IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, Version 7.0

IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, Version 7.0
Visual application development for J2EE, Web,
Web services and portal applications
IBM Rational Application Developer for
WebSphere Software, Version 7.0
The IBM Rational ® Application
Developer for WebSphere software
application helps Java™ developers
■ Enables installation of only
■ Helps improve code modeling
create Java/Java Platform, Enterprise
the features you need through
and sharing of designs across
Edition (J2EE), portal, Web, Web
flexible, granular options
distributed teams
services and service-oriented architec-
■ Extends your Eclipse 3.2
■ Integrates business applica-
environment and tools
tions with WS-I-compliant
Web services and SOAs
■ Leverages an integrated,
optimized tool for IBM
■ Enables collaboration and
ture (SOA) applications. This integrated
development environment assists in
rapidly designing, developing, assembling, testing and deploying these
applications. Its visual tools can be
WebSphere Application
assets sharing using built-in IBM
leveraged to reduce manual coding
Server and IBM WebSphere
Rational ClearCase LT software
by abstracting the J2EE program-
Portal Server products
version-control functionality
ming model, making it easier for those
■ Accelerates J2EE, portal,
■ Helps improve code quality
Web services and SOA appli-
with automated tools that apply
cation development using
coding standards and perform
rapid application develop-
run-time analysis
ment tools and visual
development techniques
■ Shortens the Java learning
less familiar with Java technology
to complete development projects.
It is designed to be a highly flexible
development tool — based on the
Eclipse open framework and with a
range of flexible installation options.
Leverage an easy-to-use tool
curve through visual design
It’s hard to incorporate new technol-
that updates code, point-and-
ogy into existing processes, so IBM
click database connectivity and
has designed flexibility options into
visual portal development tools
its Rational Application Developer for
WebSphere Software product to help
make it easier to use — beginning with
installation. The flexible installation
process provides a choice of options
at a granular level, enabling each
member of the development team
to access only the functions needed
and to optimize the size of the desktop installation.
Take advantage of the Eclipse open and
extensible platform
For many years, software developers
have realized and used the benefits
of open standards in their projects.
Now, through Eclipse, all of the
benefits of open software have come
to the development environment itself.
Because the Rational Application
Developer for WebSphere Software
product is built on top of the open
Eclipse 3.2 platform, you can more
easily extend its features to meet
specific project requirements through
an ecosystem of third-party plug-ins.
Eclipse is written in Java code, which
means you can outfit your team
across both Microsoft® Windows®
and Linux® desktops.
Figure 1: The XML Mapping editor is an intuitive, yet powerful, visual data mapping tool that transforms any
combination of XSD, DTD and XML documents.
development project or environment.
JavaBeans (EJB), message-driven
This modularity also makes it pos-
beans, EJB Query Language,
Because the Rational Application
sible to unify the data, application
Container-Managed Persistence
Developer for WebSphere Software
and software system development
(CMP), Web archive (WAR) and
product and the Eclipse foundation
environments on Eclipse.
enterprise archive (EAR) deploy-
are modular, installation is highly
ments. The Rational Application
configurable. Install both the Eclipse
Comprehensive support for the full
Developer for WebSphere Software
environment and the Rational
J2EE programming model
product also supports Java
Application Developer for WebSphere
The Rational Application Developer
Development Kit 5 language.
Software product. Or install selected
for WebSphere Software product
Rational Application Developer for
supplies full J2EE 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4
Several visual tools in the Rational
WebSphere Software features into
compatibility, and it supports Java 5
Application Developer for WebSphere
an existing Eclipse shell that, for
code across all configurations. It
Software product ease the develop-
example, supports an established
includes full support for Enterprise
ment process — whether you need to
create an interface, connect the application or interface to the data, build a
portlet, create application
logic or analyze the application at
a greater level of abstraction. To test
applications before deployment, the
Rational software includes unit test
environments for multiple configurations of IBM WebSphere® Application
Server software. What’s more, it can
automate WAR and EAR assembly
processes for test and deployment.
Integrate applications using Web services
and service-oriented architectures
The Rational Application Developer
for WebSphere Software product
provides the tools you need to discover, create, build, test, deploy and
publish new Web services applications or enable existing applications
as Web services-Interoperability
(WS-I)-compliant Web services.
The Rational Application Developer for
WebSphere Software product lets you
automatically generate from existing
Figure 2. The Web Services Creation wizard makes it easy to generate new Web services from existing
assets, such as JavaBeans and EJB components.
assets the Web Services Definition
can design a WSDL file and generate
Web services. You can encode input
Language (WSDL) and Web Services
Java code from it. A redesigned WSDL
and output messages through sup-
Inspection Language (WSIL) files
editor and Web Services Explorer tool
port for both Simple Object Access
needed to describe Web services and
help you to easily create, validate and
Protocol (SOAP) and the open Apache
prepare them for inspection, or you
detect WS-I-compliant, interoperable
Extensible Interaction System (AXIS)
specifications, and you can create
The Rational Application Developer
connecting Web applications to rela-
a Java proxy to interface with client
for WebSphere Software product is
tional databases, EJB components
applications. The Rational Application
designed to fully support JSF 1.1 to
and Web services. Service Data
Developer for WebSphere Software
help quickly build rich Web user inter-
Objects is an emerging industry
product enables you to generate Web
faces and Web forms. You can create
standard for accessing heteroge-
services test clients without coding, and
managed data beans in the page
neous data, where point-and-click
to deploy to the Universal Description,
data view, leverage third-party JSF
tools in the Rational Application
Discovery and Integration 2 (UDDI 2)
components, support run-time page
Developer for WebSphere Software
registry. All of these features help to
templates using tiles and leverage
product support its use.
increase productivity.
additional support for Asynchronous
JavaScript Technology and XML
A built-in Crystal Reports tool is
Simplify Web development and Web
(Ajax) implementations. Reusable,
designed to help you rapidly create
site management
drag-and-drop JSF components can
visual data reports, including the
Easy-to-use wizards and tools help
be leveraged to generate code for
ability to design and deploy custom
to bring virtually all aspects of Web
event handling, to validate user input
reports or use predefined report
development — HTML, JavaServer
and to bind data, creating a more
templates. A JSF report viewing com-
Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF)
productive end-user experience.
ponent incorporates reports into Web
and servlets — into a common interface.
applications or dynamically renders
The Rational Application Developer
It can often be challenging to create
for WebSphere Software product
and maintain Web applications that
enables developers with diverse
include diverse, intertwined ele-
Visually develop portlets and portal
technical backgrounds — even those
ments — data access, business logic
new to Java — to build rich, data-driven
and presentation logic. On the one
The Rational Application Developer
applications. You can easily build
hand, you need to separate the ele-
for WebSphere Software product
function-rich Web pages in either a
ments to ease complexity, and on the
includes a set of visual portal devel-
visual editing mode or source editing
other hand, you need fast, easy ways
opment tools and a WebSphere Portal
mode using the advanced HTML and
of connecting these components.
unit test environment so you can build
JSP editors included in the product.
The Rational Application Developer
and test individual portlets and entire
Import an entire Web site and apply
for WebSphere Software product
portal applications. Create new port-
global style changes, and visually
lets you visually construct and map
lets using wizards that generate both
add or delete pages from a tree-
Web applications that employ either
the J2EE portlet project structure and
structure view using the Rational
a Model-View-Controller design or a
the complete portlet. These portlets
software’s Web Site Designer tool.
Struts 1.1 framework — including
comply with either the IBM Portlet
them on the Web.
application programming interface
(API) or with Java Server Request
168 (JSR 168), which is a standard
specification for portlet aggregation,
personalization, presentation and
security. Using the Rational Application
Developer Portal Designer feature, you
can visually create and edit portal applications, and visually edit the themes
and skins that control their appearance.
Many other facilities in the Rational
Application Developer for WebSphere
Software product support portlet
development as well. You can design
the interface for portlets using JSF
components in the Page Designer tool,
and you can visualize the structure and
event flows using the Web Diagram
editor and the Struts framework to
make applications easier to maintain.
Improve team productivity with effective
change management
The Rational Application Developer
for WebSphere Software product is
tightly integrated with IBM Rational
ClearCase® and IBM Rational
ClearQuest® change management
solutions. This deep integration
Figure 3: An easy-to-use Web service design user interface enables the creation of either bottom-up or
top-down Web services.
enables a wide range of change
management operations to be
performed directly from within the
Rational Application Developer
The structured query language (SQL)
Work at a higher level of abstraction
software, and it allows an integrated
query wizard and SQL query builder
with synchronized code modeling
view of projects that helps to increase
provide a visual interface for defining
Hand coding applications takes time.
team collaboration. The Rational
and executing both simple and com-
Working at a higher level of abstrac-
Application Developer for WebSphere
plex SQL statements, while enabling
tion with the Rational Application
Software product includes IBM
the use of wizards to create XML doc-
Developer for WebSphere Software
Rational ClearCase LT software for
uments from the SQL statements. The
product code modeling capabilities
reliable, entry-level version control
database connection wizard makes
helps increase productivity and can
and out-of-the-box team support. It
it easy to establish a Java Database
be less error prone. The Code Model-
also supports Concurrent Versions
Connectivity (JDBC) connection to a
ing editor enables you to graphically
System (CVS) and third-party software
database—like the IBM DB2 Universal
visualize and edit J2EE code and
configuration management systems
Database™, IBM Informix®, Oracle or
data objects. You can work in a visual
through vendor plug-ins.
Microsoft SQL Server solutions. There
mode to create Java classes, EJB or
is SQL for Java support as well to
data models, and/or jump into a code
meet your varied needs.
mode — where each mode is auto-
Develop data-driven applications
Many powerful features help increase
matically updated with the changes
productivity and flexibility by helping
Object-to-relational mapping is easy
you create data-driven applications
with top-down, meet-in-the-middle
that leverage a variety of data imple-
and bottom-up support. Simplify the
Another modeling editor is the Web
mentation technologies. The Rational
creation and testing of EJB components
Diagram editor, which provides a
Application Developer for WebSphere
with wizards. And build applications
range of capabilities for visually
Software product offers comprehen-
that target, extract and display the data
designing complete Web applica-
sive XML visual tools and functions
you want to present — formatted to
tions with one tool. This single editor
to create, edit and transform XML
your customized design. The Rational
supports the creation of data-, JSF- or
and Document Type Definition (DTD)
Application Developer for WebSphere
Struts-based service-driven applica-
assets, while mapping to relational
Software product supports many-to-
tions, helping the team save time.
database tables. Tight integration
many mappings to help you generate
with IBM DB2® information man-
multiple persistence implementations.
you made in the other mode.
Automate code quality review
agement software helps speed the
The earlier defects are captured,
process of creating XML documents
the simpler they are to correct. The
from DB2 data.
Rational Application Developer
for WebSphere Software product
includes tools to help developers
Software product also supports
automate code quality reviews. First,
IBM WebSphere Application Server
an automated code review feature
Community Edition and Apache
applies more than 200 J2EE coding
Tomcat software.
standards and best practices to application code, flagging violations and
Integrate with other facets of the lifecycle
suggesting repairs — including rapid,
The Rational Application Developer
one-click quick fixes. Existing rule
for WebSphere Software product
categories include Java SE/J2EE best
helps you integrate with other facets
practices, globalization and accessi-
of the lifecycle. Requirements
bility. New rules can be imported with
stored and managed in IBM Rational
an Interactive Rules editor.
RequisitePro ® software can be
accessed and associated to corre-
Automate deployment and system test
sponding modeling elements and
for WebSphere servers
code. Users can generate reports
IBM WebSphere Application Server,
highlighting traceability from require-
Versions 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1 and IBM
ments to design. The integration with
WebSphere Portal Server, Versions
the IBM Rational Unified Process®
5.1 and 6.0 test servers are conve-
(IBM RUP®) solution gives teams the
niently included with the product to
ability to work through all of this with
support testing and debugging of
common, online and integrated
applications intended for these
process guidance. These integrations
deployment platforms. The Rational
help reduce the risk associated with
software is designed for deep inte-
software development and make appli-
gration with the test servers, which
cation development more predictable.
means that the test servers autoconfigure for the application under test.
For more information
Automated support for creating and
To learn more about the IBM Rational
debugging the application’s wsadmin
Application Developer for WebSphere
files helps to expedite testing and
Software product, or to download a
deployment processes. The Rational
trial version, visit:
Application Developer for WebSphere
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