Class Procedures & Requirements Pre-Calculus 2015 -2016

Class Procedures & Requirements Pre-Calculus 2015 -2016
Class Procedures & Requirements
Pre-Calculus 2015 -2016
Mrs. Anna Guseilo – [email protected]
Welcome to Pre-Calculus! This course is designed to use the skills and concepts learned in Algebra I,
Algebra II, and Geometry and prepare students for Calculus next year. If we work together, it will be a
rewarding and successful year for all! Excellence in not a skill…..It is an attitude!
Required Materials:
Your Pre-Calculus book (with an acceptable cover) - the textbook issued to you is your
responsibility including damage & theft.
A sharpened pencil (with eraser) and a pen. Colored pencils or highlighters are also very
helpful. All homework, tests and quizzes must written in pencil.
A notebook for notes and homework — a 3-ring binder or spiral notebook and folder is
recommended. You will need to refer to homework and class notes frequently.
A graphing calculator: TI-nspire or TI-84+ recommended.
Grading Scale:
A: 90 - 100%
B: 80 - 89.9% C: 70 - 79.9% D: 60 - 69.9%
F: 59.9% or below (You earn this!)
Grades will not be rounded.
Note: Your grade in Pre-Calculus is weighted. 70% of your grade will be individual assessments, 20% will be team
tests and quizzes, and 10% homework checks, class participation, additional assignments, etc…. Your grade is
accessible on the parent viewer at all times.
It is very important to be in class each day. Mathematics builds upon itself; therefore the more
class time you miss, the more pressure you will put on yourself to get caught up with the class.
Please make every effort to be in class everyday! If you are absent, it is your responsibility to
get the assignments that you have missed. They will be posted in the classroom and online. It
is advised that you also get any missed notes from a classmate. Be familiar with the make-up
policy in the student handbook. If you are not in the room when the bell begins to ring, then you
are tardy. You must have a valid pass with you in order to be considered excused.
Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
Voicemail: (440) 349-7757 x5438
Assignments and Grading:
 Individual Tests and Quizzes (70% of your grade)
Individual tests will be administered after each chapter or unit on Math Test Day (Tuesday
or Friday). If you are absent for a test, you are expected to make up the test in the
testing center between 7 AM and 4 PM the day you return to school unless previous
arrangements have already been made. Failure to do so will result in a 10% reduction in
score. If you are absent for a test, but are present in school anytime during the day, you
will be expected to take the test before leaving the building that day or face a 10 percent
reduction in score, unless previous arrangements have already been made. Individual
quizzes will be given periodically; they may or may not be announced.
Team Tests & Quizzes (20%)
Team tests will be given at the end of most chapters or units. If you are absent for a
team test, please understand that you may have to take the test individually if
others are not absent. Team quizzes may be given periodically; they may or may not
be announced.
Homework, and Graded Assignments (10%)
Homework will be assigned almost every day. Homework is an essential part of this
class. It provides additional instruction, practice and reinforcement of newly acquired
Assignments will be posted in the classroom and online. It is your responsibility to write
them down in class or find them online. Assignments are to be done in pencil only on
a separate sheet of paper. Homework quizzes may be given for points without prior
notice. Be prepared to share your solutions with the class. Select homework
assignments may be collected and graded.
I am here to help you so if at any time you are having a problem pertaining to this class
please see me immediately so that we can remedy the problem as quickly as possible. I
am available most days both before and after school either in the math office or Room 102.
Please let me know 24 hours in advance (email me!) if you plan to come in for help.
Internet Information:
My weekly lessons will ALWAYS be posted online (FIS). You will find the lesson (topic) for
the day, homework, and upcoming tests and quizzes as well as many class handouts,
notes, worksheets, etc…..
Classroom Interaction: To maintain a classroom conducive to learning:
Respect others at all times. Common courtesy is expected.
Be in class and ready to begin when the bell rings. Class is over when you are
dismissed by the teacher.
Be aware that sharing information about quiz and test material is a form of cheating.
Graphing Calculators are NOT to be used as a game-playing device during class.
No passes to the bathroom (it is a school rule!), you will walk past the bathroom on the
way to my class (pool lobby or locker room), please go on your way here. DO NOT ASK
If you have trash, dispose of it coming in or out of the room NOT during class. Do NOT
use the wastebasket as a basketball hoop.
Food and drink are NOT PERMITTED in this classroom. Water is the ONLY exception.
You are expected to follow all school rules in the student handbook. Do not ask me to
bend the rules. Ignorance of school rules is not a valid excuse for a violation of the
“Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” – Albert Einstein
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