router, a
wireless router or wireless AP while it is
charging a digital device.
For travelers , electronic
enthusiasts and those who
spend all the day on the go, these
mobile accessories indeed bring
convenience and enjoyment to
their life and work.
2013 No.1
Making User Interaction on
Handsets More Natural
By Liu Huaxiao
From the creation of the first mobile phone to the robust mobile phone market today, human-machine interaction has gone through
revolutionary changes. The development of mobile phones has gone hand in hand with the evolution of human-machine interaction.
The first mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper in the 1970s. It was bulky
and had no display. This greatly restricted the interaction between the user and phone.
In the decades afterwards, mobile phones had more features such as text messaging,
multimedia messaging, camera, and Bluetooth. Revolutionary changes also took place
in the interaction. Clamshell and slider phones maximized the screen size without
increasing the body size and became very popular with users.
However, in the history of mobile phone, the most important changes arguably
came with iPhone in 2007. It has only one physical button and most of the operations
can be done on the touch screen. Touch control is much easier than keyboard
control. For example, if you want to open a web page from a list of links, you would
traditionally have to press the navigation keys and slowly move to the link. With
the iPhone, you only need to touch the link with your finger. The touch interaction
is more intuitive and natural and greatly improves the operational efficiency. This
great change from keyboard to touch screen phone embodies the concept of “natural
2013 No.1
In recent years, many handset manufacturers have advocated the natural
interaction. Here are some examples of natural interaction.
Website Viewing
When viewing web pages on your smartphone, you may find that the screen
automatically goes into hibernation before you finish using it, so you have to press the
power button to light it up again. It can be quite annoying. A phone manufacturer has
solved the problem by introducing a handset that uses the front-facing camera to detect
whether the user is staring at the screen. The screen will stay on as long as it is being
looked at.
Smart Earphone
A new type of smart earphone
can turn on or off automatically. The
earphone has a pressure sensor that can
sense when you push the earphones into
your ear. It then automatically turns on
the player. When you pull the earphones
out, the sensor turns the player off. This
design makes operation easier and also
saves power.
Phone Keyboard
ZTE’s handset designers have been working on natural interaction for many years
and have come up with many innovations. Some of these, such as Mi-POP, have
already been implemented. Android phones generally have a home, back, and menu
keys. But how should the three keys be arranged? Actually, it’s difficult because some
people use their left hand to control the phone, and some use their right hand. It’s
impossible to design a phone with two key layouts. However, ZTE has introduced
an innovative Mi-POP virtual button that can be dragged to any place on the screen.
It can be put next to your thumb; it doesn’t matter whether you are a left-handed or
right-handed. Mi-POP is installed on ZTE’s flagship device Grand S.
Silence Your Phone
You may be at a concert or in a
lecture but forget to switch your phone
to silent mode. A loud ring can create a
commotion. There are now handsets on
the market that can quickly silence a call
if you slide your finger across the screen
or turn the handset upside down.
GPS-based Setting
Your phone rings during a meeting;
it’s embarrassing. A mobile phone
that has GPS-based settings has been
introduced for this reason. The phone
automatically switches to vibration or
silent mode when you enter the office
and reverts to sound when you leave the
Editing Notes on the Back of a Photo
Graduation photos usually have names printed on the back to remind you of the
names of your classmates years afterwards. With the prevalence of digital cameras,
people can now view photos on computers or handsets and will not print out every
photo. However, they still want the text behind the photos. A handset manufacturer
has tapped into this need and has introduced a new function. After a photo is captured,
a person can turn it over and edit notes on the back.
Natural interaction integrates
with real life and requires a good
understanding of people’s needs.
It allows people to control their
devices more easily. Natural
interaction will be the source of
revolutionary changes in mobile
phones in the future.
2013 No.1
how case
An Affordable
4G Phone
ZTE Avid 4G
ZTE Avid 4G is a featurerich, budget phone launched
by MetroPCS. It is powered
by a dual-core processor; it
allows fast multitasking; and
it helps you easily complete
routine work such as emailing
and editing PPTs. Avid delivers
high-speed internet experience
on the carrier’s LTE network.
It has a 5 MP rear camera with
flash for crystal clear images.
•OS Android 4.0 •Network LTE B2/B4,
1x-EVDO RevA Cell/PCS/AWS •Camera
5 MP •Display 4-inch •CPU dual-core 1.2
GHz •Memory 1 GB RAM + 4 GB ROM
• Battery 1735 mAh • Size 124 mm×65
mm×12 mm
2013 No.1
A Big Display
The New Flagship
ZTE nubia Z5
ZTE V880G runs on Android
4.1 and has a large 4.5-inch
screen that displays images
and text clearly. Paired with
a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU,
it is highly responsive and
performs very well with 3D.
It also offers 4 GB memory
that is expandable to 32 GB
to accommodate more files,
songs, and apps. The phone
will be launched in Asia
Pacific. The CDMA version
has already been released in
ZTE has released a new smartphone brand called nubia.
It is targeted at high-end users. The first nubia phone was
nubia Z5, designed by an Italian Stefano Giovannon. It
has the classic red/black colorway and an ultranarrow,
ultraslim body. It has a 5-inch, 1920 × 1080 pixel HD
screen as well as a Qualcomm APQ8064 high-speed
processor, Adreno320 graphic processor, and 2 GB dualchannel DDR2 SDRAM at 533 MHz. All of these make it
a power phone for entertainment. The 13 MP main camera
uses a precise five-piece optical lenses that supports
macro shooting, four-directional panorama, continuous
capture, and independent light metering. The innovative
use of laser direct structuring (LDS) technology on the
back cover means the phone can support different network
technologies, including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and LTE.
The phone will make its first debut in China.
•OS Android 4.1• Network HSUPA/
WCDMA 900/2100, GSM 900/1800/1900
•Camera 5 MP (rear) + 0.3 MP (front)
•Display 4.5-inch • CPU dual-core 1.2
GHz •Memory 512 MB RAM + 4 GB
ROM •Battery 2000 mAh •Size 133
mm×67 mm×9.2 mm
•OS Android 4.1• Network LTE B3/B7/B8/B20/B5/B1 (1800/2600/900/800),
UMTS 900/2100/850/1900, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, CDMA 800/1900•Camera
13 MP (rear) + 2 MP (front) •Display 5-inch • CPU quad-core 1.5 GHz • Memory
2 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM •Battery 2300 mAh •Size 138 mm×68 mm×7.6 mm
Your Practical Choice
ZTE Blade III Pro
An 8-inch Tablet
The 7-inch tablet market has heated up again. The 8-inch ZTE V81
tablet is almost the same size as the 7-inch tablet but has a wider
viewing angle and better operation experience. It is portable and
has good visual effects. V81 comes with a 1024 × 768 resolution
capacitive screen that supports multitouch. It runs the latest
Android 4.1 and has an attractive user interface.
Like its predecessors, Blade III Pro has a curved
design and is portable. The dual-core 1.2 GHz
processor makes the phone run smoothly. The
built-in Kindle MP3 allows for easy music
sharing. The dual microphone design guarantees
a clear call even in a noisy environment. It’s a
practical entry-level phone and is good for valueconscious customers.
•OS Android 4.1 • Network EDGE 900/1800/1900, HSUPA
900/2100•Camera 5 MP (rear)+ 0.3 MP (front) •Display 4-inch
•CPU dual-core 1.2 GHz •Memory 512 MB RAM + 4 GB ROM
•Battery 1600 mAh •Size 122 mm× 63 mm×9.9 mm
• OS Android 4.1• Network UMTS(850) 900/1900/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900
• Camera 2 MP (rear) + 0.3 megapixel (front) • Display 8-inch • CPU dual-core 1.4
GHz •Memory 1 GB RAM + 4 GB ROM •Battery 3700 mAh •Size 200 mm ×156
mm×11.07 mm
2013 No.1
D ser Exp
earthy gh
n cha ys working
s be
diction ment and a
ich c
in wh ith their en
like a
flict w
nce is gonist’s con
ser ex
ood u solving the
Desig Design is a
realist conflicts.
Products solve problems for us every day. Have you ever considered how
a product conveys emotions and provides needed functions? As a designer of
user experience, I know how to make everything feel natural; however, there is a
complicated design process that must be gone through first. Designers try to make a
design more functional, comfortable, and efficient.
Let’s look at some ordinary but creative designs that really take user experience
into account.
Fixed-piece chess board
Many Chinese people like to play chess and other board games outdoors. Let’s
say you’re playing chess in the park, but the spot you’ve chosen gets a little windy
and you want to move without upending the pieces everywhere. What can you do?
A kind of Chinese chessboard has been designed with grooves that hold the pieces in
place. Each piece can still be moved around the
board quite easily, but they are not free to just slide
off. This is a simple idea that solves a common
problem for players. In user experience design, we
try to find the main contradiction between how
the product functions and how the user wants it to
function. We then set about bridging this gap.
Braille objects
One of the main ways visually
impaired people experience the world
is through their sense of touch, and
they need products that fit their habits.
Designers try to allow visually impaired
people to perceive products through
2013 No.1
Er g o n o m i c c o m p u t e r
The effects of laptop computers
on human health have not been fully
considered right from the beginning.
However, relatively few people initially
owned a laptop and used it day in day
out. As more and more people have
come to use laptops, new usability
problems have emerged. In response,
smart designers have devised a variety
of ergonomic accessories to help people
develop good habits. People usually
accept such improvements but not at the
expense of inconvenience. For example,
people will not carry a bulky kickstand
with them wherever they go. Designers
have therefore made them portable and
ultra-light. Regardless of how small it is,
a kickstand is always an accessory that
is separate from the laptop. Designers
have to find the perfect balance between
product functionality and portability.
Bad usage habits
cause aches and
Different types of
Braille phone and Braille book
Lingerie bottle
Dell’s new laptop
Dell has launched a new laptop that
solves the problem. The new design is
inspired by observing and analyzing
the experience of people using laptops.
Designers attempt to remedy bad usage
habits through innovative designs.
Jagged sink
Just imagine; in the cold of winter,
you break the surface of the frozen lake
and get the water. How cool would it
feel? This special sink design gives a
refreshing feel. It creates an emotional
response in people and elevates the user
experience from funtional to spiritual.
What is the best way to show that a wine is for
ladies? Write it on the label? Use specific colors?
Perhaps use a particularly shaped bottle? This
packaging solves the problem in an innovative way
by incorporating female-only elements into the
packaging design.
Novel juice cartons
To let people know the flavor of a drink at the first sight, certain colors and
patterns have traditionally been used on cartons and Tetrapaks. It’s clear enough, but
why can’t texture also be used to reinforce the message? It is a great idea that has a
lot of novelty value also.
People perceive and experience products through information and through
emotional connection. Good user experience design gives people what they want
most and resonates with them. Only emotions-based user experience design can win
people’s hearts.
1. Different colors and patterns have traditionally been used to show different fruit flavors
2. Textured cartons and Tetrapaks
3. A vacuum cleaner billboard
I always believe outstanding user experience designs are usually inspired
by problems in the real world. Following two ways of design—functionality
and emotion, a harmonious relationship between the product and user can be
established. We as designers should take user experience as a habit in the life.
2013 No.1
Designing This Moment:
Second ZTE Designers’ Night
By Yu Yue
In the evening on December 27, 2012,
the fluorescent blue ZTE logo in the design
center lit up and the ZTE handset design
center was officially opened. The second
ZTE Designer’s Night kicked off in a
curtained area.
ZTE’s Design Concepts
The second ZTE Designers’ Night
was held to reward excellent designers,
but it was also a chance for ZTE to
communicate its design philosophy and
achievements to the outside world. The
first ZTE designers’ night was held in
2011 on a cruise ship on the Huangpu
River in Shanghai. This time, designers
and guests reunited at the newly
completed design center. The theme of
the night was “Designing this moment.”
ZTE has paid great attention to
creating a design culture and driving
technological innovation by better user
experience. The four simple Chinese
characters (Friendly, Innovative, Pure,
Thoughtful) is the cornerstone of ZTE’s
design philosophy. “Friendly” means the
design is sensitive to the user’s needs
and is easy to use. ZTE designers aim
2013 No.1
to provide an intuitive user experience.
“Innovative” means being adventurous
while remaining true to the brand’s
heritage. “Thoughtful” means that ZTE
cares about how people use their device
and how it links with their daily life.
These concepts guide every ZTE designer
and are in the DNA of every ZTE
The Design Awards
Zhou Huihong and Li Junhua won
the 2012 Best User Experience Design
Award for their innovative Mi-POP
user interface. Mi-POP reshapes the
four Android touch buttons into floating
bubbles. It improves the experience of
using a large-screen phone and makes the
screen seem bigger.
Chen Feng was awarded the 2012
Most Innovative Design Award for
the Grand Era 985. The product has a
slew of innovations, from the coating
technique to the internal structure. It
incorporates gradient diamond plating,
optical plating, OGS glass, and laser
direct structuring and is a milestone in
the new era of ZTE smart terminals.
Yu Yue was awarded the 2012 Most
Popular Design Award for the Acqua
880E series, which is a popular phone
that retails for less than 1000 Yuan in
China. The phone has a four-inch screen
and an ultra-simple design. It is very
smooth to use. For the price, this phone
is high-performance; ZTE aims to make
available high-quality products at an
affordable price.
The Red Dot Design Award winner
was CoverFi, which can be solar charged
and allows multiple devices to share an
internet connection. Its designer, Chen
Hongyu was awarded ZTE’s Best EcoFriendly Design Award.
The night came to a climax with the
most important award—the 2012 Best
Design Award—going to Huang Leqing,
designer of the Grand S smartphone.
It was also the debut of Grand S. The
phone has a five-inch HD screen and
a quad-core processor and has just
been awarded the iF Design Award.
Grand S has a graceful appearance and
advanced specifications. It conveys the
idea of “a phone carries information like
a container.” With the unique floating
touchscreen, waterdrop-like surface,
ultra-slim body, and “driving mode”
interface, the phone blends aesthetics
with functionality and stands out from its
Hagen Fendler, ZTE's global chief design director
A Top Design Team
“With an inclusive mindset and
international vision, we have invited
outstanding designers from across the
world to join ZTE and build a worldclass design team,” said ZTE EVP, He
Shiyou. German designer Hagen Fendler
recently joined ZTE’s design team as
the global chief design director. He
has been the design director for many
multinationals, including Siemens and
Lufthansa, and is a judge of iF Award.
“Many people believe that the next
Apple or Sony will be in China, and I
think in the communication field, ZTE
has such potential and quality,” Hagen
ZTE’s design center now has
more than 400 professional designers
and engineers. The headquarters is
in Shanghai, and there are six other
design teams located in Nanjing, Xi'an,
Shenzhen, Europe, North America, and
India. ZTE has one of the most powerful
design teams in China.
The welcoming of top designers,
inauguration of the design center, and
premiere of star products indicate the
evolution of ZTE thinking about design.
Design has definitely become the soul of
the ZTE brand. The spotlight belonged
on every designer that night, but design
happens every moment and in every
detail of our lives. It will continue to
change our lives.
Winner of ZTE's Best Eco-Friendly Design Award
Winner of 2012 Most Popular Design Award
Winners of 2012 Best User Experience Design Award
Winner of ZTE's 2012 Best Design Award
Red dot awards won by ZTE
Winner of 2012 Most Innovative Design Award
2013 No.1
An Overview of
Industrial Design
The iF Design Award, Red Dot,
IDEA, and G-Mark Award are four
internationally recognized professional
awards for industrial design. The Red
Star Design Award and Successful
Design Award are the most prestigious
awards in China. All of these awards
are given annually and have attracted
numerous outstanding designers and
design institutions.
By Chen Hongyu
From Bauhaus to Braun, modernism to post-modernism, Mies van der Rohe
to Naoto Fukasawa, and Sony to Apple, modern industrial design has developed
a great deal over the past century. It has evolved into a complete industry that
influences the life and aesthetics of people all over the world, and many international
awards have emerged.
2013 No.1
iF Design Award
The iF Design Award has been
around for more than 50 years and
is known internationally as the most
prestigious industrial design award. It is
conferred by Germany’s oldest industrial
design institution, iF Industrie Forum
Design, which was founded in 1953
and is based in the Hannover exhibition
center. The award highlights excellent
industrial design and has brought
significant attention to good design
The iF Design Award is based on
Staatliches Bauhaus’ concept of “form
follows function.” They are given for
functionality, convenience, innovation,
production quality, and outward design.
In awarding an iF Design Award, the
panel considers whether the design
will be a future trend in the industrial
The iF Award China was set up in
2003 and has run successfully for eight
years. Many ZTE products, including
V260, D300 and D90, have won the
award. iF China was suspended in
2011 and all entries from China were
submitted to the iF International Award
for evaluation. ZTE Grand S was
honored with the 2013 iF International
Design Award.
Reddot Design Award
The Red Dot award was born in Germany in 1955 and has a distinctive red
dot logo. It was originally organized by a designers’ association in Germany but
later developed into a world-famous prize for innovative design. Now the red dot
has become one of the world’s most prestigious awards. Every year, the awards
are presented by the Design Zentrum
Nordhein Westfalen in Germany. The jury
judges entries on the basis of innovation,
functionality, ergonomics, environment,
and durability.
ZTE’s D300 Cupid phones as well
as CoverFi, Double, and Fantasy concept
products have all won Red Dot awards.
Successful Design
The Successful Design Awards is
organized by Shanghai Industrial Design
Association and is awarded for designs
in different areas. It is intended to
strengthen innovation in China’s design
industry. ZTE’s Mr. 8 (U220) won a
platinum 2011 Successful Design Award,
and many other ZTE products, including
Blade, have obtained the awards also.
IDEA Awards
The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is an industrial design
competition organized by BusinessWeek magazine and judged by the Industrial
Designers Society of America (IDSA).
Established in 1980, IDEA is mainly
awarded to products already for sale. IDEA
is America’s only world-class industrial
design award and highlights the theme of
freedom and innovation. It has become
more and more prestigious since the 1990s.
China Red Star Design Award
was established in 2006 by many
authoritative organizations, including
the China Industrial Design Association
and the Development Research Center
of the State Council. As the benchmark
of China’s industrial design industry,
it is gradually developing into one of
the world’s most famous industrial
design competitions. Since it was
established, the Red Star Design Award
has significantly boosted China’s design
industry. ZTE’s D180 has previously
won a gold China Red Star Design
Good Design Award
Japan’s Good Design Award
(G-Mark) was set up by the Japanese
government in 1957 with the aim of
promoting design innovation. The
award is based on the belief that
design is essential and indispensable
to people’s everyday lives; it is not
only for the purpose of marketing
and business. Of course, the
Japanese culture of precision is
also an important consideration for
judging designs.
ZTE Gold Mark
Design Award
Established in 2011, ZTE’s
Gold Mark Design Award is the
first heavyweight enterprise award
for ZTE designs and products. The
award is judged according to ZTE
philosophy of “Friendly, Innovative,
Pure, and Thoughtful.” It is judged by
a professional international panel, and
each year, five awards are given. These
awards include Most Outstanding Design
Award. ZTE’s Gold Mark awards
ceremony is held at the ZTE Designers’
Night each year. Artists, designers,
and top representatives from various
industries are invited to join the event.
Since the industrial design
unit was established, ZTE has
participated in various competitions
every year. ZTE has won 15 awards
in the four major international
design contests and five prizes in
China’s Red Star Design Awards
and Successful Design Awards. This
indicates that ZTE’s products and
designs are highly recognized in the
industrial design sector.
2013 No.1
Grand S
A Companion for Life
The ink-colored version uses matte
skin so that it doesn’t slip or show up
fingerprints. The phone always looks new.
Special particles are added to the coating
to make the back cover feel better in the
hand. The light-colored versions have
five-layer optical coating, which gives the
phone a ceramic glaze.
The Essence
What is a handset? Designers
are always asking themselves this
question, and the more they ask, the
closer they get to the answer.
Who you’ll meet, whose numbers
you’ll get, what pictures you’ll take,
what will happen to you—it’s all fate.
A handset is a container that stores
every bit of your life and creates a
whole world for you. A container is
the original inspiration for Grand S.
The screen presents the contents
of information and life, and the back
cover is the container itself. We want
to use a stable container to carry the
ever-changing technical innovations
and, more importantly, life.
The back case of the Grand S is
like a curved tile or a plate, and the
screen is like water just ready to spill
over the edges.
Color Scheme
The polycarbonate back cover is
available in a variety of light colors.
Traditional Chinese color thick ink is
also available so that the device has
some cultural background and doesn’t
look too industrialized.
2013 No.1
By Huang Leqing
The Beauty of Technology
Grand S packs a 5-inch full HD screen and a quad-core processor into an ultrathin
6.9 mm body. The super narrow frame and body makes the phone look slender and
graceful, and the phone can easily be used with one hand.
The phone has a unibody structure and is durable and compact. There are 11 steps
in manufacturing processes to make a seamless body that eliminates gaps between
the components. The clean back cover gently carries the screen, and the line and
surface on the corners are as smooth as the curves on a car. The floating screen design
exclusive to ZTE gives the phone a more slender look. The 0.55 mm OGS touch panel
enhances sensitivity and displays the content more vividly.
The camera plate is slightly curved and looks like a drop of floating water. This
is the result of efforts of modeling engineers, who refined the curved surfaces. The
camera plate uses advanced hot bending 3D glass technology, and the surface firmness
is 9H, making it extremely scratch resistant. The artistry shines through despite the
technical restrictions.
Grand S won the iF award 2013. It
surprised the CES 2013 and became
the hottest device in the digital media.
As the highest-end product in the
history of ZTE, Grand S is widely
acclaimed by the industry and provides
a fresh breeze in handset design. A
handset should not be a cold tool only;
it should be a container for information
and life.
JoinMe: A PC
Suite for ZTE Phones
By Wu Lijia
There have been many kinds of PC-side management tools for handsets, but none have been specially designed to be compatible
with ZTE smartphones. For this reason, ZTE designers have designed a PC suite called JoinMe for ZTE phones.
When there's only one device connected
to the computer, you can use JoinMe to
see the phone and SD card storage and the
number of contacts, short messages, call
records, apps, music files, video files, and
pictures. When there are multiple Android
devices connecting to the PC, you can switch
between these devices easily. With the
backup and restore function, you don't need
to worry about losing data if you lose your
phone. In addition, the SD card management
function makes it much easier to import or
export files.
Contacts management helps you divide all
contacts into different groups. The contact
list is displayed according to the frequency
of contact. With the smart search function,
you can find people fast by entering part of
their name or phone number into the search
bar. After finding the contact, you can write a
message or edit the contact information. You
can manage contacts on the phone and also
add, edit or delete contacts on the SIM card.
JoinMe allows mutual backup and transfer
of contacts on the phone and SIM card. You
can also set an icon for each friend.
To help you search, JoinMe combines all
messages from one contact and shows them
in chronological order. You can easily chat
with friends via messaging. With tabs such
as all, unread, sent, failed to send, and stored
unsent, it's very easy to check messages.
The entertainment section includes music, video,
and picture management. You can manage all
audio files on your phone and set ring tones via
JoinMe. Detailed information about every video
file can be checked. You can also crop, rotate
and edit photos with this tool.
Call Log
You can quickly check when a call was
made and how long it lasted. You can choose
a contact for messaging or directly add the
unsaved contacts to the contact list.
All installed apps and system applications
are listed. A full range of hot apps—from
professional office apps to cool games—
are also recommended. You can move apps
between the SD card and phone memory
without uninstalling them.
Schedule management is one of the unique
features of JoinMe. All of your schedules can
be displayed in the form of day view, month
view, week view or full view so that you can
make right arrangements. You can even back
up your schedules on the computer.
Upgrading the Android system is complicated.
JoinMe can help you upgrade the existing
operation system, try new functions, and fix
system bugs to make your phone run more
With JoinMe, you can effortlessly
manage your contacts, text
messages, call records, applications,
music, video, pictures and schedules.
It is a good helper for your phone.
2013 No.1
obile Mastery
Tips for Saving a
Wet Mobile Phone
By Fan Qinchun
People sometimes accidently drop their mobile phone into water or their
phone is exposed to humidity. If you act fast enough, you might be able to save
your phone. Here are some simple methods of saving a wet mobile phone.
Most mobile phones usually have removable batteries but some have builtin batteries. Methods of fixing wet phones with fixed or removable batteries are
A wet mobile phone may have problems such as inability to switch the
phone on; blurry screen; or noises during a call.
For a Mobile Phone with a Removable Battery
If a mobile phone falls into the water when it is powered on
and stays wet for less than 30 seconds, you should immediately
remove the battery, and do not switch off the phone using the
power button.
After taking out the battery, if it is dry inside, you have been
fast enough, and water has not seeped into your phone. Then,
you should use paper towel, cotton ball or dry cloth to gently
wipe off water on the battery and inside and allow the phone to
dry naturally. Do not re-attach the battery to your phone until the
phone is completely dry.
If the mobile phone stays wet for a long time, it needs to be
dismantled. Generally, a wet mobile phone is not covered under a
warranty if the water mark on the phone battery has changed color.
If the water mark has not changed color, it's best to take it directly
to a service center. If the water mark has changed color, try the
following steps: Step 1: Remove the rear cover and take out the battery.
Step 2: Remove screws on the rear cover.
Step 3: Use the opening tool to remove the frame of the phone and
take off the internal rear cover.
Step 4: Gently wipe off the water stain on the motherboard with
After the rear cover is removed, you can dry the inside using
a hairdryer. Do not use the hottest setting; this may damage the
fragile parts on the motherboard. When the parts are dry, you
may see some white or green powder. This is left by the chemical
reaction between the water and components. You can use a small
brush dipped in alcohol to remove the powder and then blow-dry
the phone.
2013 No.1
For a Mobile Phone with a Builtin Battery
For a mobile phone with a built-in battery,
different measures need to be taken. Usually, when
a phone gets dropped in water, the water only gets
to the screen. In most cases, it's unnecessary to
disassemble the phone. You just need to switch
off the phone immediately and throw off the water
from the screen. Then you can place it under
a desk lamp for less than six hours to slowly
disperse the water.
You can also use a refrigerator to dry your
phone more quickly. Tightly wrap the phone with
a paper towel and a layer of plastic wrap and put
it into the freezer.
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On New Year's Eve, people use
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in the past year is burned. People
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New Year Celebration: Lucknow
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At the New Year party, we
grasped the opportunity to
strengthen our team and planned
many activities such as master
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the team members participated
with great enthusiasm. We
created a New Year resolution
wall at the office reception.
Employees wrote their
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(From Neeraj Panwar) (January
8, 2013)
ZTE's Little People and Big Stage
Here are wall paintings in ZTE
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several employees share a narrow
dormitory, they lead a happy life
and brighten their dormitories
with these fantastic well paintings.
Well done, ZTErs! (December 21,
2013 No.1
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