Classroom rules SOLON HIGH SCHOOL 2011

Classroom rules  SOLON HIGH SCHOOL 2011
Classroom rules
Madame Frazier
[email protected] (for any questions you may have)
I am very pleased to welcome you in my French class. We are going to have a wonderful and productive
year together. In order to do so, we need to respect and follow important rules during this year.
1- All students at all times must follow all rules and regulations in the Solon High School
Student/Parent handbook. The administration will immediately handle any type of disruption or
2- Students are to maintain a quiet atmosphere at all times while in my classroom. Show respect and
courtesy to your fellow classmates and the teacher. Students are not permitted to talk to their
classmates during class time, personal conversations or comments are to be handled outside of the
classroom. Students must raise their hand if they have a question , I will answer right away or get to
3- Students are to be in their assigned seat before the bell and should always be ready to work at the
At the end of class, please do not line up at the door before. Wait for the bell to be dismissed.
In case of an emergency we need the exit clear.
Students are to bring their covered textbook, binder, workbooks and writing materials to
class EVERY DAY.
(Do not write in your textbook and do not store papers in your textbook.)
Please do not leave your bags/materials in the aisles (keep them under your desk). Do
not leave supplies/books in room.
Do not write on the desks or bulletin boards
Please do not ask for pens, pencils, red pens. I only have supplies for myself
4- There is to be no food or drink entering the classroom. Do not chew gum or bring candies. Pick up
any trash that you leave and do not leave worksheets in the floor or under desk. As I pass worksheets,
return the extras.
5- Homework is to be completed on a daily basis. I will check your homework on a regular basis. In
order to be successful in my class you must:
 pay attention in class and participate
 complete your homework and correct it/complete make-up work on time
 review and study on a daily basis
 work hard
6- Students are not to work on any other homework or read books for other classes in French class. You
will lose participation points and the materials will be collected. For each time that you do not bring
your textbook you lose one participation point.
7- Be in class daily and on time. Students must have a pass to enter late and will not be permitted to leave
during class time.
8- Cheating of any kind will result in a 0 on the task. Late assignments will not be accepted. I collect
assignments at the beginning of class. Not permitted to go to locker- be prepared and have your work.
When testing, nothing on the desk is permitted except a pen or pencil.
9- Tests are to be made up upon return .You are responsible for missed work. Classmates can be helpful
and tutors in the Foreign language study center can help you as well. It is your responsibility to consult the
teacher after class to arrange for making up missed quizzes or tests. Make-up work has to be done the
day you return to class, please see me at the end of class to schedule it. Your quiz will be at the testing
center after you fill out the testing center form. I will give you the form when you see me.
10- A detention will be issued for inappropriate or disruptive behavior. Detentions will be after school .
11- Students in my classroom are required to work during the entire class period. I may assign you a
partner and must work equally.
12-Hats, toys, cards ,magazines,CD players, cell phones or music devices are not permitted in the
classroom and will be confiscated. Female students - No makeup in the classroom.
Students are to show exemplary behavior and cooperation with substitutes. They are required to
work and complete their assignments (assignments will receive a grade), be polite and helpful and,
show courtesy. A detention will be issued if a student does not cooperate and if the work is not
completed students receive a zero.
14- When using the computer lab, students will have to follow the computer lab rules (no email, no games).
15- You are expected to greet your teacher and visitors everyday. If I need to leave the room for a few
minutes or if I need to talk to a visitor -you are required to continue your work quietly.
16- If you have any questions, see me at the end of class only. I am here from 7:30 to 3:15.
17- When called on you are always required to try, it is not acceptable to respond by “I don’t know” or
“I don’t have my homework”. You are expected to correct the homework and follow along.
18- Dictionaries and books need to stay in the classroom. Also please do not touch or misplace the
classroom decorations, most of them come from France and can not be replaced. Merci!!
19-Your grades will be online as soon as your work is graded. I will pass back your quizzes and tests
after all the make- up work is completed, your tests and quizzes will be kept in a folder in the classroom
and can not be taken home. If you need to consult it or go over it with me, you need to get your folder from
I will reinforce all my policies and I know you will do the same :
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