Quick Start Guide Lotus Sametime Version 7.5

Quick Start Guide Lotus Sametime Version 7.5
Lotus Sametime
Version 7.5
Quick Start Guide
help you get started with a base configuration for Lotus Sametime
National Language Version: To obtain the Quick Start Guide in other languages, print the PDF from the Quick Start CD.
Product overview
Using Lotus Sametime, you can chat with coworkers in real time, have online meetings that include audio and video, share
files and Web pages with meeting participants, and record your meeting so that other people can view it later.
Step 1: Access your software
If you download your product from Passport Advantage(R), follow the directions in the download document:
This product offering includes:
Quick Start CD (includes all supported language versions of this Guide)
Lotus Sametime (CDs are platform-specific)
Lotus Sametime Connect (clients are platform-specific)
Lotus Sametime Components (includes product documentation and optional components)
Lotus Sametime Language Pack for i5/OS(R)
Lotus Domino(R)
Lotus Domino Language Pack (some language packs are not available for all platforms. See the Installation Guide
for more information.)
Step 2: Evaluate your hardware and system configuration
Review the supported hardware and software requirements for both the Domino server and Lotus Sametime.
When possible, use the recommended levels rather than the minimum to improve performance.
For Windows(R), AIX(R), and Solaris software, see the detailed system requirements and other
configuration information listed in the Sametime 7.5 release notes at www.lotus.com/ldd/doc
For i5/OS, see the information about verifying the system requirements in the i5/OS Installation Guide.
For further information, or for the most current system requirements information, see the detailed system
requirements document at www.ibm.com/eservers/iseries/sametime/sysreq.html
Step 3: Review the base architecture and installation steps
Lotus Sametime is installed on a Domino server, and then deployed on client systems.
1 Plan the environment:
Sametime client
Sametime Server
2 Domino Server
Sametime client
Sametime client
4 Step 4: Access your documentation
The following Lotus Sametime documentation is available on the Components CD in the docs directory:
Lotus Sametime 7.5 Installation Guide
Lotus Sametime 7.5 Administrator's Guide
Lotus Sametime 7.5 Release Notes; however, the most up-to-date release notes are posted on the
Lotus Documentation Web page listed below.
To locate the documentation, view the readme_components.html file located in the root directory of the Components CD.
If viewing on a Windows system, exit from the autorun menu and browse the file system on the CD.
To download or view the documentation on the Web, go to the Lotus Documentation page on developerWorks(R) at
5 Step 5: Install and configure Lotus Sametime
Lotus Sametime 7.5 must be installed on a Lotus Domino 7.0 (or later) server. The steps below provide an overview
of tasks required to install and set up a Sametime server. For complete step-by-step installation instructions that address
each of these procedures, see the Lotus Sametime Installation Guide that pertains to your operating system.
1. Plan how you will set up your Domino server for Lotus Sametime, for example, directory type (LDAP or Domino
Directory), firewalls, and reverse proxies.
2. Install the Domino 7 server and configure a server that you will use only for Sametime.
3. Install Sametime on the dedicated Domino server.
4. Verify the Domino Sametime server.
5. Deploy the Sametime Connect client.
Note: The Lotus Sametime Installation Guide provides basic Domino server installation instructions. If you have never
installed a Domino server, it is strongly recommended that you refer to the Lotus Domino 7 Administrator Help. You can
download or view the Lotus Domino 7 Administrator Help at the Lotus Documentation page on developerWorks.
More information
For additional technical resources, see:
Lotus developerWorks at www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/
IBM Redbooks at www.redbooks.ibm.com
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